When She Sits on My Lap

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It had just been your standard ordinary party, dim lights, lots of booze, music too loud you can barely hear your voice. Just a basic run of the mill house party… Right up until Tilly ended up on my lap.

We were playing Ring of Fire, playing cards all around the most toxic dirty pint in history. It was topped a quad-vod and coke, a pure shot of tequila, and part of a double whiskey coke.

Tilly pulled a card and Jasmine grinned manically. “I dare you to sit on Jake’s lap for the rest of the night.” Jasmine said with no hesitation.

My heart stopped beating for a second. I didn’t want Tilly on my lap all night, partially because it would be restricting, but also because she was the sweetest, prettiest girl I had ever seen and between her plunging neckline and short hemmed dress, I was bound to get a boner. Then I’d just be known as the guy who made Tilly uncomfortable that one time when we were all just trying to have fun.

“Wait, what? Wouldn’t that make it my dare too?” I said, searching for the dare’s exits.

“Sh-hut-up Jake.” Jasmine slurred, she had turned up to the party wasted and had just kept going from there. “It’s Tilly’s decision, if she doesn’t want to sit on your lap all night, we can think of something else.”

“No! I do!” Tilly jumped in, rather quicker than I had expected, in fact I hadn’t expected her to say anything positive about the prospect at all. “I want to sit on Jake’s lap.” She hadn’t even finished her first drink yet. Man, she must have been a lightweight. I on the other hand was finishing my fifth double whiskey coke in the hour and there was no way I had enough sentient brain left to keep down a boner.

Tilly looked up at me from her space on the floor, the plunging neckline going way past her boobs and down to her stomach. A healthy cleavage and a side order of under boob on show. Fuuuuuuck.

Oh God, I glued my hands down onto the chair so they wouldn’t think to touch her. I didn’t usually just reach out and grab people, but you never know. As she stood up her left breast slid out of the thin fabric that had been keeping it in place, it swung pendulously before my eyes, hypnotising me. She gently tucked it back in, but the cleavage was still out for all to see and I wanted so badly to be the guy that respected women enough not to look, but at that moment, I really wasn’t.

There was a cute little smile on her face that I didn’t think had been there a few minutes ago. “Sorry.” I apologised, but nobody acknowledged why. She plonked herself down on my lap, pulling at the hem of her dress, but it didn’t seem to want to go lower. If she hadn’t have been wearing pants, her vagina would be right on my jeans. Oh fuck. The thought had my blood displacing, firing around until it fled to my penis. The little tingle of arousal setting off a series of twitches in my pants. I lifted her gently, quickly adjusting so I could hopefully hide my semi from her.

Everything would be fine as long as she stayed prim and proper at the top of my knees, if she sank down into my lap, that’s when I’d be in trouble.

“Jake, I suppose you’ll need a woman to get your card?” Jasmine joked. I hadn’t even realised how quickly the game had moved.

“Yeah, yeah, sorry. Could you get my card please Tilly?”

“No problem.” Oh God, her arse left my lap, and I could see everything, the thin black glittery thong that covered absolutely nothing. I shuddered.

“No. No. No. That is not Jake’s lap Tilly.” Jasmine chided. She was beginning to become my worst enemy.

“Oh, sorry.” Tilly grinned with a little bit of devilry I had never seen before. She had twisted to see me looking straight at her big, plump arse cheeks. It took her no time whatsoever to plonk herself back down, right on my semi-hard cock. She grabbed my arms and seat belted them around herself. “Now we can move at the same time.” She said, a little strain to her voice as she got herself comfortable. The wiggle of her arse on my crotch was electric, firing off shivers down my whole body. “Ready?” I shook my head; I didn’t know what she meant. “To lift off, silly.” Oh right, yeah, we were both supposed to be moving at the same time to get my card. She held one of my hands that was wrapped around her and shifted off my lap. I pulled myself up off of the seat to follow. She shifted and struggled as she tried to get my card. Wiggling her bum against me. “Sorry, I want that one.” She said, strained and pointing to the furthest card in living history. I felt like everyone was looking at me, but I think mostly everyone was concentrating on drinking as much as possible before we went out.

Connor grabbed the card on her behest and handed it to her, “as you guys are going to probably break the circle at some point anyway, I might as well get you your card.” He grinned. She simply thanked him and we sat back down. Her hips wiggling the whole time. It was my waking nightmare, there is no way she couldn’t feel my dick spasming against her, heavy and fully hard now.

