Whistle While You…

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A Summer Lovin’ Story Contest 2022… Any votes or comments are welcome. Enjoy!

Whistle while you…

:Jerk!” I shouted as the car in front of me stopped short. No tail lights, just the small one in the rear window had come on. Luckily we were creeping at about five miles a day. The traffic stretched for miles and was not moving. Typical. Not that I had to be anywhere at any particular time.

I wouldn’t call my anger ‘road rage’, but I was pissed. It was a beautiful Summers’ day and too pretty to let this crap get to me. I spied a hillside next to the road about half a mile ahead. The earth sloped up with green grass that waved gently in the breeze. It overlooked the valley we would be headed into if this traffic ever moved. So typical. And what held it up? Not that I wanted anyone injured, but just once, I would like to see some twisted metal or a severed bumper or some indication of why we were sitting here baking in the sun. I called these ‘NAR delays’. No Apparent Reason. I looked and the hillside was about a quarter mile in the distance.

There were furrows in the slope that would be perfect for watching undisturbed.

I decided to take the shoulder and put on a turn signal. Something most of these drivers had never seen or used. There was a little separation and I wheeled off to the side, drove a few hundred yards and slammed the car into park. “Time for both of us to take a time out.” Great, now I was talking to my car. I grabbed a blanket I had in the back and some water and an apple that had been rolling around in the back and hiked a short ways up the peaceful side of the hill. As I had imagined, I had a nice view of the valley ahead and of the poor schmucks still stuck in the ribbon of stalled vehicles. Even from up here I couldn’t see an end or a reason for the delay. I took a bite of the apple and enjoyed the sight.

I was reminded of the song ‘In the Summertime’ and the often misheard lyric ‘You can stretch right out and touch the sky’. I had always heard ’embarrass the sky’, but that was not what the singer was saying. But I liked my version better. For some reason sitting on the side of the hill, watching the traffic from a distance, having the hot sun and cool breeze hitting my skin, I became rather amorous. Or, if we’re being honest, very horny. I started rubbing myself through my jeans, feeling my cock become harder and harder. Enjoying the feeling, getting lost in the sensations and almanbahis the sense of being alone with so many people not far away.

Suddenly I sensed more than noticed a second car on the side of the freeway below. A shiny red convertible. Scrambling up my hillside was a woman of indeterminate age wearing a flowing summer dress and a scarf on her head. She was surprisingly nimble on the slope and was soon within earshot. “Hellllooooo” I heard. “Mind if I join you?”

Truth be known, I did mind, but since I didn’t actually own this plot of land, I decided I would share. “Come on up. Great view up here. A pleasant break from THAT.” I stretched out my arm toward the traffic. Besides our voices and the breeze whispering through the grass there were only a few traffic sounds. A few brake squeels and an occasional honk. The odd motorcycle going down between the cars. Why not share the day.

She made it to my blanket and plopped down only a little out of breath. She looked like a caricature out of a mid century car ad. A scarf around her hair to protect it from the breeze of her convertible, sunglasses that came to a point on each side, a flowing flowery dress and a clutch purse. And bright red lipstick. “Whew! I made it! What a nice view and what a nice surprise to find you up here. I guess we both had the same idea. Kindred souls.” She settled back and took several deep breaths.

Then she surprised me.

“I saw your car first. Wondered if someone broke down or needed help, and I just happened to spy you up here on the hill. I was listening to some old song on the radio, something about stretching out and embarrassing the sky or some such nonsense. I said to myself , ‘Janet, that is what he is doing. I should join him. Could only barely see you. But you were pleasuring yourself, now weren’t you?” She looked right at me, expecting an answer. A truthful answer.

I stammered a bit. “I, uh, well, yes. I was in the beginning of, uh, well, that…” I could feel my cheeks turn red.

“I knew it. Had that feeling. And I said to myself “Janet, that is the right thing to do. Join him. A lovely day for making love. So I came up here. Let’s make each other happy while those people are miserable down there.” She raised up to her knees and reached under her skirt to pull off her panties. “Not going to need these.” And she laid them off to the side. “Your turn, Or you want me to help you?” She reached a hand up toward my belt and almanbahis giriş top button on my jeans.

