Which Wife? 02

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Which Wife? 02

“Well, SOB, Ben, if that’s what it means to be your Dragon Wife, then I’m your Dragon Wife for life! I mean, whew, baby, that was some good loving you put on me!”

“Well, I’ve waited a long time to find the perfect Dragon Wife and you checked all of the boxes with the way you engaged with me, Mrs. Darby, so.”

“Oh, well, my participation was merely a human reaction to the way you did me in that position, so (mwah), I am proud to be your Dragon Wife, Ben. And if you can think of a way for me to stand on a step or something so that you line up better without hurting your back, well, I’m game, lover.”

“Oops, we can’t do that, Mrs. Darby. The awkward reach against the wall is just a part of Dragon Wife sex, so.”

“Hey, I’m not here to argue, babe, so?”

“So, I proudly announce you as my Dragon Wife, then, Mrs. Darby.”

[Mwah, ummah, mwah, umma, mwah, ow, ow, ag, ag, ag, ah, ug, ug, ug, ummah, mwah.]

“Alright Ben, wow, um, I need to get back out to the garden party, but, um, I don’t know, if you miss the target one of these times, I mean, I might yelp, but I’ll hold true as the best Dragon Wife I can be, so.”

[Mwah, ummah, mwah, umma, mwah, ow, ow, ag, ag, ag, ah, ug, ug, ug, ummah, mwah.]

Oh, yeah, I’m right back where I left off from the last chapter. LOL, I mean the quick exit thing. Oh, and with a few quickies too, I suppose.

“Ben, Ben, you’re looking a little worn out today. Are you getting enough sleep, sweetie? I mean, you have some pretty good employees down at your lawn care shop that could operate by themselves once in a while, right?”

“Oh, hello, Mrs. Evans. Um, I mean, yeah, my crew would have my back, but the boss has to set the right example, right?”

“Sure, but at what cost, Ben? I mean, I think men like to be active well into the senior years and all, but it’s all about pacing yourself, so.”

“And that’s great advice, Mrs. Evans and I’ll will let the crew take on a little more responsibility in the future, but look, it’s Saturday and I’m here at the gossip party, I mean the garden party, so.”

“Well, I suppose that’s a start, so, what’s the word around this party? I mean, who is sneaking off to fuck who, LOL? I mean, as usual, I am late to the party, so????”

“Well, Mrs. Evans, I mean, you know my mom’s crowd, right? I mean, I heard that Mrs. Andrews has taken her deserved claim to fame as the perfect Apple Pie Wife and then there were a few whispers that Mrs. Banister re-wrote the definition of being a Banana Split Wife and maybe, just maybe, Mrs. Conner submitted a new entry to be an amazing Coconut Bikini Wife and don’t get me started about what I may or may not have heard about Mrs. Darby taking the lead on the most active Dragon Wife ever!”

“Ooh, see, this is what I get for always being the last one to show up at an afternoon party, but tell me true, Ben and just between us, I mean, I could really see Darlene as a Dragon Wife, am I right?”

“Oh, oh, Mrs. Evans, with her tiny little body and all, I mean, that would be so hot!”

“Yeah, well, men still like a fuller body too, Ben!”

“Oh, oh and I agree, Mrs. Evans. I mean, if I were ever to take on an Evergreen Wife, I mean, I mean, you have the goods for all that, Mrs. Evans with the amazing flare of your hips and with the way your boobs refuse to be contained by any bra or dress, right?”

“Well, I’m not so sure that you didn’t just say that the bottom of my tree is wide and something about how my upper branches droop, but I’ll take it as you like what you see anyways, so?”

“Um, here, let me make you a garden party cocktail then, Mrs. Evans.”

Hey, I just had sex like four times, so yeah, my mind wasn’t how I didn’t know how to mix an afternoon garden party cocktail, so sue me!

“(Sip) HOLY, now that’s how you get a party started, cocktail, Ben!”

“Oh, sorry, Mrs. Evans, but that’s my “can I show you around the house” special, I mean, my special Middleton Ice Tea, so?”

“Ooh, whoa, wow, I mean, keep your day job and don’t moonlight at one of the clubs as a bartender and all, but sure, I mean, I could use the powder room just about now, so.”

I mean, it’s called a toilet seat, so Mrs. Evans was totally proper to sit on it, right?

