Wetting My Diaper

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Racked by nerves when I opened my front door, there stood my estranged childhood friend Sally, all grown up like me, less than a month away from going to college, and the first thing I did after seeing the beauty mark on her cheek leading up to her tranquil blue eyes was to wet my adult diaper.

We used to be so close until I learned I was incontinent, so I had to stay in diapers while Sally grew out of them, making me distance myself from her out of shame and embarrassment.

I moved away, and we lost contact until she got ahold of my email from one of my former private tutors, who she happened to study under, since I preferred to be homeschooled to avoid people as much as possible.

She wrote that she missed me and wished we could go to school together. In truth, I felt the same way, so I replied and we started a correspondence that lasted all through high school.

We applied to the same college, and when we both got accepted, it was the happiest I’d been in years before I last saw her, so I invited Sally to my house to celebrate.

Once the day arrived, my nerves sent me into a frenzy making sure the house looked regal, so much so I forgot to change my wet diaper. I never felt anything before I went, so I only knew I had gone once I soaked my padding. I hated that with a fervor.

Hearing the knock at the door, I realized she arrived early, so I swerved straight there to answer, sealing my fate after I opened it.

Neither of us spoke. We just stared at each other. Sally broke her gaze first, staring down at my pants.

While still a little shocked at what a beauty she had become with the same dot on her cheek I remembered so well and her tranquil blue eyes I lost myself in until I felt a warmth going down my thigh.

To my horror, once I looked down, I saw a dark spot streaming down my leg. Since I already had a wet diaper, I did not notice when I went again until my diaper started to leak in full view of Sally.

So appalled with myself, I wanted to shut the door on her then and there, pretending like she never came back into my life. The first impression I made to her after all these years was of a full-grown young man who not only still wet himself but also could not change his own diaper when he needed it.

Only the fact Sally appeared as nervous and awkward as me lessened the blow to where I did not make that foolish choice. Her reaction, in fact, made me want to comfort her somehow.

“S-S-Sally,” I said, attempting to cover my leaky pants with one hand while the other held the door for support, “w-what a surprise to see you…so soon.” I tried too hard to smile.

I stepped aside to let her in, but it took a second for her to read my gesture. After which, she hastened inside, and I slammed the door a bit harder than either of us expected.

“M-make yourself…at home,” I spoke, motioning towards the living room.

“Thank you so much,” she said so fast I just caught the words before she walked away as in need of respite as me.

In my room, I blubbered on the verge of crying as I took off my soaked pants and saw my leaky diaper underneath. I hated myself for messing up our reunion in its first moments because my body acted against me.

I threw away my wet diaper in disgust, cleaned up and put a new one on, making sure to secure the tapes extra tight to prevent another accident. I also slipped into darker pants, so a possible second leak would not be as visible.

Walking downstairs, I heard Sally muttering to herself.

“Okay. Okay,” she said almost in a panic, “you can do this, Sally.”

It worried me that I made her uncomfortable. Entering the living room, I prepared to tell her she did not have to stay if she didn’t want to see me anymore.

Instead, to my shock, I found Sally had taken off her skirt, leaving only her t-shirt to cover her up. So taken aback, I glimpsed her light blue panties just beneath the hem of her white shirt before she pulled it down to hide from her embarrassment, allowing me to regain composure and speak.

“What are you doing?” I asked, not sure how surprised or confused I should sound.

“Well…I just…” She stammered to find the right words, “…because of…I thought…” She swallowed before continuing, “…it would make you feel a little better…I guess.”

Sally stared down, awkward, already regretting her rash decision. However, I realized she acted out of confusion to find some way to make me feel better about the humiliating way I had displayed myself at the door.

“It’s alright, Sally,” I spoke, walking over to join her by the couch, “if it makes you feel at home, please go for it.”

My words really brightened her mood, dispelling any doubt from her face with the presence of the first genuine smile she had shown me in such a long time. It made me happy, but at the same time my stiffness popped up inside my diaper.

Sally glanced down at my new pants multiply times between stifled “Ums” and a “Could you…” while swaying her hips back and forth. I got the message Maltepe Escort she expected me to take off mine as well. Her bashfulness broke down my reluctance, so I did.

