When Lilacs Last Pt. 01

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When Lilacs Last

Pt. 1

Piper Ray

Lisa gripped the seatbelt as the car trudged up the steep incline. It wasn’t like this was a new experience to her, her father routinely drove her and her older brother to desolated parts of the wilderness, although it was a startling reaction to something that she hadn’t experienced in a long time. Under the rubber of her father’s Chevy truck, the crunch of gravel began to increase in volume. Through the windshield, the road ahead was obscured by fog, the thick and wild brush revealing itself slowly as the thick mist parted in the wake of the heavy puttering of the SUV. In the rearview mirror, her father’s eyes stared with deep concentration; she had a hard time judging the intent behind that gaze if there was any at all; his stark blue bulbs looked at nothing, the flesh surrounding them tight and smooth.

Lisa always remembered her father with long, flowing black hair, but for as long as she could trace back her adult life, his hairline stretched more and more back until it fused with the back of his head. When she was little, he used to sit in her miniature chair, looking into the mirror as she brushed it down carefully.

Her brother Colin sat in the seat next to her, listening to headphones. He inherited their father’s eyes, stark blue and menacing, but he tended to keep things cool more often than his father. They got into it more and more often now that their mother was gone — they both dealt with grief in their own way.

The sound came out like a gunshot and moved over her like a deep earthquake. In her bones she knew the call; her mouth clenched. When the rumble calmed down, her father’s voice emerged. She knew that crack at the top of his register: he was in pain, he was helpless. She had only heard him make that sound once before, when her mother, his wife of twenty-five years, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. From the window, Lisa could see him hunched over on the grass, his head to the ground, and through all her concern she had to at last face the truth that cut her father; her mother had finally fallen victim to her illness.

Lisa, only eighteen-years old and burdened with responsibility, ran to her fallen father in a frantic state of ecstatic horror and sorrow and wrapped herself around his back. The thud of his heart hit her ear like a punch, his breathing shallow and hurried. He stood up like a man exhausted from labor.

“Our life is over,” he said in a voice Lisa didn’t recognize. It was coarse and weak, nothing like his sharp tenor croon. She stared into his blue eyes, bright as they always were but empty and unfocused.

“Oh dad,” Lisa shrieked, falling to her knees, covering her face with her hair.

Her dad fell into the dirt. Out of his mouth a sound both crackling and muffled escaped.

It took everything inside her to pull the dead weight of her sobbing father off the ground; her muscles acted swiftly as if remotely reinforced. Even though he resisted at first, swatting away his daughter like he had so many times when she was younger, when booze sluiced his brain, he eventually settled against her shoulder, gasping for air. She patted his head. From above, with his head resting gently against her, he looked like a child, vulnerable, powerless, desperate for answers. Her father choked in quick spasms, snorting. He yelled his wife’s name at the top of his lungs. Lisa had to get him inside and calmed down.

She led him to the shower and turned on the faucet. The water sprayed out and made a sound like a jet plane, kaynarca escort a sound that could only remind her that her mother was dead. She took off her father’s shirt: his chest was bare, it resembled a wrestler, bulky and hairless. She took off his jeans, surprised at the skinny briefs he wore under there. Then he made a motion to pull down the boxers, but Lisa made a face and countered the resistance.

“Dad, no,” she said.

She turned from his naked body, a body, she had to admit, immune to gravity’s effect on the flesh; it glistened over his chest, and veins traced muscles that popped out of his shirt. Not that she had to know, but Lisa looked down quickly and caught sight of his semi-hard cock slightly bouncing up and down; it was paler than his tan appearance, a few fingers’ girth with a long shaft. Lisa shook her head. She thought with only her hands. The cock’s creaminess sent signals to her mouth, informing that it needed to be sucked, needed to be gagged on. Her father, kneeled in front of the shower as it ran, began to sob openly. She walked up and could see the muscles in his back appear as shadows against his brown skin. She could imagine the phallus all day, with her eyes closed, while walking to and from school, alone in the bathroom.

