What Trina Wants

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Note: ‘What Trina Wants’ is the third story in a sequence that starts with ‘Beth Visits Austin’ and continues with ‘Beth and Gretchen’. This story can be read independently, but later merges with the others.


My first outing – a word I use for my gangbang adventures – was with firemen. I was walking past the firehouse in town when one of the men washing a truck whistled at me. It was a hot day and my clothes were skimpy; I wasn’t surprised he noticed me.

He was a hunk, flashing a really adorable smile, so I walked over and introduced myself.

“I’m Trina, and you are?”

“Logan. And I must say you are quite attractive. Great figure, fabulous legs, long flowing hair and a beautiful smile.”

I was thrilled by his words, doing a little spin and bounce as he talked.

“And not afraid to show it off,” he finished. “I have to thank you for that, Trina.”

Then he asked, “Do you live around here?”

“Yes, near the University. I work there as a lab assistant.”

“Oh, brainy too?”

“Not so much, I just do grunt work.”

“You would look good doing anything. Want to help wash the firetrucks? You’d look great in a wet tee shirt.”

I liked what he said. The thought of a lot of men looking at me with a wet tee shirt pasted on my tits gave me a wave of hotness, standing up my nipples.

What Logan didn’t know was that I had been burning up to try a gangbang. I had just turned twenty-four, I had read several accounts written by very satisfied women, and I had watched some XXX videos to see how it worked. I was convinced I would like it, but not sure about how to get started.

I couldn’t just ask for it, could I?

I said to Logan, “You seem very nice. Would you and your friends like a gangbang?”

He looked shocked at first, then started stammering while looking at his boots.

“Um, what exactly do you mean?” he asked, haltingly.

I tried to be clear. “I have been thinking about having a gangbang for a while. My birthday was last week and I think it’s time. Are you interested?”

“Did I understand you correctly? Forgive me for even hesitating, but that sort of thing doesn’t usually get offered like you just did. Or did you?”

I confirmed his impression. “Oh, you heard right. Me in a gangbang with as many men as you can get together. Sorry to be so abrupt, maybe you think I’m simple minded, but that’s what I want. And if you can arrange it, I think we’ll all have a good time.”

He looked around. The other men were paying more attention to our talk than to washing the truck.

“I could get five guys. Six counting me. Does that work for you?” Now he was taking charge. I liked that.

“Awesome, that’s what I want,” I reaffirmed.

He explained that it wasn’t a good time in the middle of the day, but he invited me to return at nine that night.

“Ring the bell at the back door. I’ll have everything set up.”

He gave me a long look, tinged with desire.

“You probably won’t show up, but if you do I guarantee it will be better than you imagine.”

I hugged him and went home to prepare.


When I returned at nine, Logan answered my ring. He did a double take at my braless 34B boobs poking from under a sheer blouse and my long bare legs exposed by the short skirt.

“None of the guys believed me, yet here you are.”

I grinned. “I told you this was what I wanted.”

He picked me up and carried me on his shoulders to a training room. On the way, I giggled as my ass and tits were groped by other firemen heading the same direction. In the room, they had pushed two tables together and covered the surface with heavy pads. There were six of them, as promised.

Logan sat me on the table with the announcement, “This is Trina. What’d I tell you?”

They gave me an enthusiastic welcome and Logan got a lot of back thumping. Everyone was ready, in the right mood.

Logan asked me how I liked to start. I didn’t really know, but I remembered a scene from one of the videos. I said, “I’ll take my clothes off and then begin with you.”

I stood up on the padded surface, kicked off my sandals, took my skirt and panties off and sat back down, wearing only the sheer top. I put my arms up, wiggled a little so my boobs bounced and swayed. I hoped I looked enticing.

Guys moved in to touch me, fondle me, stroke whatever part of me they could reach. My clothes were cleared out of the way, including my top. I was naked and available. I rolled over a few times, going to the sides of the table so more of the men could reach me. I could feel my arousal, wetness, and the heat. I felt joyous, knowing my long-fantasized gangbang was happening.

