What Are Friends For

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Batman sighed loudly when his watch beeped nine pm. It was Halloween night and Josh, in the Batman outfit, waited at the suburban street corner to car pool with some friends to an underground party somewhere in the city. He had been waiting since a quarter past eight. His ‘friends’ had stood him up – again.

Josh berated himself for getting his hopes up, he should have known something like this would happen. It was not the first time they had done this to him. There was no point in calling their cell phones either. He squared his shoulders and started the long walk home. It wasn’t far, just a couple of blocks, but he did feel silly to be out in costume. It felt fine when he knew he was on his way to a party but now he was extremely conscious.

There was nothing to do now except go home. He would have to try getting past Mr. and Mrs. Brown, the kindly couple who rented him the loft above their garage. He didn’t feel like explaining himself to them and having to endure their sympathy. He took off the cowl as he continued walking. Music blared from some of the houses he passed and there wasn’t much traffic on the road. His costume was not the best outfit for an evening stroll and it was a good thing the streets were brightly lit.

Suddenly a car honked from behind, making him jump.

“Hey Batman, need a lift?” came a familiar feminine voice.

Josh peered into the car. He couldn’t make out the driver but he recognized the voice.

“Wanda?” His voice caught just a little bit. Wanda was his hot neighbor from next door. She ran a trendy bar somewhere in the city. Josh knew she had a least good ten years on him but he found her attractive and at times, downright seductive.

“Hop in, Josh.”

“Thanks,” Josh said as he opened the passenger door. In the soft light, he saw that Wanda was dressed a white, baggy shirt, with huge, fluffy sleeves, a soft collar and lacy cuffs. She kept the top three buttons open, revealing lots of cleavage and glimpses of her black bra. She wore fitting black jeans and knee-high boots. She let her long blonde hair drape sensuously over her shoulders.

“Is everything alright? You’re back early tonight.” Josh knew her routine almost by heart. He had known her for almost two years now.

“Everything’s cool, my staff are running the place fine so I’m giving myself the evening off.”

Josh couldn’t think of anything else to say after that so he just stared at the road ahead. Wanda checked him out from the corner of her eye.

“Neat costume, where are you off to?”

Josh kept his eyes on the road. “Actually, I’m on my way home. I was late and missed the car pool,” he lied.

She nodded her head slowly, her chin jutting out as if she was making up her mind about something.

“Josh, I know you well enough to know that you’re never late. You want to talk about it?”

“If it’s all the same to you, I’d rather not. The wound’s still raw – that kind of thing.”

“Okay,” Wanda didn’t press on. “What are you doing the rest of the evening then?”

“Probably put on a movie or something…”

“Don’t be silly, we shouldn’t let that costume go to waste. Why don’t you come over to my place?”

“Don’t you have plans for the evening?” Josh wanted to spend an evening with her but he knew she would be doing it out of sympathy. He did not need sympathy.

“Well, I was supposed to go over to a friend’s this evening but I could always change the venue. How does Batman feel about spending an evening with older people?”

“Hey, Batman’s almost twenty so you don’t have much of an advantage age-wise – unless your friend’s ancient or something.”

“Naw, George’s twenty-something and very good looking. I’m the old hag tonight although I’m sure there’s a thing or two I could teach you.” She winked at him. Josh’s heart sank though. The other guy’s name was George. He was the odd one out.

“Wanda, you should go ahead to your party. I’ll be fine.”

“Come one, you won’t regret it.”

“Okay, but only because you look so good for an old hag.”

“Flatterer.” Wanda pulled into her driveway and switched off the headlights before she turned off the engine. She probably did it for Josh’s benefit – the Browns kept an eye on all the comings and goings in their neighborhood. With the lights off, they wouldn’t be able to make out Josh at Wanda’s front door.

By the time she got the door open, Wanda was already on her cell phone with her friend George.

“Hey G, it’s me. Listen, change of plans. I won’t be able to make it to the party. I’m having a friend over instead. Why don’t you come over? Yeah, come in costume. Great. See you in half. Ciao ciao.”

She held the door open and ushered Josh in. This was the first time he had ever entered her house. They usually talked in the garden, at the fence between the two houses.

“Make yourself at home.”

Josh looked around. Her place was tasteful, feminine. A huge cushy sofa dominated the living room. It looked like a photo from a almanbahis adres Laura Ashley catalogue.

