What We Suck Besides Blood

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Author’s Note: Hey Size Queen fans, I’m back from a loooong hiatus. This story is a little different than what you may be used to with me, but don’t worry, I promise as the series progresses you’ll get all the megacocks and cartoonish sex you’ve come to expect from me. Your questions and comments are appreciated via the feedback page here. Use your e-mail and I’ll be sure to get back to you. I hope you enjoy!


I pulled myself from The Reverie. The last time I went into the sleep of ages our kind call The Reverie, it was between the Renaissance and the Victorian era. I had stayed awake more than a dozen decades until that business with the big Wars.

Now I did not know how long I’d been under, I knew only that I was weak, I was hungry, and oh by the night I was horny. I breathed in deep; it was smoggier than I remembered, and, on the edge of my perception, more filled with people. They’d been multiplying like mad when I went to ground, and now the delicious scent of humanity was overwhelming.

I sat up, blinking. The Mausoleum was much dustier than before, but otherwise looked very much the same. My stone sarcophagus was as cold and inviting as ever. I brushed the dust from the nameplate at the head of the thing.

Eve Delecroix

Yup. That’s me.


The streets of Seattle were surprisingly warm, and I walked them with a little worry: I was vulnerable right now. Without mortal Sanguinir I was barely stronger than a normal man, barely faster than a cat, and totally unable to fuel any of my Talents. I’d have to take care. As I passed a few groups of people laughing or talking loudly I became keenly aware of how much fashion had changed.

Boobs were on display! I couldn’t believe how much skin most of the women were showing, nor the frequency with which the men were bare-armed. There were definitely less hats than I remembered. My eyes drifted over the object of my Obsession (all of our kind have one, more than blood or the night it is true obsession that drives immortality) and I saw bulges that ranged in size and orientation deliciously.

Time to do some displaying of my own. I stepped into a narrow ally, walking halfway down I undid about half the buttons of my shirt, pulling it open into a lewd “V” that made no secret of the stupendous breasts beneath. Some of my sisters in the immortal life have Talents that allow them to enhance their appearance, but I’m proud that even in my mortal life my breasts were famous. At an awe-inspiring W-Cup that was no surprise, though before the invention of bras I just told people they were roughly the size of pumpkins, which satisfied most.

I hadn’t even made it all the way through the alley when I got what I wanted.

“Hey sweetheart, where are you going?” He was heavy-set, some muscles layered with a bit of fat and a stubbly crew-cut gave him a sort of menacing look.

“Wherever the fuck I want,” I shot back.

“I think you want the fucking to be with me,” he was clumsy at language clearly, but that was fine, it wasn’t his tongue I needed. Well, not for talking anyway.

He moved to stand in my way, casting the butt of a cigarette against the wall. By the time the sparks had hit the ground my hand was around his Adam’s apple, his body was bent painfully backwards over my knee, his arms were pin-wheeling for a strike at my but couldn’t find an angle to reach for all his frantic motion.

“THE FUCK!?” I ignored his cries, baring my fangs with a hiss.

“Let me go!” I he begged as I sank my teeth in his wrist, drinking the sweet Sanguinir from him, swallowing a few rich gulps before pulling back with a satisfied sigh. I could feel the essence of it fill me, making my muscled and mind feel electric, not to mention the warmth of that place somehow not quite inside myself where my Talents live.

“Are you some kind of vampire?!” Lord but he was pathetic now.

“Yup. Now give me your wallet.”


“Wallet. Imbecile. Just because I’m a vampire doesn’t mean I can’t be a mugger too?” He struggled to reach it a few moments before handing me a simple brown affair. I fished out the cash and took his Driver’s License for good measure.

“Randolph Quaid,” I said. “You don’t look like a Randolph.” He paused a long moment “Folks call me Randy.”

“Ah. And tell me, are you?”

“Am I what?”

“Randy. Do you wanna fuck?”

He blinked, a little war between his fear and confusion and horniness all fighting a little battle across his face. Then his eyes drifted down, lost in the endless expanse of cleavage he was mere inches from.

“Yeah okay,” he finally managed.

“Drop your pants,” I said as I dropped him gently to the ground, taking a step back to let the man work. As I he undid his belt and dropped the rather ratty boxers beneath I took a seat on a wooden crate behind him, fishing the panties from beneath my skirt, casting them immediately to the ground.

