When in Rome… Pt. 03

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David and his sister Ro are back, again.

I hope you enjoy this chapter. It’s a little longer than usual, but revenge does take time.


Ro was a great assistant. From day one, we functioned like a well oiled machine.

Actually, I should probably rephrase that. ‘Ro’ was my sister / partner / bedmate and sexual plaything of my dreams. The beautiful young woman that worked with me everyday was Carolyn Willson. She was the Clara Kunt to Ro’s Superfuck, and her disguise was pretty similar as well, consisting of a pair of glasses, conservative hair style, and clothing befitting a librarian. Her spectacular curves camouflaged, she was all business, and it wasn’t just an act.

My productivity went up exponentially, and within weeks of her arrival, we had attracted the attention of the company.

Ro had dealt with Mom and Dad, letting them know that she’d be staying here in Italy for the foreseeable future. She told them the truth. Okay, not really….she gave them the base model of the truth, stripped of all the bells, whistles, options and interesting bits. I agreed with her that they probably wouldn’t find them as ‘interesting’ as we did. She told them her new boyfriend had gotten her a job here, and she was going to stay to work, which was true. Also much less likely to cause a stroke.

Most days, we would leave work separately, to maintain the illusion of individuality. Once we got home, we often did homework, and planning for the next day… when it didn’t interfere with our sex life. Ro had a habit of doing paperwork naked, which often led to not doing paperwork naked, if you catch my drift.

One day, I arrived home a few minutes after Ro, to find her sipping a glass of wine in the living room. She was still dressed in her work attire, with her hair pulled back in a ponytail, and her glasses on. A sexy shoe dangled playfully from the toes of her foot, while she bounced her crossed leg absentmindedly. It was the huge smile that told me something was up.

I bent to kiss her, and she responded favourably, cupping the back of my neck as we tangled tongues. Greeting complete, I walked into the kitchen.

“I heard something very interesting today,” she laughed, “and you won’t believe who I heard it from.”

It should come as no surprise that offices the world over have similarities to the ones in your home town. Gossip, politics, and gossip, regardless of the language spoken, were universal, and everywhere, if you want to know what’s really going on, you need to be plugged into the secretarial pool, no pun intended. Fortunately, I wasn’t just plugged in, I had an embedded reporter, with a vested interest in the information. For example, Ro had leaned that Isabella’s time in the pool had been short, as she’d been plucked quickly by my boss, Giovanni, and fucked by him almost immediately. She was happy, having been promoted, and he was getting laid by a certified sexpot, so things settled down a little.

“Giovanni is moving to the Milan office, and he’s taking Isabella with him,” she smiled. “I heard it straight from her.” I knew Isabella’s presence was a thorn in Ro’s side, so I was happy it would be removed, but the smile on her face was much more than just one of relief. There had to be more.

“That’s not even the best part,” she continued, uncrossing her legs and standing. She slowly walked toward me, her hips swinging in a sexy manner that told me I was in for a treat. “The word around the office, among those who know what to listen for, is that the front runner for his old office is…” she stopped in front of me, and wrapped her arms around my neck, cocking her head to prepare for another kiss, “… one David Hathaway! Congratulations, mister Vice President!” Her lips met mine, in a scorching embrace. She sucked my tongue eagerly, obviously more than a little excited. “I’m so proud of you.”

Premature chicken counting aside, I knew this wouldn’t be happening if it weren’t for her help, and I wanted her to know that I appreciated it.

“Thank you, honey, but it’s not a ‘me’ promotion. It’s a ‘we’ promotion, and I’ll never forget how much help you have been. I hope this is only the beginning.” I know it sounded more like a speech made to an audience than thanking someone you love, but there would be much more to follow.

Much more did follow. We went out to dinner to celebrate, got home around 8, and by 9 we were in bed, using the horizontal surface for its secondary design purpose. There were a few lulls in the action, but by the time I rolled off her around 2, we were both hot, sweaty, satisfied and exhausted. We could both use a shower, but neither of us could muster the energy or coordination to stand, so we just cuddled together and went to sleep.

When morning arrived, Ro’s effusive kisses gave me the impression she felt more than adequately compensated for her part in our promotion. I considered it a down payment.


A Ataköy Escort few days later, when I arrived home after work, I had a question for my sister. I had heard something at the office earlier, and was waiting until we were alone to get her take on it.

