What the Fuck

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Ever had one of those days when you’re in full ‘what the fuck’ mode? A day when you don’t give a damn about anything and are ripe for a bit of mischief? That’s the way I was feeling right now.

Don’t get me wrong. When I say mischief I don’t mean things like vandalism or pinching a car or anything. I just mean the sort of behaviour that makes other people think ‘what the fuck’?

I really wanted to get out and do things I shouldn’t. Annoy and tease people. So I did.

The day was pleasantly warm so I could get away with skimpy clothes. I was wearing a skirt that was possibly a little too short. Not so short that anyone could legitimately complain but certainly short enough that more straight-laced types would be going tut-tut under their breath.

My top was a killer. It was a rather ample top, fitting me like a tent. Not even the most straight-laced maiden aunt could object to that top. The way it draped over me you couldn’t even be sure I was female, apart from the fact that no man would wear a top like that.

Why was that top such a killer? Because if I leaned forward that ample top just naturally flopped down and away from me, revealing all. Anyone looking when my top was in that position could see clear down to my navel, assuming that their eyes could get past my breasts. I had nice breasts. In my opinion anyway, but that was an opinion bolstered by the approving looks of a thousand men.

Did I mention that I wasn’t wearing a bra? I saw no need to wear one on a day like today. After all, my breasts were quite capable of supporting themselves, falling naturally into a shapely position, and I was covered by a most demure blouse.

There I was, a nineteen year old young lady, strolling along and minding my own business, when I noticed that one of my shoe laces was a little loose. It’s dangerous to have a loose shoe lace so I attended to it. There was a handy bench on the street so I just rested my foot against it and leaned forward to so that I could retie the lace. I really can’t be blamed for that poor man who walked into a pole. He should have paid more attention to where he was going.

When I reached the park I saw that the local football team were having a training session on the grounds. I just naturally went over to watch for a while. I folded my arms on the top railing of the boundary fence and rested my chin on them, watching. I was completely oblivious to the way my top had sagged open while I was in that position.

For some reason the ball started coming into my general area a lot more often. It also seemed to take the guys a lot longer to recover from any problems they were having and they seemed to be having a lot of them. A number of them were polite enough to wave to me. I was quite enjoying watching the practice when I was rudely interrupted.

I mean, really! The nerve of some people. I was just leaning against the railing enjoying myself by watching the practice and the coach comes up and tells me to take a hike. I was all confused and saying, “Excuse me?” and he just told me that I’d heard him and to take a hike.

I started arguing that it was a public park and that I had every right to just stand there as I wasn’t hurting anyone and he butted in, getting downright nasty.

“If Girne Escort you are still here by the time I count to ten I’m going to peel that stupid top off you and tell the team that they can play with you instead of the ball.”

With that he started counting rather ostentatiously, making sure I knew where he was up to. Well, really, some people. I just gave him a disgusted look and continued on my way.

Circling the park I came across a kiddies’ playground on the far side. The sun was nice and warm and I was feeling a lot more relaxed now. The walk had obviously done me some good. I sat down on a bench at the playground and watched the kids enjoying themselves, swarming over the equipment, while I relaxed and soaked up some sunshine.

I guess I must have drifted off to sleep for a minute or two. I found myself waking up amid silence. It was later than I’d thought and the playground was deserted apart from me. I assumed that the kids who had been here had all been dragged off home for dinner. I stretched. Thinking of dinner made me realise that I was feeling slightly peckish. Maybe I should go and get something to eat.

That’s the moment someone sat down on the bench next to me. I glanced towards them, meaning to ignore them and depart, but found myself looking at that muscle bound moron of a coach. He wasn’t someone I could very easily ignore.

“If you come around flashing your tits at my boys while they’re training I’ll strip you and lock you in the changing room with them,” snarled the coach before I could say anything or leave.

“I beg your pardon?” I said with a gasp. “As you can plainly see I’m not flashing anything.”

I indicated my top to show how demurely it covered me, which it did while I was sitting up.

Would you believe that the oaf actually sneered at me? To my shock he then hooked a finger onto the neckline and pulled my top towards him and down. There being a lot of material available that did, I must admit, make the top of my blouse gape in a most embarrassing manner. I gasped and snatched it out of his hand.

“How dare you?” I gasped. “That’s indecent assault, that is.”

“And your flashing those pretty little bouncies at my team is sexual harassment.”

“I was doing no such thing,” I protested. And he couldn’t prove that I was. I wasn’t to blame if the top accidentally gaped open and showed all.

“You sit there looking all prim and smug pretending you didn’t do anything at all and then you get insulted when someone calls you on it. You were inferring that my touching your blouse was indecent assault.”

“Which it was,” I put in very quickly.

“Well, you’re about to find out that this is a decent assault.”

Before I could catch on to what he meant he grabbed me and jerked me face down across his lap. With a quick motion he pushed my skirt clear of my bottom and yanked my panties down. A number of thoughts went through my mind.

This skirt is a little too short was my first thought. My panties, was my second, horrified, thought. He can’t do this was swiftly followed by my god, he is doing it. We’re in public. People will see. The silence registered and it dawned on me that right then there was no one Kıbrıs Escort to see, even though we were in a public park and in full view of anyone who wandered past.

“What do you think you’re doing?” I raged at him. “This is a public park. People will be coming past and they’ll see.”