I pointed to Logan, beckoning with one finger. He hopped up on the pads and approached me. I felt his erection through his pants, rubbing and squeezing lightly up and down. His buds hooted and hollered as I unzipped his fly to get at his cock. We got his clothes off and I asked him to lay down. When he was flat on the table, I bent over him and ankara yabancı escort took his cock in my mouth. After I wet his rod thoroughly, I threw a leg over him and got up in cowgirl position. I noisily fucked him with my arms in the air, making sure my boobs showed maximum bounce. I wanted to entertain the men and I was succeeding.

I went back to sucking Logan’s cock, this time intent on getting a mouthful of his cum. At first, I tasted myself, the coating of juices from my pussy, as he moved in my mouth, responding to the blow job. In only a few minutes, he bucked and humped as he shot his semen load between my lips. I sat back and opened up so everyone could see the pool on my tongue. Then I put my head back and swallowed. Cheers broke out for my performance.

Logan left the table and two other men got on with me, put me on my hands and knees and slipped their erections into my mouth and pussy. That felt very good. I responded involuntarily with moans and cries, breathing hard, as I got into a rhythm with the strokes. My dangling tits swung in time with the pounding.

I loved the sensations from the two men banging me. Everything was amplified by being on display, being double fucked while in the center of the table surrounded by four more cheering, shouting and fist pumping men.

All those men were going to fuck me, and soon. I couldn’t wait.

I had a new experience when the two men came in me, first the one in my pussy, then the one in my mouth. As they changed places with two new guys, I had the unfamiliar feeling of cum dripping out of my mouth while more cum dripped down my thighs.

The thought went through my head, “Oh. That doesn’t happen with only one guy.” The thought of cum taking over my body made me much hotter. I craved more, an unexpected feeling.

I lost track of time while I continued on my hands and knees, taking two men at a time while a party went on around me. Then I heard a lot of noise and voices as more men arrived, a “second alarm” as they described it. It wasn’t a six man gangbang anymore but what was the total? Twelve? Fifteen? More? I don’t know.

It certainly felt like a gangbang, that’s for sure. And, as I’d hoped, I loved it. There was no one thing, I just liked the fast pace and feeling of being out of control, doing something so utterly slutty. I liked continuous sex for hours, the accumulation of cum.

I also liked how the men seemed to be having so much fun, very happy to have me there.

To welcome the new men, I sat up with fresh cum in my mouth. I gargled, blew bubbles, and swallowed. While holding the dicks of two men, i shouted, “Join the party, guys. We’ve got a long way to go.”

After that, I was mostly on my back, head hanging over the table edge, getting face fucked while my pussy was used simultaneously, pounded by strong guys with big dicks. This was all new to me, more thrilling than anything I could have imagined. I was ecstatic, taking one cum load after another, an endless parade.

In that position, I confirmed that I got really aroused by cum; overwhelming quantities of it were the best thing ever. When it rolled past my lips or dripped off my butt and down my legs, that sent waves of arousal and contractions over me. With that feeling, I knew I was exceeding any slutty thing I’d ever done before, reaching new territory that made me ferociously hot.

Those amazing new feelings only made me want more. I was hooked.

By the end of the evening everyone was satisfied, including me. Every guy had multiple turns with me, doing whatever they desired, asking me for what they wanted, putting their cum in me or on me as they wished. I was totally happy with how it worked for me, all fun and games with no problems at all.

At the end, Logan led the men in a round of cheers for me. They made it very clear I could visit them again anytime I had the urge.

Logan showed me to the shower in their locker room. He and two others watched while I washed, another opportunity for me to show off a little. After I dressed, Logan escorted me to my car.

He was grinning ear to ear when he said, “Jeez, what a night. I’m sure glad I whistled at you.”


After that first outing at the firehouse, I went home and spent hours with my vibrator, getting myself off time after time. I was totally blown away by how good everything felt, how arousing the cum of many men was, and how much I wanted to do it again.

I thought about the next time. I could go back to the firehouse, but I knew I wanted different kinds of experiences in different places with new groups of men. As the week passed, I had orgasms almost every night as I fantasized about future gangbangs.

A story on the news gave me my next idea. Dogging had become popular in one of the local parks, a place where people were having public sex. Although some citizens were outraged, it was very peaceful activity that seemed to be growing according to the news.

It sounded perfect. bahçelievler escort I found I got hot thinking about the dirty nature of sex with random strangers, outdoors at night. I was learning: the sluttier the better.