“I don’t know why you are sitting down Bostancı Escort Tilly, it’s your turn.” We stood back up, this time I didn’t hold back, I held her so tight that any wriggling or movement would say ‘look, Jake has a boner, please stop.’ That just seemed to make it worse. Her hips swayed from one side to the other as she tried to find the best card for her.

“Oh yes, this one will do just nicely.” She said, pushing her arse back on to me. Great, she knows exactly what she is doing. She is aiming to torment me. We sat back down, she took her time to get herself comfortable, blaming my skinny bones as the reason she needed to keep moving and adjusting. “Ok, categories. Cheese, brie.” She started. Yolanda went next, with cheddar, Kevin said red Leicester, Peter said double Gloucester and it was right about then that I felt Tilly unzip my jeans and pull my dick through the newly formed hole. She slipped it into her pants and then went back to the butter wouldn’t melt look. Finishing her first drink and pouring a second. I lost my concentration entirely. “Jake?”


“It’s your turn?” She said casually, as my dick moved systematically in and out of her pants with the movement of her leaning to open a bottle and pour.

“Oh, sorry, I thought you meant did I want you to pour me a drink. Which yes, I do.” I held my composure remarkably well for a man who was completely losing it. “Edam.” I luckily just slid in with that one, and I made sure to pay more attention on the next go around to make sure no one would ever find out about what was going on in this particular chair, so I wouldn’t have to die of humiliation. Tilly polished off her drink all at once and had to pour another one. The motion meant I was slowly humping her clit, sometimes almost popping into that sumptuous hole as it slowly teased me. She handed me a drink and then went back for her next drink.

“Tilly?” Jasmine asked just as my dick finally slipped further into her wet, juicy pussy.

“Oh fuuuuck.” She moaned. She took a few seconds then made up a lie. “I got distracted with my drink.”

“Hesitation means down it.” Jasmin grinned.

“Mmmmmmm.” There was too much pleasure in the groan as she sat back up properly and my dick bottomed out. The rest of the gang thought she was just slyly happy to be the one having to down her drink but I knew the truth and it turned me on more than I ever thought possible. I wanted to hump hard into her and let my seed fly. Instead, I held on tight for the ride. She lent her whole body back against me, the effect was a pump on my dick. I relished in it. Holding her on me, taking the opportunity to stare over her shoulder down her open cleavage as she necked the drink. As she finished the drink, she leant forward. I managed to bite my tongue just in time to hold down my groan. I was vocal at everything, even masturbating, so being silent during sex was impossible. She wiggled more as she attempted to pour herself another drink. Then she suddenly stopped. “I need to pee.” She said, worried.

Oh shit. If she moved, I would be fully exposed. I wasn’t even sure I could get my penis back into my pants, let alone without coming everywhere first.

“Rules are rules.” Jasmine shrugged. “But I will allow you to leave his lap for the toilet seat and then straight back to his lap.”

“Wait… That means.” I gulped. I would have to watch her pee.

“Soooo-rry.” She was getting off on this. Her body twitching and writhing without her control.

We both stood up at the same time. If we missed a step everyone would see exactly what had been going on. We slowly shuffled out of the room, every little shuffle pushing me in and out of her. “Oh fuck.” She moaned right before we made it out. Luckily the music was loud enough to disguise all of the pleasure in her voice. “I just almost faced planted.” She lied to hide the horniness as she dripped over my cock. She was close. So very close. I could feel it in the way she moved. We made it out of the door and into the corridor. Instead of tiny shuffles we were taking big steps. My dick was coming fully out and slamming back into her. I held my hand over her mouth as she shuddered and whimpered, and then we were there. In the bathroom, just the two of us. Oh God. All my little fetish movies came back into my mind.

I spent a lot of time on porn, I had seen almost every category and it turns out I was a little bit dirty.

No…I was sick. I couldn’t tell her about those.

“Oh God, I didn’t think I would make it.” Her voice full of horniness as she pushed herself against me, pushing me into the bathroom door behind me. Her hips were thrusting, twisting, taking quick little humps on my dick. “I, oh, oh, I am either going to, ah, ah, oh god, stop, stop.” I paused immediately, she was the one still moving, bending over and clutching her crotch. That sent even more moans spilling out of her mouth. “I’m going, ugh. I’m either going to cuuuum or wet myself.” Oh shit. That was such a turn on. But I wouldn’t be able to go back to Anadolu Yakası Escort the party with wet jeans. I did the only thing I could do to fulfil all of my wishes at once. I pushed her off me. She stumbled, and a little pee spurted out. She snapped herself back under control. My dick bobbing at the sight of it all. I stripped my jeans off and pulled her back on to my cock.

