White Water Taboo Ch. 02

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Note: Read Chapter one first to get up to speed. Sorry that I messed up the mother’s name in Chapter 1. I loved the feedback from someone that read “Who the fuck is Ann? Basically the family is heading down the river on a raft and along the way tastes some forbidden fruit. Enjoy. All rights reserved.


It was pitch black in the two small pop-up tents resting on the deserted river bank. Brian was snug up against the ass of his sister when he opened his eyes still thinking that he was in a wet dream. His right hand moved from resting on a warm hip downward onto the thigh and then between their bodies upward until he cupped the soft buttock.

“Ummm,” Erica moaned still half-asleep. She was dreaming about having two men inside of her. One was deep in her throat while the other one was fucking her doggie style.

The dream became reality as Brian’s middle finger slid between the warm buns into the small puckered hole below. The sensation was enough for both to fully open their eyes.

“Uh brother….what are you doing back there?” Erica giggled.

He pulled his digit out and laughed. “Sorry about that.” As he pushed his finger under some more she lifted her right leg to give him more room. “Is it still sore?”

“A little,” she answered. They both felt how wet it still was from her father’s cum and her juices.

“Do you wanna?” He shifted his hips and hard-on forward until the tip pressed into her dampness.

“Yes, but I’d rather wait until we have enough time to do it right,” she sighed.

“Do it right,” he asked. “What do you mean?”

She giggled and moved forward to dislodge the mushroom head. “I don’t want to fuck. I want to make love.”

“What’s the difference?” He asked like a typical man.

Erica turned and faced him. Her left hand moved up to hold and pull his head and lips to hers. His mouth open and tried to force his tongue into her lips but she lightly bit it.


“I want foreplay with tender kissing and touching,” she whispered. This time when their lips met his hesitated until her sharp tongue licked teasingly across his.

“I get it,” he thought as they licked and teased until finally her tongue pushed into his teeth. She explored for over a minute before she pulled out. “Touch me all over.”

Erica moved onto her back as her older brother’s fingers lightly traced down her neck to the center of her breast bone and then lightly around her small right breast. The circle became smaller and smaller until it touched her whole nipple on the last revolution. “Oh that feels good,” she moaned.

“You’re so beautiful,” he whispered. His lips found her earlobe and sucked gently while his hand and fingertips moved to her left breast.



“I’ve wondered how it would be with you.”

“Really? You’ve fantasized about us…” he was about to say fucking but stopped. “About us making love.”

“Yes, I knew it was wrong but that’s what made it exciting.”

He pulled softly on her hard nip and whispered, “I’ve peeked at you before wondering how you looked naked.”

Erica turned her face to his. “What’s going to happen after this trip? I mean between all of us?”

“I don’t know. I hope it makes us closer.” He moved his fingers off her mound and down around her tiny navel. He teased down the fine hairs heading south and followed them until he curled into her soft bush.

“My college is close to yours,” she giggled. “Maybe we can see each other at times.”

“Just see?” He pushed downward into the wet slit until he found her ready and throbbing clitty.

“No…..we can fuck,” she whispered. Her legs opened to let him have his way.

“Fuck. I thought you didn’t want to fuck,” he laughed.

“Shut up and fuck me,” she said before reaching over to pull his shoulder. As he positioned himself between her opened thighs she reached down to find and guide his meat into her still tight hole. “Go slow.”

Brian held back as best as he could. He peeked down as his hard pink rod slowly disappeared. When their pubic mounds met he was completely inside of her.

“OH GOD!” Erica moaned. “You’re bigger than daddy.”

He laughed. “And, you’re tighter than mother.”

He started to pull out but her hands grabbed and held him down. “Not yet.” They stayed locked and not moving for over two minutes. “I’ve got to move.”

“OK,” she giggled. Her thin legs wrapped over and around his hips as she felt an inch and then two more inches surface. “Oh…….why did we wait?”

“Well, I couldn’t just ask you to fuck could I?”

“No, I guess not.” Back and forth he moved until both got the rhythm of it. Soon their bellies were slapping hard together as they raced for completion.




“ME TOO!!” He cried out.


An hour later as the light filtered down through the trees, resting high over the river gorge, Tom opened the tent flap.

“Come on you two. We need to bathe and get on our way.”

“Can’t Avrupa Yakası Escort we sleep a little while longer?” Erica begged.

“No, let’s go.” Tom grinned and dropped the flap.