I reached down and started to undo the belt and then my pants. “No, I can manage.” Still not sure what was about to happen I pulled down my pants and my underwear releasing my dick into the great outdoors. He seemed appreciative to be free and began to stiffen again. It moved slightly as it filled with each heartbeat.

Janet looked and smiled. “My, my. That looks like it was worth my trek up that mountain. Think it could use a little encouragement? I would love a taste of that before you bury it in me. How about a nice blowie for incentive?”

I hadn’t heard that term in a while. Not since an English exchange student in my college had compared notes about sex similarities and differences between the two countries. “By all means. Help yourself.” Give the lady what she wants, I always say. Besides, a blow job is never a bad thing. I lay back and stared up at the perfect sky. BLue, sunny and I felt her hand hold my shaft and then those red lips kissed the tip.

I looked down and watched as she held my cock in her hand and moved her head up and down sucking as she came off it, using her tongue to add even more sensation to the act. The combination of watching and feeling her attention had me hard as a rock in no time.

“I believe you are well prepared. So nice and hard. Tasty, too!” Janet rose to her knees and with a move that belied her thick body, swung a leg over my body, draping the skirt across. Her hand reached my rigid cock and guided it between her legs into a hot, moist space. She eased down and I was buried inside her to the hilt. “Oh yes, that fills the need. Nice having you inside me. Now lay back and I’ll do the work. Mmmm. Just keep that cock nice and hard.”

She moved back and forth and up and down on me. I could feel her pussy close around me as tightly as her other set of lips had done only moments before. A slow steady rhythm developed and we rocked together, around and around. Up and down. Joined together in a wonderful ritual that drew me closer to a wonderful feeling of climax and I hoped did the same for Janet.

I heard her moan slightly and guessed that she was feeling the same. “Anything I can do to help you along, Janet?” I asked. I figured it was only polite.

“Oh yes, cum for me. Gush inside me. I haven’t felt that in so long. I need to feel your hot cum deep in me…” She almanbahis yeni giriş moved faster against me and felt even wetter and hotter than before.

I felt the tingle begin and arched slightly driving my cock as deep inside her as I could. She took it all and was astride as I began to pulse and pump hot cum deep inside her. I imagined those pink pussy lips of hers tightening around me, creating a seal that held our combined liquid in. I felt my climax go on, longer than usual releasing what seemed like a quart of jizz. I lay back to the blanket, spent. “Oh, that was fine. Very fine. Thank you.”

Janet raised her skirt, exposing her ass. As she rose off my softening dick, I saw white cum ooze from the pink lips of her sex. “No thanks needed. Indeed it was fine. And what a load! I am filled to the max. I’m dripping. Like the look of a cream pie? See what you have done?” She chuckled in a way that seemed satisfied and not dirty. She talked about my having deposited my seed inside her rather matter of factly. “My, I will be oozing all the way down the road. So delightfully wet.”. She retrieved a small handkerchief from her clutch and dabbed some of the wet goo from herself. “And speaking of, look. The road seems to be clearing.”

I had almost forgotten the road. I looked around Janet and the cars did seems to actually be moving. “Guess it is time to rejoin that parade”. I said almost to myself.

Janet tugged on her panties. “Yes, I am afraid so. Thanks for a delightful interlude! It made the wait in traffic almost tolerable.”

As I pulled my shorts and pants back on, Janet walked down the hillside to her car. I grabbed the blanket and my water and stumbled after her. “Wait, I’ll walk you to your car”.

She was halfway down the hill and just waved as she continued ahead. By the time I reached my car, the red convertible had a signal on and was easing back into the now moving line of vehicles. As I got in and started off, she was well out of sight.

Just a wonderful interlude. I figured I would probably arrive about the same time I would have had I remained in my car during the whole jam. I lowered my window, hung out my arm and started to whistle. Nothing definite, just a whistle of satisfaction.

I was still whistling when I got my wish. I could see a tow truck on the side of the road ahead removing the last bits of an accident that had caused our delay. As I got closer, on the back of the truck was a shiny red convertible. As I went by, I swear I saw a pair of sunglasses on the ground. The edges ending in a point.

I drove the rest of the way home in quiet wonder. A lovely afternoon. For me. Perhaps not for Janet. Despite the warm Summer sun, I felt a shiver.

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