“Step, over, the, bath.” I said, almost losing it in her right then and there. She did exactly what I said, not questioning a word. I stepped into the bath behind her and pulled us both to seated. I couldn’t resist consistently pumping my hips as I held my hand over her mouth. The results were everything I could have dreamed of as she panted out around my hand.

“Jesus, oh fuck.” I pulled up her dress and played with her clit.

“Now you can do both. Ah, ah.” I whispered into her ear, nibbling the lobe. “Mmmph.”

“Oh, oh, fuck, oh fuck.” She whimpered. “I’m, oh, god, I’m going to. Shit.” She didn’t know whether she was going to pee or cum and I was in it to see both. “Ooooooooo.” Liquid leaked over my hand, slowly at first, then like a river, dribbling over my dick, sloshing around where I was fucking hard into her. “Ooooooh, ooooh that’s so good. Oh yeah, I needed that so.” The relief in her voice had me nearly there. Then everything got so much hotter, “oooooooh fuck,” as the tension and the strain kicked back in. “I’m going to cum, I’m going to, ohhhhhhhhhhhh.” The jets of pee began to spurt up, spluttering against the shower wall and pelleting down. I groaned into her ear as she convulsed around me, squeezing my dick tight.

“Ohhhhh, mmmm. Fu-fu- oh fuck.” She took, over, ramming her body down on to me, moving up and down on my pole. Using every inch. With my spare hand, I groped her breast, playing with her nipple. I know I shouldn’t, but I kept playing with her clit even after she came, and she loved it, it drove her wild. Body twitching and out of control, like fucking a bucking bronco.

“Oh fuck, I’m so sen-sensitive, oh, oh, oh yes, please. Please, oh. Cum in me Jake. Please.”

I hadn’t thought about that before, but she’d just elicited another one of my favourite fetishes.

I thought about dumping my cum in her, my sperm deposited deep in her darkest depths. Her belly in nine months’ time as she is walking around with my children in her. Tits barely able to stay in the exact same dress she is wearing now as they grow, engorged with milk.

“Oh God, yes, keep touching me. Cum in me Jake, please cum in me. I’m so desperate for you. Oh, oh shit. Oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhhhhhhhhh.” She barely kept the sound low as she began convulsing around me again. Eyes winced shut. Pleasure all over her face. She couldn’t control herself. Hips erratic.

“Ohhhhh fuckkkk.” My balls exploded into her.

“Yes, fuck your cum into me. Fuck it all into me.”

“Oh, oh, fuck. Yes, Tilly. Oh fuck. Fuck.” I went so very, very high. And fell back down the stratosphere. My orgasm seeming never to end as I pumped out stream after stream of cum deep inside her. “Oh, Tilly, fuck, Tilly. Oh yes. Yes. Fuuuuuuck.”

When I finished, I suddenly felt really embarrassed. “Er.”

“Oh shit. We should get back before they realise.” She quickly showered off our legs using the shower head. We then dried up with a towel and I put my jeans back on, neither of us talking about what had just happened. She mopped up the puddle of pee she had left.

“Want to get really drunk with me?” She grinned manically, pulling a flask from literally nowhere. “I wanted to fuck you before I got drunk, but now that’s out of the way I’m thinking, drink our way to obliterated and then more sex whilst you get whisky dick.” She didn’t even give me time to reply, she just started necking from the flask. Then shoved it in my hand whilst my mind fumbled over the fact she wanted to have sex with me, not only before the alcohol but after… Again.

The alcohol hit me fast, probably because I’d already been drinking quite heavily and by the time we got back to the party we were laughing our heads off for no reason.

“Er… Lap, rules.” Jasmine chided, which has us giggling more. To be honest, I doubted I was going to get another boner tonight given what had just happened, and how much booze I had slammed down my throat, so I stumbled up behind her and wrapped my hands around her waist. Then bowed to the side. “Wow, bathroom drinking, how classy. Tilly it’s your turn.”

“Yes, my laaaay-deee.” She bowed, almost stumbling as she did. I grabbed her tightly and to my surprise… There he was again. Ready to go.

She lent back into me, groaning as she felt the pressure of my heavy cock against her arse. I slipped a look over her shoulder and down her impressive cleavage. Oh Jesus, the arousal had my empty balls filling, and my dick jumping up and down. I shuffled her over to our empty chair and plonked us down. She shifted so her legs went sideways over me, her hand resting on the top of my trousers, seemingly innocently, but Pendik Escort her fingers twitched and bounced and teased. I rested one hand on her plump arse, only just covered by the short dress and my eyes focused entirely on her chest. Her breasts almost fully on display bar the pink pert nipples hidden under a tiny patch of fabric.

