Wet Wild West Ch. 02

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Just like episode one this part isn’t focused on Group Sex. There are two threesomes, but that’s not the focal point of the story. Literotica still lacks the “Vanilla” genre or whatever it would be called.

All comments, especially constructive criticism, are welcome. Thank you for any forms of interaction, even though this site doesn’t really support that kind of activity.


The sheriff was slightly worried, the deputies should have returned by now. The mission they had gone on was supposed to be a routine one, but of course delays can always happen and it did not necessarily need to mean that they were in trouble. Anyway she was their superior, not their mother, she had to trust in their competence. Until their return Mary was the only law officer in the town, fortunately Tytepoos was a safe place and she could as well focus on running her saloon.

Mary was standing outside of the saloon and watching the main street when she saw a rider coming towards her. She reached for the belt just to make sure that the gun was coming out smoothly. The rider was approaching quickly, but did not seem to have hostile intentions, Mary was an experienced sheriff and could read such signs. The rider approached her and stopped his horse; he was a young man, tired and visibly distressed.

“Sheriff Hornney?” he asked.

“Yes, that’s me,” Mary replied, “you seem to be carrying bad news,” she added.

“I am,” the man said and dismounted, “gather all your men. Oldman’s band is coming.”

“Oldman’s band?” the sheriff was genuinely surprised, “I’ve never heard that name.”

“They’re not from here, but come from the south. They robbed a bank and killed two men only recently. No-one here knows them yet, but I recognised them, “they’re coming this way,” he added. Look at this,”the man handed Mary a wanted poster. Four faces were drawn on it and a hefty prize was offered for their heads.

“There’s four of them coming?” the sheriff asked.

“Yes. How many men do you have?”

“Five. But they’re all out of town.”

“Damn it!”

“But you’re saying they think we don’t know who they are.”

“That’s right. That’s why I came to warn you.”

“So they might just be coming to spend their money and don’t expect a hostile sheriff. I could set an ambush instead of staging an all-out gunfight. Or at least buy some time.”

“What can I do?” the young man sounded slightly afraid, but was still eager to help.

“You can start by telling me your name.”

“Oh! I’m so sorry. My name’s Moonlit Kidd.”

“Sheriff Mary Hornney,” they shook their hands, “we’ll see what you can do. Can the bandits recognise you?”

“I don’t think so.”

“Good. Let’s get it.”

They entered the saloon and Mary continued to speak.

“For now just go into the corner and have a drink, it’s on the house. Don’t attract their attention and don’t do anything until I tell you. Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Mary then walked toward Dolores and explained the situation. Her plan was to offer the bandits a friendly welcome, then invite them to the brothel; she and three other girls would occupy the men’s attention for as long as possible. In case the deputies did not arrive soon enough the sheriff would try to take the bandits out one by one on her own when they were the most vulnerable. Sure, all of the citizens of Tytepoos were armed and they greatly outnumbered the bandits. But the hard-working people could at best hit a barn door at twenty yards, in a real gunfight they might have problems with hitting an actual barn. Bill Munny had dealt with a whole saloon of people and they were all so scared that they could not aim properly. The sheriff could not risk their lives unnecessarily, if there was a chance of dealing with the bandits in a different way. Mary also spoke with her three most trusted girls, so that they would be ready for unusual customers; she also told one of them to prepare Annie’s stage costume; a dance could buy them some more time. Mary put a gun in the cupboard by her bed and a rope underneath the latter; she placed ropes under beds in three more rooms in which she planned to accommodate the guests. She then went down and glanced again at the wanted poster and memorised the faces; she then went outside.

The sheriff did not need to wait too long before four riders entered the town. They rode slowly and while the citizens glanced at the strangers the riders seemed to be uninterested in any interactions. They were riding straight ahead and when they spotted the saloon they headed directly towards it, as if that had been their goal from the very beginning; there Mary was waiting in the shade, but she was not trying to conceal her presence.

“Good afternoon, gentlemen,” she stepped out of the shade and spoke when they rode closer.

“Howdy,” one of the men responded, tipping his hat.