There was a clink as his belt buckle hit the ground tandoğan escort and I looked up to assess his manhood. Well, they clearly hadn’t invented some kind of working dick-grow-powder since I’d last walked awake.

“Get down and lick,” I commanded.

He hesitated just a moment before dropping to his knees before me, leaning in to lick some pleasant nasty circles all over my permanently hairless labia, his slobber mingling with my juices as I stroked his hair. I wasn’t fond of Randolph, but I would at least tolerate him for the moment. You might think I had some sort of magical Talent that allowed me to compel mortals to do what I wanted, and in truth some do have such gifts, but you’d be surprised how far a willingness to tell people what you want and a massive rack will get you in this life and the next, oh yes.


Me and that stupendous rack hit the club with what was practically a record-scratching, party-stopping entrance. The four-hundred eyes of two hundred people snapped around to fix on me. There were the obvious jealous women, then those who were openly or closeted lesbians getting lost in the depths of my cleavage, the straight boys with the sudden bulges in their slacks, the gay gents having the briefest of second thoughts, they all took me in, drank deep in me, and each wished they were fucking me. Before the night was over, some would be, because I wanted it, and Eve Delecroix gets exactly what she wants, oh yes.

Some of you are probably wanting to know what happened to poor old Randy. He really did do a stupendous job polishing my pussy up for the big night. That boy’s tongue had flicked up, down, left right and all over my smooth, thick-lipped treat and I loved every minute of it. At one point I had to make sure he was tagging my clit more on those rough laps of his, but once he got the idea he was crazy for it and I was creaming into his mouth enough for him to swallow it in gulps. But, Randy, as I’ve mentioned didn’t have enough dick to be worth my time, so I very generously allowed him to kiss each of my tits once, and sent him packing. You should have heard the little boy bitch, but sympathy is something I left that in the old days.

I walked across the dance floor, letting the mortals part around me like Red Sea waves. My stride was slow, I undulated slightly as I was hunting. I engaged all of my senses.

With my ears I was listening to heart beats, sorting them out one-by-one, seeking the ones that beat the right kind of fast, even rhythm. The greatest lovers always have a pulse that you can count on, just right for propelling blood around their bodies at the speed of passion, their bodies are warmer, their cocks get harder, and their lust runs ever-so-strong.

My eyes were everywhere, mostly slightly down cast, any time I saw a pair of jeans that looked sufficiently stuffed with my Obsession, they would flick up and make the briefest contact with whoever was bearing those generous packages. I was surprised to note that those of African and Asian and other ambiguous decent mingled freely with the largely Caucasian populace. Times had definitely changed, and I was not sorry to see it.

My nose twitched, smelling not only the Sanguinir in the place, the nuance and complexity of the sweat, but also the pheromones. It had taken me a long time to sort those out, but over centuries I’d learned to distinguish between the ones that betrayed poor lovers and those that said flat out, “Hey lady, over here, this is where the BIG balls are, come check ’em out!”

When I’d circled the whole of the place once, I began to choose. There were five targets I deemed worthy, and I let my touch do the talking.

“You,” my fingers said as they brushed the chest of a powerfully built black man, loving the feel of his strong muscles beneath the texture of his silk shirt.

“You too,” they were trailing the back of a neck now. The broad shoulders with pony tail began to follow in my wake.

“And you,” the fingers said, grabbing a nice handful of ass on one of the studs. I gave a lingering thought to bringing the woman he was dancing with, but for my first night back from The Reverie I thought, better of it. All the dick tonight was for me and me alone.

“You’ll do nicely,” my fingers were being flirtatious as they gently traced across the face and down the neck of the hottest Asian in the place.

“And you, oh mother of god, YOU,” fingers betrayed my excitement, cupping the weight of a massively heavy package as I stopped to fondle a very hot stud. I could tell he was going to put the others to shame in the size department, but I hoped it wouldn’t strike them shy.

They followed me up the twisting stairs, the pony-tail actually pushing his ex-girlfriend (ex as of the last 30 seconds, anyway) away as she tried to pursue, an angry look on her face. The poor thing, this was primal, this was meant to be, this was happening and there was nothing tunalı escort she could do about it. Does that make me a bitch? I certainly hope so.