She kept drinking and socialising like everything was normal, but my mind was obliterated. The constant teasing had pre-cum leaking from me like a broken pipe. I couldn’t form a single coherent thought. When Miles moved from one side of the living room to the other, the coast was clear, I was finally able to slip one hand under her thigh and use a finger to toy with her pussy. “Ah.” The shock of the motion fell from her lips, but everyone was too invested in Jasmine’s crazy story of what she had done at the gym with her new personal trainer.

“So, he’d been groping me all session. And in those Lycra trousers, oh my pussy was aching. It started with the stretches where he came up behind me and brushed his hardon against my arse as he guided me into position. Then he squeezed on the rowing machine with me and I could hear him growling in my ear. So, when he was demonstrating the weights, he was lying on his back and had the bar above his head…I put my vagina where I wanted it. It didn’t really get me off though, what with the fabric in the way. But then he guided me into the swimming pool and started showing me some moves if you get what I mean. Oh my God, I’ve never cum so much in one go.” Oh God, it was me who was about to cum.

I pulled Tilly’s hand away, so I didn’t cum in my jeans, blocking her access to my penis. She shifted in the seat, turning so she sat on it instead. I tried to think about nuns but every time I shut my eyes, I thought about me and Tilly secretly having sex in a swimming pool whilst we watched Jasmine and her trainer go at it. “Truth or dare!” Someone shouted. I didn’t need any more of that. Tilly unzipped my trousers yet again.

“No, dancing!” Jasmine called. “You two are going to struggle.”

Tilly was so drunk; she didn’t understand why she would struggle to dance whilst having to stay on my lap. She waited until the attention was off us and then slipped me back inside her. I held on tight. The rest of the room stood up, dancing to the music. I bit Tilly’s back as she jumped up and down on my lap pretending to dance. I thought I would come then and there but the whisky had taken control. I hadn’t lost my erection or the need to cum, I was sitting right on the edge trying desperately to force myself over, but it wasn’t happening. Whisky denied me.

She suddenly went ridged and began twitching on my lap drink up against her lips to hide the sounds slipping out. Then she pulled me to my feet. In her drunkenness she missed a step and stumbled forward. I pulled her back up, slamming her onto my dick. “Kitchen.” She managed, through the music. I took her there, one slam, then another, then another. “Fuuu.” I groaned into her ear as her back pressed up against my front. Boobs jiggling as she shifted and swayed.

The kitchen was part of the living room, but there was a bit more privacy. I sat on a stool hidden by the floating kitchen counter dividing us from everyone else, Tilly on my lap. It allowed me to slide my fingers across her pussy. She leant forward so I could push my desperate dick in and out without people seeing the motion.

That’s about the time Jasmine came over, standing on the opposite side of the counter, and began talking incessantly. I just wanted to abandon all hope and sink my dick hard inside. Plant my sperm so far up her that Tilly had it inside her for days. Nothing was working in my favour.

“I had another experience with that guy actually. I was at the gym with him at like 2am once, his lycra was so tight I could see the whole of his bulge.” Tilly moaned at that. Or maybe it was the way my fingers sped up against her clit. My desperateness to come was displaced into speed for her. “I did everything I could to touch it. Hands missing the weights and grazing his dick instead. I thought he would rip down my pants and do me then and there. But he waited, he didn’t want to cum in me, he wanted to cum in his pants.” I couldn’t stop looking at Jasmine’s boobs. It felt like she had pulled them out since the last time I saw her. My imagination flickered to the man at the gym. “We did some stretching, him coming up behind me as I did a hamstring touch. He kept smashing and grinding his crotch against my arse and then suddenly. I could hear his cum splattering to the floor. It was soaking through my workout clothes, soaking through his too. He was groaning and dry humping me. It was so hot. Now you, Til?”

“I? Me?” She huffed out, struggling to pretend to be normal. It was so hot. She was flustered as she was forced to speak and my dick rammed in to her. “I, there was that time in gymNAStics. Oh, that was, that was so hot. We had to. It was last year. We had to.” She couldn’t finish her sentence. Jasmine’s hand disappeared from site. “We, there was a bar. I was supposed to be, lifting myself above it. But I just, when no one was looking, I just kept grinding. Ah. Until the instructor. He came over and saw… My leotard was wet. I tried to tell him it was sweat but. Fuck, he was so haaard.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32