“Mask on, Josh, and it’ll stay on, okay? Let’s keep in the spirit of the evening.”

“Sure,” he nodded. He pulled the cowl back over his head. “What will you be wearing?”

“Nothing. You know who I am but you don’t know George and George doesn’t know you. Drink?” Wanda gestured to the well-stocked mini bar hidden in the corner of the living room. Josh asked for a soft drink.

“Oh, don’t be such a pussy,” Wanda waved his choice away. “Live a little.”

Josh blushed in indignation. “Okay, tequila then, please.”

“That’s better.” Wanda poured out two glasses, took out a saltshaker and some lemons. She sliced the lemons and put them on a plate. Then she handed a glass to Josh. She took the other.

“Lick, shoot and suck.”

“Huh?” Josh had no idea what she meant but it brought some wild images into his head.

Wanda rolled her eyes upwards. “You lick the salt. You shoot the tequila down your throat and then you suck the lemon, got it?”

“Oh, yeah. Got it.” Josh did as she instructed and nearly killed himself in a coughing fit.

“You okay?” Wanda laughed as she slapped him on the back.

“O-okay,” Josh sputtered as some of the liquid fire continued burning its way down his throat.

Wanda gave him a long searing look. She seemed to be making up her mind about something.

“You know, Josh, you’re a really nice guy. Too nice, in fact. You let those jerks you call friends walk all over you.”

“I was late…,” Josh started but she shushed him.

“No, you let them get away with crap like that because you lack the confidence to stand up to them.”

“I don’t have that many friends…” Josh finally admitted.

“First rule of friendship – reciprocity: you do something for them and they do something for you. It goes in both directions.” Wanda pressed on. “In your case, you give, you give and you keep on giving. That’s not a basis for any relationship.”

“You’re right, Wanda,” Josh nodded. “But it’s not easy making new friends. I’m not exactly Mr. Personality.”

“So go out and meet new people instead of taking shit from the same crowd. Just be yourself and if people like you for you are, you’ve got yourself a friend.”

“That’s easy for you to say, you’re pretty and you’re successful. What have I got?”

“Dude, looks and money have nothing to do with it. It’s about being comfortable with yourself and finding those who are comfortable with you.”

Josh didn’t have anything to say to that. Wanda was right. He should find himself some real friends. But where would he start?

“I’ll introduce you to some of my friends and they’ll introduce you to theirs. Eventually, you will find you own crowd,” Wanda said as if she read his mind. She poured him another glass. “Here, drink up.”

“I don’t think I could…”

Wanda regarded him with her hands on her hips. She had a naughty look on her face.

“Friendship means reciprocity, remember. You do something for me and I’ll do something for you. For instance, you take ONE drink and I’ll take off ONE piece of clothing. What do you say?”

“W-what?” Josh couldn’t believe his ears. He could feel his loins stirring.

“You heard me. Think you have what it takes to strip me – naked?” She emphasized the last two syllables.

“What about the first one I had?”

“Cover charge, smart ass.”

Josh didn’t want to argue. He took the glass and emptied it in one gulp. This time it seemed to burn hotter than the first time.

“Good boy,” Wanda smiled.

Instead of unbuttoning her half-open shirt, she pulled it off completely over her head one smooth motion. She stood before him in her black bra, taunting yet defiant. Her blonde hair fell over her bare shoulders. Josh felt his erection press against hard rubber.

Wanda poured him another shot. “Don’t forget the salt, it lessens the burn. The lemon enhances the flavor.”

“Uh, I forgot.”

Wanda moistened her cleavage with a wet finger and sprinkled on some salt. Then she took a slice of lemon between her teeth. “You won’t for the next time.”

“Go on,” she nudged him with her breasts.

Josh felt excited and nervous at the same time. This was turning out to be the best Halloween yet. He slid his tongue into her cleavage and slowly licked the salt off. Then he gulped his tequila before timidly sucking the lemon she held between her teeth. Their lips met briefly.

“You’re a shy one. How long you can stay shy?”

Wanda fixed her gaze on him and undid her bra without breaking eye contact. Josh tried his best to look into her eyes but could not resist from staring at her lovely pink nipples.

She took his gloved hand and laid it on her breast.

“Mmm, they fit just right.”

“Excuse me?”

“Anything more than a handful is a waste.”

Josh blushed. Her breast did fit nicely in his gloved hand. He gave it a squeeze. It was so almanbahis giriş soft. His glove rubbed against her nipple and she sighed.

