What Happened Under the Moonlight

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She shivered in the cool air as she sat by the cabana waiting for him. Ruby knew he’d gotten her e-card. But what had been his reaction when he found it?

Here she waited for him. Not wrapped up with a bow but sitting on the chaise dressed in a robe that covered her red bikini.

Everyone had given him their birthday present except her. She hadn’t brought anything to her friend’s house when she spent the night.

Except herself, and some things in a night bag…but she knew why she had accepted Tiffani’s invite to help her celebrate her father’s birthday.

Tiffani had been an accidental pregnancy that pushed two college students to marry earlier than planned. Her father traveled a lot as president of a securities firm and her mother had headed back to school after raising Tiffany and her younger brother Luke. Luke was overseas doing his military stint before he’d go to college and eventually work for his father.

Devlin had arrived back from a job last night to celebrate his birthday. A few years shy of 50, he cut an impressive figure. His body hardened by his training when he’d been a mercenary. He’s always been rough around the edges.

That’s why he fascinated her. She’d watched him from a teenager’s eyes until she’d grown older and now having just turned 19, she viewed him much differently.

She knew he viewed her differently too. She’d known that since the night at the beach house. She’d accompanied Tiffany’s family to barbecue after a day of swimming and sunning on the exclusive strip of beach. They’d been cleaning up, her and Devlin while Tiffany was outside and Gloria his wife was running an errand in town.

The tension had been building up between them all day. The way their eyes met on their way to look at something else. The way he had carefully embraced her when she had arrived being oh so careful where he placed his hands.

“So what you think of the beach here?”

His attempt to keep it casual while they had washed dishes and put them away in the cupboard…with him dressed in shorts and a casual shirt and she in her pink bikini which showed off her tanned skin and cutoffs.

“It’s great,” she said, putting a dish aside, “When I’m older and settled in a career I’m going to have a house like this one to retreat to…”

“Yeah it’s great…when I’m home after an assignment,” he said, “So relaxing, the water’s warm and the kids have always loved it.”

She didn’t want to be reminded that one of his kids was her best friend.

“Thanks for inviting me…coming back from my first year at college it’s been so stressful with exams.”

“But you’re doing very well aren’t you,” he said, “Sometimes I wish Tiffany had your outlook on the future. She doesn’t give it much thought.”

Ruby wasn’t thinking about Tiffany right now but she smiled anyway.

“Yeah well it’s not always what it’s cracked up to be,” she said, “I feel like I’ve missed out on a lot.”

“Like what?”

She felt suddenly shy under his intense gaze. His dark hair slightly rumpled and his grey eyes crinkled at the corners from years in the sunlight.

“Like going to parties…making lots of friends…having a boyfriend.”

He smiled.

“There’s plenty of time for that,” he said, “You’re very pretty Ruby. I imagine you’ve attracted your share of attention.”

“Maybe but I just don’t have the time…”

“Now you do…now that it’s summer,” he said, “I know you have that job at the nursery…Mac’s a good guy.”

“Yes he is…and I’ve loved working for him in the summers,” she said, “Maybe it’s time to make time for finding someone…at least for the summer.”

She felt something change in the air between them. He reached out and played with a strand of her hair.

“Damn Ruby…what I just thought,” he said, “I should be shot for it.”

She liked the way his fingers felt when they brushed her skin.

“For what…what were you thinking?”

He sighed, running a hand through his hair.

“No…forget it…we’re almost done here and Gloria will be back soon.”

She took a step toward him.

“Not yet she won’t…please tell me…did I do something wrong?”

He shook his head.

“No…but I’m about to…damn I’m hardly a saint Ruby…I’ve had my moments…but I love my family.”

“Nothing wrong about that and what about me makes you say such a thing?”

He looked away.

“When I look at you…I don’t see my daughter’s best friend, I see a beautiful young woman,” he said, “and I think about what I want…and it’s not for your ears.”

She tilted her face.

“You mean you want me?”

He turned away then and she knew she got her answer.


He looked at her again.

“I want you too.”

He sighed.

“You don’t know what you want.”

Irritation hit her at his attitude.

“How do you know,” she said, “Are you inside my head or do you just want to get inside my pants?”

He rubbed his forehead.


“I want you to be my lover this summer…no commitment.”