Erica leaned over and kissed Brian’s closest nipple. “I can’ wait until tonight.”

“Me neither,” he sighed.


After a quick dip in the cool waters the four dressed in their swimming outfits and pushed off. They also donned their life vests knowing the river was going to be rougher.

“Hold it steady as we go over the small drops,” Tom instructed his son who had a paddle on the other side. The first hour was kind of fun similar to an easy rolling amusement park ride. But a few hours later they turned the corner and heard the rapids.

“HOLD ON!” Tom shouted as the front of the raft dipped downward almost projecting them out from the back. The two women hung onto the ropes tied along the top ridge of the raft. Again and again the river dropped each time getting deeper. But then it became just as calm as the first day.

“Whew,” Brian grinned. He leaned back as his father kept the raft going straight. “That was fun.”

“Good now maybe I can get some sun,” Erica giggled. She sat up, opened her life vest and pulled off her bikini top. She knew the two guys were watching as she squeezed some lotion on their tips and slowly rubbed it all around.

“Give me some of that lotion,” Betty grinned. Her top fell into her lap while she filled her fingers with the white cream.

“Jesus,” Tom gasped seeing the four breasts and hard nipples. “That is just not fair.”

“Would you put some on my back?” Betty asked her daughter while turning.

Erica giggled and covered her fingertips. She worked the lotion in her mother’s shoulders and down to the top of the bikini before reaching under her arms and around to the front.

Even Betty was surprised when her daughter’s hands cupped her full boobs. “I…uh…already…did…those.”

“Let’s tease them,” Erica whispered. Her fingertips pulled and played with the hard nipples until her mother’s back fell back into her naked front.

Tom and Brian were sporting raging hard-ons while they watched Erica fondling of her mother’s breasts and nips. Erica was practically lying on her back while Betty’s body lay on top. The guys didn’t think the show could possibly get any better until the girl’s fingers moved down off the breasts, over the navel and then teasingly under the waistband of Betty’s bikini.

Betty’s body was on fire but when she felt the fingers move towards her pussy she grabbed Erica’s wrist. “Don’t.”

“Let me,” Erica whispered. She saw the passion in her father and brother’s eyes. “They want to watch me.” Erica felt her mother’s fingers loosen.

“Fuck,” Brian gasped watching the outline of his sister’s fingers moving southward until her whole hand was under the bikini. He knew when Erica reached the pussy because his mother’s hips rose upward and she moaned. “OHHH!”

Erica’s fingers moved into the thick pubic mound and lower into the waiting gash. She found the familiar shaped clitoris and rubbed like she had done her own for so long. “Open your legs Mother.”

“Ohh,” Betty moaned again. She too looked at the two horny men as her thighs moved outward. “Please.”

“Please what Mother?” Erica whispered.

“You know,” Betty gasped.

“Take off your bottom,” Erica whispered.

Betty knew it would be so nasty to strip naked and allow Erica to finger her while the two men had close up views. “I can’t.”

Erica’s fingers stopped rubbing and were starting to move away when Betty grabbed her wrist. “OK.”

“What are you doing?” Tom asked as Betty lifted her hips and started to push down on her bikini bottom.

Betty didn’t answer him. She pushed the tiny triangle off her furry mound and then down over her knees. After removing one foot she left the cloth on her left ankle and leaned back with her legs tightly together.

“Show them your pussy mother,” Erica whispered.

“Betty…..” Tom said before he saw his wife’s legs open wide. Her dark hairs opened as well showing Brian and him her most feminine secret.

Betty was dripping wet and waited for Erica’s fingers to return but they only cupped and massaged her breasts. She reached and grabbed at her daughter’s hand but Erica moved it away.

“You do it.”


“Yes,” Erica giggled. She realized how much power she had over someone who desperately wanted to climax.

Brian and Tom were speechless when Betty’s right hand moved between her thighs and her middle finger parted her pink folds. “OHHH!” She cried when she found her clitty.

“Do it….don’t stop!” Erica commanded.

“OH……OH…..OH…..AHHHHH!” Betty screamed when her body exploded. Her fingers rubbed and probed until finally she was finished.

Erica saw her legs come back together and moved her to the side. “It’s not fair you know. You got to cum and you gave them big Bahçelievler Escort hard-ons. I think it’s only fair if we take care of them.”

“What?” Tom asked not sure if he was hearing it correctly.

“Keep the raft straight,” Betty giggled. She moved onto her knees and crawled past the backpacks and tent bags to Brian’s feet. Erica moved to her father’s feet.