Ever since I had learned to change my own diaper, I refused to let anyone see me in it, including my parents. I acquiesced a great exception for Sally since I owed her for saving our reunion with her boldness. I just hoped she did not catch on to my pervasive stiffness.

We sat down on my couch, catching up about what we missed during our time apart, which seemed to trigger some regrets in both of us if our awkward pauses were any indication, but we shirked them off just as fast by remembering the fun times we had together.

As we chatted, I really took in how cute Sally looked. I remembered I had always thought she was though I never told her, yet now she really dazzled me. I found it hard to concentrate on our conversation since I kept getting distracted by her lush hair, her sweet cheeks with the beauty mark, and of course her blue eyes.

Everything about her captivated me especially once my gaze wandered down, resting on the sight of the breasts she had grown. Through her tight shirt, I could make out the outlines of her bra, making me wonder what her boobs looked like underneath.

My stiffness persisted, and in fact hardened stronger than I had ever experienced before as I stared at Sally’s breasts. It had popped up at random for the past several years, but until now it went away on its own. In her presence however, it stayed longer than it ever had and even started to feel excruciating.

“Sammy?” She asked me with her eyes looking down towards her chest where I kept staring at her, making me conscious of what I was doing.

“Sorry!” I yelped, tearing my gaze away as my whole face warmed up with shame and embarrassment. “Wanna watch a movie?” I suggested in haste as a distraction.

“Mhm,” Sally replied, turning towards the TV along with me although I caught her leaning her head down a few times as if she was inspecting her bosom.

Seeing her do that reminded me of the many times I had double checked my diaper before hiding it underneath my clothes. Even after, I had always checked how visible the bulge might be in front of others, worrying if anyone had noticed.

I kept my distance from her on the couch out of respect for the similar way she must feel about her boobs as I do about diapers though she stood up once to raise the volume and ended up sitting closer anyway.

While the movie played, I did my best to focus on the screen, but I just kept thinking about Sally’s breasts. Wasn’t wetting my diaper in front of her humiliating enough? Now I also couldn’t stop myself from wanting to stare at her chest.

At the same time, my stiffness persisted, pushing unbearable pressure onto my lower body. From that, I remembered once, long ago, Sally had told me that’s how it felt whenever she had to go. If that was true, that meant this was the first time in life I experienced what happened when you must go, meaning I did not have to wet my diaper for the first time ever!

However, I did not want to get up and leave Sally. I really enjoyed being next to her.

Even though I had attempted to put distance between us, she scooched closer to me throughout the movie, which made me so happy. I reciprocated by nudging towards her as well until our arms touched.

My whole body warmed up when her smooth, delicate skin graced me. It felt so good, I refused to let us separate for anything.

I also rationalized, with Sally’s attention on the screen, I could sneak a peek at her breasts without her noticing. Once I assured myself, she had fixed her eyes on the movie in front of her, I looked down and drank in the incredible sight of them.

Gazing upon Sally’s bosom, my imagination went into a total flurry, guessing at what her bra might look like and if her skin felt as soft and comforting there as it did where her arm had already touched me.

Trying to hold it in as I stared at her breasts became too painful. I squirmed in my diaper and moaned at the intensity torturing me. Why did this have to happen when I was so close to her?

Sally, of course, caught on to my antics, pausing the movie to ask, “Sammy, what’s going on?”

“It’s nothing,” I said, still squirming and unable to stop glancing at her chest.

“Liar. I know you’ve been staring at my breasts.”

“I’m not,” but I looked down again without realizing it.

My eyes fixated on them this time despite her seeing me. Why couldn’t I stop? Staring at her chest sent another shock wave of agony into my diaper. I clutched my padded groin, wailing at how the overwhelming pressure hurt me. This was too much.

“See.” Sally declared in a combination of arrogance and pride, acting like I deserved my current grief.

I stood up, still squeezing my hands against my diaper.

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I’m sorry I stared at your boobs, but I really have to go.”

Listening to me drew a confused Anadolu Yakası Escort expression on Sally’s face who dropped the whole air of superiority.