The VIP room was technically occupied. There was a rather handsome gentleman with a small entourage sipping Champagne, but I didn’t know or care who he was.

“Scram, this room is now occupied,” I told him in no uncertain terms.

“I was here first, buuuuuhhhh…” you can attribute his trailing off to actually turning around and looking at me. He gave me the once, twice and probably about six others over and then set his glass down.

“Feel free to join us, beautiful,” he finally managed to stammer out.

“Hm. Let me guess, you’re some kinda big actor?” I stood close enough for my tits to touch him, which, was still almost arms length away at my size.

His face fell as he clearly wanted to be recognized. Not his fault I’d been asleep for decades, of course.

“That’s right. I’m John Blitz. Never heard of me? I’m pretty big in indie stuff right now.”

“Not big enough, John.” I had nudged his crotch with my thigh. Nothing special going on there even though it had started to stir. “Now get out.”

“You can’t do this! Tony, go get security!” As his good stood up I finally decided it was time to expend a little of the Sanguinir I’d sucked from Randy and I locked a gaze into the eyes of Mr. Blitz.

In his head there was a sudden image, me standing over his eviscerated body, casually sucking my fingertips clean, his entourage all scattered around him in broken disarray. It was no idle threat, I could easily do this to all of them, but letting him think the thought had occurred organically gave it a lot more bite. John Blitz RAN from the room, his boys following after. They wouldn’t be back.

Smiling sweetly I turned to my little party of five.

“Alright, boys, let’s see the goods and how good they can get.” There was a flurry of disrobing, and I walked around to inspect every part that came into view.

The Asian was beautiful, his skin smooth, his muscles rippling. “Very nice,” I complimented him as I finally engaged my sense of touch, licking the back of his neck with a slow hungry swipe of my tongue, “do you do a martial art or something?”

He smirked, “Yeah, it’s called basketball.”

I might have flushed a little at my presumptuousness; I turned to take in the larger, though less articulated physique of the blonde with the pony-tail. “mmmm,” was all I could say, licking up the incredible cleft that ran all the way from his abs up between his pecs, a perfect trench of cut muscle.

By the time I’d turned my attention to the guy with the nice ass, he had it on display. Not only was the butt hot, but I could see the dangle of a nice, thick dick and a shamelessly swinging pair of nuts from between his legs. It takes a man of some serious size to be visible from that angle. I licked my lips as I turned to my new black play thing, he was calmly stretching, his physique not as muscular as the first two men, but respectably built. His cock was a long affair, not especially fat but it had a much further hang than anything else on display, it drooped over a pair of large but tightly packed balls.

I don’t need to breathe if I don’t want to, and I often forget to even when I’m putting on appearances, but as I made my final turn to the last stud I’d culled from the herd I gasped, and that gasp was involuntary.

“Hoooooooooollllyyyyy…” I trailed off. That cock was way too big to be worthy of finished

sentences. I dropped to my knees in front of him, still in control of the situation, but definitely a little shaken, THIS was a cock. It must have hung soft at least 6 inches, and was even thicker than the Asian guy’s beer can. I reached up and cradled in both hands, letting my palms stay cool at first, then willing my Sanguinir to flow into them, warming them up hotter than human skin as I meticulously stroked and caressed the immense tube of meat, eyes growing wider as that dick just got bigger.

The other cocks hoved into view, they were all rapidly hardening at the sight of my dropping the humongo-cock to un-blouse my tremendous tits, shaking them a little in celebration of the sudden freedom. I re-oriented, taking the fat Asian cock in one hand where my fingers were half an inch apart and the thinner long black guy in the other.

“Put your hands to good use” I commanded the ultra-hung stud and he obligingly hefted my tits, helping himself to my cleavage, his growing cocking whipping at my throat while it flopped around, semi-soft between my breasts. The other two boys were just seven and eight inches in length (yes, exact size, I haven’t needed a ruler in a hundred years) and I beckoned them each by opening my mouth.

First the seven inches sawed all the way into my mouth to the balls, then I turned my head letting the eight incher in the pony-tail follow, he seemed türbanlı escort disappointed that he didn’t give me any trouble and I swallowed on his organ a few times just to rub in how easy I was handling him.

