What I Learned in College Ch. 03

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The idea for these narratives started as talks with my wife about my sex drive vs. hers. She holds the viewpoint that I am somewhat overly focused on sex at our age, which is for us, early our 50s. We have had many discussions and comparing of experiences, what it all actually accomplished is yet to be seen.

If you are in a hurry to get to the fucking and sucking part, this story might go a little slow for the quick stroke folks. Just a heads up!


Chapter 3 — Spring Fling

My first year of college was shaping up to be way more fun than anything I had experienced before. Within a few weeks of the start of school that fall, I had figured out that classes so far were not taking much of my attention to pass. I filled up some time with teaching high school and middle school students private lessons and even playing a few gigs at local churches, recording sessions back home and other sundry money making ventures.

I had also figured out that I was going to drinking, smoking pot and fucking like I had just discovered all three. I had what was supposed to be a one time fling with a girl I had none since elementary school that was a very hot and sexy black girl. The one time status lasted until her boyfriend at an out of state school cheated on her.

I got the benefit of the revenge/break up sex. So far, we had only been together twice. I respected her wishes but kept my fingers.

The major development of the fall was hooking up with Rhonda, a wild curly-haired blonde with 40D boobs and a great sense of humor. We partied and fucked like bunnies, but without any of the relationship/kissing your girlfriend’s ass bullshit that I knew all too well. I kept waiting for the shit to start, but it never really came to be, at least not in the way I expected.

Rhonda and I set aside time to be together and mostly never broke what passed for a date. We went to parties as a couple, we ate together sometimes, but expectations were kept in check. I knew Rhonda saw other people, but it wasn’t my business. She knew about both times I had been with Lenore. Rhonda’s only comment was “How could you not do her…she’s fucking hot!” I’m pretty sure the only thing in way of a three-way was Lenore’s unlikely acceptance of the possibility.

Sunday afternoon about 3 pm become our time. The record was 10 Sundays in a row from January through mid March. We also made some trip and got away from campus and all the bullshit that goes with living in dorms. My time with Rhonda lingers in my mind as a very happy time.

You might have thought that would be enough, hunh? No, it wasn’t and I was soon to learn a lesson a mocking other guys that slept with every girl they could get naked or near enough to get the job done.

In the spring, several beauty pageants happened in the area. At that time, each event contracted musicians to play in the show band for incidental music and for the talent portion of the show as needed. The pageants too paid well and I glad to play three local events that spring.

My roommate and hometown buddy got me those jobs and set me up as one of the arrangers for the contestants on two of the pageants. If you have any clichés in your mind about what that might have been like, focus on the ones about how bitchy the contestants can be. My buddy Curt kept the biggest bitches for himself and let me work with what he called the “cup cakes” with the additional admonishment of:

“Don’t try to get to be the cream filling …it never goes well.”

I did fine until the third pageant. One of my writing projects at the “Miss Lake You’ve Never Heard Of” pageant was a stunning 5″-8″, short haired, brunette 20 year old with a swimmer’s body, a 34D bust and a nice ass that was a combination of firm and lush that one doesn’t see on a Caucasian girl very often.

The worst problem in not becoming interested in Joy was that she happened to be nowhere near the zip code of being a bitch. She wasn’t a trained singer, but she had a lovely voice. Where I’m pretty I got into trouble with her was the extra attention she got from me to get her ready for the show. I even set her up with some vocal coaching from another friend who did a great job helping Joy have more confidence and skill with her voice.

After about the third or forth lesson with her vocal couch, Joy found me in the Fine Arts Building lobby and gave me a hell of a hug and a kiss on the cheek saying she could wait for me to hear her sing “Now That I know what to do…” etc. No one missed that show and it earned me another bit of advice from Curt.

“If you’re going to fuck her, wait until the week just before the pageant. She’ll have some nervous energy to work off and you might as well be the one…”

When I asked him how he knew that, I got no answer except for a “been there, done that” smile. I put it out of my mind as I was treating my relationship with Rhonda like a “relationship”. Why screw it up over a little strange? It also occurred to me that Rhonda almanbahis giriş wasn’t my girl friend even if we did hang out, get high and fuck on a regular basis. What could Rhonda possible say to me as long as I didn’t rub her nose in any affair I might choose to have?