“I Demetevler Escort mean, wow, Ben I would like to say that I have always appreciated a man who keeps things trimmed up down here, but the fact is, you’re my first, but I still appreciate it, stud.”

[Gulp, slurp, slurp, ow, ow, hm, hm, ug, ha, ha, ooh, gulp, slurp, ummah, umma, oh, ow, ow, gulp, gulp.]

“Oh, ooh, don’t mind me chipping in by thrusting, Evergreen Wife!”

[Gag, gulp, gag, um, um, ow, ow, hm, hm, ug, ha, ha, gulp, slurp, ummah, umma, oh, ow, ow, gulp, gulp.]

“Oh, you’re planting the evergreen seeds now, Mrs. Evans, ahh, ahh, ahh. Ooh.”

[Gag, gulp, gag, um, um, ow, ow, hm, hm, ug, ha, ha, gulp, slurp, ummah, umma, oh, ow, ow, gulp, gulp.]

“Whew, just a quick break stud to let you know that I noticed that your mom’s riverside property is lined with Evergreen trees, just in case her Luau party carries on until well after dark, Ben.”

[Gag, gulp, gag, um, um, ow, ow, hm, hm, ug, ha, ha, gulp, slurp, ummah, umma, oh, ow, ow, gulp, gulp.]

“Oh, it’s an evergreen pine needle date then, Evergreen Wife, ooh, ooh, whoa, that’s deep, Mrs. Evans!”

[Knock, knock, knock.]


“Oops, um, occupied for a moment, um, we’ll, I mean, I’ll be quick.”

“It’s OK, I can wait. (Huh, it’s a little noisy in there.)”

Shoot! I should have mentioned that there was another bathroom in the house, but your mind gets a little cloudy when your Evergreen Wife is sucking the brain cells out of it.

[Gulp, swallow, gulp, gulp, swallow, swallow, gulp, slurp, gulp, gulp.]

“Hmmm, that was tasty, young man. So, I mean, a good Evergreen Wife eventually gets pounded too, right, Ben?”

“Oh, I mean, hell yeah, she does, I mean, it’s just that with mom’s garden party and all going on just outside, I mean, a quick exit is best, right Evergreen Wife?”

“Well, fine for now, Ben and I’m not trying to ruin things, but I’m beyond needing protection, so. Anyways, I’ll get going before the gossip tables get out of control and all, so (mwah), don’t forget about me, Ben. I mean, my pussy still works and all, so.”

I mean, that’s like over 50 or something, right? Not that I care, but Mrs. Evans was the only woman to ever say that to me, so.


“Oh, um, Mrs. Franks, um, oh, was that you at the bathroom door just then? And now you’re just sitting on my old bed? With a funny look in your eyes? Saying Ah-hem and all.”

“Well, you seem to have forgotten younger and without my undies on, but maybe you need to figure a few things out yourself then, Ben. And by the way, saying Ah-hem seems to be a nice trigger for you, so Ah-hem!”

Shoot! I had like zero experience with pleasing a woman with my mouth, but I’m pretty sure that’s where Mrs. Franks was taking our conversation. I mean, shoot! I mean, they should make that course mandatory in the man handbook or something.

“I’m your Fragrance Wife, Ben. I promise you that I taste sweet and I mean, look at the small size of my slit, Ben, that’s tight, right?”

I mean, I gave it my best shot and I promised my ass off that I would take the night course and all, so. Also, huh, Mrs. Franks did taste pretty sweet. I mean, do they actually make a Fragrance spray for that?

“Fuck me, now Ben, fuck your Fragrance Wife in your old bed and make me scream your name, baby.”

[Ooh, ow, ugh, ugh, pump, thrust, hump, hump, push, grind, ooh, ahh, ahh, whoa, that’s tight, whoa, ooh, ooh, hump, pump, slide, slip, oh, grind, grind, uh, uh, hm, hm.]

“Oh, oh, Fragrance Wife, you do smell amazing everywhere!”

“It’s my thing, Ben, it’s kind of my thing, ooh, oh Ben, Ben, slam me, Ben, grind your way right through me, ooh, ahh, ahh, ahh, OMG, give me your dick, baby, ram it home.”

“Oh, oh, I’m keeping the undies you tucked under my blanket, Fragrance Wife, ooh, ahh, ahh, wow.”