“I’m married…”

She nodded licking her lips.

“I şişli escort know…but my parents were married and it didn’t last so what does it mean anyway?”

He looked at her, and the conflict she read on his face. She knew she had his attention.

“How many lovers have you even had?”

She couldn’t answer that question.

“I take it that means none? Ruby what the hell are you thinking? You need to find a nice guy your age…”

She smiled.

“You’re nice…and guys my own age don’t get me.”

She took one step closer to him, carefully measuring it.

“Come closer Devlin…please…”

He resisted as she knew he would but his eyes examined her and lingered on all the wrong places. So she moved even closer to bridge the gap. She then reached to place her hands on his broad chest and after she did that, she leaned closer so she could reach his lips. Her mouth brushed against his and he didn’t pull back. She deepened her kiss, carefully exploring his mouth with her own. His stubble scratched her skin which she liked.

“Oh Ruby…”

His hands reached to cup her breasts slowly at first but once he got his hands on her she knew he wouldn’t stop. He rubbed the fabric of her bikini against them, she knew he’d felt her hardening nipples.


He kissed her back, even harder, so practiced it nearly took her breath away. She knew he’d kissed many women. His hands cupped her breasts squeezing them slightly as he maneuvered her against the sink. She felt his lips trap her own between them, sucking at them before releasing them and she felt her head spin. His hands on her breasts made them ache. It made another part of her much lower ache too. She moved that part of her against him, coaxing a response.

He groaned and she took that as a cue to slide one of her hands down to his groin and cupped the bulge underneath it. She rubbed it feeling it grow and push against fabric to reach her.


“You like that,” she said, “I do too…”

He kissed her harder, and she felt his tongue probing her lips, trying to find a way to breach them to slide into her mouth.

“We can’t do this…”

She gently squeezed his cock fighting to get out of his pants.

“We are doing this…”

She started to unzip his pants to get closer to him. She felt him push her harder against the sink and one of his hands slip between her thighs pressing against her pants. She knew right now he wanted to pull her clothes down and fuck her against the sink…god she wanted him to do that. But with Tiffany outside…not a good idea…

“Devlin…we have to stop.”

“You’re the one who got started Ruby…”

His breath sounded uneven.

“Don’t start something you aren’t willing to finish.”

She sighed as he slid his hands into her cutoffs…too too close…

“I want this…god I do but not here…I don’t want anyone to do about us…and what’s we’re going to do.”

He sighed withdrawing his hand but both of them to cup her ass.

“Okay so when?”

She straightened her clothes in front of him after he took his hands off of her.

“Soon…god I can’t believe it…”

“Believe what?”

“That I came on to you…”

“Me neither but now that you did,” he said, “You’ve gotten me thinking how much I want you…”

She nodded.

“Okay…I’ll let you know…when.”

They separated enough so that when Tiffany came in to ask Ruby to go take a walk on the beach with her, she didn’t suspect.

Close enough…but next time…

She knew that he must have seen the card by now. The writing, simple and direct, below a photo of her lying on a bed without a stitch of clothing on her body, except a nice red silk bow over her pussy…waiting….not the first photo she’d sent him. After the night at the beach, they hadn’t seen each other which left…other forms of communication.

Emails and texting…he didn’t write much about his work, for security reasons. Her life was pretty dull what with sorting plants on shelves all day and working the register. At night, she and Tiffany went to the dance clubs, to movies and sometime ate dinner at her house.

Perfect for her and Devlin…because there was plenty else to talk about…in short, terse yet descriptive sentences when they texted. More detailed when they emailed…pretty explicit. She blushed when she read some of it and remembered who was writing it.

“What are you wearing…I got some time by myself and my hand’s wrapped around my cock. Thinking about you.”

“I’m dressed in a short skirt and high heels…a sheer blouse and no bra.”

“Panties….what color?”

“Hmmm…red…I’m sitting out while Tiffany’s on the dance floor…”

“Oh god…if I bend you over…I could see those panties…and slide them off of your legs…”

“Mmmm…I’d like that…I’d like it more if you’d fuck me from behind…against that oak desk in your study…”

“I’m rubbing my cock imagining that it’s sliding in and out of your pussy…wish it were.”