“Since we sat down,” I continued, “and I saw how amazing you looked, the same kind of pressure started building up inside me you told me about as kids that happened whenever you had to go. I’m feeling it now. I really need to go. Please, this is my chance to once in my life not wet my diaper.”

Attempting to ignore Sally’s eyes glistening with tears at the sudden realization of what I was going through, I skuttled away only for her to stand up and grab my arm.

“Wait, Sammy,” she said. “What you’re feeling is not what you think it is.”

A part of me wanted to trust her, but my urges just kept growing and hurting me, so I shrugged out of her grasp saying, “I can’t believe you.”

I hurried to the bathroom before it was too late.

“Please, stop! If…if you stay, I’ll show you my breasts,” she said, out of desperation.

I froze. My desires pulled me in two directions. I refused to turn back because I knew seeing her would make me stay. However, her pleading sounded so sincere and on the brink of crying, I had to give in to Sally. I did not want to make her sad.

Holding my excruciating need to go, my stiffness turning the center of my body into a blackhole, I watched, hands clutched against my diaper, as Sally lifted her shirt.

Her mesmerizing breasts tucked into the cups of her bra decorated in fine lace in the pattern of flowers with a little ribbon in the middle of them. As I had guessed, they were the same light, tranquil blue color as her panties.

Reaching behind her back to unclasp her too cute bra, arching her breasts up, it at last happened.

I lost control. I wet my diaper.

Instead of the usual long stream that expanded the padding, it came out in powerful bursts. Unlike the sensationless wetting at every other time in my life, I felt each overwhelming instance of this.

Collapsing on the floor, I screamed as the unbelievable intensity consumed me. I shut my eyes, but all I saw was Sally, her beauty, her blue eyes, and especially her captivating breasts.

It scared me that my diaper might not hold everything. It felt like so much came out all at once I could leak.

When the worst had passed, I remained curled up on the floor, crying. I wet my diaper in front of Sally again. I humiliated us both because of my pathetic lack of control over my own body. The body that betrayed me again and again especially after Sally showed the courage to open to me after all these years.

Even after my shameful display of staring at her breasts, she still chose to let me see them. And how did I repay her? By wetting my diaper when she exposed herself. And putting on a pathetic show by not being able to handle this newfound, unforeseen, unprecedented, unbearable need to go.

“I’m sorry,” I repeated so many times I forgot why I was apologizing.

Having put her shirt back on, Sally kneeled beside me until I calmed down enough to sit up at which she enveloped me in a tight hug. I did not understand her reason, except maybe feeling pity for me, yet I felt so grateful I embraced her back.

We stayed like that for the longest time, just easing into each other’s warmth and comfort. We forgot everything that passed between us for a little while.

Once she let go, Sally stood up, taking my hand, and sounding determined said, “It’s time to put on a new diaper.”

I stood up while she asked me where my room was and then led me by the hand upstairs.

Along the way, I got my wits back around me and protested.

“Listen,” I said as we approached my door, “I can change myself. I don’t need your help.”

Sally did not respond until we got inside.

Letting go, she turned to me, looking bashful, like when she took off her skirt.

“I wasn’t talking about you,” she confessed, “I meant me.”

Confused, my mouth hung open, unable to say anything at such an absurd request.

“I’m sorry about what happened all those years ago, for…if I ever teased you or made fun of you for still wearing diapers,” she said, sounding on the verge of crying. “I felt bad for the longest time. I wanted to find some way to make it up to you. I was so nervous coming here because I couldn’t find an answer, but then you welcomed me, and we caught up so fast it was like no time had passed between us.”

“I don’t understand,” I interjected. “Why do you want to wear one of my diapers?”

“Because as close as we got, I want to be closer to you,” she said.

Without realizing it, I closed the gap between us when she spoke that.

“The best way I saw of doing it,” she continued, “was to wear a diaper again like we used to do.”

Her shoulders trembled while she talked, helping me see how hard it was for her to admit everything she had said. She struggled with it just as much as I had all this time.

I took her hands, calming her down.

“If you think İstanbul Escort that’s the best idea,” I told her, “Then let’s do it.”

After giving her one of my diapers, I motioned to leave the room when she stopped me.

“Wait!” She said, a little desperate. “I…I want you to change me.”

