White Teacher Begins His Journey… Pt. 03

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I didn’t know what he wanted the cash for but I went to the ATM pulled out $300 and googled nearest sex shop. I found one called Lovers Paradise on the edge of town and sped there. When I arrived, I threw on a baseball cap lowered to hide as much of my face as possible and walked in. I was overwhelmed by all the different things on the walls gimp suits, whips, maid costume and so much more. Looking around got my clit cock straining behind the waistband of my pants again. I found a spiked pink dog collar and leash set that looked big enough for my neck. The only panties they had that looked the right size for me were black, crotchless and had SLUT in bright red on the ass but I didn’t have time to run anywhere else so I grabbed them.

“Mr. Leiter?”

FUCK! I threw my items behind my back and turned to the counter. Standing there was a former student of mine. He was 5’10, blonde with a very young-looking face. He was one of the few out gay kids in school. He was picked on a bit for being scrawny but looking at his chest and arms now straining his shirt he looked right out of a magazine. My face went completely flushed, but my straining clit cock felt like it was leaking at the embarrassment.

“Hey James, I..I”

“Hey it’s okay. No need to be embarrassed we all have needs. Can I help you find something?”

“Well I.. I umm”

“Seriously Mr. Leiter, I’m not going to run out and tell anyone that my former teacher likes porn just let me know what you need.”

“Okay… well I need a douche and something called poppers?”

“Well the douche I use is over here and the VHS cleaner aka poppers is behind the counter. Grab the douche and I’ll meet you there.”

I quickly grabbed the one he recommended and brought it along with my other items to the counter. He’d already pulled out a small amber bottle and put it on the counter.

“Looks like you’ve got quite the night planned. I’m surprised I haven’t seen you here before.”

“It’s my first time trying some of this stuff out. I had read on the internet about different things like this.”

“It’s great to explore Mr. Leiter. How else are you going to know what you like. Listen I’m off in about an hour if you want some help with any of this I could swing by…”

“Oh no umm, I’m not.. I mean I.. I.. I’m straight and have a woman coming by later for drinks and then some exploration. It was her idea”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to imply no worries I bet you will have fun”

He could clearly see I was lying about something and looked a little disappointed. I only had an hour to get back home and get ready. It was awkward silence while he put my items in brown paper bag. I handed him my credit card and got out of there as fast as I could. When I got home I stripped down and found some how to videos for cleaning out my pussy. As I slipped the nozzle in and I started to get hard again. It felt uncomfortable filling myself up with water like that but after a couple cycles it looked like I was ready and my clit cock even started to leak. I put on the panties and was grateful they were crotchless because I don’t think they’d have fit with my raging hard-on. The collar was comfortable with the fur lining and fit like a glove. I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t believe my eyes I had gone from basically asexual to looking like a whore from the videos I’d found the other night. Knowing that practice sometimes let out early I raced downstairs grabbed yalova escort the picture of Darius’s cock, unlocked the front door and waited as instructed by the door. Every minute that passed by I kept telling myself that it wasn’t too late I could stop all this now but then I’d see his cock in the picture and ooze more precum. After about an hour and a half I thought maybe he’d changed his mind just as the door swung open, and I could see a camera flash.

“Hey slut, I see you got my letter. Sorry practice ran a little late but like a good dog you did as you were told and waited for your master. Look at how pathetic you look sitting there with my picture bitch”

Showing me the pic he took of me on his phone still hard as a rock, a puddle of oozed precum below me, on all fours with Darius’ cock pic lying there. I looked completely helpless and totally fucked.

“For being such a good faggot, I’ll go easy on you tonight. Clean up that mess and go make me a drink while I strip down and meet me in the living room.”

I hesitated and he lightly pushed my nose to the ground where my precum was. I lapped it up off the floor and still gagged at the taste but managed to choke it down. Then, I started to stand up to get his drink from the kitchen and got slapped me across the face hard.

“What the fuck faggot I don’t know any dogs that can stand. I thought you were gonna be good but if this is the shit you pull maybe I just rape your slutty ass here and now and head home. Don’t say anything just bark once if you learned your lesson and we can count this as strike one”

My face still stinging from the force of the slap I let out a weak bark and crawled out to the kitchen while I heard his clothes hit the floor, the front door chain lock slide into place and footsteps to the living room. I poured some bourbon on ice and hobbled on my knees and one hand to the living room.

“Hahahahahaha, I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.”

His laughter at seeing me struggle to stay crawling but not spill his drink was deep and filled the room. As I handed him the drink, I finally saw it in person just lying there soft on my couch inches from my mouth. It looked like it was 10 inches and thicker than a beer can. My mouth began to drool uncontrollably. Without thinking my head dove down to it and was met with another slap across the face. Not as hard this time but still enough to now he meant business.

“Control yourself faggot, you haven’t been given permission to worship yet. First, we gotta set up the ground rules. You are only to speak when asked a direct question, any other noises you make had better be a bark or a whimper. If you are given permission to speak you are to refer to me as Sir, Master or God. You will do anything that is commanded of you as quickly as possible. In addition to giving me an A in your class you will pay me an allowance or fag tax each session for being kind enough to train you. In return you get the pleasure of serving your evolutionary superior and I won’t out you to your kids or school. Wag your tail and bark 3 times if you understand and agree to the terms. If not I’ll send the pic to your boys and get dressed now.

Enthusiastically and without hesitation I shook my ass like a bitch in heat and barked 3 of the sluttiest barks ever imagined.

“Good boy, now puppy you may use your front paws and begin to stroke Master’s cock. I want you to fully experience it.