“Ro, you didn’t tell me that Fred Watkins was retiring as well?” I asked. Fred was the President of the Italian Operations Unit, and he was retiring just after I would be moving into the Vice- President’s Office. “What’s the intelligence say on his replacement?”

“Oh, sorry,” she said, giving me a sly look. “I was concentrating on us. Scuttlebutt says some guy named Mills… Harrison Mills. Anything else you want to kn….. ” she stopped mid sentence. I guess the look on my face said it all. “I’m going to guess that you know him, and you’re not going to be inviting him over for drinks. Not terribly fond of him?”

Where to start, on a loathing list for Harrison Mills? I felt my hands balling into fists of rage. Even though I was happier now with Ro than I’d ever been with Kate, when faced with the prospect of having to see one of the men that was involved in my wife’s infidelity, all I could see was a red curtain of anger. I’d hoped that he would die a horrible death in a train wreck, a shark would bite his dick off on vacation in Florida, or at the very least, I would never see him or hear his name again.

“No. Not fond of him, at all,” was my reply, through gritted teeth. “He’s one of them,” I spat. “He’s the one that was well connected enough to get away, scot free.”

“Ah, l had no idea,” Ro said, holding my hand in hers. Her voice was soothing. “It’s okay, David… just breathe, and relax. Come on, open your hands. Release the tension. Don’t let him hurt you again. Remember that I Love You.”

As usual, she was right. Nothing I did now would change what had happened, and nothing ever could. I may not have had anything to do with him fucking my wife, but I had everything to do with my own reaction to that event, especially now. He could only hurt me if I let his presence bother me. I took a deep breath, exhaled, and relaxed, as much as I could.

Ro took me in her arms and held me close. She stroked my hair softly, over and over, until she finally said what was on her mind.

“I’m going to get that son of a bitch! I promise you, he’ll pay for what he did to my brother! Just leave him to me!”

I Loved Ro dearly, and thankfully I hadn’t been on the receiving end of her considerable temper since we were kids. Hopefully, I never would again. For a split second, a very, very small part of me was almost sorry for that philandering bastard, but the feeling passed, replaced with one of curiosity.

“What do you have in mind?” I asked her.

“Don’t know yet, but that prick will get his comeuppance. I’ll start gathering info immediately. For now, you just relax. When he gets here, I know you’ll have to deal with him, from day to day, but try not to let him get to you. I’ll let you know if I need your help. Let him think he’s won, until he finds out he’s fucked.”


Ro’s revenge was set in motion, the next day. Being a woman, part of the secretarial sorority, and fluent in Italian, she was able to quickly and quietly get the word out about the new, incoming boss. His dubious history, which included numerous secretarial dalliances, as well as fucking my wife, was spread through the grapevine, with universal disgust. If Isabella proved anything, it’s that Italian women like to be treated with respect, and if they don’t get it….it’s Vesuvius all over again. At the very least, he wouldn’t be getting any extra trim from these women. They already loathed him, and he wouldn’t be here for a month.

As for team Hathaway /Willson, we were one week away from moving into our new office. As the new V. P., we would get a bigger, more luxurious place to work, and its location in a corner of the building gave us more windows, and a much nicer view of the piazza. Things were looking up.

I came home to find my sister buzzing around the kitchen, full of energy. I stole up behind her, and kissed her neck, taking advantage of my position to also caress her skirt covered ass gently. We had agreed on a ‘strictly business’ policy when we were at work, but there were times when I couldn’t help but think of the luscious body that her conservative attire was hiding. I’d even grown to love the glasses, and now found them sexy as hell. It was like working all day with a librarian, who led a double life as a stripper after hours. Very arousing.

Ro giggled, and turned to face me, allowing me to now get at her throat, a particular favourite of mine, and a particular weakness of hers. She gasped as I nibbled her gently. Still wearing the jacket of her business suit, her boobs were hidden, but I brushed the confining garment aside, and cupped her left breast firmly, squeezing its Ataşehir Escort full, resilient mass. That elicited a moan of pleasure.

I gently began plucking the buttons on her shiny satin blouse. She’d gone with the monochromatic look today, and her blouse was nearly the same shade as her dark grey suit. Again, very sexy. As I got her top open far enough to see her cleavage, I also saw her bra, and this time, I gasped.