They all dismounted and tied their horses to the hitching post. The one who greeted Mary was the oldest of the four and Diyarbakır Escort seemed to be their leader, most likely Oldman himself. He was of average height and built, but you could not say that about his face. Oldman was handsome, had a charming smile, piercing blue eyes, and looked surprisingly friendly; one would never take him for a bandit at first glance. Of the three other men two were young, tall, lean and very similar to each other; they might have been brothers or even twins. The fourth one was shorter, around Oldman’s height, but shared visible similarity with the tall duo; possibly a third brother.

“I’m Mary Hornney, the sheriff of Tytepoos. This is also my saloon.”

“You look even hotter in reality than in the tales, sheriff,” the man said, “pardon my manners. I’m Butch Oldman.”

Mary and Butch firmly shook hands.

“Thank you, but what tales are you talking about,” the sheriff was not expecting the conversation to start like that.

“The stories of a hot whore-sheriff who dances and does tricks reach far distant places. But the name I’ve heard was Annie, not Mary.”

“I’m Mary-Anne, Annie is my… stage name.”

“That’s adorable,” Oldman flashed his charming grin again.

“Gentlemen…” Mary began to speak, but was interrupted.

“I’m no gentlemen,” the fourth man spoke in a surprisingly feminine voice.

Of course! She was a woman, although not an overly feminine one, apart from her pleasant voice. She was not ugly either, but clearly looking pretty was not her goal; looking tough was.

“Tytepoos is a calm town,” the sheriff continued, “would you be so kind and give me your guns?” They’ll be safe with me and you’ll get them all back when you choose to leave.”

“That’s unnecessary, Annie,” Oldman replied, “we came here to have some fun and we won’t cause any trouble. And our guns will get off together with our clothes, hopefully soon,” he winked.

Mary was not expecting them to agree, but there was no harm in trying.

“In that case let’s go inside and get you something to drink.”

The four bandits followed the sheriff into the saloon. Oldman walked right next to her and put his arm around her waist.

“A pretty place you have here, Annie. Almost as pretty as you. It was absolutely worth coming all this way to try your services,” his voice sounded so sweet.

Mary had no doubts he was a real ladies’ man, she almost regretted that she would have to arrest him later. Or shoot him.

“You haven’t tried them yet.”

“I can already tell they’re going to be exquisite.”

With these words he moved his hand down and grabbed her buttock, she just smiled in response and let him grope her. The friendly welcome was working as intended, so Mary wanted to maintain that role. Oldman kept touching her body and giving her compliments until they reached the bar.

“Oh my, Annie! Why haven’t you told me that you have a cute negro barmaid. What’s your name, sweety?”

“Dolores,” the waitress replied with a smile, acting according to Mary’s instructions.

“Pleasure to meet you, Dolores. I’m Butch.”

To both women’s astonishment Oldman kissed Dolores’ extended palm.

“Be so kind”, he added, “and give us four beers and four big whiskeys.”

The three siblings remained silent, but Mary noticed that they were scanning the saloon; she just hoped they would not pay much attention to Kidd sitting in the corner; they showed no indication that they had.

While Dolores was pouring the drinks, Oldman continued to talk.

“It would be a great pleasure, Dolores, if you joined me by the table for the spectacle which Annie had promised to give us.”

“I’ll be right there with you,” she replied, maintaining a sweet tone and smile.

“I’m terribly sorry, Annie,” Oldman addressed the sheriff, “but I’ll have to leave you for later. Dolores is just too gorgeous to keep her waiting.”

“You’ll need to make up for that delay,” Annie winked, “or I might become jealous of my own waitress.”

“Don’t worry about that, darling. Meanwhile Cassidy might want to keep you company,” he turned to the only woman in their band.

So she’s that kind of woman! Annie thought. Cassidy’s orientation did not bother her, it even made things easier, because she did not have any male employee’s of that kind. Although she would still prefer to go with the leader first and have the chance to decapitate the band.

“Nah,” Cassidy replied, “I want some younger meat first.”

Annie wondered whether she should feel offended, but made no reply.

“Give me one girl now,” Cassidy continued, “and two when we later go upstairs. The boys will love to fuck your pussy, sheriff,” she nodded towards the twins.

The brothers grinned in acknowledgement.

“We sure do, sheriff!” one of them said, the other then added, “we’ll fuck you hard like no of the pussies in this town even did.”