“I am hoping you’d do more than squeeze them,” Wanda flashed him a naughty smile.

She squeezed a bit of lemon juice over her erect nipple and indicated to Josh with her head. Josh lowered his head to her chest and took a nipple into his mouth. It tasted of sour lemon. He twirled the little knob in his mouth and caressed it with his tongue. Wanda took the other breast in her hand and offered it to him. Josh made sure to pay equal attention to both nipples.

Then she grabbed Josh by the bat-ears and kissed him on the mouth hard. She pressed her body closer to his as his hands explored her back and buttocks. They felt firm. He grabbed a handful of each buttock and pressed her closer to him. She broke off their embrace and laughed with her head back.

“Now that’s more like it!”

Josh threw all caution to the wind and ravaged her exposed neck. She let him have his fill before pushing him back.

“I’m thirsty!”

“So am I,” Josh retorted but he poured her a glass and watched as she downed her shot with ease.

“Now you take off something, Batman.”

Josh felt uneasy as he took off the lower half of his costume. He unzipped the rubber pants from the side and stepped out. He had on only his briefs, which had bat insignias on them. There was a significant bulge between his legs.

Wanda gulped down another shot of tequila.

“Get those off now, Bats.”

Obediently, Josh took off his briefs, liberating his stiff member. It stood at full attention.

“Oh my,” Wanda gasped before raising her hand in a lewd parody of the Nazi salute. “Sieg Geil!”

Geil means ‘horny’ in German. Josh laughed at the little joke. It made him feel less silly standing in his Batman costume and naked from the waist down. He had always felt inadequate about his small dick. The other guys teased him in the showers but none of them ever realized how big the monster could grow. As a result, Josh went through high school without exposing his true potential. Maybe it was the mask but tonight he felt he could anything and be anyone he wanted to be.

Wanda interrupted his thoughts when she dropped to her knees and proceeded to mouth his cock. It felt warm and wet in her mouth. Josh groaned softly. It felt good.

Just then, the doorbell buzzed. Josh cussed silently under his breath as Wanda got up and ran for the door.

“It’s George,” she declared after checking through the peephole. She flung the door open without bothering to cover herself. Josh quickly swept his cape around to cover himself.

An angel walked through the door in costume, not an angel precisely but Hawkgirl. Josh recognized the character from the popular Saturday morning cartoons. Her outfit consisted of a strapless yellow brassiere and a pair of tiny red hot pants over green leotards. Her mask, which took the form of a raptor’s head, covered the top half of her face, accentuating her sensuous lips and allowing her red hair to flow out from underneath. She had on a pair of red boots with yellow stripes drawn on it to simulate claws. On her back, she wore a pair of fluffy angel wings. She must work out because she wore the form-fitting costume like a second skin. Her breasts filled out the brassiere nicely and her bare shoulders looked tantalizing.

Hawkgirl stopped to kiss Wanda full in the mouth. It was passionate yet quick. Josh gaped.

“Josh, meet Georgina… George, Josh,” Wanda made the introductions.

“Hi!” George/Georgina chirped, holding out a hand. Josh just shook her hand. He was too startled to speak.

“I hope I didn’t come at a bad time,” Georgina winked at his cape-covered crotch before turning back to Wanda. “What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?”

Wanda produced a shot glass from behind the bar. She poured out a shot and handed it to Georgina.

“I just got a load of this when you showed up,” Wanda continued nonchalantly pushing his cape aside to show Josh’s erection to Georgina. Josh flushed in embarrassment, the red in his face matching the redness of his cock. Georgina fanned herself.

“My, my,” she nearly whistled in amazement.

Wanda winked at Josh as she gave him another shot of tequila. “Now why don’t we stop the games and get comfortable?””

She led Josh towards the sofa while Georgina dimmed the lights. Wanda’s living room became aglow in red. The main source of light came from a lava lamp in the corner.

“Let’s get you out of these rubbers,” Wanda said as she unbuckled and removed Josh’s costume part by part. She took off his cape and then his gloves. Josh stood still. Then she knelt to slide his boots off one by one. He was now naked except for the cowl. Then she pushed him onto the sofa. She turned to the expectant Georgina.

“G, your turn.”