His full ass clenched, muscular and smooth. He crouched on all fours; his head submerged under the sprinkling shower; his cry was one monotonous bleat this time. She grabbed a towel and immediately threw it around his head, whereupon the noise ceased. It was also the first time he spoke for what seemed like hours.

“Lisa, you gotta do this for me…” he reached up to his arms as if blind, pleading for the embrace of his daughter.

He clawed his way under her skirt, rubbing her calves. He stood up on bended knee and took his cock in his hand. He cried as he stroked it, at first quite calmly, and then as his crying picked up, the speed against the flesh became more strained.

He stood up and said, “let me inside you, Lisa!”

The sound didn’t quite reverberate through the house, given the small echo chamber of the bathroom, but it was enough for Colin to come running in, a handheld game in his hand. At 21, he still refused to give up his adolescence.

“What’s the matter?” he said. He looked through those gigantic glasses, which made his eyes bigger than they really were.

Their father turned to the doe-eyed young man and said, “It’s none of your concern. Go back to your room. Let me talk to your sister.”

He contemplated this with all the effect that a precocious boy would give off. He looked up, turned around, and backed out into the hallway.

“Don’t you ever, I mean ever, worry him like that again,” the father said. He craned his neck for the last time down the hall for extra measure.

“Daddy, he was just scared,” Lisa said.

Her dad came at her in such a quick way, Lisa thought he would knock her over; all she could stare at, hypnotized, was the stiff penis in between his legs.

He stopped in front of her and shook her by the shoulders. With a gentle push, he led her to her bed, picking her up at the last moment to lay her flat on her back. He took off her laced shoes, then her pink stockings, and smelled her feet gently before tossing them into the corner. He lifted her skirt, revealing white checkered underwear beneath a milky white belly button, and crawled his hand around the plastic band to slip off the panties down her leg.

She did him a favor by kicking them up over his head, and then he turned around, wondering where they orhanlı escort went. She sent the oversized t-shirt she had been wearing up over her head and there she sat, completely naked, biting her lower lip as her father, already naked himself, tugging at his dick to enable a swifter flow of blood into the area.

Lisa admired her father this way, there was a warm glow of lamplight coming in from the window behind him, and he came to life in sparks and shadows, a hard mature body ready to take her over and, hopefully, never let her escape.

When he got in bed, he immediately turned her over, a signal of the type of mood he was in, what kind of lover he expected himself to be.

Lisa could feel herself wet as she moved her thighs together to get into position; once there, with her on all fours and her father behind her, she closed her eyes and waited for that sweet anticipatory breath that follows the entry. She waited two seconds, then another. When the warm rush became too much in her chest, she turned around, only to find her father teasing her ass with his sizable cock; it had grown double in size, swollen red, and purple at the top.

Lisa sighed because she longed for it to fill her mouth. She could finally admit it. Its perfect shaft was magnificent — straight, pale, and sturdy; regardless, her father slipped it in her cunt slowly. She was soaking wet.

With an initial squeeze, he was fully inside her; she felt that the whole universe covered her vagina in a warm blanket.

He increased the speed incrementally, but Lisa wanted to get torn open, Lisa wanted to get the shit knocked out of her; she turned around to her father and yelled, “Is that all you got? Hmm?”

She thought he looked beyond sexy with his bare chest beading with sweat and his large muscles heaving out of the skin around his arms and neck. It was cute to see him pump forward and backward into her pussy.

Lisa started to drift around the room with her eyes, peering at the decor that fancied her grandmother once before: little ceramic eggs with little toy soldiers painted on them, wooden blocks arranged in various shapes and sizes, and dolls everywhere, at each move or wink of the eye, one was faced with the gaze of a solitary and emotionless being. Lisa felt weird having her father’s cock inside her while she looked at the trinkets, but it was scandalous; it was all scandalous, even though it had become the new norm for them.

And then she saw the little fucker!

Over there by the dresser, in the shadows. Colin.

Lisa’s tits were already out, bouncing under her as she took each thrust; the little creep had been jacking off to it all. She wasn’t sure if he could read her eyes to tell that she’s seen him, but the violence underneath his torso suggested that he was masturbating, and very hard at it too.

