When Four Make a Couple

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We met at church camp and yet we all lived in the same part of the city, just different churches. The four of us became close, well I guess we had the city in common to talk about and then as the four became two couples it just seemed to all work out. I went with Mary and Don with Gina but like I said this was church camp so it was holding hands and maybe a stolen goodnight kiss.

We all had become so close that once back in town, the other three joined me at my church and we stayed as close friends even though I no longer dated Mary and Don stopped seeing Gina. It wasn’t long until I started being with Gina and then Don began seeing Mary. A normal person would find this strange that although we had switched partners the four of us remained close but we were just young ‘church couples’ and we thought nothing of it. Since there was nothing sexual between Mary and I when we dated, I didn’t feel any pangs of jealousy when I saw her with Don and it was the same way with the girls.

I must just have picked the wrong partner at camp because once I was with Gina we went together all through school as did Don and Mary. The four of us stayed close and we had double dates almost every weekend, whether it was a movie or a football game we four were always as one. As Gina and I got closer, we slowly changed from a ‘church couple’ to a ‘couple couple’ meaning make out sessions and some heavy petting. It was on Gina’s eighteenth birthday that she gave herself to me and we consummated our relationship in the backseat of my mom’s car up at lover’s lane.

As you can imagine this changed our dating routine as we looked for more alone time instead of double dates. The other couple had not taken that next step, as Mary felt uncomfortable with the idea. Although both Mary and Don were our age, they seemed more immature but we didn’t let it bother us. Don told me he was going nuts but he didn’t feel right about pushing Mary too hard. Gina said she had talked with Mary, urging her to take the plunge and that she wanted to but was still afraid. bayan gaziantep escort One thing about Gina, she could sell hair cream to a bald man and I knew if anybody could convince Mary, she would.

One day Gina called me all excited, saying her parents were going out of town and they had allowed Mary to stay with her while they were gone. Of course, wherever the girls were, we men weren’t far behind and almost as soon as her parents left, we came over. Gina pulled me into the kitchen to tell me Mary said tonight was the night, her and Don were going to do it. She said since I was the one who was twenty-one I had to go to the store and she handed me a shopping list saying if we were going to play house we needed supplies and if I went alone she could fix dinner and Mary and Don could start cooking but not in the kitchen. I laughed at her little joke put the list in my pocket and went to the store. I didn’t look at it until I walked inside the market, it said ‘booze and condoms’ and then it said ‘lots of each’ this was underlined three times.

When I returned Gina and Mary were sitting in the kitchen, both stopped talking as I entered, then Mary got up and left. I put the beer in the frig and everything else on the table, Gina had still not uttered a word. I sat next to her and insisted she tell me what was wrong.

“Mary and Don tried to do it while you were gone and she just told me it didn’t work right…”

‘What do you mean it didn’t work right?”

“That’s just what she said; I guess they had some trouble or something.”

“OK, so what happens now?”

“Ricky, now please don’t be mad but I offered to switch partners and then you could show Mary and I could help Don.”

I sat there stunned and I’m sure my mouth was open but all I could think of, was seeing Mary naked.

“Rick, are you mad at me, I didn’t mean anything I was just trying to help, say something please.”

“You know you’re the only girl I’ve ever been with and I bayan escort gaziantep think it would be hot see the difference between you and Mary.”

“You horn dog, but you’re right I was thinking the same thing with Don. Wait what if we talk them into doing it in the same bed then I could watch you and her and you can do the same.”

I tell you my girlfriend was turning into a sex fiend and I loved it.

That night after dinner, I built a fire and we sat on the floor in front of it drinking rum. We all were nervous but with the rum, we soon relaxed and why not, we were close friends. Gina got the ball rolling by just reaching over and kissing Don, she then crawled on his lap. As they began to make out I moved next to Mary but I could see she was still a little on edge. I asked her if she was all right with all this and we could stop if she didn’t feel right. I wanted her but not at the risk of losing her friendship. She said nothing but she was watching the other two intently and then she turned to me and put her lips to mine. That was how our evening went as we followed Gina’s lead, when Gina put Don’s hand up her blouse then I did the same to Mary. Then Gina pulled her top off and as she sat there bra less, she offered her breast to him. When I heard Mary moan I knew, I was home free. I unbuttoned her blouse and she reached around and unfastened her bra freeing her breasts to my lips and fingers. She whispered to me that it was so hot to watch the other two and I agreed and then in a brazen move she reached out to my penis rubbing it through my jeans. She asked me to take it out, she wanted to see it, and when I complied, she shocked me by leaning over and taking me in her mouth.

I sat back against the couch letting her pleasure me with her mouth and looked over to see that Gina and Don were now watching us. Gina came over to us and got down to watch more closely. She stroked Mary’s hair and told her how sexy she looked, then when Don came over she practically escort bayan gaziantep tore his pants off to get to him and while he stood there, she began to suck him. I told the girls that now was the time before it was too late and Mary followed Gina’s lead as she showed her how to put a condom on, I can’t tell you which was more exciting Mary handling me or watching Gina do it to Don. Again, Gina took the lead instructing us guys to lie on the floor as the girls sat on top. She instructed Mary to hold me and then to ease herself down to slid me inside so she could control the tempo and then once her hymen was gone she could just ride me. Mary told me not to worry that Don took her cherry earlier in the day yet I could tell she was still sore so I was gentle. Side by side, we made love as one with Don Cumming almost as soon as he was inside Gina. They both watched as Mary and I worked in tandem, as I looked up to see Gina first kissing Mary and then she went further and started kissing her Nipples. This turned us all on and I came just as Don began to make love to Gina anew. Gina straightened up to take in all of Don and so Mary leaned over to suckle Gina’s breast.

Later that night Don and I watched the girls please each other orally in the classic sixty-nine position. Once they each orgasmed we boys took them from behind as they licked each other and us at the same time. Next, I laid on my back while Mary sat on my penis and Gina sat on my face, then as Don stood over us I watch from underneath as she sucked him until he came. Once he came, she got off my face and fed me some of Don’s cum with a kiss. I didn’t like it at first but when I thought about it, I came like crazy. The whole weekend was just a blur of sexual activity as we tried every kind o f sex we could think of, well that’s not quite right, Don and I never got together although the girls tried to talk us into it we refused.

We never were able to repeat the antics of that weekend mainly as we never had a place to allow us the freedom that we had that time. The next year I went to college, Gina stayed here and went to work for her dad. We just seemed to drift apart and soon each of us was dating other people. As far as Don and Mary, they actually were engaged but but before the wedding they broke up, I never found out why. So, we have all moved on but I’m sure no matter what none of us will forget that special weekend and what we did.

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