Georgina squealed in delight and proceeded to remove her leotards. Her hot pants almanbahis yeni giriş came off at the same time. She pulled them down in a swift motion, bending over and giving Josh a great view of her bare behind. When she stood up again she flashed her pussy to an appreciative audience. She even managed to remove her leotards with her red boots on. Josh had never seen a red bush before. Georgina had her patch trimmed into the shape of an arrow, pointing towards her vagina. She was a natural redhead.

“Do you want to touch?” She asked Josh as she swayed her hips slowly in front of him, naked except for her mask.

Josh reached out and caressed her thighs. He didn’t want to seem too keen by going straight between her legs. He traced the length of her legs, enjoying the sensation. Evidently, she liked it too. Wanda went behind Georgina and did something to cause Georgina to sigh softly. In turn, Georgina bent forward, forcing Josh back and giving him a good look down her cleavage. His hands roamed past her hips and across the sides of her brassiere. Then he reached the sides of her breasts and touched bare flesh.

“What are you waiting for?” she asked demurely.

Josh traced his fingers along her shoulders before sliding them into her brassiere and cupping her breasts. They felt soft yet firm. He had never felt anything like this in his life. Just touching her made his erect cock jump. This got Georgina’s attention and she lowered her head to lick it.

This proved too much for Josh. He exploded the moment her lips touched the sides of his shaft. He shot into her mouth and onto her mask and face. Georgina squealed as sperm hit her. She stood quickly. Wanda popped a questioning look over her shoulder.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” Josh tried to cover his ejaculations and making a mess everywhere.

Georgina rushed off to the kitchen, taking off her mask as she went. Wanda gave Josh a sympathetic look.

“It’s okay, honey. These things happen. Why don’t you go wash up in the bathroom?” she indicated in the opposite direction.

Josh went without a word. How much can one guy screw up an evening? He found the bathroom and washed himself over the sink. He looked at his reflection in the mirror as he did so. He was really a pathetic sight; his skin was pale, skinny and he held his limp, shrinking penis in his hand. At that very moment, he hated himself. Why did he have to be so pitiful?

There was nothing else to be done for the rest of the evening. He would march out there, clean up his own mess, apologize to Georgina and get the hell out of there. He squared his shoulders in determination and walked off to the living room.

When Josh got there, Wanda and Georgina were embracing on the sofa. Georgina had her mask back on but both of them were naked. Josh could not help staring as the two goddesses locked in a passionate kiss. Wanda’s body was fuller, her womanly curves warm and enticing. Georgina’s was beautiful to admire, sleek with youth and vitality. Josh covered his crotch with a free hand, holding a rag in the other. He didn’t belong but he didn’t want to interrupt either.

Wanda broke the embrace to look at Josh. When he opened his mouth to speak, she held a finger to her lips and beckoned him to sit down beside her. Josh sat obediently where she indicated, between the two of them. Georgina gave him a smile as if to say that all was forgiven. Josh would have smiled back in returned but Wanda kissed him, her tongue sliding into his mouth.

Georgina leaned over to lick at Wanda’s nipple. Her own breast brushed against Josh’s hands. Josh fondled them gently, rubbing her nipple between his thumb and forefinger. Wanda broke off her kiss to lean her head back. Josh could see that she was massaging herself down there. He followed Georgina’s example and took Wanda’s other nipple in his mouth.

After a few minutes of this, Wanda pushed them away gently and laid herself on her back. She spread her legs before the two of them, her fingers still massaging her wet vagina. Georgina gave Josh a smile and kissed him. She guided his hand towards Wanda’s left nipple while she took the right. They tweaked her nipples while taking turns to lick Wanda’s wetness, their tongues often touching. Wanda spread her legs even wider; she made soft moaning noises, enjoying the attention. Josh felt himself harden for the second time that night. Georgina noticed his erection and gave him a wink. She reached down and cupped his balls in one hand. She took Josh’s hand in the other and laid it on her breast. The she kissed him. Josh had his hands full – one hand on Wanda’s breast and the other on Georgina’s. Life was good!

Wanda looked up from her reverie. A smile crossed her face when she saw her two friends getting along but she did not want to be left out.

“Hey, what about me?” she pouted.

Georgina turned to Josh. She said, “You stay,” and started kissing her way towards Wanda’s mouth. Josh was left with a great view. Soon Georgina was mouth to mouth with Wanda. Their breasts rubbed against one another. Georgina positioned her arse directly in front of Josh. He wasted no time in kissing and squeezing her warm flesh. Then Wanda spread her lower lips with her fingers.

“Josh, I want you inside me.”

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