What Have I Gotten Into?

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“Oh god” what has she gotten herself into now!!!!!

Going to a bar was not unusual for her. She always met old friends there and they danced, flirted. Occasionally she’d go home with someone and just have a friendly fuck. Nothing serious.

She had split from her husband some months ago, and of course reconciliation was going to happen but now she was having fun.

Tonight she had met up with some old school chums, guys and gals and they all drank pretty heavily, a lot of dancing, flirting, talking old times.

One of the men was a Black guy named Ken, he always seemed to steer towards her and in school years ago he would make lewd comments to her. He had asked her out many times but she wasn’t into the mixed thing. He made comments about her breasts and how sexy she looked.

This was now, she was a few years older and school was a history item now. She would dance with him and others when asked. He still made comments on how good she always looked, how he had wanted to date her in school. Once he followed her to the restroom and when she exited he grabbed her and kissed her feeling her breasts as he did. Now she had never dated, kissed or even fooled around with a Black man so she put it off as playing and alcohol.

On this night she was feeling really good and noticed that Ken and some of the other guys had been leering at her all night. Their eyes told her what they were thinking. Again she passed it off as playing and flirting.

They had always had a drink ready for her and between dancing a lot and the warm lounge she drank quite a lot. The last drink he got for her was way to much for her. She felt a little weird after consuming it. The bar closed and she was having a hard time focusing and walking for that matter.

Ken took her keys and said he’d drive her home so she’d get home safely. Drunk or for whatever reason she offered no resistance. He said very little during the drive and only looked at her and smiled. Sometime later they arrived at her apartment and he walked her to the door, opened it and led her inside.

He immediately took her in his arms and kissed her. Her body was confused but seemed to accept the kiss and the wandering hands that came with it . He took her hand and placed it on his hard erect cock. This was the 1st black cock she had ever felt and it did actually feel good to her.

She did pull away and said “Ken look I kind of feel really funny can we call it a night, thank you for driving me home?”.

He looked at her and said “well maybe later I’ll go but right now we need to have some fun. You see, in school you were nice enough to us guys but you didn’t date any of us. We all thought you were sexy and wanted to fuck you but you stayed with guys in the next town. So tonight it is make up time.”

She pulled back and stood there unable to say anything. She was perplexed and couldn’t say anything.

Ken went to the door, opened it and in walked 4 other men, 2 black and 2 white. She knew them by name in school but really didn’t know them all that well.

Ken said “we’re going to play a game, we’ll ask questions, if you answer them correctly we will remove an item of our clothing, if you are wrong then you remove an item.”

She replied, “Well, no way. This isn’t right and I’ve never done anything like this.”

Ken said “well tonight is the night you will I guess”.

The guys all sat on the couch and she stood before them embarrassed yet a bit excited. Unnerved she just stood there not knowing what to do or say.

Tom asked “have you ever done a strip for guys?”

She said “no.”

They all believed her and all men removed their shirts. The guys were pretty Escort bayan shaped out and a tingle went thru her looking at them.

John asked “have you ever tried anal sex?”

She instantly responded “NO.”

They all laughed and one guy said “we think you’re lying, so remove something.”

She hesitated and started to protested at which time Tom grabbed her T shirt and just pulled it over her head. She was standing in front of them in just her jeans and bra and she knew her hard nipples were readily visible underneath the lace.

Joe asked “have you ever been in a 3-some?”

“No” she replied, one asked again the same question and she insisted “no”.

All the guys stood, unzipped their pants and let them fall. Standing before her in their underwear the guys stood, the tips of their cocks peeping out from the top of their underwear. She swallowed hard and yet couldn’t take her eyes away from the erect cocks before her.

Bill spoke up and asked “Have you ever swallowed cum?”

She started to reply but he said “liar.”

Bill told her “remove your jeans.”

She hesitated.

Ken became agitated and said “Fuck this damn game, strip her and lets have fun.”

Bill reached and suddenly unsnapped her jeans. As they hit the floor someone else grabbed and removed her panties.

She stood there and watched as they all began to remove their underwear.

One guy said “Sue you are going to love this.”

