What Might Have Been

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He sat at the bar, sipping his whiskey. Lately, he had been thinking a lot about the past. The history of experiences that had finally led him to this bar stool. Wondering how things would have been if only…

The juke box blared to life, old songs mingling with new. He got up and paid his tab. He drove home, tooling on the radio, not truly hearing any of the songs until one in particular caught his attention. “Blaze of Glory” began its soft intro as he pulled into his driveway. He was suddenly taken back eleven years. Taken back to the last time he had seen her, the one that had gotten away.

They were supposed to have met at a hotel after they graduated Basic Training. A surprise visit from her fiancé quickly derailed any plans they had arranged. The look of sadness in her eyes mirrored the sharp pain he felt in his soul. They were well aware that any meeting they would have had would have been for the one night alone. Their friendship would have lasted, but any romantic aspirations, they were well aware, would not.

He entered his home and went straight to his bar. It wasn’t much, just an odd assortment of bottles for whenever friends decided to drop by. The words to their song echoing in his head, he reached under the bar and withdrew an old, dusty bottle.

It was an old bottle of tequila. It wasn’t the best brand out there, nor was it the cheapest. But it was the one that he had kept since that sorrowful night. It was dusty, having rarely been pulled out into the light. He had managed to keep it, still sealed, through ten long years in the Army. This bottle had been meant for her.

He put the bottle back, half tempted to finally open it. He poured some whiskey instead and sat down. He thought back to those days, her smile making the hardships bearable. He fell asleep thinking about her.

He was back in Basic Training, graduation completed and the dress uniform hung back up with the same care that the drill sergeants had hammered into them all for the last eight weeks. He saw her there, with her family. The smile on her face was radiant, warming him to his soul.

Only, here in this dream world, her fiancé never arrived. He never came along to surprise her. She smiled and hugged him, whispering into his ear that she could not wait until dinner with their respective families were over. He whispered back, telling her the hotel and the room number. Telling her that he could not wait to fulfill the many promises he had made to her. She grinned and blushed slightly, her mother’s eyes filled with questions she would not get any answers to, nor would she want them.

Dinner dragged by for them both. But finally, he was freed. His parents dropped him off at the hotel, questions they knew they did not want answers to remaining unspoken. He rushed in to prepare. He did not know how much time he truly had and he could not afford to waste a second of it.

The room was not much. Even after having saved almost all of his pay for the last two months, there was not much to save. And this town, catering as it did to the military and to graduating soldiers, did not have much to work with.

He turned down the lights after lighting as many candles as he could find. He filled the room with soft music. He placed the tequila his family had brought for him, once again with questions unasked, in Rize Escort the ice bucket. Wishing he could have done more, he had nothing left to do but wait.

It was not a long wait. Less than fifteen minutes, fifteen excruciatingly long minutes, there was a knock at the door. He rushed over, but stopped himself. He did not want to seem too desperate. Did not want to scare her off. Opening the door, he opened his mouth to say something witty but got lost in her beautiful eyes once more.

She giggled as she pushed her way into the room. Any witty remarks of her own were, much as his had been, lost to thought as she saw the effort he had made. She turned quickly and pulled him into a deep passionate kiss.

They both ached to tear the clothing from each other, to rush through the foreplay and go straight to the act that hopefully quench the fire burning within them, fill the aching holes that had consumed them from the moment their eyes had first met up to this day.

But he restrained himself. It was a difficult effort, but one he felt must be made. He knew that they had but one night. One pure moment of bliss that would soon end as they went their separate ways. Struggling to control himself, he pulled away from her.

He poured two glasses of the tequila, handing her the first glass. They touched glasses, smiling at the unspoken toast. As a slow song began to play, he pulled her to him, moving her, awkwardly, in a soft, gentle dance. She could tell that he did not dance often, a fact that he had shared with her not to long before. She knew how uncomfortable he was dancing, and she was pleased to no end that he wanted to share this with her now.

They danced through several songs, their movements slowing until they were kissing once more. This time, though the hunger and ache were still present, the kiss was gentle, tender. Their tongues met and explored and she moaned into his lips.

Finally, unable to resist a moment longer, he gently pushed her away. Reaching up, he slowly began to unbutton her uniform top. The BDUs were intended to be a utilitarian uniform, function over form. But she made them look the height of fashion. He slowly removed her blouse, carefully folding it across the back of a chair. With the same tender slowness, he pulled the brown t-shirt she wore over her head.

He leaned down and lovingly placed a soft kiss at the base of her neck. Her breath caught as she felt his hands caress her sides on their way to her back, inexpertly unclasping her bra. The lacy undergarment was placed with the same tender care on top of the blouse.

Then he kissed her again. His lips heating up against hers. With a soft nudge, he guided her to the bed, laying her down while never breaking the kiss. His hands played down her soft skin, barely grazing, running against the fine, almost invisible hair on her body. Goose bumps rose up all along her body and she shivered.

Breaking the kiss, he slowly moved down her body. A gasp escaped her lips as he tenderly kissed her breasts, taking each nipple into his mouth in turn. Then he moved lower. She bit her lips anticipating his moves. She was surprised when he by passed her belt, but only for a moment. His hands drifted down and then he knelt, taking first one boot in his hands and then the other, slowly untying and removing Rize Escort Bayan them in turn.