“mmm….you come back soon…it will be…”

She smiled when she texted him, eagerly awaiting his response. They sent each other photos of each other through texting and when she saw the first photo of his cock hard and thick, she felt her panties grow wet. God, it might be wrong to lust after Tiffany’s father but she couldn’t help it. She responded by sending him a photo of her pussy after she had climaxed.

All this did though was further whet her appetite. The more she texted him trying to fill the miles between them, the more she wanted him. He’d write her emails about what he wanted to do with her, how much he wanted to fuck her, lie her down on the floor and tongue her pussy sucking her juices as she came. In his writing, he never hid what he wanted…the one where he mentioned tying her up to a post and taking her from behind, left her frustrated…and wanting.

Tiffany had no clue what was going on inside her head even when they walked into a sex shop. She had hooked up with some guy at a party club and they’d been hot and heavy for a month. So she went lingerie shopping and for some toys.

“He’s so into leather…but whatever.”

Tiffany seemed happy and asked Ruby what she liked. Ruby saw the restraints and checked some of the coiled rope out. Her friend laughed.

“You are thinking about tying someone up,” she said, “or being tied up yourself?”

Neither really, she just remembered what Devlin had described in that email. She fingered some of the lingerie; she knew Devlin had a thing for crotchless panties. She’d bought a pair and fingered herself while texting him just to take the edge off.

“My father’s coming back this week,” she said, “We’re throwing him a birthday party. You want to come?”

Ruby hesitated while inspecting some black panties.

“Sure…I’ll bring something.”

Tiffany waved her hand.

“Just bring yourself…my mom’s cooking up a storm…she’s missed him.”

Ruby felt a wave of guilt.

“They’ve been married a long time haven’t they?”

“Over 20 years,” Tiffany said, “The only married couple I know…guess I’m lucky.”

Ruby nodded.

“Yeah you are…has your father ever…”

Tiffany shook her head.

“No…I don’t think so…they seem to get along really well.”

Ruby looked at her phone and saw two texts…all from Devlin. Last one she’d gotten from him, he had fantasized about her going down on him.

Damn she knew what she wanted to give him for his birthday…but how could she do it? Tiffany was her best friend after all and god; she’d been sexting with him for over a month now.

“I’ll see you there then…”

She’d already made her decision.

She had changed into her swimsuit after Tiffany had crashed. Gloria had turned in early exhausted from working a charity fair all day.

It was just after midnight and the moon shone full in the sky as she slipped outside into the air that had cooled down somewhat after sunset.

God…she wondered what he had thought after he read her card offering up herself as his birthday present. Even putting a red bow on her pussy…but the tension of the past month had built up between them. During dinner, Devlin had hardly looked her way. But he had texted.

“You look beautiful tonight.”

She hadn’t responded because she didn’t know what to say. Her e-card had been left for him to read after dinner.

No one joined her so she decided to go for a swim before heading inside. Maybe he had cold feet…what with his wife and daughter in the same house. But the cabana would have been perfect and very, very private.

A perfect place for lovers.

She dove into the swimming pool, skimming the surface and then swimming to the end of the pool. The water felt warm against her skin and she stopped to relax. She’d do a few laps and then she’d head to bed.


She heard his voice and there he stood by the middle of the pool. He wore his silky robe and she didn’t know how long he had been standing there watching.

“Devlin…nice night isn’t it?”

“You are taking a midnight swim?”

“The water’s great, you should join me,” she said, “If you can handle it.”

“I got your card…god you don’t know what it did to me.”

She smiled.

“I can imagine.

“But…this is wrong…we both know that,” he said, “My family’s in the house and god…do you have to be so beautiful?”

“Come on in and find out just how much…”

He slipped his robe off and she saw black briefs…damn he cut such a gorgeous figure. She wanted him to come closer.

“The water’s warm and so am I.”

He dove in and soon enough, he’d surfaced close to her. They both tread water just watching each other.

“God I want you…”

“Then get me,” she said, “I’m here for you…to do whatever you want…”

He inched closer.

“If only you knew…you’d swim away fast.”

She didn’t budge.

“Try me…fuck me Devlin…I might not be experienced like you but I know what I want…and if you’re here…”

He sighed.

“My wife can never know…”

“She won’t…”

She moved closer to him.

“Why don’t we take this to the cabana?”

He shook his head.