With yalova escort bayan that I eagerly took his cock in my hands. The shear heft of the shaft felt powerful and I could feel the veins starting to pump throughout. My hands couldn’t fit all the way around it as I stroked that massive BBC. Each stroke he got bigger and bigger my mind raced with how huge this cock could get. I was scared and excited and nervous all at once. His monster pulsing in my hands finally seemed to reach it’s peak at what must’ve been 12.5 inches.

“Good boy, you feel that cock. That’s what a real man’s dick feels like. Not like that tiny little dicklette you’ve got down there. I can’t believe you were even able to get some bitch pregnant with that thing. I bet that’s the real reason she left you with the boys. She was tired of pretending your tiny waste of space dicklette gave her any pleasure and probably found a black cock to split her in half. Bark if you agree faggot”

Still stroking master’s cock my raging boner started leaking more with each humiliating word he uttered. Master started to lightly tap my dick with his foot as if to reinforce that he could punish me at any time. I couldn’t argue or say anything and didn’t want him to take away my new favorite toy.

“Woof Woof” even sticking my tongue out and panting in agreement. After all, he was probably right after seeing what black men are packing there was no denying that if she’d seen one there was no way she’d be putting up with mine ever again.

“Good boy, now that you’ve gotten a feel for it get in there with that slutty face and smell it. You may use your words. I want you to describe it to me.”

With that he pushed my head under his heavy shaft so my nose was right on the massive balls. I eagerly sniffed like the dog I was quickly becoming. Moving my head up and down the shaft. Desperately trying to stop myself from licking and sucking every each of this masterpiece.

“Master, the aroma of your sweaty balls is so intoxicating. It’s like nothing I’ve even smelled before so rich in my nose. Like a sweet musk I wish I could bottle it and smell you on me all day.”

“Hahahahaha that’s good faggot don’t worry you’ll get plenty of it. Now the moment you’ve been waiting for slide this cock down that little sissy throat. Don’t worry if you can’t take it all right away after you get a taste for it I’ll be sure to force it down there.

My mind reeling from the thought of finally getting to taste him and trying to imagine how that’d even fit don my throat without choking me out. I quickly slipped the tip of his manhood into my mouth and began to lick all over. Bobbing my head up and down the shaft like I’d seen the white boys doing online hoping that master would be pleased. Moaning uncontrollably as I got more and more of it in my mouth. Finally, I took in all I could and was proud of myself that I got just over half my first-time sucking. As if he could sense that I had reached my max he grabbed my head and kept it in place. Then a moment later the bottle of poppers was held under my nose.

“Faggot it seems like you’ve stopped and have even gotten my full bone. Take a big whiff of this, and now the other nostril bitch. Don’t to worry boy I’ll take it from here”

My brain wen foggy from the poppers and I could feel my body relax even more. Then he started to push my head down more. Slowly inch after inch that I thought I could handle disappeared escort yalova into my throat. The sounds of my coughing and gagging being muffled by the black anaconda forcibly working its way through. Tears began pouring out of my eyes, it didn’t hurt though it felt right. There was nothing I could do, I was rapidly losing air as he inched my head further and further along the veiny shaft. Finally, I felt the heavy sac on my chin and betewwn the lack of air and the poppers I must’ve blacked out. When I came to I had been thrown on the couch on my back with my head hanging off. Daris was thrusting into my throat like it was a fleshjack so rapidly all I could do was gasp for air each time he pulled out a little.

“Glad to see you woke back up slut! Here take another hit. As you can see I was able to give you the rest of my meat. When you blacked out though I thought this position might be a little easier on you. I’m getting close to blowing my first load down that sissy throat and anointing it property of BBC officially. This time only I’ll let you stroke your little nub because you are taking this dick like a champ. Go on sissy use 2 fingers and make it spit out that slut juice.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I slide my hand down and using just my pointer finger and thumb began furiously jerking off while the assault on my throat continued. I blew my load almost immediately the thin watery cum spraying all over my chest like I was pissing. Darius must’ve gotten off on seeing my humiliation as I rubbed the watery liquid over my helpless body I felt the veins in his massive cock pulsate and his speed pick up. The front door opened and I heard the chain clink.

“Dad, what’s going on you’ve the chain on the door. DAAAD can you hear me??”

Fuck the Troy was home. I was so outta my mind drunk on serving Darius I barely knew what day it was let alone what time. I needed to stop and get this kid out of my house but I couldn’t stop now not when I was so close to what I’d been needing my whole life. Just as I heard the door slamming and reopening again and again to try and get my attention likely. I couldn’t focus on that and went back to maintaining breathe support while Master raped my sore throat.

“You’re probably passed out but if you can hear me I’m just gonna head through the back” I heard from just outside. I Think Master did too because he kindly unleashed a flood of cum. A lot of it went right down my throat but it kept pouring out as he dismounted my face. Trying to swallow it all, desperately sucking his retreating cock that was still hard as a rock. It was too much to control I began to shoot another load right then and there.

“Fuck, little faggy teacher came again just from swallowing Alpha seed, or is it just that your boy is about to see you like this. Is that what you secretly wanted bitch? To see the look of humiliation and disgust in his eyes as they stare at their slutty fag dad? Or do you think he’s a little bitch boy too? I’ve seen him in the locker room and they both looked like they got the short end of the stick so to speak.”

More cum dribbled out as he spoke confirming what he already knew I craved the humiliation.

“Well bitch I told you I wasn’t going to out you if you were good, so I’ll be on my way out now. You’d better figured out something to tell Troy though because you and your living room are covered in Alpha cum and your own fag juices. Just hand me $200 for your training tax and I’m on my way. Unless you want me to stay and turn out your son too. It would be nice to have an on call hole at school… You’re choice slut, but you better make it quick before he walks in and it’s made for you…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32