Her socks quickly followed. He moved back up and then he finally reached for the buckle on her standard, government issue belt. Her breathing quickened as he slowly undid the belt and then removed her pants, sliding them gradually down, her hips raised to allow him the freedom he needed to slide them completely off. In one slow, yet smooth, motion, he had removed both her pants and her panties, the lacy material that was barely there matching her bra.

She gasped as he kissed her on the inner thighs, his tongue and lips seeming to burn her flesh. She waited, biting her lip as he began to kiss his way inward, toward her soft, clean shaven mound. She groaned as, once again, he by passed the spot she so desired for to attend to. Her groan quickly turned into a gasp as his tongue flashed out and speared her tender clit.

Soon, all too soon, his lips and tongue were lavishing all the attention she could have desired upon her wet womanhood. Then his fingers entered her, sliding in easily despite her tightness, thanks to the large amount of fluids her body was pumping out thanks to the ministrations of his mouth.

She felt herself building up. Her hands quickly wrapped around his head, searching for something to grasp and finding nothing. The military barbers were very thorough in the duties. She bucked against him, her hands pulling his head into her tightly. Then she screamed as the first strong orgasm hit.

She thrashed against him, her legs bashing against his head. But he never stopped. Soon, another, smaller, orgasm tore through her. Now, as wonderful as this feeling was, her body craved more, much more.

She tried to urge him up with her hands. Tried to push him away, but he kept going, kept licking and kissing her. Finally, unable to stand anymore, she begged him to step, to fill her with something other than his fingers and tongue.

He climbed up, kissing her. She reveled in the taste of herself upon his lips. She loved the desire she felt rising from him. Then she pushed him back. Eager to return the favor, she slid down his body, removing his clothes as she went. Unlike him, she took no care with his uniform, tossing it around the room. She slid down to his chest, taking his nipples in her mouth much as he had done for her.

He groaned, a sound half feral and half desperate. She grinned as she moved lower. She was tempted to treat him to the same as he had given her. Tempted to tease and titillate his body as he had done to hers. But as she neared his throbbing member, she could not resist. She quickly took the length into her mouth, licking and sucking, savoring the feel of his skin, the throbbing in her mouth. She was pleased to see that he had shaved just for her, the razor burns still evident upon his skin.

He groaned, unsure if he would be able to control himself, to hold back. What he did not know at that moment was that she did not want for him to hold back. She wanted to feel him shoot into her mouth, taste him as he had tasted her. Unable to resist the urge any longer, he shouted a warning, grabbed her hair and his hips bucked as he came, shooting into her mouth, giving her what she truly desired at that moment.

She swallowed every last drop, Escort Rize loving the taste and the feel. He moaned as she continued to suck him even when he was no longer cumming. She kept him hard, kept him throbbing as she quickly sucked him to yet another orgasm.

Finally, far too sensitive to allow her to continue, he pulled himself out of her mouth, still hard. He pulled her onto the bed, laying her down. He climbed on top of her, sliding between her legs as he kissed her once more.

She moaned as she felt his harness press against her pussy, both aching with a need that had only one resolution. With only the most minor of adjustments, he slid himself into her to his full length. She gasped loudly as their hips ground against each other. He held himself inside of her, unmoving, for a moment, savoring the feeling, the heat radiating from her.

Refusing to just lie there, she ground herself against him, urging him to move. Grinning despite himself, he slid himself out to nearly his full length, leaving only the tip inside. She groaned again as he slide himself back in, this time a little more forcefully than before. He began to thrust in and out, changing his speed and force every few strokes to keep her surprised, expecting.

Once again, she refused this, wanting more. She wrapped her legs around his waist and waited, waited until she could feel him begin his downward plunge back into her. Then she pulled, hard, with her legs, causing him to slam into her, faster and harder than he had intended.

Taking the hint that she had so subtly given, he increased his pace, increased the power of his strokes, until he was practically pounding into her. Her nails tore into his back, leaving long gashes in the skin. Instead of deterring him, slowing him, this only served to cause him to thrust harder.

He could feel her building, hear her breathing change to gasps. He knew that it would not be long before she came, once more. Her moans turned into screams as the one of the most powerful of her orgasms of the night ripped through her. She thrashed against him, her legs still holding him deeply inside her.

He could feel his own orgasm building, feel the heat rising up. He knew he would not be able to hold this one back. He tried to pull out, tried not to cum inside her. He had brought protection for the night but, in the heat of the moment, neither of them had thought to use it. Her legs tightened on him as she felt him trying to withdraw.

She wanted to feel him inside her, feel him explode. This night would not last forever, this night would end far too soon, and once it did the chances of them seeing each other again were very small. She refused to let him out. Then he shouted as his own orgasm ripped through him, causing his body to buck and thrash on its own.

She reached up, pulling him down into a passionate kiss, allowing their orgasms to play their course. Finally, they subsided, but the kiss did not. She kept kissing him until they both could feel sleep creeping up on them. And they collapsed, finally, exhausted and spent. He drifted off to sleep, still hard and stiff inside her. She kissed his forehead lovingly as she drifted off as well, knowing that morning would arrive far too quickly, that this night would soon end…

He woke up from his dream, whiskey tumbler still in his hand. He smiled as the dream began to fade. While he may never remember all the details, he knew the memory of the dream would stay with him forever. Thinking back on the bottle, he resolved to try, one last time, to find this woman who haunted his dreams…

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