What the Doctor Ordered – Interlude

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Meredith staggered back through the train, away from the coach seating, through the lounge car, through the dining car (which was serving lunch at the time, a few families partaking of the fare – one little girl at one table giving her a long look as she passed that made her feel as though she’d been caught doing something bad with her barbie doll), through another two cars composed of private cabins (these she hadn’t even realized were part of this train) to the last car before the train was no more. This last car, also, had the narrow closed hallway, silent doors spaced on each side, of a cabin car.

She and this near stranger turned that last corner into this hallway and saw it was empty. For a moment they peered down the hallway, out the door window at the end that looked out upon the railroad tracks receding into the distance, then he suddenly pushed her against the hallway wall and pressed his body against hers, nearly growling, “I can’t wait a second longer.”

Meredith opened her mouth as though possibly responding but then his mouth was on hers and all thought and reasoned coherence bled away in a red haze of surrender.

She had taken only her most important belongings, stuffing them carelessly, in a daze, into her purse. Then she’d taken the hand of this man she’d just barely met – this man who had teased and touched inside her panties with his fingers, who had stopped suddenly, saying something about a cabin, who had then slipped one finger down just into the slickness between her pussy lips then brought it up, glistening, and put it to his mouth, tasting it on his tongue. He had stared straight into her eyes, speaking silent volumes. A silent consent was waiting in those eyes. She had taken his hand and been drawn into the aisle, falling against him as the train rocked, holding onto him as they made their way through the length of the train, not saying another word until they reached his car, when he kissed her. It was all she could do to keep hold of her purse strap.

As they’d passed through almanbahis one of the cars she had glanced down and seen that he was stiff inside his pants, the outline of a hard penis straining down against the inside of his right pantleg. She saw the clear shape of the bulbous pronouncement of its head. It looked large and angry.

Now she felt its anger, pressed against her in the hallway. His hands came around her waist and he pulled himself against her in a powerful grip. Meredith could hardly breathe, could hardly think, or do anything but respond to the hunger in his mouth, in his body. All she seemed really aware of was this man’s body seemingly covering her, wrapping her so closely like a thick blanket of pulsing animal energy, this and the wall behind her. One hand slid down her back, reached below the hem of her dress and came up gripping a cheek of her ass. The fingers seemed taken aback somewhat and even annoyed for a moment at the feel of the silky material they found, but then backed up and attacked anew, forcefully slipping up beneath the panties for a full grip of her smooth skin, cupping an entire cheek in their strong grasp.

Meredith was forced onto her tiptoes in response, and as her own body pushed itself into his. Her pelvis pressed up against the wooden tool in his pants, her breasts mashed against his chest, her mouth an open wound of raw need totally involved in a frenzied tasting with this man. She felt one hand in her hair behind her neck, felt it cup her skin and hold her as though she were a small doll. At the same time the other hand squeezed her ass dirtily and one long finger found its way onto the dimple of her anus, probing it a tiny bit. She growled and moaned into his mouth as her body bucked in his grip; but he held her captive in strong arms.

He backed his teasing finger away and caressed her ass. She tore her mouth away from his, turning her head to the side. “Oh… oh…” she said, trying to catch her breath. “You’re so… you’re so…” Words swam in front almanbahis adres of her… naughty… wicked… bad… evil… GOOD!

“What?” she heard, and turned back to look at him. His eyes looked over her face, straying to her mouth; they looked fascinated, enthralled. Then they looked up into her eyes, shining in an excited fever, “What?” he asked again, caressing beneath her panties with his warm hand.

She wanted to say, stop it, but at the same time wanted to tell him anything but that. Her head fell back against the wall and her eyes closed. “oh, fuck…” she murmured.

She felt his hand come out of her underwear and caress beneath her dress up the small of her back. If anyone were to come out of any of those doors they would get a good sight of her, her dress lifted by his arm. She thought this dreamily but did nothing to stop him. In fact she found one of her legs wrapping itself around his legs, her heel starting to caress up and down the back of one of his calves. Her shoe slipped off and cluncked on the floor.

Then there were two hands under her dress, one stroking the thigh of the leg straying around him, one fondling up and down over her body – up her naked back, down into the back side of her panties, squeezing her cheeks, teasing in the narrow, up her ribcage, lightly brushing knuckles against the side of a breast, making her writhe. He pressed against her anew, trapping her, lifting her leg higher around him – she could feel the firmness of his ass muscles. He was basically holding her up; she didn’t think she would be able to stand proper on her own with just one leg. Pressing her to the wall he tickled the exposed side of her breast under her dress. “UHNNNN-!” she began loudly, but he cut her off with his mouth on hers again. He continued tickling and stroking the soft side of her skin there, then backed off his body just a bit to caress the slope, and the underside of her breast. With her leg held up high around his buttocks, her body began to press and hump, and almanbahis giriş fuck against him in a spontaneous and sporadic rhythm, wanting to rub against the hardness in his pants, in his whole body! She was kissing him back fervently now, her tongue venturing and dancing with his; his being surprisingly unforceful, unrude; being more sensitive, more erotically subtle and romantic than seemed to suit the situation. She wanted it on many other places besides her mouth.

His body backed away a little more and his hand left her breast, tracing down the front of her body… down… down across her ribs, across the smoothness of her tummy, down… her body tensing and pulling back against the wall as his hand, his palm against her, went down further… into her curls of hair, slipping beneath the material, one long middle finger zeroing-in, others spreading to the sides, panties stretched down under the bold intrusion… while mouths together, heatedly searching one another… center finger sliding over and into wet flesh, finding and rolling, allowing lips to swell and flush, to spread open, beckoning… yes… yes… YES…

… GONE!… finger, hand… where?… her leg, his body, his mouth… where!!


Then his: “Are you ok, honey? You look flushed. Here. Lean against me. Let’s get you inside and get some… Oh, hi there. Boy, I think it’s a little too cramped and hot in here. My” (just the slightest hesitation) “wife seems to have had a little fit. C’mon honey, hold on while I open the door…”

A click of a key being inserted, turned, a door opening… moving…

“Don’t forget this, now.” an older man’s voice. Meredith clung to (oh, yes, his name was) David as they both turned back. An elderly woman wearing too much jewelry was looking away down the hall, her mouth in a tight line. A small elegant old man was holding up a shoe, her shoe, Meredith’s shoe. She reached up and took it from him. He looked at her, a spark in his eyes, a small smile on his lips. “You get a welcome rest, now. It’s what the doctor ordered.” He wagged a finger at her scoldingly. “And i don’t want you to leave your room, now, until you feel refreshed and all better.” he added, glancing quickly at your ‘husband’ then you, “It’s what the doctor ordered.”

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