But I had reservations about going to such a place by myself. That dilemma was solved when I met Karl through Craigslist. I advertised for a man to provide “discrete security for adult activity.” Of the twenty or so replies, Karl stood out. He was large and imposing, a serious looking man of few words. He had experience backed up by references and he was gay. Seemed perfect to accompany me and have my back when I needed it.

I offered to pay him an hourly rate. He said that wasn’t necessary, he’d take care of me without any fees. I don’t know exactly what he had going on, but it was never a problem for me.

Karl and I shook hands on the part-time job, making it easier for me to proceed with confidence.


In the parking area, I barely saw the black SUV in the darkness. But it was right where Karl had arranged the meet, a heavily frequented dogging rendezvous. He flashed the headlights twice, the signal.

I was in the passenger seat of Karl’s Escalade, already passionate about what I expected. This was the first outing under my new arrangements with him. He got out and spread a blanket on grass next to our vehicle so I would have a place for my activities.

I was dressed all in black, with a short skirt and a plunge front top that exhibited my man-bait perky breasts. When he picked me up, Karl said I looked great, adding, “In an understated slutty way.”

While he walked over to the SUV, I moved to the blanket. Although dark, it was getting easier to see as my eyes adapted.

At the driver’s door, Karl tapped on the glass. The window slid down.

“She’s over there. Who’s first?” I heard him ask.

One guy got out of the SUV’s backseat, the first of the four in the vehicle. I sat on my haunches, on the blanket, eagerly waiting.

He walked up to me. I straighted onto my knees, reaching out for my first cock of the evening. It only took a moment to get his pants unzipped and his cock into my mouth. Karl leaned on the Escalade’s fender and watched me work in the dimness. I used my hands and mouth aggressively, ringing his cock, making eager noises, leaking spit, taking him in to his root. The guy blew his load into my mouth amazingly fast.

I leaned back, licked my lips, and swallowed the cum, feeling very accomplished, while the visitor zipped up and walked away without saying anything.

Karl brought the next one for me and the scene was repeated. The last two men walked over together, before I was even done with number two. He came and I swallowed, with everyone watching.

The last pair asked to put both of their dicks in my mouth at the same time. I took one, then the other, maneuvering them in my stretched mouth, pleasuring them with hands, lips, and tongue. When they climaxed, I ended up with a double cum load dripping off my lips and chin. I was delighted. They said nothing, but high-fived and went back to their car to drive off.

“Okay Karl, I’m warmed up. Go get me more men, the virile kind.”

“I’ll be right back,” he assured me, moving away in the dark.

Somehow I didn’t mind Karl’s involvement. Even though he never exposed himself, or showed any interest in what I did sexually, he watched everything. What could he be thinking? I wasn’t worried about it, but I wondered.

In less than five minutes, he was back, with three men. He said, “I found them near a car where a woman is getting fucked in the rear seat. Pure dogging. They were just waiting their turn.”

They were standing around me now, stroking exposed dicks in the direction of my face. I felt my pussy get wet as I thought about what they wanted to do.

Karl said, “I told them my hot wife will do anything to get their cum.”

Karl’s words worked. In addition to the first three who returned with him, more were showing up as we talked.

I sat up, put my head back and tongue out. The three men used me as a cum dump, jerking off into my open mouth. The fourth tried the same, but his aim was poor. When his cum sprayed my face, neck and chest I just laughed and scraped it up with my fingers. I licked all the cum from my hands while Karl and the others watched intently.

Two more got blow jobs, with deep throating. When I held their cum in my mouth, I celebrated their loads with my head back, putting fingers in the cum pool to lift strings of the goo into the air. I let it drip back on my face, then repeated multiple times, ending by pushing cum over my lips to drip down my front. I was an utter harlot, feeling thrilled as I did it.

Mumbled accolades were offered by a few of the guys.

But even though I was a dirty slut for these men, I could see they were fascinated. I was in complete control. One dude, hard again, started jerking off on my face to get another shot.

I balgat escort put my hand on his dick, stopping him. I offered a deal. “Bring me some fresh cocks to suck off and then you can do whatever you want. Agreed?”

He nodded and went off in the darkness. The others stayed, waiting to see what would happen.

