When Dreams May Cum… Ch. 04

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4: The Return

It has been months since the beautiful man in my dreams has visited me… My life has been turned completely upside-down with starting a new job and trying to get into a new sleep routine, but he returned to me last night….

Low candle light, rose petals, and new lingerie. I feel very womanly and sexy indeed. He walks into the room with a commanding presence and an aura of deadly sexual tension. He wastes no time in whisking me into his delectably strong arms and carrying me over to the bed.

He pauses, like he has missed me as much as I missed him, and looks me up and down in an approving state as he slowly climbs up my body. He runs his hands up my black thigh high stockings, past the garter belts, over the frilly thong to my bodice. My long blond hair spilling chaotically over the pillows, he takes a strand and raises it to his nose. He closes his eyes inhaling my scent, memorizing it.

His face is covered in weeks worth of growth giving him a rugged, sexual, and uniquely manly look… but his lips are what fascinate me as they flutter over my exposed skin. His icy blue eyes drill into mine, questioning me whether all of this is “real”. I simply smile and pull those lips to mine. Light kisses at first turn into breathless moments of pure passion. His tongue invades my mouth, taking possession of it. Dancing tongues in a fury of passion, deep and needing, until we both pull away to catch our breath.

I know what he wants, what he likes. I slowly start to grind myself against his thigh, letting him know with even more assurance than the lingerie that I want the same thing, a night of pure passion. His calloused hands lovingly caress my arms and trail down the deep v of my bodice to sneak under the cup and run circles around my hardened nipple. A sigh escapes my lips, it has been so very long since my dream lover has come to play with me.

I run circles down and across his back with my finger tips while he reacclimates himself with all my womanly curves. When I reach the waistline of his jeans my hands tecavüz porno travel up his sides, still tracing circles, until I reach his shoulders. I skim my hands down his firm chest and over his taunt stomach until I find my mark, his waistline again.

I gently caress him through his jeans, feeling his excitement and yearning build. I love the feel of his pulsating, throbbing manhood in the palm of my hand. Tracing circles over his head and running my fingers down his length, he finally speaks. “Baby, it has been SO long, why must you tease me so? You, in this lingerie takes my breath away and if you keep stroking me like you are, this will be over before we begin.” Smiling in a Cheshire catlike way, I undo the button and very slowly slide his zipper down.

I reach into his constraining jeans to caress his cock. The skin on skin contact is amazing. I have always appreciated his cock, the soft skin and firmness of it is so contradictory. I raise my legs up to his waistline and grab the waist of his jeans with my toes, never removing my hands from his glorious cock, and slide them down his legs. Stroking and massaging his manhood, he is completely bare to me. I run my legs and feet up and down his legs, making my hips lift and caress him along with my hands.

He is speechless at my actions, so I capture his lips yet again for another scorching kiss. We finally break to catch our breath again, or so I thought until he started trailing kisses, licks and nibbles down my neck toward the v of my bodice. This man, dear lord this man knows how to elicit shivers of pleasure from my body. He pulls back my cup and begins to tease my nipple. He circles it with his tongue while lightly scraping it with his teeth. While he is taunting one nipple, he rolls the other between his index finger and thumb, sending more shivers across my skin.

I feel I could die any moment from pleasure overload. Oh yes, I have missed this man. He continues to nibble and lick my left nipple while he trails his hand down my stomach to the travesti porno brim of my frilly thong. Once his wandering hand reaches the barrier, he simply moves it aside so he can stroke my cleft. I gasp at the sudden presence of his hand caressing my clit and let out a low moan.

He finally moves away from my nipple to return to my lips. Our lips meet and he parts my lips with his tongue while his fingers continue to work my clit rolling it between his index finger and thumb. I find myself grinding against his fingers. A fire builds within me, starting at the tips of my toes, and quickly runs up my legs until it hits the center of my body. In a split second my body rips in two, a scream escapes me. He continues to rub my throbbing clit bringing me even higher. I grab the back of his neck and pull him down to kiss me. The moment those lips of his meet mine a second orgasm takes me and I moan into his mouth while passionately and furiously kissing him.

He removes his hand from my clit only to begin trailing kisses and licks down my body. He knows what he is doing. Down my stomach he continues until he reaches my womanly core. His facial hair tickles my inner thighs while his tongue circles my clit. He sucks my little nub in and lightly nibbles it before he inserts one of his long fingers into my honey hole. Each time his finger reaches my depths I feel his manhood against my leg, thrusting as if he was deep within me. How I long for that throbbing member to be buried to the hilt within me, but I cannot have him that way yet… I must tease him myself first.

I pull him up my body and deeply kiss him, his erection placed firmly against its intended entrance, he applies slight pressure to begin driving himself into my body. I wiggle just enough to allow entrance before I flip him and take control of the action. Once, twice, thrice I slide myself up and down his candy pole before I remove myself entirely.

I kiss him, but not really as I just flutter my lips above his. He moves in to make it a full xhamster porno contact kiss, but I pull away. I kiss his jaw line until I reach his earlobe. I flick it back and forth with my tongue and lightly nibble it with my teeth. He sighs in response as his hands roam my body. I straddle him and start removing my bodice.

One tug of a ribbon begins the undoing of his reserve. Slowly unlacing everything that is hiding all the things he is dying to see. I see the hunger building in his eyes, I can feel his excitement increasing at my core, yet I unlace the ribbon painstakingly slowly; I revel in the delicious torture I am causing him.

Loop by loop I expose my chest, he licks his lips in anticipation of his present unwrapping itself. Once my bodice is completely undone, I trail the ribbon across his chest and stomach sending goose bumps rippling across his skin. I then stand up, right above his manhood and slowly peel my frilly thong off along with the garters and thigh highs. I am now completely bare to him, as my blonde hair spills over my shoulders, chest, and back. He runs his hands up my legs and fingers my completely exposed slit before I gently push his hand away and get down to it.

I throw my hair over my shoulder as I take him into my warm watering mouth. Gods, a man like this shouldn’t taste this good. I lavish his erection, licking every nook and inch of him. I run my hands up and down his incredibly long legs before I gently take his sac into my hands to roll his balls in my hands. I start to lick his shaft and squeeze his balls in a rhythm.

I lick him from tip to hilt, base to tip rolling my double tongue rings around his cock. I lick my lips then take him into my mouth, continuing the circling with my tongue rings and the massaging of his balls. Slowly I make my way down to the base of him, allowing him to slide down my throat, while I massage his cock with a swallowing technique.

I work my way back up his shaft, rubbing the tip of my tongue against his frenulum. I look up into his icy blue eyes, they’re hooded with pleasure. This brings a smile to my face and I begin to giggle. The vibration of my giggle causes him to moan, so I decide to take him deep into my mouth and begin humming.


“One of these days, I AM going to MURDER that alarm clock for interrupting!!!”

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