What If…? Ch. 5

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After a long day shopping and dinner we decide to stay in and maybe watch a movie or two. After all, these last few days have been hectic. So we stop off at the 24 hour video store and we decide on two movies. When we get home the day’s events have gotten to you and you relax on the bed wondering if we can watch the movies in bed. Since we weren’t planning on going out we are already undressed in our ‘sleep’ clothes.

The first movie comes on and you melt into my arms as the opening scenes unravel. By the first love scene your temperature begins to rise. you suddenly feel cold steel against your wrists. With a sly look in your eyes you look into my eyes with longing. Your heart beats faster. Out of nowhere your new ‘toy’ is inserted in you slowly but deliciously. The heat emitting Büyükesat Escort from your loins can start a fire. I position you so all you can see is the television. I leave your ‘toy’ inserted in you and change the tape as I leave the room.

Your eyes almost pop out as you realize that its a porno flick. For the next hour you are forced to watch people receive their ultimate pleasure on the TV screen. You watch as girls have cocks erupt in their mouths, women please each other and women get taken in every way possible. Your ‘toy’ only helps to build up the frustration. your hands are still behind your back and there is little you can do. I return to check to see how you are and the bed is soaked in your cum. You beg me for sexual release. Çayyolu Escort I bend down to taste you and you shiver as my tongue makes contact with your sex. Your sweet honey flows deliciously into my mouth. You beg for a hard release. I tell you it would cost you. You answer you don’t care. Your breasts heave at the thought of my cock entering you.

You suddenly feel me enter you as you gasp you feel a strong stirring in your sex. I encourage you to cum. As you’re about to, you feel me squeeze your nipples. All you see is darkness as you black out from pleasure. After I regain my strength, I release you from your bracelets, only to have you attack me with kisses thanking me for all the pleasure you’ve received over these past Cebeci Escort few days.

Realizing I haven’t cum yet you attack my engorged member. First you slowly use your tongue to tickle the underside, savoring the taste of my precum. You then lick all around like a lioness tasting her first kill. You can’t stand it any longer and swallow it all.

When you come up for air you leave a trail of spit from my cock to your lips. Your appetite for cum has increased over these past few days. You seem to crave it as a nomad craves water. You lock your lips on my cock and use your tongue to coax my cum out. Your eyes plead to me, begging to taste my cum.

Unable to hold back I release what feels like a years worth of cum and you just keep your lock on me drawing deeper in your mouth and then pulling back so I can deposit more on your tongue. When my cock stops twitching, and your are satisfied that I have no more to give you, you release me revealing a mouthful of cum, as you slowly swallow the remainder of my cum and giving one final lick making sure there is no cum left to be had.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32