The other “sticky part” was that Joy ended up owing me money for the arrangement I orchestrated for her. Curt had taught that the deal was half the money up front and the other half at the pre-dress rehearsal for the contestants that used the pit band as accompaniment for their talent.

Joy didn’t have the money at that rehearsal. I don’t even remember her excuse. Over the few weeks before the pageant, I had learned that Joy wasn’t a spoiled little bitch whose adventures were funded by Mom and Dad. She was working for her money and had been too busy to think about this rehearsal and when she last got a paycheck.

She also started tearing up and blubbering about the situation. I declared it to be not a problem, mostly because I had enough money to more than make ends meet and secondly so she would stop fucking crying. Fuck me and I don’t mean literally.

I’d rather take an ass whipping that deal with crying women!

No more was said of it until the night of the pageant. Joy sang great and finished second in the talent category as well as finishing runner up. She was happy with the results and that was all that I needed to know.

The money was far enough out of my mind that I was more interested in getting to the musician’s after party at Linda’s house. Curt and Linda were fiancés and would marry after they graduated.

As I cleared the loading dock door of the auditorium, I heard Joy say, “You’re in a big hurry, but you forgot something…”

As I stopped and turned she tried to hand me something. With both of arms full of the trapping we needed to get through the show, she dropped the unsealed envelope and the money spilled out. We almost knocked heads making sure the twenties and tens didn’t fly away on the breeze.

Once we got the job done and made eye contact the negotiation began with me saying:

“Joy, it’s too much…you don’t need to overpay me…please…”

“Mal, I screwed up and I want you to take what I owe you and some interest.” She countered. “Don’t make me beg you. I might cry again…”

That made me snap a bit and I answered, “Fuck it. I’m not going to argue with you…”

She beamed as if she had won another award and flowed up with; “Good. I didn’t want to argue either.”

She paused before blurting out: “Since you’re not arguing with me, take me to the musician’s party please. I did a good enough job to go…right?”

Joy was doing a fairly good imitation of a being needy. It was all for show, but she was serious about wanting to go. Being the only one of the dozen or so girls in the pageant that had bothered to thank the pit band, she had earned her way to the party. Besides, showing up with her in tow would shake things up a bit and make me look less like Rhonda had me “whipped”. Everyone knew Rhonda was in rehearsals for a play all weekend, or most likely, she would have been there with me, but not as my girl friend…fuck me…

Joy followed me to Linda’s and we found ourselves there in no time. When she got out of her car, it occurred to me how beautiful she was without all the gowns, outfits and such from the pageant.

While I had been putting away my trombone, helping pick up the music and other sundry after gig tasks, she had been scrubbing herself fresh and changing into a really simple outfit of figuring hugging jeans, a short sleeve v-necked black knit blouse and black slides with a bit of heel. She was gorgeous and ready to party.

We went into the scene fashionable late and were at least two drinks behind everyone else. The party was in such full swing that our entrance was hardly noticed. I did get to enjoy Curt almost doing a spit with a swallow of beer as he saw us walk in together.

Joy was not by nature a “clinger”. She was not there to hang on me and make a show.

I did the gentlemanly thing and got her a Bourbon and 7up and then didn’t really feel the need to keep tabs on her whereabouts. She worked the room and visited with folks she knew and so did I. That was the way things were for a while.

The party progressed in the way that all gatherings do and sometime near midnight the crowd had thinned to the usual suspects which meant that things were about to shift from drinks and snacks to toking up.

By the time the bong made it’s appearance we were only eight in number and had found our way to the couch and overstuffed chairs squared up around the fireplace.

The other six folks made the well defined couples and were all members of the university band. Joy was the odd duck in that way, but seemed to be able to hang in all other ways.

There had been a little episode of gathering up debris from the party. We had all helped and made the job go quickly. almanbahis yeni giriş Somehow, the other seven of us had made our way to the den without Joy. She rounded the corner from the kitchen just in time to see Curt lighting up the bong and one of the other guys packing a pipe.

