What a Night in Glasgow

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I have to tell you about a recent experience I have had involving a guy I met online and my hot girlfriend, Levarie. I had fantasised about involving her in a threesome for years. But we had been going out together for so long that I didn’t want to freak her out by bringing it up. I imagined watching a guy chat her up. Putting his hand on her firm ass. Running his hands along her thighs. Touching her pert 34b tits, her nipples hardening at the touch, her lips parting a little in shock at his boldness. A soft moan escaping her lips. The thought drove me wild. I fantasised about it with several guys online in the hope that some day something would come out of all this. When eventually it did, it came from an unlikely source. He went by the handle – Hoseman.

I met him in a chat room and started the conversation as I usually did – by describing my hot girlfriend – tall, thin, with a tight ass, 34b tits, long black hair and blue eyes, 29 years old. Hoseman took the bait and we chatted a while. He asked why I never asked her if she wanted a threesome. I told him that while I had never asked her outright for fear of her reaction that I’d often thought of setting up a situation where something might happen, and encourage her if it looked likely We talked on.

“Ever see a man let his hands roam over her great ass at a pub?”

“No, but I would love to! I saw a guy grind into her in a club once – that was hot”

“Why not set her up?” he said. “Call one of your buddies she does not know, go to the pub, get her pissed and then feel her up and get her all in the mood for a visit” I had to admit; the idea got me rock hard. I got a good mental picture.

“That would be a class idea”, I responded, “only none of my buddies live near here, and I don’t think they would be game as they have girlfriends and wives.”

“I bet it could be set up. Get chummy with a few barmen and ask them about any men that would be willing – not just any man but someone that had a touch of class and a daring do attitude, get chummy with him and set her up? That way it would be less strain on your relations with your mates.”

“I might try that this weekend,” I replied. “We are away in Glasgow.”

There was a pause in our conversation. Then he typed the golden words:

“You won’t believe this – but I am from Glasgow!”

I nearly exploded at the thought. What a coincidence! I knew this was my best chance yet to take fantasy to ulus escort reality. I thought a set up might work best, away from home, with a few bottles of wine and someone trustworthy and that she found attractive. But I needed to know I could trust this guy to back off if nothing was on, but also to work hard on her if we were getting somewhere.

So we talked on for a few days. I had questions and so had he. We got on well and I felt we could proceed with this. We arranged to meet in one of the Yeats bars in Glasgow. By ‘chance’.

The holiday arrived. I could barely contain my excitement, but I was also very, very nervous. I wasn’t sure if turning fantasy to reality was a good idea. I just knew if I didn’t get the answer now I would never get it, and one cannot live in fear. Levarie and I checked in to our hotel. We went out for a meal and had an early night. The next day we shopped. We had red wine in our hotel – this always works wonders! She was mad to go out and sample Glasgow nightlife. I asked her to wear her black pvc mini, her purple thong and bra, and a sheer black top. She obliged! Man did she look sexy! I wanted to fuck her there and then, but I knew I had to hold back and build up her desire.

We went to Yeats and sat at a table. I got us drinks and scanned the room for my friend. He was nowhere to be seen. We had one drink, and then another. I was beginning to worry that my friend was not going to show when a very pleasant young man sprung from behind a pillar and asked if he could join us. I knew from his online description that it was Hoseman. Tall, dark, slim. I went to respond to his question when he sat in at the far side of my girlfriend, sandwiching Levarie between us.

“So have ye met many Scots?” he asked. That was how the conversation started. Levarie was initially uncomfortable, but I could see she warmed to our Scottish friend both from the drinks, which were freely flowing, and from his undeniable charm. After a while, as arranged, I began to let my hands roam. You know, a slight touch on her leg, another on her bum a few moments later. I let my friend in on what I was up to, and let him take it from there. He also rested his hand on her bum a few times. She was feeling no pain. We danced together a little, until I headed to the gents to give them a little time alone. When I returned they were waltzing on the floor and giggling, as the yenimahalle escort music was fast and not suitable to waltzing at all. His hands slipped to her ass a few times. The sight of it got me hard and nervous again. But I would see this through. Anyway, she wasn’t stopping him. At the end of the night we prepared to return to our hotel. He asked where we were staying, as we had arranged. I told him. Coincidentally he was staying nearby! I asked if he’d like to join us for a nightcap. Levarie thought this was a great idea. So far, so good.

