Who will Be the First to Give In? 02

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If you haven’t read Chapter 01, you’re missing half of the story! Most of my stories could be read alone, but this is one that should be read in order… At least to make it more enjoyable. 😉

James has had a rough time of it since his wife died. His daughter Gina sees him using alcohol for his pain and steps in to help before it’s too late.

The changes in both their lives set them on a new path.

Hope you enjoy! Xo DG

Who Will Be The First To Give In?

Chapter 02


“Just hang on to me, dad.” She walked slowly and I held her arm to follow.

“Blindfold hmm. Are we getting into the kinky stuff now?” I asked, bracing myself.

We had been hot and heavy on the tease. Recently there were distractions, but it was still just as hot. I still slept in her bed every night. Demolition on my bedroom was done, and according to Gina, almost done.

She laughed. “No. Well, at least not yet.” We took a few more steps. “Stop.” I heard a door open. “Now a few more steps.” The door closed behind us.

“Now?!” I said excitedly.

She pulled the blindfold off. Took me a moment to get my bearings, then to focus on the room.


“Is this my bathroom?” I asked, gazing around, not recognizing a thing. It was much bigger in the first place. Warm browns and tans in place of the white and pastels.

She walked over to the two vanities, back-to-back. “One is kitchen counter height, and the other is normal. No more bending over for you!”

I was five nine and could appreciate that idea already. The lighting was all voice controlled of course, and she ran through the cycles. The vanity lights dimmed, and spots came on in the glass-enclosed shower.

“Wow wow wow,” I said. “Sexy. And much better at the sink. No one ever thinks of that!”

“You like?” she asked timidly. “I didn’t know if it was too over the top or not.”

“Not at all. Very… umm… titillating.” I waggled my eyebrows. “At least for a normally functional room.”

The outer wall of the shower was also glass and open to anyone in the backyard. Because of the long established trees and greenery around the house, it would be private from the surrounding neighbors.

“If you feel shy,” she said, and hit a button on the corner and the glass instantly fogged. I looked at her and raised my eyebrows. “Look, here’s a sauna!”

I peeked in and saw the rich wood interior. “You know I love it. Thank you, baby.”

“And steam,” she pointed to another door. I whistled through my teeth.

The commode was in a closed area. “Mmm, I’m liking that tub too. Big enough for two.”

She laughed. “I hoped you’d notice.”

“This means the bedroom is done as well?” She smiled coyly. “Oh, you’re a naughty one. Do we start here and end up there? I don’t know if I can take any more surprises like this one.”

“So, you like it then?”

I walked over and put my arms around her. “I love it, baby. I love you. As my daughter and my lover. I’m thrilled to share it with you.”

We kissed. She began to unbutton my shirt and pushed it off my shoulders. I pulled her tank up over her head and admired her fabulous breasts overflowing the pink lace bra. She reached behind her and opened it. I caught her tits in my hands.

“Mmm, you always know what I like,” she said, arching her back and pushing the firm globes into my hands. I pinched and tugged the hard nipples into long bullets.

I hit the button to clear the window wall, and she adjusted the many jets and heads. We stepped into the steamy cascade.

“I never thought I was an exhibitionist, but this is kind of a turn-on,” I said, facing the window wall.

She wrapped her arms around me from behind. “And you never know who is looking at this big fat daddy cock of yours,” she whispered and wrapped her fingers around it. “Just imagine what they’d think if they knew it was your daughter playing with your cock. How many would be shocked, but how many would be turned on.”

“Mmm,” her words were driving me higher and I turned around. “What if I fucked you while they watched. They’d see me ball deep in my girl.”

She took a shuddering breath and tipped her head back to let the water rush over her head and down the front of her body. Streaming over her breasts and dripping off her nipples.

We ran our soapy slick hands over each other’s bodies. Her slippery hands on my cock and balls nearly drove me over the edge. I teased her clit and ran a finger through her soft folds. She was panting for release, but I kept her on the edge.

She trembled and whimpered, “I want you to fuck me. I need you inside me, daddy. I give. I can’t wait any longer.”

We quickly toweled off, and I walked into a bedroom I didn’t recognize. But I was only interested in the bed and having my daughter in it with me.

“Lights sex,” she commanded. The room darkened to sensual illumination.

I held her and followed her onto the bed. She spread her legs and I sank into the cradle of her soft thighs.

