When it Came Through the Door Pt. 06

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I’m not going to lie. I’ve become a regular in the local toilets at my park.

I went in late in the afternoon after work that next time, post jog and pre-dinner just for a brief look. Sometimes I get off on the graffiti. It turns me on to read some guy’s encounter and his desperate plea for a repeat written on the toilet stalls. Often, I can see jizz running down the walls, on the floor or across the toilet seat.

There’s a reason why the toilet floor’s always sticky.

With a hand on my dick, I read some of the stories and fantasised about the jizz. All of it turned me on. Horny guys came here and wanked and left their prize for others to see. One guy even wrote that he was wanking while looking at all the squirts on the walls.

I was mid-wank, happily ready to nut on the walls to add to it, while also wondering if jizz could be analysed by police and if I could be done for it, when I heard a guy come in and shower.

It had never occurred to me that this toilet block had a shower, so I quickly flushed, and explored.

It turns out there are two sides to the toilets, which I’d never realised, and one side was a shower block, with three showers on either side of a small, confined area. It had it’s own entrance but was also connected so you could enter from either the toilet side, or the shower side.

This made me laugh internally, because while I’d seen a shower sign on one side, I’d just assumed it had been closed down in the past.

A quick peek around the corner showed me a naked, fit young guy washing himself. He was washing his arse and watching the door ahead of him, so he wouldn’t have noticed me.

I left the toilet quickly and went to my car, nervous, with anticipation, and hoping that I was right about the guy showering. I grabbed my gym bag and hurried cautiously through the shower entry.

When I walked in, the guy looked at me, and something passed between us, perhaps it was an additional second of scrutiny, or just he being startled that someone had come in.

If he was upset to have his space interrupted, he didn’t show it.

As I turned and began to change, I could see him out of the corner of my eye watching me undress.

I stripped naked, pulled out my towel and hung it up, and grabbed my shower soap.

I faced the wall, because I had done the hard part, which was to be naked in the vicinity of another naked guy, but I realised I didn’t have a dikmen escort plan. I was not the sort of guy who could brazenly determine if someone was showering naked because they were interested in some play or if they were just showering due to necessity.

So I snuck a little peek at him, as tepid water washed over my head and went down my body, I saw he was half-facing me, and washing his balls.

His dick had a lot of foreskin, and his balls were huge! I couldn’t exactly tell if he was a bit hard, or if he was just really big, but as he washed, and I watched from the corner of my eye, he washed his cock too, with a careful, lingering hand.

It felt like a provocative move, but I still wasn’t sure.

I grabbed some soap and massaged both my hands, then used them to soap up my balls and my cock. I really massaged myself, taking care to elongate my cock, to clean under my foreskin, to rub my belly, and to go back to lathering myself around those parts.

When I next sneaked a peek over at the other guy, he was no longer just a little bit hard. He was rock hard, and his hand could hardly hide it.

That of course made me go hard. I risked looking up at him, and we exchanged glances, before looking at each other’s cocks again.

He slowly wanked, while he watched my cock, so I did the same. I could tell he was really into my cock because it was the primary focus of his attention.

This guy was fit, like someone who played rugby, with solid muscles, and big thighs, though a relatively slim physique and a boyishly handsome face.

I smiled because it helps me to relax a little and hopefully connect with someone.

He smiled back, and it was cute, though his focus returned to my cock.

I pushed my dick forward, nodding down, indicating he should play with it if he wanted to. He seemed concerned, and I realised what he was concerned about. In the showers, we wouldn’t be able to hear anyone coming. The way he looked in both directions and shrugged his shoulders, made it obvious.

But we both knew how to fix that.

We turned off our taps.

Suddenly, we were in a quiet space and it was a little confronting. We both listened out, and were confident that we could hear well enough to get advanced warning of anyone coming.

As we both stepped forward, both our hands went out and grabbed each other’s wet dicks.

I elvankent escort was really surprised by how cute the young boy was, and guessed he would have been about 20, though I was more impressed by his confidence.