“Ha. You wish,” he said with an evil laugh and then he spanked me.

He spanked me. On my bare bottom. Right in the middle of the park. How could he do such a thing? What if someone came past? He’d get arrested. I was half naked. I’d get arrested.

“You stop that,” I wailed and he gave a laugh that was even more evil than his first one.

His hand just kept coming down, bouncing off my bare bottom, stinging like crazy. He must be mad to think he could do something like this. I was wriggling about, kicking my legs up and down, and he spanked me some more. Finally he stopped, his hand resting on my bottom. I breathed a sigh of relief.

“Now do you understand the points I raised?” he asked, his voice oozing with sarcasm.

I was all, “What? What are you talking about? Let me go.”

“Did you listen to a word I was saying?” he asked.

“Um, when?” I asked, confused.

“While I was spanking you.”

“Oh. No. Why should I? I was concentrating on getting out from under your stupid hand, not listening to anything you might want to say.”

He said something very rude, apparently blaming me for not listening to him. If he wanted me to listen he should have told me so. I couldn’t be expected to know what he wanted.

“Let’s see if you can understand some simple little instructions,” he snapped. “We’ll start with stand.”

With that he swung me off his lap and onto my feet. I promptly felt my pants slithering from where he left them down to my ankles. I started to bend over to pull them up but he spoke up.

“No. Stay,” he snapped, and I froze.

“Good girl,” he said, for all the world as though I was a puppy learning a new command.

You know the problem with track suits? They come off far too easily. The coach just lifted himself off the seat slightly and his tracksuit pants and jocks just seem to shoot down and off him, leaving you know what exposed.

“Look at me,” he said.

Where the hell else did he think I’d be looking? That thing looked huge. How dare he flash it at me in this way? God but it was big. Maybe it was my imagination but it seemed to be getting bigger the longer I looked.

“I said look at me,” he snapped.

What was he on about? Where did he think I was looking?

“I am looking,” I snapped back at him.

“AT MY FACE,” he said, speaking slowly and loudly.

Well, if that’s what he meant then why didn’t he say that in the first place? I looked at his face. That made me almost as nervous as looking at his erection. He looked mad.

“Turn around and sit down,” he told me, still speaking slowly and clearly as though talking to an idiot.

I glanced down at what was there and then managed to look at his face again.

“I can’t,” I told him sweetly. “There isn’t room on your lap for both of us.”

He actually laughed.

“I’m sure if you sit carefully you’ll find that you’ll manage quite nicely.”

The Magosa Escort idea was slowly percolating through my brain that he wanted me to sit down on that thing. Me? Sit on that? He had to be kidding. I looked around the park. Where are all the people when you need them?

“You’re joking, right?” I suggested.

“Look at it,” he said with a smirk. “Does that look like I’m joking?”

When he put it like that was no, it didn’t. That thing was standing up all by itself, tall and fat and threatening.

“It’s really quite simple,” he said, reaching out and taking hold of my arm. “First you turn around, then you sit.”

Turning around was the easy part because he turned me. Sitting was something else again.

It turned out he was willing to help me with that, as well. Coaches always know what you have to do next. His hands fastened upon my waist, drawing me closer at first and then starting to draw me down to a sitting position. I was now straddling him and I could feel his erection pressing against my inner leg.

His hands moved away from my waist. I felt one brushing against my leg and realised he was adjusting the position of his erection. His free hand went around me, pressing on my mons.

“That’s a good girl,” he said softly. “Just settle down into position.”

I could feel the head of his cock lightly touching me and I did just what he told me to do. I started to settle down onto him, feeling the touch of his cock becoming firmer and then it was pressing up into me, pushing my lips aside as it sought its rightful place.

I was feeling rather peculiar. While I may have been having a ‘what the fuck’ kind of day I’d never dreamt that I’d be having an actual fuck, in a public place, at that. We weren’t even hiding behind some bushes. (Yes, I did that once, but only once.) If anyone came along we were dead meat.

I guess I must have still been in that sort of mood because I didn’t care. I just continued to let myself settle into his cock, feeling its burgeoning heat fill me. I groaned as I finally settled down, taking him fully within me.

I moved slowly at the start, easing myself up and down, feeling his cock rubbing against me, working on arousing me and exciting me. As my arousal grew it developed some teeth, urging me to greater effort. I started moving faster, rewarded with greater excitement, heat flowing through my veins.

I was moving along nicely now, relishing the effect he had on me. Quite frankly, I found that doing it out here in the park made it even better, knowing I was behaving in a wicked and wanton fashion.

He was groaning softly, pressing up into me when I pushed down, trying to get me to speed up, irritated when I wouldn’t. Why should I? I had established the rhythm I wanted and I was dancing to that beat, quite happy to bounce along in this fashion.

I was panting now, pleasure washing through me, enticing me to greater efforts, my climax offering itself, begging me to take it. It took some effort on my part not to just run with it, but I wanted this to last just a little longer.

I could see it was nearly too much for my beloved coach. A glance over my shoulder and I could see that his face was red and there was lust in his eyes, his cock ready to explode at any moment. I surrendered completely, letting myself go, accepting his urgency and my climax.

I rested on him for a few long moments before slowly lifting myself off him.

“You know, if mother ever catches us she’s going to kill us,” I murmured.

My father just laughed.

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