“Oh, oh, oh yes you are keeping my undies baby, ooh, oh, so you’re close then? Um, um, take a chance Ben and blow your nut in me then.”

You know, people should really say that the other way around because the brain only concentrates on the last thing it heard, which was “blow your nut in me”, when it should be thinking about Dikmen Escort taking a chance, right?

“LOL, wow, I mean, wait until you get a taste of my breath, Ben. I mean, I truly deserve the title as your Fragrance Wife, so.”

[Mwah, ummah, mwah, umma, mwah, ow, ow, ag, ag, ag, ah, ug, ug, ug, ummah, mwah.]

“I mean, I never knew I needed a Fragrance Wife so bad before, Mrs. Franks, but now I don’t think that I can live without your scent around me all the time!”

“Oh, well, I’ll be around and I’m even willing to try that thing you mumbled about wrapping my undies around your cock as a condom and all, so.”

“Oh, so you heard that, huh? Well, I was trying to think of other ways to keep your scent everywhere and all, so.”

“(Mwah), it’s OK Ben, I’m open minded about things and I mean, I think you fit really nicely inside of me and all, so. But, LOL, I don’t mean to make a quick exit, but I still need to pee and all, so.”

Oh, oh, so when I finally get around to wanting to cuddle a little, it’s poof?

“(Mwah), I mean, if you’re into that, I mean, I could pee right here, LOL.”

Oh, I mean, you all heard me say many times that a quick exit is always best, right?

“Ben, Ben, I’m not complaining, but that damn Millie Morse always hogs the tea party biscuits!”

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, Mrs. Grainger, I mean, you know my mom, there are probably 15 more serving platters just inside of the breezeway, so.”

“Oh, I know Ben, I just need to get my daily “slut shaming” in on Millie and you were just standing here staring off into space and all, so.”

“Hmmm, well, that wasn’t much a “slut shaming” slam about Mrs. Morse, but I suppose that’s how good friends talk about each other behind their backs, right, Mrs. Grainger?”

“LOL, see Ben? You are growing up and figuring out how things work and all, so.”

“And you did great, Mrs. Grainger, but if I may, I mean, just to finish things off properly, I mean, I did whisper to Mrs. Morse earlier that I had an interest in having a Gigi Wife, but she declined. I mean, she didn’t know what I meant, but that would have been a big slut move, just the same.”

“I mean, um, I mean, what’s a Gigi Wife, Ben?”

“Oh, well, a good Gigi Wife is very good at laying on her belly and letting me have my way with her from behind, but at the same time, she humiliates me by staying on her social media all the while I pounding her from behind, so.”

“Oh, oh, I see, I mean, I mean, does a good Gigi Wife at least give you credit for a job well done then?”

“Well, in private, she does because she actually loves me, but in public, well, I’m just pitiful and can’t satisfy her and all, so.”

Actually, LOL, that’s just what I like to call my twentieth year, but let me back that up with holy smokes, did Gigi look good while she was naked and laying on her belly or what? And looking at her phone.

“Well Ben, I’m sorry that my daughter Gigi treated you that way and I was pulling for the two of you as a couple and all, but now that I’m secretly into fat lady humiliation on Chang, I mean, would you mind if I plop my naked whale body down on your old bed and take a few selfies so I can post that I couldn’t get a nut out of a 22 years old stud because I’m so fat and all? I mean, with Gigi being happily married and moved away and all, right?”

Oh, um, fat lady humiliation on Chang is a thing then? Well, it better be because I took the photos myself to capture her entire body! Also, huh, people will pay for anything online, right? I mean, unless the humiliation thing was just a fake because her body wasn’t all that bad. I mean, even Mrs. Grainger directed a few of the photos to look their worse, right?

“Well, ooh, I mean, that was quite a pounding you gave me from the rear, Ben, so, whew, that’s Gigi’s loss then.”

“Look, Mrs. G, I’ll follow you on Chang, but I think you should make a quick exit now. I mean, all the things that Millie Morse must be saying behind your back by now, right?”

“Oh, well, with the way you just went behind my back and all, well, I look forward to seeing you on my homepage then, Ben. OMG, you still have a picture of Gigi on your old dresser!”

“Well, I loved her and Elvankent Escort she loved me back in the day, so.”

“(Mwah), I mean (she loved your bank account) I’m sure she still thinks of you as well, lover. But you’re right, I need to get a move on, so (mwah), stud.”