Also by how quickly he dropped to his knees onto the wet, concrete floor and knelt in front of my hard cock. He wanked it with a hand, while another cupped my dripping balls, and looked up at me with a fire in his eyes.

He licked his lips.

Then he put my dick in his mouth and savoured it slowly. He wasn’t one to rush things, I could tell, especially the way he very slowly did everything; wanking, slowly sucking, stroking my balls and my cock when his mouth licked the bell end, and he’d lick the side all the way to my balls, then put my balls in his mouth. Somehow, he managed to get both in his mouth and gently pushed his tongue around them.

God. Feeling my balls in his hot mouth was incredible. It was like a warm bath. The way his tongue and his mouth expertly swallowed them up, gently washed them, and then released them, only for his hand to cup them and stroke them as his mouth went back onto my dick.

I have had some pretty great head over the months since my discovery of this other side to myself, but I think this young guy had given me the best head job yet.

I’d been reading a lot about cock worshippers online, who were apparently those who just wanted to do exactly that, worship cock. Apparently I’d found one. He seemed to have no interest in anything else, but my cock and I was there for it.

And that’s when a guy walked in from the toilet side and surprised us.

I turned really fast, and rushed back to where my clothes were, panicked and my mind ready with excuses about what I was doing. But I realised the guy wasn’t a cop.

When I turned, I was absolutely shocked.

The young guy was still kneeling, watching me, but also looking towards the new guy, who’d slowly walked in with his dick hanging out through his zipper. He must have been watching us for a while.

I was confused, and too shy for a newcomer to join us. But the young guy was up for anyone’s cock it seemed.

The guy walked in slowly, and he was a bit older, not as fit, and perhaps too groomed for my liking.

But he had a massive dick. Possibly as big as Jackson’s. Cut, not as thick, but very long.

He emek escort edged towards the young guy, who alternated between watching me and the new guy.

Then the new guy put his dick to the young guy, who began to caress it and suck it. Even as he did that, his hand reached out for me.

Apparently both hands could be useful.

I slowly edged back towards the naked young boy, and watched the new guy suspiciously, but also with a bit of annoyance. Wasn’t there some kind of protocol? If you were with someone, was it an all for one or did you back off if two guys were already at it?

Nobody other than me seemed to care about the dynamic shift, so I brought my cock to the young boy’s and watched him expertly give both equal attention.

I was still naked, and a little damp, but with my waist against the new guy, I got to watch as the cock worshipper got to do what he loved best; to worship two cocks.

He was in his element, and I must admit, it was hot to watch.

As I warmed up to it, I started to enjoy being next to this guy, as he got sucked, then wanked while the worshipper sucked my dick. Neither of our balls were left hanging and without any attention, as the orally gifted guy relished both cocks equally.

The new guy put his arm around my waist, and played with my arse, which I didn’t mind. When his finger slid down to my arsehole, I moved away to let him know I wasn’t up for that.

Then he tried to kiss me, which I shied away from. I was fascinated by the dual cock sucking and that’s all I was in the mood for.

He didn’t take long though.

With sudden loud grunts and huffed breaths, he warned the boy he was close. Then he blew his load and the worshipper put his tongue up and upturned his face so he could be showered in it.

I didn’t realise how much of a turn on this could be, because as soon as he started to jizz, I felt the need to, and then I groaned, and then I huffed, and felt the urge…then… bang!

My squirts blew all over the boy’s face.

With eyes closed, tongue still out, and arms out as though he was out in an overdue summer rain, he let us drown him in our jizz.

I think between us, the new guy and I had had coated him quite thoroughly in our milky juice.

He was quite literally covered in semen.

And with that, the new guy nodded awkwardly, shuffled backwards, and disappeared back to the toilet side.

The cock worshipper smiled at me, then turned to his shower and began to lather body soap and washed himself.

I gave myself a quick rinse, and was dressed and out of there fairly quickly with a tiny bit of awkwardness.

And I made a mental note to bring a marker with me next time. I was ready to add my story to the graffiti on the walls.

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