“Are you wearing the red one?” I asked, smiling at her. She nodded. “The panties, too?” Another nod. “Why, you naughty girl!” I laughed.

Her red bra was my favourite. So brief, it really didn’t even cover her nipples, it somehow still had the structure necessary to lift and contain her big tits, resulting in some devastatingly delicious cleavage. The panties were virtually non-existent, just a couple of strings, and a tiny patch of fabric that usually wound up wedged in her pussy, and very, very wet. It’s a good thing I didn’t know she was wearing them under her clothes, or ‘strictly business’ might have given way to ‘strictly fucking the shit out of her on my desk’. I verbalized something to that effect, and she gave me her slutty pout.

“That’s okay. I knew I had them on, and that you’d go nuts if you knew. Kept me wound up all day. Now, let me tell you my news, so you can fuck me senseless,” she whispered. I was still nuzzling her throat, and now had her blouse undone to her waist. My hands were inside, teasing her nipples. I couldn’t believe she’d gone all day with her sensitive nips grating against the satin of her blouse. They sure were standing up hard.

“Go ahead, honey. I’m listening,” I replied, still kissing and fondling her.

“No, you’re not. I know men in general, and you in particular. As long as there’s a willing woman in the room, your dick is calling the shots….and it doesn’t have ears!” She pushed me back, and closed her blouse and jacket over her breasts, holding it tight.

“Okay. Now I’m listening,” I relented. I knew better than to argue with her. She began her debrief.

“Operation Retribution has begun,” Ro said, with a satisfied smile. “My network of spies has been mobilized. By the time ‘The Bastard’ gets here, we’ll know everything we need to, to formulate a plan.” She giggled, and rubbed her hands together. My eyes dropped to her jiggling breasts for a second.

“I leave that to you, General,” I laughed. “Having fun?”

“A little,” she admitted reluctantly, looking embarrassed. “Am I a horrible person?”

“Oh, absolutely,” I replied, moving back into her arms. My hands resumed their exploration of her breasts. “Horribly sexy,” I whispered, kissing her neck. She groaned, and ground her hips against me. “Horribly arousing,” I continued, “horribly naughty….horribly seductive…”

“And horribly horny,” she hissed, grabbing my head with both hands. Her mouth was on mine a second later, and her tongue would not be denied entrance. I started to lift her skirt, but she stopped me, breaking the kiss to speak.

“Too tight,” she panted, kissing again. “Never work…” kiss, “bedroom….hurry!”

We left a trail of clothes a blind man could follow, leading from the kitchen, across the living room and down the short hall to where we stumbled into the bedroom. No foreplay was either required or requested, as Ro just pushed me onto the bed naked, reefed her tiny panties aside, and mounted my rampant cock without ceremony.

In our time together, I’d seen her pretty excited a few times, but this took it to a new level. Wet doesn’t do it justice, as her pussy literally squelched when she impaled herself. She made it perhaps ten furious, frenzied strokes, with her breasts bouncing wildly out of her bra, and her hairdo succumbing to her motions to tumble out of its bun, before she shrieked in glee and came. It hit her like a freight train, and she collapsed still twitching onto my chest, gasping for air. I just held her, stroking her tangled hair, and counting myself lucky that this remarkable woman wanted to be right here, with me.

“Ooooooo, that’s better,” she moaned, rising wearily. “I really needed that! Probably should have done myself at lunch….I was so fucking horny all day. Too much stimulation.”

“That’ll teach you!” I laughed.

“Yeah,” she agreed, struggling to free herself from the sexy little red bra. She finally did, and tossed it across the room.

“I love that bra on you,” I pouted as I watched it fly past. “it really squishes your big boobs together nicely. Makes some killer cleavage,” I observed, as though telling her something she didn’t know.

“Mmmm hmmm,” she nodded. “That’s because it’s a cup size too small, but since it barely has any cups at all, it works out fine. It’s surprisingly comfortable, too.” She started to rise and fall on my cock again, much more gently and subdued, now that her urgent need was past. “And now, back to Avcılar Escort our regularly scheduled programming!” she groaned.

She rotated her hips, gently twisting her pussy on my shaft as she stroked herself, rising and falling smoothly, and with considerably less fury than earlier, but no less passion. I watched my darling sister impale herself, a look of heavenly satisfaction on her pretty face, and said a silent prayer, that she would still have that look twenty years from now.