“But…but…” I attempted to excuse myself, “…I would…see…”

“I know. I don’t mind, Sammy, if it’s you.”

Listening to her eased me a bit, although she also left me excited and so tense.

“Okay.” I sighed. “Lie down here.”

She lay on my fluffy carpeted floor.

My hands shook as I reached to pull off her panties. Getting ahold, my gazed drifted towards her breasts, so I averted my eyes.

Sally giggled at my shyness.

“You know,” she remarked, “looking at my new boobies won’t make you cum again so soon.”

“It’s not like before. We’ve changed,” I said, dejected. “We’re so different now.”

Despite not seeing her face with my eyes turned away, her silence after acting so amused let me know she really took in what I had said. I assumed that meant she agreed we were so different now not even wearing diapers again would alter that.

Also, what did she mean by me not coming again so soon?

Even though I had changed my own diaper countless times by this point, I worried how good of a job I did for Sally. Once I pulled it over her front and could look straight at her again, I taped on her first new diaper in years.

To my surprise, it looked good on her.

I took her hand and pulled Sally back onto her feet. She kept ahold of it as she examined her new diaper, getting me nervous about what she thought.

“You did a really good job,” she said. “It looks so cute!”

She kissed me on the cheek in thanks. Relieved and blushing, I held my hand to my face once she let go.

Not having seen the rest of the house, Sally wanted to explore, so I took her on a little tour. She snuck down the hall like we used to do in the old days. Delighted, I joined in with her.

“What strange items do you think lie beyond this door?” She joked, opening the linen closet. “Magical nets to capture foul beasts who tempt maidens,” she said, taking one of the sheets and throwing it over me.

Wrapping it around my body, she led me downstairs. I did my best not to trip or laugh my head off at how she pulled me into her amusing escapades like she used to do.

She even caused me to forget about my wet diaper.

The longer we roamed around though, the more I stole glances at the back of her shirt where I could make out the outline of her bra straps. My thoughts went straight to her boobs.

Once it did, my stiffness returned inside my diaper. With it came the same unbelievable pressure telling me I needed to go. The same as earlier. I attempted to ignore it, knowing that if it persisted, I would wet my diaper.

For whatever reason though, my diaper did not feel as wet as it usually did. Even so, I feared leaking in front of Sally if I lost control again.

By the time we finished exploring the entire house, she grew comfortable enough to let go of the sheet she had wrapped around me to put her hands together against her diapered butt and skip across the kitchen. Despite needing to go making me anxious, Sally made me happy seeing her so joyful. I wanted her to stay that way.

Watching her in a diaper, wandering about my house with my strong urge to go gazing upon her lead me to at last believe we were so much alike again.

She pulled me out of my revery, tapping me on the shoulder and yelling, “Tag!” Before running off.

I chased her through every open room in the house, laughing the entire time, embracing our younger selves until I cornered her in my bedroom.

Once I grabbed her, we fell back onto my bed with me on top. We kept laughing but settled down to catch our breath. Heaving as we did, the front of our diapers rubbed together.

My urge to go intensified when our diapers moved against each other. I had worried so much about going or leaking since she had arrived, that only now did I recognize how good it really felt.

My body went up and down to keep moving along Sally’s diaper. She looked at what happened and then stared at me.

“I’m sorry,” I said, stopping. “It just…felt really good to do that.”

Smiling, she whispered, “Keeping going,” continuing the motion I had started before I joined her in total delight.

The better it felt, the quicker I went. However, my undeniable need to go came with it.

I stopped, fearing I would wet my diaper. Motioning to get off her, she grabbed me, keeping our diapers pressed to one another.

“Please, Sally,” I begged. “Let me go before I wet my diaper again.”

I felt every excruciating rub when I tried to move.

“No, Sammy. I want you to stay. Stay and go in your diaper, please. I promise it’ll feel better than anything you ever felt before in your life. And if not for your sake…” She hesitated to say the next part, “…do it because it feels good for me too.”

She turned her head away, embarrassed to admit that. It astonished me, in retrospect, how selfish I had acted. I only worried about myself. Not once did I consider Sally desired what had been happening. That going like this made her feel a similar way.

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