My curiosity as to Joy’s reaction to the marijuana was short lived. Her eye’s widened as she spoke, saying,

“I knew this was the right party. This beats the hell out of hanging out with those spoiled bitches…”

Everyone cracked up at the substance and honesty of her observation.

Joy needed a seat unless she was going to take a spot on the floor. When got up to offer her my seat on the end of the coach, she looked me in the eye and said,

“Sit down, hon…I’m good…”

Not only was her remark familiar, but also she parked herself between my legs at an angle that let her use my left leg as a backrest while draping an arm over my thigh. I saw Linda’s eyes narrow a bit as if to say, “Well…this is interesting.”

The bong and the pipe were making counter circuitous routes around the group and most of us were doubling up and taking hits from both vessels. The result being that it didn’t take long for at least six of us to be totally stoned. Linda always maintained control, as did one of the other girls.

Joy and I were totally gooned on the weed. After the third double pass, she helped herself up by grabbing both my thighs and flopped herself onto my lap with her left ass cheek firmly against my quickly become more than half hard cock.

It was just a moment before Joy looked me in the eyes and winked. What a little tease. You rub my thigh ever so slightly with your elbow not quite in my crotch and then sit on the result of your work! I was way stoned and horny enough to wish she would be sucking my cock soon. It’s likely that I might have well as wore a t-shirt stating that thought.

Linda was looking at us like in an amused manner. Or maybe it was her “some bodies about to fuck up and or get fucked” face. It didn’t concern me.

Joy received what had to be an almost empty bong and hit it hard before handing it across the table to Curt. She held the smoke, turned my face towards her with a gently hand and shot gunned the smoke to me with a full on lip lock! I barely noticed the mellow smoke. What I did notice was Joy’s soft, slightly wet lips and lightly probing tongue.

All I could think was “keep your hand on her thigh…no groping and no tit grabbing!”

She had me right then and she and everyone else not too stoned to pay the least bit of attention knew it.

Joy kept eye contact after the kiss and then did a horrifying thing considering my condition. My swollen, agitated cock was bowed up in my pants, half escaping from my boxers. I’m not huge, but only a blind man wouldn’t have noticed.

Joy got off my lap saying, “Be right back…”

Fuck! I’m sure my face was red.

Linda did nothing to defuse my embarrassment by asking, “Did you poke her with that thing or use it to help her up?”

I wasn’t too stoned to let that go. “You can come over her and find out for yourself.

There’s plenty to get around.”

Curt piped up saying, “Make ’em buy a ticket, Mal!” which broke everyone up and let me off the hook, at least for the moment.

When the laughter eased up, Linda redirected me to something useful by saying,

“Go check on Joy. She looked really wasted.” She could have checked on Joy, women do that for each other. It was way more fun for Linda to give me a nudge as see what happens.

As I shambled up and walked towards the back of the house and the bathroom, Curt caught my eye and gave me the international blowjob signal, you know the one, fist toward face and tongue poking cheek. Linda slapped his arm as she and the other cracked up.

When I got to the start of the hallway, I called out her name. As assumed, she was in the bathroom. The door opened and she pulled me in, pushed me against the linen closet door and with a hand to the back off my head, she kissed me again with an intensity that made me pretty sure about where this was going.

I had noticed a few other clues about Joy’s condition as well. Whatever else she had done while in the bathroom, she had splashed some cold water on her face in an effort to sober up a bit. The results of her efforts were disclosed by her general forwardness and that fact that while her pants were pulled up, was only about three-fourths the way back in them with her top button undone and her zipper at least halfway down.

Leaning against me in a sort of hug that was helping her stand up position, she had made a discovery of her own.

“Mal…you’re still pretty hard. I thought if I got off your lap for a minute, you might not be so stiff.”

I answered her; “I was doing a little better until you kissed me again.”

“Are saying it’s my fault?”

“I’m saying I can’t help myself. You’re hot.” I answered, telling almanbahis the truth.

Then she offered up a spew of information that cleared up any doubts I had about the evening’s weirdness.