“What are you two up to?” Tom grinned.

Erica pushed him until he was leaning against the back of the raft. Her hands moved to his knees and then slowly up his hairy thighs. Next to her Betty was doing the same to Brian.

“Oh Shit,” Brian gasped when her right hand moved under his loose swimming trunks. The fingers curled under the white mesh lining until they found his hard pulsating cock. He looked next to him as Erica jerked down her father’s trunks and curled her tiny fingers around his hard-on.

“I’m kind of new at this,” Erica giggled before leaning forward and licking the pre-cum that had gathers at the purple tip.

“I’m not,” Betty thought. She pulled the thick rod out from under the swim suit and quickly engulfed the crown.

“Hold onto your paddle,” Tom groaned towards Brian. Erica had sucked in half of his hard seven inches and was trying to get more inside her lips.


Billy Bob woke up early from his overnight sleep on a rock downstream of the family. He figured he would go to the next set of rapids and wait from them in case they had problems. After setting his raft on a small beach he climbed up onto a large rock to look for them. It was about an hour later when he saw their raft coming around the bend in the calm waters. At first he couldn’t make out who was who because he saw a lot of pink flesh. As they got closer he stood up. “HOT DAMN!”


“Easy,” Tom moaned while his daughter’s lips slid up and down his shaft. He looked next to him as his wife’s experienced mouth quickly brought Brian close to cuming. Last night in the tent it was too dark to see what was going on but now they all had bird’s eye views. He also realized that the river was starting to flow faster and he could hear more rapids ahead. “HEY WE BETTER STOP!”

Erica moved her lips off causing a loud popping sound. She licked off his pre-cum and the spit from her lips. “What’s wrong?”

“Rapids,” Tom answered. He reached next to him to pull Betty’s mouth away. “Get dressed.”

“Head over to that beach,” Brian said knowing that his mother didn’t have enough time to pull on her bikini. He quickly paddled causing the raft to turn and the two men guided the raft into the land. They didn’t see the other raft next to the rock until they landed.

“Hello!” Billy Bob yelled as he looked down onto the family with the naked mother.

“OH GOD!” Betty cried out as her arms covered her bare breasts and her hand hid her hairy pussy. “Don’t look!”

“Too late,” Billy Bob chuckled.

Tom jumped from the raft and pulled it onto the beach. “Look away son,” he said to Billy Bob.

After the teenager turned around Betty quickly dressed. Moments later Billy Bob climbed down off the rocks.

Tom realized that the boy must have seen the blowjobs on the raft. “I hope you can keep a secret.”

The boy laughed. “It’s nothing. My family has a good time with each other as well.” His eyes never left Erica’s ass as the girl walked to the raft to get her backpack.

“That’s good,” Tom said. “Thanks for following us. We might as well have a bite to eat since we’ve stopped.”

They pulled out the food bag and took out some rolls and peanut butter. Billy Bob sat with them quietly as they quickly finished their meal.

“I guess we better get going,” Tom smiled. “Are you coming with us?”

“Na, I better wait here to give you a head start. I’ll catch up to you before dark.”

Betty had not made eye contact with the boy because she was still embarrassed that he had seen her totally naked. They moved their gear back into their raft and were about to push out until Billy Bob stopped them.

“The river is rough from here on out so you might want to hold on instead of………” Before he could finish Tom interrupted.

“We will. Let’s go.”


As soon as they were out of Billy Bob’s eyesight Betty turned. “He must have seen everything.”

“He said their family does the same thing,” Erica smiled. “Maybe we can all get together?”

“I don’t think so,” Tom quickly said. The raft turned the corner and they all glared at the long stretch of white water ahead. “HOLD ON!”

For the next mile the raft bounced, twisted and turned. Erica’s body was thrown on top of the side and if it wasn’t for Brian, who grabbed her, she would have gone over. “Thanks,” she said knowing she would repay him later.

The men’s arms were tired from fighting to keep the raft under control. It bounced off a large rock in the middle and spun around and around until it hit another rock. All of the motion got Betty sick to her Bahçeşehir Escort stomach. She managed to lean over the side when she threw up.

Finally after a few hours Tom noticed the sun was going down and headed towards a small beach. They pulled the raft onto the land and all lay on their backs gasping for air. They were too tired now to mess around and all fell asleep.


“Well looky at what we found,” a male’s voice said causing the family to wake up.

