What If It was a Love Story

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My story starts after college. Up until then I had a fairly unremarkable life. In fact I married my college sweetheart after graduating, and I thought we were happy, after all we had good jobs, a nice house in Atlanta, went on nice vacations and even had a few bucks in the bank.

Joann and I had been married about 6 years when the baby talks began, first more as a question of when, then she began to see her biological clock ticking as she reached the big “30”.

After a long talk one night it was decided, Jo would go off the pill, and so she did, but after two years of trying and no luck. Jo brought up the subject of doctors and tests, something I was not too keen on, but I loved her, so off we went. After a year of tests and injections, we found out Jo was not able to have children. A blow to her, but, I was settled and happy with things as they were.

We talked about adoption, and even a surrogate. However since Jo could not contribute to a surrogate, and adoption would take years, our thoughts of kids was pretty much put out of our minds, “or so I thought”

As luck would have it one Friday my boss told me the company was opening a new factory in Florida and I had been chosen to oversee the site selection and start up. It would be a year long assignment.

At home that night I broke the news to Jo, who was less then thrilled. She loved her job and was doing well, and did not want to leave it for a year. Since I was to get 1 week off every 8 weeks it was decided I would go on alone. The company would be giving me a huge raise as well, as per diem. So money would not be an issue.

The next 2 weeks I was busy getting ready and planning just what I would need to get the project off the ground while the higher up’s were picking the site, for the new plant.

Just as I was finishing my plans the President of our company announced it would be Tampa, an area well known to me as Jo’s mother Jan, lived in Clearwater only a 30 minute drive from the new site, and we had visited her often over the years living as close as we did only an 8 hour drive away.

At home I broke the news to Jo, who seemed a little too happy that Tampa was where I would be going, after calling her mother it was decided I would stay at her place and we could bank all that extra money.

Now all this seemed pretty innocent to me, I liked Jo’s mother who was only 50 gaziantep escort numaraları and hardly the retiring type. In fact she had been married to Jo’s dad 30 years, who was 20 years older, but had died as he lived on the golf coarse, 2 years earlier, and left Jan pretty well off financially, and with a large beachfront condo.

So, on the following Monday I packed my bags, and headed off to my new assignment. I arrived just about 7 that evening, and was greeted with a warm hug and kiss by my mother-in-law.

Jan, was ready for my arrival, and had made me a great dinner, after which we when out to the deck with a drink and I began to tell Jan about my new job, and how excited I was since this would allow me to jump several levels in the company, and that I had already been named the youngest VP in the company, in order to have the authority I needed for the job.

Now, Jan is really not the mother-in-law type, she is very young looking, with long black hair, pretty face, and fun to be with. But, Jan was by no means the drop dead gorgeous women always written about, she was pretty enough, but had wide hips, flat stomach, but small boobs, which I thought were about a 34B comparing them to my wife’s 36DD’s

Jan and I talked for awhile, until I said, “I really need to get to bed and get an early started in the morning”.

Jan, got up and lead me to what was to be my home for the next year, it was then I became somewhat confused. You see the condo Jan had was quite large and had 2 bedroom wings on either side of the main house and I was to sleep in the room next to Jan, that had an a joining bath. No matter, I began to put my things away, and get ready for bed, after all it was her house.

The next few weeks went by quit fast as I was working 10 hour days, but every night I was welcomed home by Jan, with a great dinner and drinks. I called Jo every night, and she always asked, “how are things going living with my mom”

I told her, “it was certainly better then a hotel room and dinner alone, I loved the company at night, and on the weekends Jan and I would go shopping, or just lay on the beach.” Jo seemed to be pleased we were getting along so well.

Over the next month Jan and I became close friends, even more, we began to appear like an old married couple, especially gaziantep escort bayan numaraları to the people living in the condo, who did not know our real relationship.

Then one Friday night, Jan asked about kids, “after all Jo is my only child, and I’ve always wanted grandkids” she said. After my third drink I began to tell her about Jo’s problem, and there would be no children in our future.