She Didim Escort slid her hands down my back and squeezed my ass, pulling me towards her.

“You want me now, baby?” She moaned, arched her back, and thrashed her head. I guided the head of my cock up and down the soft crease and combined my precum with her juices.

She dug he heels in and reared up, taking the head into her tight canal. I gritted my teeth but lost control and drove into her hard and deep. Her loud groan of pleasure was only drowned out by my own.

I ground in deep and stopped, allowing her to adjust, allowing us to take in the pleasure.

“Oh my god, dad. It’s never been like this. Your cock inside me… Like it was meant to be.”

“I do baby, I fit you perfectly.”

My hips began to move spontaneously. She dug her heels in and pushed up. Our bodies banged together almost violently as we moved hard and fast. All that teasing culminated in this.

Our gasps and loud breaths reverberated off the walls. All the pent-up sexual needs. All the emotions of a father buried to the hilt in his daughter. And the daughter invited an invasion that they both knew was wrong, which only served to drive them higher.

The culmination of everything right this moment. Locked together in the most intimate way a man and woman could be. On the brink of filling her with my seed. The seed I made her with.

The sex was a nearly out-of-body experience. Never have I ever felt like this while having sex with anyone else. Now I knew that’s what it was with everyone else. Even her mother. Sex. Just pure sex. Fucking.

This was loving. The love between us transcended into a physical realm. Was there any purer form of this kind of intimacy? Certainly not in my experience.

She trembled and began to come, starting with quiet moans into ongoing wails. The contractions of her pussy on my cock sent me over the edge and fireworks went off. I drove deep and emptied my balls into her.

I stayed in her until my cock slipped out. She whimpered when it did.

“I’ve never felt anything like that, dad. Never. A couple of times… I thought I was out of my body watching us. It was surreal.” She looked up into my eyes and they conveyed the same feeling. “You felt it too.”

I rolled off her and pulled her to my side. “Baby, the only thing I do know is that it has never been like that for me. Ever. With anyone. I don’t know what you did to me…”

She raised her head from my shoulder and looked at me. “No one. Not even mom? Your lover?”

“No never. With anyone.”

I looked up to the soft glow of a glittering chandelier, centered over the bed. It occurred to me I hadn’t seen the bedroom yet. I could see the modern metal pencil post bed, the light hit the swirls in the aluminum making the posts appear to glow.

“What I can see so far is pretty damn awesome,” I said. She gave a voice command, and a fireplace sprang to life. Lights washed the satiny grey slate from ceiling to floor.

“I’d walk you on a tour but don’t want to leave the bed,” she giggled.

“Later baby. It looks fantastic. Are you going to share it with me?” I asked hopefully.

“I already filled my side of the vanity up,” she laughed.

“Mmm, that’s what I wanted to hear,” I said, happier than she even knew that she’d be here with me.

I didn’t know where we were going with this relationship. If anywhere. She deserved a life beyond me, but just for a while, I want her to myself.

We napped for an hour. I woke her up with my head between her soft thighs.

“Mmm, you taste so good, baby.”

She moaned and arched, whimpering out a long orgasm. Her juices covered my face as I took her to the peak again.

“Oh my god,” she groaned out, her body going limp. “Why is it I cum so hard with you. More than I ever have.”

“I’d like to think I’m just that good, but I’m pretty sure it’s the taboo aspect of it. I mean this is nothing we can talk about to anyone. Very few would understand.” I gathered her against me, and she cuddled in.

“You know, I’m glad you’re feeling better about mom,” she said. “I was worried about your drinking.”

“I know you were baby. It was not just your mom being gone, but a lot of guilt about my actions. I came back to my marriage for you, but I resented your mom because she refused to get help for our relationship.” I hesitated, not sure if I should share, but I needed to be honest. “I had some amount of guilt because while we were separated, I was seeing another woman. I honestly thought our marriage was over.” I scrubbed my face with my hand. “When your mom died, all that came down on me. I was mourning what we didn’t have just as much as her being gone. Thank you for saving me from myself.”

She snuggled closer. “Thank you for being honest with me. I can’t imagine what you went through. All I can say is you need to put it behind you. It’s time to move on with your life.”

The drive to work made me think about how my life has changed. Along with my attitude. Being upfront with Gina Didim Escort Bayan took a weight off my shoulders. I know what happens in a relationship when both aren’t honest. I’m not making that same mistake with my daughter.