“Mal, this is sort of fucked up. I am so horny… you have been so sweet and you’re very tall and handsome. This pageant stuff was a bitch and my loser ex-boyfriend blew me off over the holidays. He was really selfish, but at least I was getting something…I really like you…”

Oh, shit…exhausted, stoned, break-up, rebound sex…we were doomed to be a one-night stand. It didn’t matter how nice I was to her, she had to get up in the morning remembering this and feel like an easy lay. The only question left is how big an asshole she would think I was for us using each other.

I was stoned and my cock did not give a damn. If she was into it, why should I be the one to put on the breaks?

Taking the first chance of the evening, other than letting Joy come with me in the first place, I kissed her briefly and then spun her around with her back to me pulling her close to me and leaning against the counter a bit so my hard on would be rubbing her ass crack.

I rubbed her left breast with my left hand through her top and let my right hand rest on her stomach at where her pants would have meet, had they been properly done up. Her left hand was clasped over mine so as to encourage the breast massaging. Her right hand was between us and gave her the advantage as it was caressing my ball sack through my pants.

Emboldened by her efforts, I eased my other hand into her panties on my way to her nether lips. She was very wet and juicy. It was as if we were on round two for the evening. She most of been as turned on or more than I had become. She had shaved her pubic hair down to a narrow “landing strip” that was amazingly soft and downy for trimmed pubic hair.

Not knowing her sensitivity, I left her clit alone for the moment and instead rubbed my middle finger through her slit as gave her cunt a bit of squeezing. The bathroom began to smell like Joy’s pussy. The slightly spicy aroma made me wanted to eat her, lick her clit and see if I could make her cum several times with my lips, tongue and fingers only.

While she was groping my cock through my pants and trying to get the buttons undone back-handed, I was distracted her by continuing the finger her slippery lips while rubbing the general area around her clit with the tip of my thumb. In addition to having her pants half way down to her knees, her front clasp bra was now undone (her doing) and my other hand was palming and squeezing both of her way more than a handful tits.

She was making progress exposing my cock as she had managed to undo several of the buttons of my fly but was not doing so well with the belt or getting her hand into the front of my boxers. She groaned in frustration from one situation or another.

“Damn…help me! She pleaded.

I cup her left breast and lightly pinched the extended nipple between my first and ring fingers as I “tuned in” her clit with the thumb and forefinger of my other hand.

I was rewarded with feeling her give a full body shiver and hearing her say, ever so softly, “I my fucking gawd…I’m so close…”

Using three fingers gathered closely together, I began to spank her pussy lips and occasionally her clit and continued working over both breast alternatively as I got her getting her ever closer. Using my middle finger to penetrate her as I continued, she would have doubled over in orgasm if I hadn’t held her tight.

Something made me turn her around and push her against the counter as I kissed her and finished dropping my pants. After leaning down to pull her panties and jean off one of her legs, I kissed her right on her engorged clit before lifting her up enough to get her bum on the edge of the counter. As I edged in toward my goal, she through a leg over my hip to help give my hard on access to her wet cunt which I slipped into about half way at first stroke.

Reaching around to pull her in a close to me as possible, I got a handful of her wonderfully firm ass. Reaching underneath her to lift her ass of the counter, my middle finger brushed across her anus. Something made me start rubbing her tender hole in small light circles, not unlike I would rub an engorge clitoris.

Joy pushed her ass back against my caressing finger saying, “Doit…touch me there.”

Before I could thing about turning her around and ass fucking her over the counter,

I began to have a case of twitchy balls. That told me about how long I was going to last, so I put it to her hard for what couldn’t have been even a minute.

She held me by the arms groaning at each thrust. I had to know, so I quickly licked the tip of my middle finger and put it in her ass. She took my finger to the second joint no problem. I fucked her in both holes

All she managed to say before I flood her with pent up cum was “Give it…oooh!”

My last strokes had made wet smacking sounds as our juices combined.

For a moment, we were just breathing. Then Joy said, “I just came again…”, just before we heard Linda say from just outside the door: “You two go to bed. Mal, you know where the guest bedroom is…’night…”

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