Maybe I was getting ahead of myself. Maybe it was the prospect of having to deal with that prick Mills. Maybe I was afraid he’d do it again, and if he did, maybe I was wondering what Italian prisons were like, because I would kill him with my bare hands.

I palmed Ro’s tits gently, listening to her purr happily as she rode me. This part of our lovemaking session was for her. She had spent the whole day having her sensitive little nubbins teased to erection by the slippery satin of her blouse, and I knew from experience that her nipples were hard wired directly to her clit. Stimulating one end of the circuit had a predictable effect on the other end. Stimulating both ends at the same time had an equally predictable effect on her, often ending in a little thing she liked to call an orgasm. I called it lots of fun to watch.

With a breast held firmly in each hand….something that was a bit harder with Ro than a lot of women, since her tits were more than a handful…I thumbed her stiff nipples, flicking them roughly. She gasped, and ground her clit harder against me.

“Yes,” she hissed through clenched teeth, “suck my nipples, please! Help me cum, baby….I’m so close.”

“Well, okay, if you insist,” I grumbled, feigning reluctance poorly. I latched onto her left breast, and suckled dutifully.

“That’s it baby, suck me good,” she groaned. “Gonna cum….gonna cum….gonna….CUM!” she shrieked, as her body began to twitch and shake through her orgasm. She leaned back, pulling her nipple forcefully from the grasp of my lips. I held her hands, providing the stability that her climax had rendered useless, until she finally opened her eyes, and smiled.

“Thank you, baby. That was great,” she moaned, as she leaned forward and snuggled softly on my chest. I let her rest there, holding her gently, stroking her hair, which smelled wonderful, as it usually did.

I rolled us over. Now she was looking up at me through her tousled locks, with a sexy pout on her face that suggested she would like some more.

“Ooooooo, yes,” she whispered, “c’mon baby….fuck me hard! Pound my little pussy!”

I smiled as I pulled out of her, reaching down to yank her little red panties off. They were so small, they really weren’t in the way, but they were the only thing left between her and nudity. Once the tiny red swatch was on the floor, I remounted her, and she put her two-cents worth into my positioning, hooking her wide-spread legs over my shoulders. Her eyes burned holes in mine.

“Hard,” she cooed, “and fast. Don’t hold back….just fuck me, baby, and blow your wad all over me!”

One of the things I loved about Ro is how she seemed to know exactly when to give me permission to be completely selfish. She’d had her fun, already, and now wanted me to have mine.

I did as requested, plunging hard, full length strokes deep into her cunt. The room filled with the sounds of animalistic rutting ; grunts, groans, gasps and the loud slapping collisions of our bodies. Ro’s thighs were pressed back into her breasts, her body folded in half under my weight and the onslaught of my thrusts. Her pussy clutched wetly at my shaft, making slurpy, sucking noises as I pistoned her furiously.

“Oh – god – Da – vid – fuck – me – fuck – me – fuck – me!” she gasped, holding my shoulders tightly.

My balls were gurgling, ready to erupt. Her pussy was a heavenly velvet sheath, milking me firmly, bringing the point of no return ever closer. She could either feel it or read it on my face.

“Do – it – cum – on – me – ba – by!”

Nothing could stop that now. I pulled out, and managed two strokes with my hand before the first stream arced through the air and landed with a splash on her face. A second one followed. The third and fourth were less robust, and decorated her chest with ribbons of pearly goo.

I laid gently beside her and watched her scoop up and gobble my cum from its various landing spots. My sister….my own personal, self confessed cum slut. Life was good.


The day arrived….the day when the sleazebag content of our office went up exponentially. The day Harrison Mills took over the Rome office.

I came out of our bedroom, to find Ro dressed for work, reading the paper calmly and looking fabulous. I could see a change in her usual attire.

“Is this part of the plan?” I asked, walking up behind her. The usual bun of her hairdo had been replaced by a soft french braid. That alone would have caught my attention, but there was more. Her skirt was longer, ending just below her knees, but tighter, making her firm ass even more noticeable. Her usual low heels had given way to calf high boots with spike heels. Relatively minor changes, but they took her sexy factor up several notches.

“Trying to get noticed?” I added.

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