Another said “Baby you are going to get so fucked you’ll be worn out.”

Bill grabbed her hand and literally tugged her to the bedroom and the guys followed.

Bill pushed her back to the edge of the bed, pushed again and laid her backwards onto the bed.

She was scared yet excited. Tense yet in awe of what was happening, unsure whether to get up and run or see what happens next.

She was definitely embarrassed being nude and exposed to 5 men but also she felt good because she turned them on. She knew she had a 3 some in the past but 5 men, 5 cocks, some being strangers had her wondering what to expect and it also did scare her.

Ken said to her ” raise her legs high in the air and spread your legs so we could see that pussy we have all wondered about.”

Like a puppy she obeyed and raised her legs, holding them by her ankles and spread her legs wide.

“Gawd, what am I doing?” she thought. She was so embarrassed and yet turned on by their leers and crude remarks.

One said “Look at that pussy juice, it is flowing from her”.

Another said “I always wanted to see that pussy.”

Tom then told her “lower your legs but spread herself wide for them.”

She bent her knees keeping her legs open for their gaze, she closed her eyes a bit feeling like a whore. She was actually was being turned on being on display like this.

Tom said ” move her hips like you are fucking someone.”

She again obeyed and was grinding the air like she was actually being fucked. She felt herself being turned on even more by her own vulgar display.

Joe said “finger your pussy for us”.

She did as directed and was grinding and moaning as her fingers found the spots she loved so dearly. She fingered herself and somehow forgot they were there because she was so into her pleasure . She drove her finger deep inside until she uttered a muffed scream and climaxed.

They all voiced their approval and she then realized what she had done for them. She tried to look away.

Tom said “you loved your finger wait until you have our cocks.” He then grabbed and turned her over onto her knees and elbows. She was then sideways on the bed exposing her pussy Bayan escort and now her asshole to their leers. Her head was over the other side.

Ken said “Sue I want you to suck all the guys cocks.”

They all differed and there was average cocks, a few long thick cocks and all was erect and ready for her attention.

The white cocks she was used to but the black ones intrigued her because of the different textures, colors and just them being the unknown to her.

The guys stood in front of her and she reached out to touch the first one and take it in her mouth. The saltiness of his cock was strong but she sucked it all in and licked his big vein on the underside as she sucked. He grabbed her by the hair and started shoving his cock in and out of her mouth.

The “rape feeling” she now had turned into a huge turn on and she felt herself enjoying being used by this man.

Her one hand was holding his shaft and the other sneaked between her legs to play with her clitoris.

Tom remarked “hey guys I think she likes being used like a whore.”

The words excited her even more and she sucked the cock deeper. Before she realized this man pulled his cock from her mouth. It was before he would cum and another cock took its place.

For what seemed like an hour she sucked each mans cock to the point of climax but they didn’t cum. She did taste the pre cum from each and all had a different taste to them.

Her mouth was getting sore but when the last one withdrew she found herself seeking another. She had climaxed twice by her own finger and wanted more. They stood around her as she sucked, licked and moaned.

She felt someone behind her pulling her ass cheeks apart and then when a tongue touched her puckering asshole making her body twitch. With the flickering tongue on her asshole she felt her body shake with a spasm. She instantly came again with an intensive she hadn’t felt before. The tongue was circling her asshole and she was moaning, groaning and cumming.

Her voice was yelling “Ah fuck.Please lick my asshole. Please, please finger it.”

At that moment whoever was behind her pushed a lubed finger inside her asshole. She jerked and pushed back, fucking that finger with her ass. She was totally into the scene now, she didn’t care who or how she was fucked.

Bill asked her What do you wanted?”

She yelled at him, “Damnit do whatever you want to do to me okay!!!. Fuck me, fuck my ass, cum on me I don’t care anymore. Just do it NOW!!!!!”

He wanted to get all he could from her and told her “beg for it.”

She was now beyond even caring. She was still on her elbows and knees, ass exposed, pussy open for their gaze. Her eyes blurred with passion, her mind numbed by want. Her embarrassment and all morals were gone.

