Whoring My X Girlfriend Ch. 04

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The date went better than planned. Not only was Mercedes a willing slut all night, but I just finished fucking her ass this morning. That was such a pleasant surprise. I didn’t think she would allow me in her ass so willingly and it being her idea. Now all I have to do to complete her relapse is to get her fucked for money. But how was I going to do that?

As we sat and drank coffee looking into each others eyes as lusty lovers, I heard someone yelling, “Geno, are you up there?”

As we heard the footsteps slowly climbing the stairs I yelled back, “Yeah Bro! Come on up!”

Mercedes asked who it was and I told her it had to be Jim because no one else had a key. An excited smile crossed her face as we heard him bellowing, “So how did your date go with Mercedes last night Bro. Did you get any like you planned?”

I didn’t answer until he stuck his head in the kitchen and saw her sitting there. Her legs were crossed, but the robe barely covered her assets. Her nipples were protruding from under the white silk and you could tell she was naked. His face instantly turned red when he saw Mercedes smiling.

Taking a sip of coffee she giggled, “Yes I did get some just like I planned Jim. Geno was just along for the ride!”

I put my hand on her knee and said, “I’ve always liked taking a ride in Mercedes and what a fun ride it was too!”

Jim just smiled and began laughing. He took a cup and poured himself some coffee. Suddenly the buzzer rang to my shop. I looked at a clock and whined that I was late opening up the place. I quickly put on a pair of sweats and walked down stairs. There was this cute couple that had a 10 am appointment for tattoos. They were apologetic about being early. I answered that they were on time but I was running late. We talked for some time and I gave them some art books to decide what they wanted tattooed. Then I went back upstairs to get my work clothes on and get another cup of coffee.

Mercedes and Jim were nowhere in sight. After I poured my java, I went into my bedroom and opened the door. To my surprise, Mercedes was naked sitting on Jim and riding him like she was in heat.

She was sensually moaning, “That’s it big boy! Give it to me! Oh god yes! I just love it!”

Jim was wheezing like he needed to breathe. Watching them for a moment, I forgot what a fat tub of lard Jim had become. And there was petite Mercedes fucking him like lost lovers. After some time staring at them, I quietly got my clothes and left leaving the door open behind me. As I did, I took another look at Mercedes fucking Jim.

She turned back, saw me and moaned, “Ah Geno, this feels so good. I hope you’re not angry with me. I was just making it up to him for the problems I caused.” Then she began moaning, “Oh god Jim, I forgot how much I love you fucking me. Oh yes! Fuck me! Ah! Ah!”

I smiled and left them to their fun. I was happy that Mercedes was fucking him. Now I knew she would fuck anyone I wanted no matter what the guy looked like. But my mind kept wondering about who I could get to pay me to fuck her on such short notice. Suddenly, an idea flashed in my head. I would take her to the biker bar that I knew. I smiled as that thought radiated my consciousness. But how could I talk her into going there and then fucking? That part of the plan still needed to unfold.

It was quite some time that they came downstairs. I was just finishing a butterfly on the cute girls ass, when I heard Jim saying, “Sorry to bother you Bro, but I’m going to take Mercedes to get her car and then to lunch. Where is the back gate lock key so I can park it in the back?”

Looking up, I pointed to the key rack and told him it was the second key. He went over to get it while Mercedes came over to look at what I was doing. She sighed and asked if I was angry with her. I stopped tattooing and looked up at her twinkling eyes and smiled.

“No gorgeous, I’m not angry at all. In fact, I’m happy that you two reconnected. Have fun at lunch.” That was how I replied. But what I really thought was, “You fucking slut. You can’t even wait until we are done with our special date to fuck someone else.”

After my love bird clients left with their new tats, I looked in the back and saw a newer silver two-door Mercedes car parked. I wondered who car it was. Then I noticed the personalized license plate “MER4MER”. I knew it was Mercedes car. Turning on the SC football game, I got myself something to eat and made myself comfortable. Around 3 pm my downstairs buzzer went off, notifying me of possible customers walking in.

“Hey Geno” someone yelled. “Are you up there?”

Rushing down, I saw Sam and his brother Justin dressed in their motorcycle garb. They were two guys I used to ride with a few years back. Sam was a 50 something guy with a pot belly, medium bread and long graying hair in a ponytail. He was wearing a skull bandana and his leather vest. Justin was in his forties, muscular thin and just a mustache. He had short hair and groomed. Etimesgut Escort He was in a black leather vest too. I remembered he was now living in Arizona.