The Asian was finally hard and I decided to give more attention to him a moment, favoring the seven-incher in my hand as I turned my head. That beer-can thick dick had added another inch in circumference as I had been tugging away on it and sucking the others, and he was at least a good 8 inches long if not longer. I don’t have to breathe, no, but I gave him the satisfaction of a good choking noise as I shoved it on down, a lewd bulge growing in my throat before everyone’s eyes as he plugged it with nothing but phallus.

It was too much for the guy with the big balls and the nice ass; he went off in my hand with a groan, his cum splattering across my cheek and dripping down to streak a tit with pearl streaks. I gave him a withering look while wearing his seed, lips stretched so far around the ultra-girthy invader and he sheepishly retreated to a coach, trying to nurse his noodle back into serviceable hardness. One down; four to go.

As I throated Mr. Fat cock, gargling around him a little I used my other free hand on the 8 inches I’d been sucking previously, my hand a hardworking blur on that organ, occasionally pausing to cup and paw at the balls beneath. My tits were being given a real workout by the elephant in the room around his almost-hard cock; he wasn’t squeamish about rubbing the jizz into them so that my massive mounds were glistening as he beat himself off with them. Finally I coughed up the one I was sucking and moved into get a taste of his nuts, his shaft was shiny with my slobber and he leaned against a couch to steady himself as I tongue-slapped his balls all over the place.

I felt an impatient thumping at my cheek and realized my poor neglected black stud had reached his full potential. I tugged a big balls as I turn my attention, letting it out of my mouth with a *pop* as I took in what must have been 9 inches of glorious dark dickmeat. I gave it a long lick (but then, what other kind could there be) along the backside of its length, tugging it down to really paint the top, then sides of that stretch-limousine of a shaft, finally paying his balls the same treatment as I had the Asians. He was packing a bigger pair of dangling black cum-bladders and I really went to town on them, my excitement was amping up.

Finally I sunk the huge black babymaker deep into my mouth, giving him a few nasty gags as I *glucked* him all the way into my gullet. The sight of his huge dark balls resting against my chin must have been too much for the pony tail and he finally exploded over my other cheek and tit, giving horse-dick more lube to work with as he treated my massive tits like so much worthless fuckmeat.

I was in ecstasy, my whole body crackling with the fire of life as I reveled in my obsession; the three cocks that remained before me were long fat nasty monstrosities that I wanted to pleasure until they were utterly drained.

I unthroated the black cock, gasping a little for show as much as air, enjoying the sight of it drenched in thick slobber, I gave the underside a healthy lick to clean up some of my mess before turning my full attention to the behemoth between my breasts. It was easily a foot long and while not quite as thick as the Asian bat, it gave it a run for its money. This was a MAN, to be sure.

I grabbed the base of it and to his surprise gave my face a few stinging swats on each cheek, loving the redness it brought to my alabaster skin. Then I plunged forward, taking him as deep as I had the black dick, but he was so huge he hit the back of my throat and threatened to bend my inside if I persisted. Oh do not doubt I could use Talent and handle the thing, but I was okay letting him be too big for me just now. He certainly wasn’t complaining as he gathered up my red hair and pumped his hips, knocking my tonsils for a loop with each savage thrust of that magnificent mammoth cock.

With a reluctant and horrific gurgling gargle I released his shaft, panting hotly into his dangling balls, easily the biggest pair on display, rubbing my lips and nose into that massive sack as I re-gathered myself for what was to come.

“Alright Dinosaur-Dick, I want you to fucking FUCK me, do you understand?”

“Oh you’re gonna get fucking fucked!” he roared, drawing me up and throwing me bodily over the couch, not caring as my face and tits ended up plastered together in a seat as he lined up his ultracock for my cunt.

I bit fangs-deep into the fabric as he entered me, claiming what had gone untouched for so many years. The only lubricant besides what my poor cunt was putting out was my spit, and that was not enough to keep it from hurting…

…hurting so good as I screamed, a mind-rending orgasm shot through me. The tongue I’d enjoyed already had been a good warm up, but THIS is what my cunt was built for, withstanding punishment that only the biggest boys could put out. My scream was not long-lived though, the man with the beautiful almond eyes and massively thick organ plugged my mouth right up, and though I was careful to retract my fangs to avoid cutting him, his girth forced my teeth open, almost unhinging my jaw as he plowed his way in.

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