She looked up at the 5 of them and moaned,” Ken, Joe, Tom who the fuck ever ,I’ll be your whore tonight. Okay, I am sorry I didn’t fuck you in school. Just use me like the slut I am, eat my pussy, fuck me, fuck my ass, fill me with your cum. I’ll swallow your cum. I’ll do anything you ask just lets do it now.”

The guys enjoyed seeing her lowering herself. They were finally getting to do to her what they always wanted to do. They laughed and knew they were in for a wild night with this used to be stuck up slut.

Ben told her “Suck Ken’s cock.”

As she grabbed for Ken’s cock, Tom was behind her and jabbed his hard cock in her pussy. She yelled and pushed back for more.

Tom was fucking her like a madman, slamming into this white women. A woman who he always wanted to fuck.

She was sucking Ken’s cock and reaching out for another to masturbate. The Escort scene was getting chaotic and sexual. She was a whore in training at this point. Her mind just concentrated on being used and satisfied. She sucked and licked Ken’s cock and balls, traced her tongue over his black sac and felt the explosion begin as he emptied his cum in her mouth.

She instinctively swallowed not wanting to miss a drop. It was the first black mans cum she had ever tasted and she began to cum just by this alone. Her cumming made Tom start spewing his seed into her pussy. Two down and 3 to go was all she was thinking.

Tom pulled out of her and Joe took his place behind her but he had other ideas. The tip of his above average cock touched her asshole and easily slid in making her yelp out loud.

” Oh, it is too big.” He cared less and shoved it in more. She again yelped “Please it is too big, it is too big” As he slid it in and out her voice changed. She now began to yell “awwww gawd, yes,yes, give it to me. Fuck me, fuck my ass.”

Joe was having a dream come true by fucking her ass, all these years of wanting to fuck her he was now doing it. He was slamming into her ass and the smacking sounds filled the room when his balls hit her ass cheeks. He grabbed her hips and was pounding her as she yelled for more.

Another man sat in front of her, grabbed her head and pulled her mouth to his cock. Her eyes opened to look at him as her mouth closed over his cock. Her muffled moans and groans were loudly heard by all the guys. She swallowed his cock without even hesitating.

Before to long the guy uttered “I’m CUMMING!”

His salty cum hit the back of her throat and she greedily swallowed it. She was wanting more as another guy took his place and she was sucking a new cock wanting his cum.

Tom finally had to climax and she felt the hotness of his cum hitting her bowels and she began to cum again. Her cum made the man she was sucking shoot his load and again she swallowed.

No one had her pussy again and she rolled over, spread her legs and said “Okay motherfuckers, you wanted my pussy ,now come get it.

With this wanton action each man climbed between her legs, shoved their cocks in her hot wet pussy. She gave them all the fucking they had all wanted.

For the remainder of the night she would suck cock and fuck them all. She was covered and also filled with their cum. Whoever didn’t fuck her ass did so before they stopped. She was a mess and yet fulfilled from the night.

Thinking about what she had done she felt bad about being used and taken by so many guys but also she had unknowingly fulfilled a fantasy.

Her pussy and ass seeped cum, her mouth was so sore. Dried cum caked her mouth and lips. Her body was so tired and as she laid in front of them they dressed to leave.

Now embarrassed, she looked up as she covered her body with a sheet and said “Please don’t tell anyone about this okay? You had your fun and it was nice. You finally got what you wanted but I don’t want people and especially my husband to know about it, we are getting back together soon.”

Tom looked at her and said ” Well I guess you don’t want us to show this video around huh?” As he said that he took a camcorder off the nightstand where he placed it earlier.

In her sexual craziness she didn’t see him do that. Tom said, “No one would believe us unless we taped it.”

She was horrified when he showed it to her. She begged, “Please don’t do this.”

Joe spoke up and said “well okay we won’t pass the tape around but, we would like an occasional repeat performance.”

She breathed a sigh but he continued “In fact there is a gang bang being planned we think you are going to be the main course.”

Aghast she knew then she was in terrible trouble.

Deep in her mind she silently wondered how many men they had planned for and just laid back as they left.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32