My week off was starting the next day and when I got home Jo, and I made love every night, trying to made up for the time away.

The second day after I got home, Jo started in on me about her mother, things like, “don’t you think mom looks young for her age?’ and “I bet you two look like lovers when you go out”. Then Jo, really dropped a bomb, with, “don’t you get horny, alone with and attractive woman like mom and no sex for weeks at a time?”

Well, the more she talked the more attracted to Jan I became, as I was leaving at the end of the week, Jo’s parting words to me were “give mom a big kiss for me when you get back.”

Well, when I arrived at Jan’s about 8, I was no less surprised then when I had left Jo. Jan had made a transformation, she was dressed in very short, short’s and a bikini top, with high heel sandals, her hair and makeup were perfect, and as usual dinner was ready.

After dinner we went out to the patio, with our drinks, but rather then sitting in the chair a she always did Jan sat next to me in the small swing, I always sat in, it was a tight fit, and I was in my shorts after my trip, and our legs were touching. I could smell Jan’s freshly washed hair, and her perfume began to make my head swim.

As we talked Jan put her hand on my thigh, all this was beginning to work on me, until I began to rise to the occasion. This did not go unnoticed by Jan who moved her hand up higher until, it rested just below, my erection.

All of this was starting to work on me, my own wife asking how I could resist her mother, then Jan, seeming to make a move on me, when all of a sudden I turned my head to look a Jan, who leaned over and kissed me, as her hand move to my now very hard cock. I brought my hand up to Jan’s breast and began to pinch her nipple, as the kiss continued. Then, reality hit me and I pulled away, since I knew we had gone too far.

As escort gaziantep numaraları I was starting to get up Jan began to speak, as she held my leg, “You know Randy, Jo and I have been talking on the phone a lot since you got here, and over the weeks we talked of mostly you, and sometimes me. As for me I’ve been without a man for 2 years now, and I’m hardly old, and your young and going weeks without sex must be difficult?”

Jan told me, “mom I love you and I know over the pass weeks Randy has come to love you too, so what would it hurt if you two got together and. well. sort of help each other out”

“Do you mean Jo, said we should have sex while I’m here?” I said.

“No, Jan said, that since we are really not related by blood, and since we both have needs, we could make love.” “after all I’m hardly going to steal you away from my own daughter.”

All this seemed to make perfect sense… OK, maybe only to me! With that said Jan lead me to her bed. She dimmed the lights and began to undress as I sat there watching this beautiful woman, slowly unveil what I knew was under those clothes all those weeks, wide hips I’d guess about 37″ with a flat stomach, and small upturned breasts, with nipples at least ¾” long.

I couldn’t argue with the logic, especially since my wife was giving her blessing, so I began to undress and lay down next to Jan.

Our mouths came together in a soft, kiss and we began by exploring every inch of each others bodies, my hands moved over Jan’s body, as they left her nipples I replaced them with my mouth ., and moved down over her flat stomach, to her neatly trimmed bush of jet black hair. Her pink lips were already protruding and her juices were flowing.

Jan, had moved her hands from my chest, down to my very hard cock, not 10″ like the stories tell, but a respectable 6 ½” and hard as a diamond, after all this is the first time in 8 years I’ve been with anyone other then my wife.

By this time we were both breathing hard and there was really no time for all that oral stuff, “we needed to make love.” So, I rolled over on Jan found her opening and pushed myself in, it was sweet, wet and I fit her just right. I held myself there for just a minute or two, to enjoy the feeling, Jan enjoyed it too by the look on her face. We began to kiss softly at first then with more urgency.

As I began to move slowly in and out, it felt like I was making love to a wife, not a mother-in-law. And so we went slowly, and we were both enjoying the moment, until Jan began to buck up and breath even harder and I knew she was ready to cum, and speeded up to meet her, as we came together. It seemed like I couldn’t stop cumming. I let myself shrink inside her and slide out before I rolled over, and held her in my arms until we both fell asleep.

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