What a Day!

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I was sat day dreaming when Richard my boss walked in. He had with him a girl of about 19-20, the girl was a little hottie too!

Rich “Ahh Sean. This is Sarah; she is our newest recruit from the training centre in town. I have a lot of work to do myself today so I wondered if you wouldn’t mind showing her your side of things?”

Me ” Sure, I think I can manage that”

Sarah looked at me with that cute little look that can drive a man insane. I knew how today was going to play out from that moment.

Sarah was about 5’8″, long hair that landed at the small of her back, with cute little kiss curls at the ends, it shone beautifully and I could tell this young lady knew how to take care of herself. I found myself wondering if her pussy was as well groomed, maybe she had a Brazilian hmmm.

She had an amazing figure too, like a timeless hour glass shape. I could just imagine her lying on her right side beside me naked. Her left arm stretched out above her head, the rest of her body stretching too with her toes pointed as if she were having an oragsm just because she was lying beside me. I imagine my fingers tracing her body, not a crinkle of skin in sight, just a beautiful taught body. Firm, pert generously sized tits with nipples you could lick for hours without boredom setting in.

Sarah “Sean? What do you think?”

Me “Sorry?” My dick is throbbing so hard I wonder if she can see, oh I hope she can see…

Sarah “I said, do you think the spread sheet would be easier to read if you enlarged the third column?”

Me “Hmmm, maybe?”

Richard walks back into the office.

Richard “Right folks there is a board meeting starting in a few minutes, it’s going to last a couple of hours and the big boss has requested you all attend. Sean, you know all there is to know already; it’s about what we disgust last week? So boss man says you can stay here and maybe use the quiet time to give Sarah your undivided attention and show her some of the more difficult Antalya Escort parts of the job that take more concentration. Other than Sean and Sarah I want the rest of you in the Board room in 5.”

3 minutes later the office is empty and the last of the echoes from the corridor outside fade into silence.

I felt my heart pounding, and my dick was throbbing more than before at the thought that the little look Sarah gave me earlier meant she was a dare devil and would be up for making the most of the quiet time.

Sarah “So…. we are all alone, for at least 2 hours right?”

Me “It seems so” I couldn’t help it my eyes were drawn to her tits, I just stared.

Sarah ” So anyway…” with those words I see her notice my bulge, and she raises her eyebrows in surprise and delight and shifts on her chair to cross her legs. Right there I notice the little skirt she is wearing only barely covered her bare pussy when she walked in the office with Richard. Oh my god, the next two hours are going to be beautiful!

We spend the next few minutes chatting about spread sheets, all the while the heat and electricity is building between us. I know what’s going to happen but does she? She must, why else would she tease me so? Why would she make it obvious she isn’t wearing any panties? Why else would she undo the top 2 buttons of her snug fitting blouse, and proceed to fan herself drawing attention to the hot sheen to her beautiful full cleavage… and her nipples, poking through the cotton of her blouse.

That’s when I realise I’m staring at her, my eyes are undressing her slowly. She has stopped speaking and is running the back of her hand down her body starting at the nape of her neck… mmmmm

Sarah “My eyes have gone funny and I can’t read the screen very well, do you mind if I get closer so I can see better?

Me “Sure” I push my chair backwards a little.

She gets out of her chair and walks into the space between me and the desk.

Sarah Antalya Escort Bayan “Damn, I should get my glasses out of my bag, let me see if I can reach it from here”

Right then she thrusts herself over my desk, her bare pussy right there in front of me, she stretches over the desk for her bag which is on the other side. What do I do? What would you do? I do nothing but get harder!

She straightens herself up and stands there riffling through her bag for her glasses it seems. All the while I can not get my mind off what I just saw. I was right, she did have a Brazilian and it looked freshly done. Her lips were full; she was turned on for sure. I could also see she was wet; I just wanted to lick her, taste her. Without realising I have unzipped my trousers and my dick is in hand.

Sarah “Damn this bag seems bottomless; I can never find anything when I need it”

Me “keep looking I’m sure you’ll find them”

I don’t know what came over me then. I reached forward and placed my hands on her outer thighs, ran my hands up under her skirt. She stopped dead in her tracks and groaned. that’s when I knew for sure she was game. She spun around, parting her legs slightly; I lift her skirt, my hands move slowly towards her pussy which is radiating heat. She perches her ass on the edge of the table and opens her legs wide. I pull the lever on my chair and it sends me down… as it turns out, to just the right height. I push my index and middle finger into her folds, feeling her wetness. I can feel how swollen she is, her clit is pert, I stop there for a moment and caress her clit, she throws her head back and uses both arms behind her to keep herself propped up right where she is. I look up and she is looking right at me, the dirty little whore. With one swift manoeuvre I lift her left leg, this opens her lips and I can see she is so fucking wet I want to taste her. I plunge my face into her pussy, tasting her juice, licking her, making her Escort Antalya groan. I thrust my tongue inside her, tickling her walls. Then I go to her clit, I run the tip of my tongue around and round it. I glance up and she is unbuttoning her blouse, revealing a white lacy bra that gives her such a beautiful cleavage. With one move she reaches behind her back and her bra is undone. She lifts it away and her tits tumble out. They were just as I had imagined moments before, simply fucking gorgeous! She starts playing with her nipples with one hand and looks me in the eye again. I can see from her look she approves… right then her eyes roll back, she throws her head back once more and her legs stiffen, toes pointing… she cums, and oh my god it tastes good. I can see her body is covered in goose bumps and her nipples are huge! I stand, and my trousers fall to my ankles. I suck on her nipples, switching sides often. She has her hand clasped around my dick, pulling my skin two and fro. OH. MY. GOD.

I can’t wait any longer, I ram my dick deep inside her, she gasps. I kiss her with the passion and lust I feel taking over my body. This little whore loves to be fucked hard! Her legs are wrapped around me now and I’m fucking her deeper and deeper, my dick feels so hard and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold out. Then she pushes me away… hard. I fall back onto my chair; she reaches down and lifts the lever, my chair raises up. She straddles me now, squats onto me- reaching her arms to hold onto the back of my chair. Her tits are in my face now and she is riding my dick. God her pussy is tight now, I could take this girl home and fuck her all night long.

Her sliding slows, and now she is taking just my helmet in… this drives me wild. I try to force her down on my dick but she has great strength and makes me beg for it:

Me “Sarah, fuck me please!” the words catch in my throat as she grins, she loves being in control. I don’t care; I could let this girl control me forever if this is how it would feel.

Just as I think I can’t take any more she takes my dick in, in all its glory. Now she is fucking me fast, her tits are slapping my face.

As I release inside her she quivers, she came with me. I love it when that happens.

Boy, what a day!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32