That was not good, not because Annie was afraid of a rough threesome, but because it would be much harder Diyarbakır Escort Bayan to knock out two men instead of one. Unfortunately she had no choice but to agree.

“Whatever you like, boys,” she replied, feigning another smile.

“We don’t like having debts, sheriff,” Butch said, “we’ll pay for the drinks and the entertainment right away. How much will it cost us?”

Annie made a quick calculation in her head and told him the price. Oldman added a generous tip, but the sheriff was aware that this was money stolen from a bank, so she would need to return it all later. The reward was hefty though, so hopefully she and the girls would not be getting fucked for free. Although at that moment money was not the main issue, Annie simply played the role of an entrepreneur content with a deal she had just made. Dolores took the drinks and together with the bandits went to the table. The sheriff went upstairs to get the girls, she informed them that two would later go with Cassidy. She then went backstage and changed into her costume. This was her regular outfit which consisted of a red skimpy lace panties, black fishnet pantyhose made of tiny mesh, red frilly micro skirt which barely covered Annie’s buttocks and was loose for dancing purposes, red and black corset which not only changed her curves into an incredible hourglass, but also supported her huge breasts, it’s top part was made of frilly lace that covered the breasts to such a level that it barely hid her nipples. Her shoulders were bare which further enhanced the exposure of the extreme cleavage, her arms were covered by black silky gloves. A pair of black strappy sandals on thirteen centimetre heels completed the outfit. Surprisingly Annie felt the same kind of excitement when entering the stage as she did before regular shows; this time it was seriously spiced up with a sense of danger.

When Annie walked onto the stage the bandits were sitting comfortably around the nearest table, each one had a girl on their lap. When they were not drinking anything they used both hands to grope their girl’s body. Dolores was not used to that kind of treatment, but so far she was playing her role well.

Luckily for Annie the pianist had been present when the whole commotion began, otherwise she would not have had the time to get him here. He had not been informed of the nature of the special guests, just told to play the piece earlier. The early hour also meant that there were not too many guests; it felt a bit odd, but should be beneficial in case of any troubles arising. Annie focused her attention on seducing the four bandits. She had requested that the pianist play a longer and slower song; the music was already playing so she began to dance.

Without false modesty Annie knew that her performances were good and that she looked really sexy in her stage outfit, especially the corset had an almost magical effect on her figure and breasts; the contrast was staggering when compared to her sheriff uniform. Even without any makeup she looked almost like a different person. She had not anticipated how enamoured with her the criminal audience would be, they all stared at her in silence and only mechanically touched the bodies of the women in their laps. Apparently the areas raided by the band lacked a decenet cabaret, although Oldman gave the impression of a more worldly man. Even when reaching for a drink the bandits tried not to take their eyes off her. Annie was curious whether that could convince Butch to go with her first. She gyrated her body and flaunted her curves, she showed off her legs which looked gorgeous enhanced by the fishnets and high heels.

Annie eventually finished her dance and curtseyed for the audience. Oldman clapped enthusiastically, the twins whistled and howled, even Cassidy was clapping, although it seemed that her face was incapable of smiling. The enthusiasm was contagious and the few other patrons present also joined the cheering.

“One more!” Butch finally said.

The sheriff was more than happy to oblige, she was buying precious time; she nodded for the pianist and he began another slow melody. She tried to make the second performance even more erotic. When she finished the cheering was just as enthusiastic, but this time all the glasses were empty, so she expected that the time was ripe to go upstairs. When no-one asked for another dance she got down from the stage and joined the bandits, she was hoping that Oldman would change his mind and go with her, but he did not; apparently his negro fetish was too strong.

“A fabulous performance!” Butch said, “worthy of the grandest scenes. I’ll be sure to spare enough energy for you.”

Annie had no choice but to go with the twins; playing her role she smiled invitingly and the whole group went upstage. The brothers were incredibly touchy, their hands were all over the sheriff’s body, focusing especially on her full round breasts and buttocks; they were not gentle in the least, but Annie was used to that kind of Escort Diyarbakır treatment. Persuading them to take a bath was easier than she had feared, apparently the dust from the road was bothering them as well. The sheriff also managed to avoid any damage to her outfit, because she took it off herself while performing a striptease.