“Hey Geno,” Justin said. “It’s been a long time since I’ve seen you. How have you been?”

I answered, “Doing great and business has been brisk”.

He continued, “I was wondering if you weren’t too busy to give me a new tattoo.”

Walking up to him I gave him a big manly hug and told him I could. Then I asked what he was doing in town. Justin told me about a birthday party for Hammer this evening and he came in for it. He asked if I wanted to see his new hog. So we went outside and I looked at this nice bright red Harley with gold flames on it. It was a dream bike. Then he said that he had found the love of his life and why he needed a tattoo of her.

As Justin was picking out a tattoo, I got them beers and talked about old times. Just as I started to stencil it on before I inked it, Mercedes and Jim came back and was chitchatting as she came through the front door.

I looked up at her dressed to kill. She was now wearing a light weight white cotton sun dress. Her nips were protruding from under the tight material and it fell just below her knees. The light shining through it silhouetted her form, like she wasn’t wearing anything under it. She had on 3″ platform white heels with gold inlay that made her look taller. She also had on a gold anklet. The anklet was an item Jim had all of his girls wear when they were whoring. I was somewhat surprised that she was wearing one now.

Jim was following carrying some bags as she sensually said, “Geno, do you like my new dress?” A quick pause as she twirled for us. “Sorry for being so late but we went shopping because I needed some fun clothes to wear.”

She continued parading around, twirling and laughing. Then she came up to me, kissed me and whispered, “So how long are you going to be? I’m so horny from trying on clothes.”

“About another hour or so Mercedes,” I quickly answered.

She looked disappointed but then Jim blurted, “Mercedes, Tommy will be here in a few minutes. I’m sure you can enjoy him in the meantime.”

Mercedes was giggling like she was high on something, and answered, “Oh my! I forgot all about him coming by to say hi. I better freshen up before he gets here.”Then she left for upstairs.

Jim laughed and told us that he gave her a few hits of a joint and then made a phone call. He continued laughing when he told me that Tommy used to fuck her and always had a soft spot for her. He was one of the guys that had been asking when Mercedes was coming back. Then he gave out a huge bellowing laugh and told us that he’s paying him 6 bills to fuck her again.

As Mercedes disappeared up the stairs Jim looked at me and whispered, “Dude, she’s been talking about you all day. I gather by her comments that you two have some sort of fucking arrangement going on. You’ll have to tell me about it later. I want to be included if your plan is to whore her again.”

As he was walking up the stairs, I could hear him snickering to himself.

Sam asked, “Is that the girl you used to date and Jim used to whore out?” I answered it was.

We talked about her and why she is back. Sam had a lusty grin, when he asked if he could fuck her too. I laughed and told him I would see. As we kept talking about Mercedes, this tall skinning guy with sandy colored hair came in. He had a long face and was dressed like he had money. Then he asked if this was where Mercedes was staying and I told him that she’s upstairs waiting for him. He smiled and rushed up the stairs.

Sam laughed and said, “Well I guess that’s Tommy. You think he’s going to fuck her?”

I hooted, “Oh yeah I bet on it. Jim wouldn’t have him over if he wasn’t there to pay to fuck Mercedes and I hope he does. That just means she’ll be available later too.”

It was a few minutes later Jim yelled down if they could use the spare room and I yelled back they could. Later, we heard giggling from Mercedes. I forgot the room was directly over my tattooing station. Then the head board suddenly began banging against the wall and the springs were squeaking. Mercedes was loudly moaning to fuck her harder and the noise went on for about 5 minutes then all was quite. Justin laughed and said something about that being really short.

After some time we heard the bed squeaking again and Tommy yelling at her to turn over on all fours. Louder moaning and head board banging for 15 minutes or so, until it was quite again. We all laughed and thought he was done. To our surprise, after sometime it all started again. I could hear Mercedes loudly moaning and verbally telling him how good he felt fucking her. Then she yelled for him to fuck her ass. The bed kept squeaking for a longer time. It was like listening to a porn movie without picture. Just the sounds of pleasure radiated the down stairs.