I mean, if she’s into mature lady humiliation on Chang, I mean, I wouldn’t qualify as a participant, right? I mean, I left (LOL, a small) nut and all, so?????

“Oh, wow, Ben, wow, just in time! I mean, your mom asked me to find some sterling silver serving platters from the utility room and I didn’t want to seem like I didn’t know what she talking about, so???”

“Oh, Mrs. Hiltz, um, I think I know where the shiny platters are. You mean, like the little trays with the fancy built in handles, right?”

“Ah, sure, I mean, yeah, sure, so.”

I mean, shiny things should be easy to find up on a shelf, right?

“No, no, Ben, I mean, damn, I need to learn how to do all this “housewife” stuff and all, so I’ll step up on the step ladder thingamabob. I mean, you’re going to hold me like a Hot Hubby, right Ben?”

“You know, Mrs. Hiltz, what’s up with that Hot Wife stuff anyways? I mean, is it basically the same as you cucking your hubby?”

“Oh, different people give different things different titles, but I do dress quite provocatively when his buddies come over to play cards, but I don’t engage with sex with anyone in front of my hubby, so.”

Oh, oh, to hold the hips of a 35 years old woman, right?

“Well, I mean, provocatively as in a nice pair of short shorts and a tight shirt or more like ooh la, la provocatively then, Mrs. Hiltz?”

“Hmmm, well Ben, since you’re half way there anyways, lift my dress and judge for yourself then.”

“HOLY, now those cannot be called undies, snap, Mrs. Hiltz!”

“Oh, well, I was hoping for a comment about the buns I have been blessed with, but I’ll take a sigh about my granny panties and all, so.”

“What? Those are you granny panties, Mrs. Hiltz?”

“Or, you can ram your lips and tongue in between my perfectly shaped buns, which are all up in your face anyways right now and make out with the piece of dental floss that you almost see, Ben. But don’t call me your Hot Wife. Either way, the term does have some meaning and today is not that meaning, so.”

Hmmm, if not my Hot Wife, then what kind of wife?

Well, here’s the thing about a pair of human butt cheeks. You can use both of your hands to spread them out and open things up or you can use both of your hands to smash them together and add a little depth to things, so I smashed together and shoved my face right up in there and put all of my make out experience to good use.

“Ooh, Ben, Ben, that’s ooh, that’s some tonguing you’re giving my butt cheeks, Ben. I mean, Ben, keep going, babe, ooh, ooh, but be quick baby, I mean, oh, oh, oh, I mean how long can I be gone looking for shiny serving platters, right?”

[Ow, ow, um, um, hum, brr, ga, ga, oh, ooh, ga, ga, brr, grr, grr, grr.]

“How, Ben, that’s to the hilt baby, but hurry, I mean, someone is going to catch us and OMG, blow on the floor if that’s what’s about to happen!”

“Oh, Mrs. Hiltz, I mean, I was up to the hilt with all that, but listen, I need you to be my Hammer Wife right now, alright?”

“With my hand, Ben?”

“Hammer me, Mrs. Hiltz, hammer me home.”

“Well, help me down from the damn unsteady step ladder and all, then and not a word to my hubby or his friends, mind you!”

[Stroke, whack, stroke, whack, stroke, stroke, whack, whack, slip slide, slip slide, stroke, whack.]

Oh, huh, well, well, well, right?

“Well, your mother would kill us both if we leave your mess on the utility room floor and all, so.”

[Point, stroke, point, lick tip, lap, stroke, whack, hmmm, insert, insert, tease, tease, ooh, ooh.]

“Ahh, ahh, ooh, oh, a Hammer Wife is the way to go, Mrs. Hiltz!”

“Well, just forget about all that, but don’t forget about me. I mean, as your Hammer Wife and all, I mean, Teddy’s friends are all much older, so.”

“Oh, so I can call you then sometime, Hammer Wife?”

“Well, let me call you, Ben, but yes, your young cock is sort of irresistible, so.”

Well, here’s the thing about having a Hammer Wife, LOL, most hammers have two ends to them, right? So, what started out as a mighty fine hand job, ended up in the other end and in her mouth, so. Oh, and the other thing about a good Hammer Wife, well, when you push forward, the process starts to repeat itself because as you clearly heard Mrs. Hiltz say, I’m irresistible.

End Which Wife? 02

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32