Whether it was the excitement of seeing his sister getting railed by their own father, or the fact that he was bored at that moment of the night, it wasn’t clear.

Lisa continued to get wet, and her daddy started to spank her rapidly, grunting in a primordial utterance.

Then Lisa noticed that Colin had taken out his cock and was furiously stroking to the floor. She was sorry to realize that she couldn’t see it at first, the little light from the porch just gleaming off the stubby shaft, pale white. Lisa needed to help him, it seemed; a guy as cute as Colin, as good-hearted as Colin, did not deserve the ridicule that comes along with a small cock. Maybe Lisa could have explained to him the inner-workings of the female anatomy, tepeören escort given him a pleasure-center guide, and left it up to his mouth. His mouth: he had those beautiful, full lips that was permanently red.

Then, he caught Lisa’s eye.

Lisa looked back.

Colin’s piercing blue eyes nearly cut a hole through his sister’s heart. He smiled, not just a friendly or embarrassed smile, but a genuine smile coming from a place of love. And just like that, he turned in the foyer and started to climb the stairs.

Lisa’s eyes followed them a little more than she wanted them to. With one last slap on her ass, her daddy turned her over, face to face. Lisa wrapped her legs around her father’s head. With each thrust there on that bed, the more Lisa realized she was thinking about her brother and that sly smile he gave her. What did he know? She felt her father about to cum inside of her, so she allowed herself to finish. Oh, daddy. A bolt of energy shot through her legs up into her brain, where an explosion of bliss tore apart her thoughts. She began to twitch. Her father moaned loudly, and Lisa immediately was overwhelmed with the warmth of his cum inside her. She felt him pull out; cum drizzled down into the crack of her ass as she lay there.

After Daddy got himself in order, kissed Lisa passionately before leaving the room. He let it be known that she was going to be sleeping in her brother Colin’s room tonight.

Up in Colin’s room, Lisa opened the door as quiet and with as much deliberation as she could muster. She knew he had to be awake. The stillness was deafening, the darkness that surrounded it blacker than black. Lisa had to negotiate her way across a labyrinthian pile of dirty clothes, soda cans, and what felt like candy wrappers under her feet.

In the corner, she could hear him snore, but it could have been an act. Lisa thought once about taking off her jeans, thought better of it, then left them on. What’s the worst that could happen? My brother fucks me? Isn’t this what I wanted all along? No, no, it’s not. Because that’s crazy. She turned around in the room, imagined Daddy all alone in there and felt better, then took off her jeans. She didn’t have on any underwear, which were still in the living room. Colin averted his eyes like a brotherly gentleman. When it came time to get in bed, she sort of leaped into the right side, and then she slid underneath like a snake.

“Fucking spaz,” Colin gave up into the darkness. He pushed his big sister. She pushed back, but when she did, Colin turned over and kissed her on the mouth.

“You fucking imbecile,” she said. Lisa jumped out of bed. “Why would you do that?”

“That look you gave me,” he began, “at the thing, you were flirting with me?”

Lisa just stood there for a few seconds. “Listen, you little asshole, our dad was fucking me. That was my time, not yours, not some entertainment for you!”

Colin went under the covers and produced his white, stretched-out underwear for Lisa’s inspection.

“Stop it. That’s the last time,” she whispered.

Soon, as the darkness crept in and signified the absence of everything, the room became too quiet, like something was about to happen. When Lisa finally locked in a place to close her eyes and drift away, she felt something on her leg; it was flesh, that she could be sure, and judging from the moisture, she knew exactly where it came from. She jumped out of bed, screaming, pointing her finger at Colin, as if he were one of many suspects there.

“That’s it! That’s fucking it! Now!” Her tits bounced as she pointed at her brother.

“It’s unfair,” said Colin. “Why does dad get to play with you and not me?”

Lisa took a moment to think. There wasn’t enough time to go over the whole thing in her head, so she just turned and left the room.

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