The two girls who went with Cassidy were called Fire and Golden, after the colour of their hair. They were a bit afraid of the grim woman, something they never had felt with any men, even the toughest of brutes succumbed to their charms and obeyed the rules of Annie’s brothel. Cassidy was attracted to their bodies, but other than that seemed devoid of any emotions; she also looked like someone who was ready to break any rules just because it was convenient. But the girls were not so easily intimidated and they knew they had an important job to do, a job in which they were convinced they had the right qualifications, even if Cassidy was their first female client.

Following Annie’s directives, Fire and Golden asked Cassidy to take a bath with them; they were somewhat surprised when she simply agreed. The woman spoke little, only issuing occasional commands; she was not rough or mean, just awkward. The girls were told to strip each other, then take off Cassidy’s clothes. Once she was naked they could see that her body had as little femininity as her face. Cassidy was lean and toned, with little to no fat and wiry muscles, her breasts were small and hips – boyish, she had strong thighs, round buttocks and broad shoulders; numerous scars covered her body, some old, but a few seemed relatively fresh. Once all the women were nude and the girls began the erotic bath Cassidy let them do their job, she caressed their bodies, but remained silent and even followed their requests. When the bath finished and the girls dried each other as well as Cassidy her approach changed; she knew what she wanted and she gave Fire and Golden short commands.

“Massage my back and thighs,” the woman said as she laid on her belly on the bed.

“Harder,” she added when the girls began their work, “I’ve been riding on a horse for hours, I’m stiff.”

Fire and Golden were not exactly masseuses and their clients usually preferred something more subtle and erotic, but they were not delicate flowers either; they did their best to push the stiffness out of Cassidy’s strong muscles. Fire took care of the woman’s back and Golden of her thighs. The blonde did not feel attracted to women, but because of her profession was more ‘open minded’ to anything sex-related and she had to admit that the client’s toned legs and buttocks looked quite sexy; not that she would like to have such a body herself. Eventually Cassidy decided that she was relaxed enough, or that her muscles were, her own attitude did not seem to change much; she told the girls to give her a different kind of treatment.

Cassidy turned onto her back and spread her legs wide.

“You,” she pointed at Fire, “get down there and start licking.”

“You, come here,” she told Golden.

It turned out that Cassidy wanted the blonde to kneel by her side so she could play with her large breasts; she was far bustier than her ginger friend. Golden returned the favour and began to caress the woman’s body; apparently she was doing something right, because the client did not complain. Fire was more proficient with cocks than pussies, but as a woman she knew what gave her pleasure, she knew where to find the clitoris too. Cassidy enjoyed the attention for a while before she said:

“Put your fingers in.”

Fire obeyed the command and even managed to get a soft moan of pleasure from the client. Cassidy also used her fingers, she moved one of her palms between Golden’s legs and began to finger the blonde’s pussy. This configuration went on for a longer while, Fire was slowly but gradually adding more fingers to the penetration. At one moment Cassidy spoke again.

“Put your whole hand in.”

The ginger’s hands were not too large, but they were not petite either, but the client wants the client gets; plus Fire was genuinely curious how much she could fit inside. While the ginger was carefully pushing her palm into Cassidy’s pussy the woman told Golden:

“Sit on my face. I want to taste your cunt.”

By the time the blonde had settled on the client’s face, Fire managed to fit her entire palm into the slippery pussy. She wiggled it gently and sensed that there was still some space left, so she continued to push; she never stopped fingering Cassidy’s clit. The client finally began to moan louder, but now her noises were muffled by Ginger’s body. Fire pushed her hand as deep as possible and managed to get a bit of her forearm as well, she wiggled it for a moment, but then decided to change her approach. The ginger carefully withdrew her palm until only her digits remained inside, then pushed it back in; another audible moan could be heard from between Golden’s legs. Fire realised that this was the correct strategy so she began to increase the pace of the fisting; fingering of Cassidy’s clit never ceased. Golden had little to do, but apparently the client enjoyed the taste of her pussy, so she remained in place; Cassidy was doing a remarkably good job, so the blonde had no reasons to complain.

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