I put the finishing touches on our bedroom. That’s how I’ve thought of it. Ours. I wasn’t going to consider much into the future. It was even hard to imagine what relationship we’d have in a year much less even five years.

I do know that dad needed a change, and I was the one that was going to do that for him. From his environment to his sexual release, I was taking charge for a while. After his confessions, why he was so upset over mom’s death was clear to me. It was not just her death.

It’s hard to mourn someone when you feel so much resentment. The fact that she wouldn’t put forth an effort to help their marriage says a lot about her. Even though he’s guilty about his office assistant, at the time he felt they were on the road to divorce.

I had to come to terms that he remained in their marriage because of me. So many men walk and never look back or become bored weekend fathers. Dad gave up his true happiness to give us a family life. Few men would do that.

He deserved to be spoiled now.

I sat up on the lifeguard tower and had to keep concentrating on my job. I couldn’t afford to daydream when lives were in my hands. My time here at the country club would be ending soon. Another month and it would be autumn.

and I’d be going back to school.

“I ordered you a turkey wrap,” dad said, pushing the plate over as I sat down.

“Thanks, looks good. I’m hungry!”

We made some small talk while we ate. The server came over, cleared the table, and topped off our soft drinks. I was so happy to see he still wasn’t using alcohol to deal with things.

“You can feel the air changing,” he noted. “Fall isn’t far off.”

“No, and then it’s back to classes for me,” I said sadly. “I can’t imagine how much I’m going to miss you.”

“It’s going to be tough on us both,” he agreed. “But you’ll be home for breaks, and I’ll come to visit.”

I nodded; my eyes ready to overflow. I knew it wouldn’t be the same. I wanted to do as much with dad as possible before I left. I wanted to encourage him to start dating. The two of us would always have a relationship. Always. But we needed to consider the future.

“Do you ever hear from Ina?” I asked and his head swung around quickly. He looked at me and laughed.

“Not for years. She’s with another firm that does work for us, but I don’t have a reason to see her. What makes you ask that?”

I shrugged. “Just wondered.” I leaned forward. “I’m interested in anyone that can make my daddy happy and keep his big fat daddy cock happy,” I whispered.

“Grrrrrr,” he growled. “That’s what you’re doing now, young lady. Look what you’ve done!”

I peered over the edge of the table and saw the rise in his shorts. “Yum, and I’d love some dessert.”

We always sat off in the corner of the pool and the hibiscus hedge separated us from the parking lot. He got up, turned, and cut around the end. He disappeared so quickly that no one even noticed. I glanced around and followed his path.

He was waiting, grabbed my hand, and walked quickly through the parking lot. I heard the chirping of the Cadillac doors, and we dove into the back seat.

“Get your shorts off!” I commanded.

He began to nervously fumble with his shorts. As soon as he had them unzipped, I pulled them down. I wasn’t about to blow him through his fly like a total hussy.

He slouched down and I knelt on the floor behind the front seats. His cock was standing straight up, throbbing and waving with the beat of his pulse.

“I’ll keep watch.” That was the last thing he said before I sucked the precum-leaking head.

I scrubbed my tongue over the sensitive skin and probed the hole with my tongue. I squeezed the shaft in my hand and pulled the skin back while I sucked on the end. He moaned when I swirled my tongue around the rim and flicked the sensitive spot underneath.

“Oh baby,” he moaned softly, trembling.

I circled my fingers around the base tightly and began to fuck his cock with my hot steamy mouth. My head bobbed up and down in his lap. I felt his cock swell even harder and knew he was near. I fucked his cock faster, sucked, and grazed lightly with my teeth. He groaned louder and began thrusting.

One loud growl and his cock shot off like a geyser. I quickly sucked down all the cum, then licked his cock clean. He hurriedly put him away and zipped up.

My lunchtime was nearly over, but just enough time to swim a lap or two in the pool. Mostly to hide the wet stain on the crotch of my bathing suit.


Nothing can top a blow job from your daughter for lunch, so I went home and putzed around the house. I hadn’t brought it up to Gina yet, but I was considering selling the mansion. The pro side on my list was much much longer Escort Didim than the con side, but I needed to get her input on it. After all, she would be the one to inherit this house eventually.

I grabbed a cup of coffee and headed to my new bedroom. As I settled into the recliner in the reading nook, as she called it, I surveyed the room. I thought about her bedroom and what she had done with that. Her talents couldn’t be denied, and I wondered if business was her first love.

