What Would Thelma , Louise Do?

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“…So I spread her legs as far as I could. My long, thick, extremely stiff cock makes its way between her pussy lips, spreading them apart. The cock head eases in, and I can feel her cunt getting very wet. My big cock slides in another inch, stretching out her pussy walls…another inch, another inch…until she is completely filled up. My massive cock pulls out ’til just the head is in, than RAMS its way ALLLL the way in…and it stops there, allowing her to feel its size. I slowly pull out; again ’til just the very tip is in her, then in one swift, strong deep thrust it’s IN HER ALL THE WAY. My balls slap her asshole. Then, like a jackhammer, I fuck her HARD. The thrusts are strong and nonstop. FINALLY, I feel my cock swell up even larger, and with a final MASSIVE THRUST, feel stream after stream of hot thick gooey cum shoot into he, my cock pulses with each squirt. The cock eventually stops pulsing, but it is still thick and hard. It continues to slide out and in, but slowly now, as it slowly softens. Even in its softened state, it still feels huge, and now it’s VERY WET in her cunt. My cock thrusts into her one last time…”
“Excuse me, Ma’am.”

Rachel’s head jerked up, a guilty flush staining her cheekbones. The only thing to read in the small waiting area of the garage had been a tattered old copy of a men’s magazine. She quickly closed the publication and tried to slide it nonchalantly onto the seat next to her. Clearing her throat she looked up at Charlie the Mechanic, trying to shake the mental image of him as the man in the graphic letter she had just read. “Yes?”

If he noticed her choice of reading material he chose to ignore it. “It looks like I’m gonna have to rebuild the transmission.”

“That doesn’t sound good.” Rachel chewed thoughtfully on her lower lip, mentally calculating how much money she still had available on her credit card. “Uhm, how much will it cost to fix?”

The figure he named made her shoulders slump. This was supposed to be her great adventure. She had sunk more than half of her savings into that old Thunderbird convertible and it had given her nothing but grief. If she ever got home she was going to throw away her copy of Thelma and Louise and never stray again from her mundane secretarial job. “How long will it take?” If she could get on the road early enough she could drive all night and be home late tomorrow, avoiding another costly night in a motel.

“I’m gonna have to special order the parts,” Charlie the Mechanic glanced over his shoulder at the Snap-On Tool calendar hanging on the wall behind him. “Probably not before Tuesday. They’ll have to overnight the stuff on Monday.”

Of course the car couldn’t have the decency to break down on a weekday. No. That would’ve made her life entirely too easy. “I don’t suppose you would happen to know some place that will let me work for room and board?” Rachel joked sourly.

“No,” He gave her a sympathetic smile. “I’m afraid not.”

‘What would Thelma and Louise do if Çubuk Escort they found themselves in this situation?’ she wondered to herself. Rachel shifted on the couch and the magazine slid into her thigh, giving her an idea. She looked back up at Charlie the Mechanic and toyed thoughtfully with the neckline of her blouse. He wasn’t quite Brad Pitt, but he was still very easy on the eyes. He watched her finger slide along her scooped collar and she realized that the question wasn’t whether or not he would but if she could.

Could she Rachel Wilson, assistant secretary to the junior vice president in charge of marketing, use her feminine wiles to get herself out of this jam? “I have to be honest with you, Charlie.” She stood up and thrust her chest forward a bit, smiling provocatively. Rachel moved in a step closer, subtly invading his personal space. “I’m in a bit of a jam financially. This car has been nothing but a money pit since I started my trip. Maybe we could work out some kind of deal.”

He said nothing, his brown eyes watching her intently. Okay, so he wasn’t going to make it any easier for her. At least he seemed interested enough to hear out her proposition.

“I don’t suppose I could persuade you to consider another form of payment?” Rachel reached out and toyed with the top button of his coveralls.

Charlie the Mechanic gulped visibly, watching her finger ease the button from the hole and move down to the next one. “It is an expensive repair, ma’am.”

“I am conveniently stranded here all weekend.” She moved closer and rubbed her breast against his arm. “Available for as many installment payments as I need to make.”

He studied her for a long moment before moving away from her. Rachel slumped again, thinking her very short-lived attempt at seductress had failed miserably, when he flipped over the closed sign in the window and locked the door from the inside. When Charlie returned to where Rachel stood waiting she could see his hard on straining like titanium inside of his pants. He motioned for her to follow him into the garage. “More privacy.” He explained, flipping a switch to lower the bay door.

The door hit the ground with a resounding thud, blocking out most of the mid-day sun. Now that Rachel had committed to this method of payment she was eager to get him out of his coveralls and see if that bulge was as promising as it looked. She backed him up against a workbench, her hand caressing his cock appreciatively through the fabric. “Oh, I’m not too sure who’s going to enjoy this more,” she murmured in a husky voice.

Deftly she undid the remainder of the buttons holding his work clothes together. She ran her hands slowly back up his torso and pushed the grey fabric off of his shoulders, her fingers caressing his well muscled pectorals. Heedless of her clothes, Rachel knelt before him and freed his cock from the confines of his Garfield boxers, chuckling at the cartoon briefs.