We made our way drunkenly to the hotel and up to the hotel room where I had stashed a couple of bottles of red wine from earlier. The three of us sat on the bed, chatting and drinking. I rested one hand on her sexy leg. Hoseman did the same. She didn’t stop us. I slid a hand up under the hem of her pvc skirt. She sighed and gripped my hand, telling me to stop. Hoseman did the same. She laughed aloud this time, stopping his hand too and telling us we were very, very naughty. We laughed and had a few more drinks. Then the unbelievable happened. Hoseman leaned in and kissed her. And she responded! They really went at it. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. But Levarie had obviously read my consent from my actions tonight. Consent to kiss anyway.

Hoseman pushed her down onto the bed. I took the opportunity and dived between her legs and started licking her pussy through her panties. She moaned out loud. She was wetter than I’d ever seen (or tasted!) her. As I sucked and licked her pussy I heard Levarie moaning and sighing in-between kisses. I could tell she wasn’t going to put a stop to this. But still I was shocked when I heard her tell hoseman to unzip his pants. He didn’t wait to be asked twice. I had to see this. I looked up to see her staring at his rock hard 8-inch cock. It was the first strange cock she had seen in 6 years. His cock was rock hard as he guided it to Levaries willing mouth. She sucked and licked him, before he put his hands in her hair, making a fist, controlling her head and slowly…slowly forcing her lips down to his cock. Watching her take his cock and seeing her lipstick smeared on his cock was some sight. Watching him fuck her mouth and seeing her enjoy it. I almost came in my pants. He pulled out before he came.

“You have me so hard! You’re being a very good slut. Now take off your panties and hand them to me.”

Levarie looked at me.

“Don’t look at him! You are my slut now! Do as I say!”

She removed her thong without hesitation and handed it to him. He smiled at the sight of it, and took a good long sniff.

“Mmmm. Fresh and hot. Has he gotten you good and wet?”

“Yes” she whimpered.

“I am keeping these panties as a memento of tonight. Now touch your pussy for me.”

Levarie slid a hand onto her pussy and began rubbing it for us. The look on her face was priceless. Sheer ecstasy.

“Mmm, beautiful!” He said, as he pulled up her sheer top and freed one of her tits from her bra.

“I think I’d like to fuck you now.”

Once again Levarie looked at me.

“Don’t look at him or I will have you stand naked in the window, slut!”

Levarie looked at him, shocked. I was amazed at her compliance. She was never like this with me.

“Now, tell me. Do you want my hard cock in your wet, wet pussy?”


“Tell me then!”

“I want you to fuck my sweet tight pussy with your hard cock!”

“How bad do you want it?” He said, holding his cock.

“I want it bad! My pussy aches for it!”

“You want it more than you’ve ever wanted cock in your life, don’t you?”

“Yes! Put it in me and fuck me!”

“Yes! That’s it!”

Levarie went to remove her pvc skirt.

“No!” Hoseman instructed. “That stays on.”

With that he climbed on top of her and pushed up her skirt. He slipped a finger into her pussy and tasted her juices. The sight of his hard cock entering her and the look on her eyes I felt humiliation, anxiety, FEAR, isolation, rejection…AND a level of sexual arousal I’ve never experienced before. He pushed into her and moaned. “Mmmm, yeah. Very tight. Mmmmm. Sweet.”

He rode her slowly at first, building up to a hard fast fuck as she screamed “Harder! Faster! Fuck me!”

“Are you about to cum?” He shouted.


With that he pulled out of her. She wasn’t pleased at all.

“Turn around,” he commanded. “On your hands and knees, slut.”

She complied. She looked so good with her ass in the air. He slapped it.

“You!” He pointed at me. “Put your cock in her mouth.”

I complied.

“Suck him, slut,” he said, spanking her ass. I felt every smack as she sucked me.

“Very good!”

Then he slid into her from behind and began to fuck her hard again as she sucked on my cock. He tugged on her hair and smacked her ass a bit. I came straight away. I couldn’t hold back. I sprayed her mouth and face and hair. He fucked her until they both came. It was amazing. We spent the rest of the night fucking in every way possible. What a night!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32