Tom saw the tall man standing next to his daughter and sat up quickly but another man pushed him back down with the butt of his rifle. “HEY!”

“I think you better listen to Jed,” the other man laughed.

“What do you want?” Brian asked nervously.

“Just want ya’ll to be friendly,” Jed answered.

“Sure,” Tom said noting that both men were staring at Erica and Betty. “We have some food.”

“Not hungry for food,” the tall man laughed before he knelt down next to Betty and reached down to cup her right covered breast.

“HEY DON’T TOUCH HER!” Brian cried out as he turned to lunge at the man. But as he reached to pull the man’s hand away he felt the pain on his head and blacked out.

Tom tried to stop his son but the other man’s rifle smacked down on Brian’s head. “SHIT! LEAVE US ALONE. WE HAVE MONEY IF THAT’S WHAT YOU WANT!” He crawled to Brian and looked at the blood pouring from his temple.

“OH GOD BRIAN!” Betty screamed. She moved to her son and held his head.

“Sorry about that,” Jed grinned. “He’ll be OK.”

A few seconds later they heard Brian groan before opening his eyes. He saw that his family had circled him and the two men stood above them.

“Tell us what you want,” Betty said trying to stay calm.

“First of all we would like to see what you women have under those bikinis,” the tall man said.

“FUCK NO!” Tom growled. Betty grabbed his arm to prevent him from standing.

“You just want to see right?” Betty asked.

“Yes,” the men lied.

“Don’t do it,” Brian watched as his mother removed her top.

“Look at those titties,” Jed laughed. “Let’s see the little ones.”

All eyes were on Erica as her trembling fingers untied the top and dropped it onto the rocky soil below.

“OK you’ve seen us,” Betty said moving over in front of Erica. “Now you should go.”

“What do you think Jake?” Jed asked. “I don’t think we’ve seen everything.”

“I’m not taking off my bikini bottom,” Erica said looking over at her father.

Tom quickly stood. “That’s enough.” He started to lunge and grab Jed’s gun but Jake quickly pulled his up and aimed it at the smaller man.


Brian tried to stand next to his father but Tom pushed him back down. “You’re not going to get away with this.”

Jake grinned showing his two front teeth were missing. “My gun says that we will. Now take off those bikinis”

Betty stood up. “Just let me take mine off. My daughter is just a kid.”

“Nice set of titties on that kid,” Jed grinned. “Nope both of them come off….NOW!”

“Don’t do it,” Brian said glaring at the two men.

Betty knew that they had no choice and if she could distract them that maybe Tom and Brian could jump them. “Let me go first.” She faked a smile and shifted to the right about six feet. Her fingers curled under the tight waistband and slowly pushed downward. “Leave my daughter alone and I’ll do anything you want me to.”

“MOM NO!” Brian said starting to stand but Tom pushed him back down.

Betty’s bottoms moved over her dark bush and then down to her knees. She turned around showing them her pink ass as she bent forward to lift her foot to remove the small triangle. She knew they could see her pussy.

“Jesus look at that pussy,” Jed gasped. “I bet it’s nice and tight from her little dick husband.”

Betty’s body was shaking after she removed the bikini bottoms. She started to turn but felt one of their hands on her bare back.

“Face that way and get down on all fours,” Jake commanded.

Betty looked over her shoulder at Tom hoping that he could stop this before they fucked her doggie style. She dropped to her hands and knees but kept her legs tightly together.

“You want her first?” Jed asked his brother.

“Na, you can have her. I want the youngin'”

Jake aimed the gun at Tom and Brian while Jed released his dirty jeans and pushed them down to his ankles. He was not wearing underwear so nothing stopped his huge ten inch cock from pointing straight outward.

“OH GOD!” Erica gasped seeing the huge penis.

“Don’t do this,” Tom said looking down the barrel of the gun.

Before Jed could move down Betty pivoted around and grabbed onto the huge shaft. “Let me suck it for you.”

“Sure and then when it’s nice and hard I’m going to show you what a real man feels like.” He dropped his gun on the ground next to him and reached out to grab onto her head. As her face and lips moved forward, Tom was about to throw sand at Jake’s eyes when Tom saw movement next to him.

Billy Bob turned the corner and saw the group on the beach. When he recognized the two men he quickly pulled behind a rock and tied the raft to a small branch. He hurried over the rock and peered down seeing the mother naked on her hands and knees. Quietly he slid down and moved through the shallow water until he was only ten feet from the man with the gun.

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