I looked out over the balcony to a sky that was the bluest I’d ever seen. Or maybe because it was no longer in the fog I lived in for all those years.

I had always assumed she would take over when I retired. She was the only family member that could. But do I want to saddle her with that if it isn’t her first love? I could see her, and I would have to have a long talk about the future.

“I wondered where you were!”

I opened my eyes from a dream about Gina to her leaning over my chair.

“Mmm, you’re not a dream,” I murmured.

“Most definitely not,” she said, kissing me. “You were enjoying your room?”

I pulled her onto my lap. “I was. You’ve done a beautiful job with it.” She snuggled against me. “Your room as well. You have a real eye for design.”

“Thanks. It’s fun for me to do.”

“There are a few things we should talk about, Gina.”

“Oh no, that sounds serious,” she said, burying her face in my neck.

I laughed. “Well, not bad things. At least I don’t think they are.” I stroked her hair. “I was wondering if your heart is really into taking over the business eventually. Be honest.”

“Hmm.” She put her head up and looked at me before gazing out the French doors. “I guess I never thought about it. Sounds silly I guess, but it was my destiny, so I never considered alternatives.”

“I don’t want you to do it if your heart isn’t in it. We can work something else out. I want you to do what you love.

“I’ll think about it,” she said, slipping her fingers into the waistband of my shorts.

I pushed her hand away. “You’re in such a rush!” I laughed. “Something else I wanted to talk to you about.”

“Oh noooooo, so much serious in one day is tough on me,” she pouted, and I ignored it.

“What would you think about us selling this place?”

She pushed up to her elbow. “Really? You’d sell this place? But it was your mom and dad’s home. Your home.”

“Yes yes, it’s all that. But one thing it’s too big for us both, and down the road, me.”

She pondered for a moment before saying, “Yeah, that is true.”

“Have you ever had visions of you living here when something happened to me?”

“Ugh, dad.” She frowned. “I guess it’s another thing I never considered. The destiny thing again. Which isn’t really a bad thing. I guess it makes it easier to not have to make decisions?” she smiled wryly.

I nodded. “I get it. I never expected it of you, you know. Your life was almost planned out before you even grew up.” I chuckled.

“It was comfortable. I knew what I was doing before I did it and I guess I kinda liked it.” She rested her chin on her fist on my chest and looked at me. “What about us? I mean, what do you see for us in the future?”

I sighed and brushed the hair out of her face. “I honestly don’t know, love. Talk about a complicated relationship.” I gave a ironic chuckle. “We’re damned if we do and damned if we don’t, I fear.”

“What if you meet someone?”

“What if you meet someone?”

She rolled her eyes. “Not fair, dad.”

“No, but honest. We have to be careful to always keep it real. I guess we could what-if all day. Just take it as it comes?” That was all I could come up with right now, glad we got some issues out in the open.

“Yeah, you gave me some things to think about. I’m glad you’re still my dad too because I never considered all that.”

“I’ll always be your dad,” I said, leaning down to kiss her. “This is just extra.” She giggled.

She slipped her thigh between mine. My hardening cock pressed into her hip, and she moaned and rocked.

“You know, when I picked this chair out for you, one thing I looked for was that we could fuck in it. Should we make sure I chose well?”

She stood up and slowly shimmied out of her shorts and tossed them aside, her t-shirt joining them. She stood in a sexy black lace bra and bikini panties, then cocked her hip, and posed.

“Oh baby,” I murmured, as I lifted my ass off the chair and yanked my shorts down and off. My cock sprung up like a lever and waved wildly in the air.

She leaned over and pressed the button to lift the footrest and angle the back down.

“Poor thing, he looks like he needs lots of attention,” she cooed, kissing the tip, then her pink tongue flicked out to lick the precum from her lips. I shuddered to see that.

She climbed on the chair, placing a knee on each side of my hip. “I need a ride, cowboy,” she said coyly while sliding her hot wet pussy down my cock. She rocked and ground down, taking my cock deeper.

“Mmm,” was all I could manage when she began to ride.

As she rose her cunt squeezed tight around my cock and I hissed through my teeth. Slowly, slowly she rose up and down her cunt determined to milk my balls. She tipped her head back and gave a deep sigh as she drew more pleasure for herself.

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