Finally Etlik Escort we heard him telling her to open her mouth because he was going to cum in it. Then he yelled for her to swallow it. Sometime later, Tommy came down stairs whistling. When he passed us, he just smiled like a happy champion who just won first prize. I know he didn’t realize that we could hear everything that went on.

As I was waiting for Justin’s tattoo dry a little, I went upstairs for a few beers. Mercedes was sitting next to Jim in a robe that wasn’t tied exposing her assets. She had tears in her eyes as Jim was trying to comfort her. As she was telling him of how guilty she felt having sex for money again, he rubbed her neck trying to make her feel good. He kept telling her that it was all right and she shouldn’t feel bad. Then he asked her if she enjoyed herself. Sniffling, she told him she did at the time but now felt ashamed.

After I walked in, I sat down next to her. In a consoling voice I said, “Oh Mercedes, don’t be upset. Remember when I said last night that I would help you if I got the exhibitionist Mercedes back?” She nodded yes.

“Well babe, this is what I meant. If you want me to keep everything a secret from Tyler, you have to be the girl you were. I heard everything down stairs and M you sounded like you really were enjoying Tommy. You did love it, now didn’t you?” She again nodded yes.

“Then what’s the problem?” I asked!

Still sniffling, she turned to me and wanted me to hold her. Looking deep into my eyes she answered, “I’m afraid I’m going to like having lots of sex again and ruining everything. Tyler really loves me and bought me the car as an engagement present. He’s been so understanding and good to me. I just don’t want to hurt him. If I go back to being with you guys, I’m scared of getting caught. Then my life will be worthless and I should just die!”

“Oh I see”, I replied. “Will you trust me enough to make sure that doesn’t happen?” She looked in my eyes and nodded yes.

“Well then, I’ll make sure he never finds out about your other needs.” She looked happy and smiled.

“But when you beckon me for your booty call, you have to dress slutty and fuck whomever I want you too without any questions. Also an overnight stay would be preferable. If this is okay with you, I guarantee you’ll never get caught.”

She stopped sniffling and smiled. Then she hugged me and said, “I knew you would know what to do Geno and is why I met with you last night. I like your idea, but it wouldn’t be every weekend and may only be monthly or less often.”

Giggling she continued, “Every month he has an office Land Party. The staff stays over on a Friday night and play video games until early morning. Do you think that would do for an over night stay?”

Chuckling to myself, while immediately thinking about how many guys I could get fucking her once a month. It would be like my monthly slut payment for what she did to me. But first I needed to see if she could fuck a lot of guys in a row. How was I going to do that was my big quandary? I thought maybe the biker bar.if I could get her there. Then it hit me like a bolt of lightning. If I got proof of her fucking, I could show it to Tyler. Her big dream would be over and the only recourse would be me. Revenge would be so sweet a second time around.

But I said, “Well M, we can call your evening with me a Mercedes Fuck Party. When Tyler is having his game night, you’ll be over here having your own game night. But are you up for another game right now?”

She looked puzzled at me when I said, “Sam is down stairs and hearing you in action wants to know if he could fuck you too.”

She smiled as Jim lit a joint and had her take a few drags. After a few minutes and a lot more coaxing, she relaxed and reluctantly said okay.

Jim asked, “How much Bro?” I said it would only be a few bills.

Grabbing the beers I went down stairs and yelled, “Sam do you still want a piece of Mercedes?”

His lusty grin told me everything I wanted to know. He took a big gulp of beer and walked upstairs.

It wasn’t long until we heard the bed squeaking and him yelling, “Oh yes you have such a tight wet cunt. You’re everything I was told about fucking you. Get your legs up so I can get deep into that hot hole. Yes, that’s it gorgeous.”

We laughed when we heard it, knowing it was for our benefit. Justin then suggested going up stairs to watch. So we did. Peeking in we saw Mercedes on her back with Sam plowing in and out of her cunt like it was on fire. She was moaning with her hands over her head. He slowed down and yelled for her to get her legs up. Then he had her hold them up her body, as he began speedily ramming it into her hot wet hole. Now she was purring in pleasurable ecstasy and shook with a few orgasms right in a row. Sam didn’t even slow down, but kept up the pace as she cried that she was cuming again. Justin took out his phone Eve Gelen Escort and took a few photos, whispering to me that he’ll show them around at the bar tonight.