She wrapped her Demetevler Escort fingers loosely around the tip and slowly eased her way down his rigid staff. Rachel was very impressed with his length and thickness, thinking that he easily out-measured her last few boyfriends. She winked up at him before leaning in and inspecting his cock more thoroughly…with her tongue. Slowly Rachel licked and nibbled every inch of his straining rod, forgetting about everything else accept the stiff, beautiful dick in her hand.

This behavior was completely out of character for Rachel. Not the blow job, because she really did enjoy pleasuring her lover this way and took great pride in doing it well. But sucking off a complete stranger as payment for services yet to be rendered was something she had never done before. As far as great adventures went this one wasn’t turning out half bad after all. She decided Thelma and Louise would applaud her initiative and smiled to herself before sucking the head of his cock into her mouth.

Charlie moaned and desperately gripped the workbench behind him to keep from sliding to the floor. Rachel curled her hands around his ass and deeply sucked in his thick tool, inch by delicious inch. Only when her mouth was full of his cock did she really start fucking him, bobbing up and down, sucking harder and bringing him right up to the edge of orgasm. She could taste his salty pre-cum, feel his last swell and went for broke, digging her nails into his ass cheeks and pulling him in all the way. With a final groan he let lose a great torrent of cum deep in her throat.

She licked him clean only after she swallowed the rest of his hot, gooey fuck sauce and stood up on shaky pegs. Tiredly Rachel leaned up against the countertop next to him, brushing gently at a stream of perspiration on the side of his face. “Damn, Charlie. I will never again underestimate the ability of my mechanic again.”

He chuckled as he was meant to and moved so that she stood between his legs. “That was just an oil change. I still need to give you the rest of the tune up.”

Rachel’s eyes widened in surprise as he tugged her t-shirt out of her shorts and up over her head. This was supposed to be her payment, not his. “But—”

“I’m sorry…but tits like this need to be worshiped.” His thumbs flicked at her lace-covered nipples, gently caressing them to aching peaks before sucking each into his very talented mouth. Without her even realizing it he had unfastened her bra and was eagerly devouring her naked mounds.

Charlie had the hands of a master pickpocket, removing her shorts before she could even protest. He quickly cleared a space on the work bench, hefted her up and slid his hands between her thighs, easily spreading them apart. “I thought that I was supposed to be the one making the payment.” Rachel said breathlessly.

“This is a full service garage, Ma’am.” He said with a playful wink before bending over and giving Dikimevi Escort his full attention to what was under her hood. He spread the lips of her pussy with calloused fingers and brushed her clit teasingly, chuckling when she bucked up off the workbench.

If Rachel thought that felt good it was nothing compared to the first contact of his crafty tongue. At that moment she didn’t care how much money she had in her purse, where she slept or if her car ever got fixed. Damn but the man was talented! What he was doing to her felt so good that, God help her, she didn’t want him to ever stop.

He started her out slow and teasing, gradually bringing her up but not quite letting her cum. Rachel thrust up off the countertop and at his tongue, grinding into him, reaching for release, but he always managed to leave her hanging right on the edge. When she thought she couldn’t stand any more He delivered one last very thorough swipe with his tongue before straightening up and stepping away from her. “Oh Please don’t be done.” She pouted petulantly. “Not when I’m this close.”

“Now that we’ve got the engine finely tuned,” Charlie the Mechanic wrapped his hands around her waist and he eased her off the countertop and onto his recently reinvigorated rod. “We have to take it for a test drive.”

Rachel went wide-eyed as he impaled her on his stiff cock, easily supporting her frame as he transferred her to the hood of her T-bird. “Oh, yeah…a nice, LONG one.”

He set her down on the cool steel of the hood and slowly eased three-quarters of the way out of her before drilling back into her. Each succeeding thrust was like that, an agonizingly slow withdrawal before plunging back in ever deeper, filling her even more. She locked her heels behind him and held on for dear life as she felt an orgasm come crashing over her like a massive tidal wave.

“So, how did that ride feel to you?” Charlie asked with a playful smile.

“I dunno, I think it has a bit of a shimmy.” Rachel put her elbows back on the hood of the car and tried to look doubtful. “Maybe you should drive for a bit.”

His grip tightened on her hips and he sunk into her more forcefully now. “The customer’s always right.” He locked his jaw in grim determination and began to piston into her, the sweet friction of his cock gliding in and out of her making her even wetter.

As great adventures went, this one had to top them all. Here she was on the hood of her car being very thoroughly reamed by a perfect stranger and feeling quite perfect about the whole thing. Rachel fucked back with wild abandon, bucking off the hood to meet him thrust for thrust. She was going to make damned sure that her very skilled mechanic was paid in full for his services…and if she happened to enjoy making the payment, even better.

She felt Charlie tense up before a final surge had him erupting deep inside of her. Rachel felt her control slip and clung to him as her pussy convulsed around his exploding cock. “You’re right; there’s still a bit of a shimmy.” He agreed, still panting from the marathon fuck. “Might just take us all weekend to work out the problem.”

‘Mmmmmm, all weekend.’ Rachel smiled appreciatively and ran her hand up Charlie’s muscled arm. “Well, if we must. After all, you are the mechanic.”

Thelma and Louise eat your hearts out.

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