“No…swim over to the ladder and then grab the rails behind you…”


“Just do it…”

She heard the charge in his voice and she felt a tingle of excitement in her. She swam over and did that and when she did, he swam closer to her. Until he was a couple feet away treading water while she watched him.

“Now look at me

She did that when he tread closer and he leaned forward putting his hands on the railing. They gazed at each other, their bodies colliding…god he felt so hard against her bikini bottom. She felt one of his hands fidgeting with her bottoms.


“Shhh….just relax…”

He slipped his hand inside her bikini bottoms and began caressing the folds of her pussy.

“Are we…?”

“No…not here…but I have to touch you…god…it’s been building up for weeks…”

She smiled.

“I know…and all that texting…it just made it harder.”

“It made me harder…”

She could feel how much when the water moved him closer to her, the bulge in his briefs teasing her pussy sheathed in that damn bikini.

“What are you going to do to me?”

He continued stroking her pussy, the heat of his fingers and the coolness of the pool riled up her senses in ways that she knew she couldn’t control.

“Soften you up a bit,” he said, “God…it’s going to feel so good to get inside of you…but I want you to be wet first…”

“I am wet…we’re in a pool.”

“That’s not what I mean and you know it.”

He kissed her then against the ladder, his fingers fondling her, jolting her with too much excitement at once. God, to have his fingers there where she wanted him most.

“You drove me fucking crazy with those damn pictures,” he said, “I jacked off so many times I can’t count just imagining what it’d be like to fuck that pussy…I’m so hard right now…”

“I know Devlin…god I need it so bad…please god…I can’t stand it…”

He chuckled.

“Easy…we’ve got all night…and that means hours of fucking and everything else…”

She winced as he slipped a finger inside of her, breaching her pussy.

“Oh god…”

“I know…you’re tight…damn…”

“I know…but that doesn’t mean I don’t want it…”

He slipped another finger inside her wetness, stretching her further.

“Damn…you feel too good…I wish I could fuck you right here…”

She gasped as he pulled his fingers in and out of her.

“Then why don’t you?”

He sighed.

“In due time…now I want you to ride my fingers…yes…yes…”

She did as he asked and the delicious friction of his fingers inside of her, unbearable tremors building up inside of her.

“Harder baby harder…you’re close…”

“Devlin…god…oh god….I can’t….”

“Just imagine what it’s going to be like when my cock’s inside of you…”

She lost it completely when he whispered those words. She tossed her head back and cried out. She couldn’t help it. She gazed at him, her eyes partly closed. He paused next to her removing his fingers.

“How did you like that?”

She just sighed, her body still shaking. He stroked her hair back.

“I think it’s time to take this to the cabana….”

They got out of the pool and walked to the cabana. Inside, it was dimly lit by the moonlight streaming through a small window. She knew it had a bed inside it which she and Tiffany had slept on when they’d gone “camping”. A table and storage area.

He closed the door behind them. Then he grabbed her from behind and kissed the back of her neck. Oh god, she still trembled from her orgasm. And what he did now…his lips moved to her ear and she turned around to face him.

“I’m here Devlin…Happy Birthday…”

He stroked the hair off her face.

“A most beautiful gift Ruby…are you sure about this?”

She nodded.

“God yes…if you don’t fuck me right now I’m going to go crazy with it.”

“It’s been so damn hard the past month,” he said, “but I’ll take it slow…”

She harrumphed.

“Fuck slow…we’ve been doing slow for a long time haven’t we?”

He nodded slowly.

She rubbed her lips together.

“God please…I know it’s so wrong but if no one finds out…what’s the harm? I just know it’s too hard to walk away…”

“I know…”

He cupped his chin and kissed her softly on the corner of her mouth almost like a friend but that dissolved into more passionate probing of her mouth…nipping, suckling…she whimpered underneath his mouth.

His hands moved to unsnap her bikini and she shrugged it off, still kissing him. Her breasts felt too sensitive and when he ran his hands over them, she sighed and then he buried his mouth in between them…


He tongued her breasts, a trail from one to the other and her nipples hardened in anticipation. She’d fantasized about him suckling her breasts.


He slid his mouth over one of her rosy nipples nursing it slowly to a peak while she mewed. He tugged at it with his mouth then released it only to mouth it again. She couldn’t stand it.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32