When he turned her over on all fours, he made her stay up on her arms. It was a great view of her tits jiggling back and forth, as he plowed his cock deep into her swollen hole. Finally, after a few more minutes in that position he pulled out, took off his condom and spewed his load over her ass. Like a proud vixen, she turned back to watch as he dumped it.

Seeing us peeking behind the door she said, “Sam, we have spies that were watching.”

He turned back and saw us. With a satisfied smile he said, “Hey Bro! Why don’t you come in and take a few photos of her ass drenched in cum.”

Justin went in and took some photos of her with his goo on her ass and they set up some others. By the time we were done with the photos, Sam was becoming hard again. We left them for round two, as Justin and I went back finishing his tattoo. A minute later Jim came down stairs and handed me 2 bills, telling me to give them to Mercedes. He laughed as he left.

After a long time of bed squeaking, Sam finally came down stairs. He stood finishing his beer telling us that Mercedes was a fine piece of ass. Then he suggested that I should bring her by the bar tonight for Hammer’s party. He laughed saying that she could be his present. I asked if he had asked her about going. He grinned and said he did, but she said that it was up to me.

“Well dude, it is already 6 pm and we need dinner. So I don’t know if we could make it on time.” I replied back.

Sam bellowed a huge laugh and countered, “Bro she doesn’t have to be there until 9 or 10. So just bring her by when you can.” I said I would.

After they left, I realized that my biker bar plan was now going to happen. But I still wanted to make sure Mercedes was cool about being fucked by a lot of guys, before I took her there. The guilt thing she displayed was real and I didn’t want her to feel remorseful again. It would ruin her participation with me at a later date for whoring. It may not be a good idea to whore her tonight. I was perplexed and decided to wait to make the decision on the bar after dinner.

I went upstairs to check on Mercedes and she was in the shower. Surprisingly she was humming a happy tune, like she used to after being satisfied. When she came out, I was waiting. Being all wet, she ran over to me and gave me a huge kiss.

With her arms tightly around my neck and her eyes twinkling, she said, “Thanks Geno! I haven’t had this much fun in such a long time. I love being with Tommy again and Sam was great too. So what other naughty things do you have planned for me tonight?”

“Whatever you want to do M, is fine with me,” I answered back. “We have options. If you are still not sure about having lots of sex, we can stay in and I’ll make love to you. Or I can take you to dinner and see what happens next. I don’t really have a plan. I just want to make you happy. This weekend is for you.”

She smiled and told me to wait a minute. Then she ran into the other room. It was 5 minutes when she came out dressed in this hot exhibitionist outfit. It was something I’ve never seen her dress in before. She asked if I liked the outfit. I was shocked by how whore like it really was. Laughing, I asked if she really wanted to wear that out in public.

That’s when she said, “Well I bought it for tonight. Take me somewhere so you can show me off. This was what you requested me to wear when we are together, Right? You said you wanted me dressed as an exhibitionist and when I tried it on, I knew it was perfect. I really don’t want to stay in either. I want to party and tease guys like I used to do.”

I took my phone out and began taking photos of her ensemble. She had on this super short school girl type, black pleated skirt. It was flowing and barely covered her ass on the bottom and hip hugging on the top. Then she had a spaghetti strap black top that tightly fit her upper body. with her nips protruding from under the material. It was low cut to see her cleavage and it fell above her belly button. When she pulled up the skirt, I saw a thin black thong barely hiding her pussy. But the part that really made the ensemble was the black stockings that went up to her knees and those platform black 5″ heels. She looked stunning. The costume was definitely a “Come Fuck Me” outfit. It also answered my question to where I was going to take her.

As she strutted around twirling and showing off, I immediately got a huge erection. She leaned back against the kitchen counter, turned back to me, and raised up her leg showing off her bare ass.

With a huge lusty grin, she said, “Well Geno, isn’t this the type of outfit you wanted me to wear?”

I walked over to her and gave her a big hug and said, “You know guys are really going to want to fuck you after seeing you in that outfit.”

She just laughed and answered, “I know! I thought that’s what you wanted me to do anyway.”

Picking her up, I placed her on the counter. Ripping off her panty I unzipped my pants, pulled out my raging hard cock, and began fucking her again. Yeah, this is exactly what I wanted to see a lot of guys doing to her tonight! What a hot wet cunt she had too.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32