The man returned with four friends. With no discussion, I was soon sucking them off, excitedly going around the four in turn until one by one they spurted their jizz into my slurping mouth.

When the fourth one finished, I motioned to the man who brought them. He asked me to expose my tits. I pushed the dress sections aside for him, widening the V so he could see everything. He stepped up and jerked off a big blast all over my boobs, jizz that immediately dripped off my nipples and flowed down toward my waist. I laughed as I rubbed the fresh cum into my chest and cupped my boobs with my gooey hands. I wiped them onto my skirt, increasing the slut stains on my clothes.

The men faded into the darkness, well satisfied with my exhibitionist work.

I was roaring hot. I lay back on the blanket, lifted my skirt, slipped a finger inside my panties, and began to play with my pussy.

“I’m so horny now,” I told Karl. “I’ve got to get off.”

I looked at him with pleading eyes.

He went off again while I lay on the blanket alone, but only briefly. A man appeared, watched me playing with myself for a moment, then he joined me, sliding his cock into my pussy in Missionary Position. I pulled my legs back to welcome him inside.

He stroked me internally with a smooth rhythm. I lifted my pelvis to meet him, putting my arms around his neck as he pumped harder and deeper. I was moaning and panting, basically loving the fuck he was delivering.

Karl returned with the biggest guy he could find, saw what was going on, and told the newcomer, “You’ll have to wait.”

But I looked at the new guy, smiled and opened my mouth. He didn’t wait. Instead he got his cock out and shoved it in my mouth, sharing me with the man fucking my pussy. Everything was working splendidly well as they both came in me after a few minutes of joint action.

As those men left, I lay on the blanket with cum leaking out of my pussy and mouth.

I said to Karl, “That was great, but still no orgasm.”

He replied, “Don’t worry. Dogging isn’t about your climax, but I’ll find someone for you.”

He went into the night again to locate the stranger who could satisfy me.

Lying on my back on the blanket, panties around one ankle, fingering my clit, I clearly heard another woman not too far away. She was moaning and crying out with pleasure, definitely sounding like an orgasm was close. With a final scream I heard what could only be her coming.

Shortly after, Karl returned, walking with another man.

Karl explained, “You hear that woman? This guy had his head buried between her legs, with her feet dangling over his shoulders.”

He looked like hell, all rumpled and smeared with slime from the woman’s cummed up pussy, but he was probably just what I needed.

I motioned for him to join me on the blanket.

He knelt down and spread my legs wide as he pushed his face into my wet, steamy, slimy pussy.

An intense buzzsaw took over my senses, the feeling of his rapidly vibrating tongue on my clit. The effects were very clear. My moans and cries became intense. I was panting, gasping and thrashing around, my hands on his head, fingers digging into his scalp. I was going higher and higher from the energy of the tongue lashing he was inflicting on my most delicate parts.

I became so noisy that other men walked in from all directions. While my pussy continued to be entertained, men from the surrounding crowd knelt by my head to jerk off on my face. That just made it better for me.

I turned my head back and forth to lick and encourage them until the cum rushed from their cocks onto my cheeks and lips, into my mouth. When one came, another took over. I was getting exactly what I wished for.

Men used my face as their target while my climax built and built. Finally, with my face soaked and dripping, I bucked and twisted, screamed and whimpered, clenched and gasped into a violent orgasm that nearly tore the head off the man providing the stimulus between my legs.

After the peak of the climax, I pushed his head away and used my hands on myself to finish up, coaxing the last twitches, whimpers, and gasps from my sexually overstimulated body. I sat up, still gasping, bent over toward my feet with my hands still in my pussy. I rocked hard and made little crying noises. Cum slid off my face in loops and drips.

As the men wandered off, Karl applauded than helped me stand up.

I limped back to the vehicle, supported by Karl. My first night dogging was over. I thought it went well, wild and unpredictable. If I went there again, I knew it would be different.

I thanked Karl for his help. “You were exactly what I needed. You helped things happen and allowed me to feel safe.”

He looked pleased with my assessment, but didn’t say much.

When we stopped in front of my place, he let me know he was thinking ahead. “I’ll be calling with the next one.”

I had to say, “Karl, if you want to do anything with me, it would be my pleasure. I don’t know how you react to seeing me in action but I’m yours if you want me.”

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