Wet Wakeup

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Azul Hermosa

“Good morning, beautiful.”

I groaned and stirred in the silky bedsheets, opening my bleary eyes to see my girlfriend Haley’s face smiling over me.

“Go away,” I croaked, half-joking. I glanced with one eye at the alarm clock, which was blinking a time that was far too early on this saturday morning, and pulled the sheets up over my face.

“Hey! Let’s go!” she said as she roughly pulled the sheets off of me. I grunted in dismay. My shirt had bunched up overnight, exposing my left nipple to the cool morning air. Out of stupid habit, I shyly pulled the shirt back, still not used to the fact that Haley can see me naked.

“Noooo…” I uttered, grasping for a blanket, and finding none, curled into a fetal ball, closing my eyes against the cruel sun and the crueler Haley for interrupting a very pleasant dream.

“Wake up, sleepy bean!” she said, all-too cheerily, as she poked and prodded. It was infectious, and I fought off a smile.

“It’s too early.” I muttered. “Five more minutes.”

She laughed. God, that laugh. Half schoolgirl giggle, and half deep-throated guffaw, I don’t know how she did it, but I loved her for it.

She paused for a moment, and bit the corner of her lip, in thought. “I know how to wake you up,” she said, mischievously.

I knew where this was going. “Oh, no, no,” I said, turning, “No, I have to pee.”

But she was already undoing the string on my pajama bottoms, a big goofy smile on her face. I considered resisting more firmly, but her fingers grazing my pubic mound changed my mind. Instead I settled on a displeased groan and sank a little further into the downy bed.

She finally undid the knot on my bottoms and began to gently pull them down. I frowned in feigned resistance, but at the same time lifted my butt off the bed to ease the removal. I felt a slight chill on my bare thighs as my PJ’s were pulled slowly off, but it was soon replaced with the warmth of her hand and as she moved them up my leg towards my bare hips. She kissed the inside of my legs on her way up, gently placing her lips on my calves, then the backs of my knees, and the sensitive inner thighs, making a delicate smacking sound with each kiss. I involuntarily released a low, breathy moan, as I tingled with the delightful anticipation.

She slid a hand up my cotton shirt, gently caressing my soft bed-warmed skin, and making her way up to my breast, gently cupping it and slowly rolling a thumb over my nipple. I groaned, a little louder this time. I could hear her lips part in a smile, and felt her head descend down between my thighs, as her kisses edged closer rus escort and closer to my pussy.

She kissed just to the right of my lower lips, then gently licked the valley where my legs meet my vagina. Then again, on the other side. I could feel my lips getting wetter in anticipation, and dully remembered that I still hadn’t gone pee. I pushed the thought aside as she gently licked my labia for the first time. I could hold it. It just felt too good to interrupt, the moment too special.

She moved her hand down from my small, now erect nipple, down my ribs, down to my hip as she got ready to take the plunge. She nudged my legs aside, sinking down between my thighs with a greedy look on her face as she licked her lips. She glanced up at me then, as if for permission. My bladder was dully throbbing, but so were my lips, so I smiled back at her.

“Please.” I whispered.

That was all it took. She stuck out her tongue and traced it down my pubic mound, then slipped it between my lips. I felt the warmth of her flat tongue, rubbing down firmly over my engorged clit. My eyes rolled back in pleasure, feeling every sensation, the roughness of her tongue sliding back and forth between my lips. Waves of pleasure rolled over me, as I squirmed from the sensation. It felt so good, all the way into my stomach, but… it also tickled, and for some reason, my mind wandered back to my full bladder, as I felt a slight pressure. I tried to ignore it, and groaned, conveying my pleasure to Haley as she bobbed her head back and forth between my legs.

I felt her hand move up over my hip, down to my thigh for a moment, then up to my waist, down below my bellybutton. She placed it there to lift at the skin of my vagina, giving her a better angle with her tongue. The effect was electric, but the extra pressure on my bladder mixed with the tickling of my sensitive clit began building. It felt so good, and I didn’t want to stop, with every fiber of my being. I wanted her tongue deeper inside me more than anything in the world.

She started going faster and faster, and her hand on my belly grew a little heavier, perhaps absent-mindedly, as she licked between my lips with growing intensity. Our collective breath was quickening, and my chest began heaving with pleasure. I felt the growing sensation of an orgasm, building deep within my belly. But the pressure in my bladder was growing too much to bear.

“Babe,” I uttered, placing a hand on her hand, “Babe, I have to… uh…” I groaned as she maneuvered her tongue between my lips, not slowing down in the least. “Babe, istanbul bayan eskort I have to pee,” I managed to breath out.

She looked up at me from between my legs, her tongue still sticking out and rubbing the outside of my lips. She looked for a moment, as if thinking, then smiled, slowly, and resumed licking, making eye contact with me for a while, before returning her attention to my throbbing lips.

I groaned and rested my head back down on the pillow. Did she not hear me? Of course she did, she stopped and looked. But why is she still going? Does she think I’m kidding?

I felt her breath quicken between my legs, as she moved her tongue with increased vigor. The hand below my belly button hadn’t moved, and in fact, I think I felt even more pressure now. I actively squeezed my bladder to keep from peeing right in her mouth. Is she crazy? What is she doing?

I took my hand off of hers, and grabbed two handfuls of bedsheet, trying my hardest not to pee. I felt the beginnings of a powerful orgasm building deep inside me again, and I groaned at the conflicting sensations. I can’t hold on like this for much longer, I thought. Not while she is continuing to lick faster and faster between my legs. I just can’t hold on like this.

Suddenly, I felt the orgasm wash over me with waves of pleasure up and down my spine. I moaned loudly, and my back arched, pushing her mouth harder into my pussy as I pulsated with pleasure.

It only rocked me for a minute though, and I felt a small stream of warm pee escape my lips, rocketing me back to earth.

“Oh no!” I groaned, embarrassed, my face turning red, “Oh God, I’m… I’m so sorry.” I was out of breath, it felt incredible. She had slowed her licking, perhaps taking a break, but she hadn’t stopped. She looked up at me, making eye contact as she slowly continued running her tongue along the outside of my lips in a holding pattern.

“I…” I stammered breathily, “I think I peed a little, I’m so sorry, I…” I felt a little like crying, I was so embarrassed. I was ready for her stop, turn away in disgust… but she didn’t. Her eyes locked to mine, her lips turned up in a smile, and she started licking again, as vigorously as before. She even started slurping a little, as if trying to taste my pee.

“Babe,” I uttered again, “I really have to go…”

She only grunted, a sort of affirmative “Mm Hmm,” and continued licking. I bit my lip and sunk my head into my pillow. I couldn’t hold on much longer, especially with her tongue flicking back and forth over my engorged clit like this… I moaned again, feeling ukraynalı escort that same familiar sensation welling up inside me. Oh no, I thought, as my bladder felt like bursting.

“Babe,” I hoarsely whispered, “I can’t… I think… I think I’m gonna…”

She groaned loudly, burying her head between my legs. Is this for real? Is this really happening? Does she WANT me to pee?

Oh no.

My thoughts were interrupted by a powerful orgasm, even stronger than the first, overwhelming every muscle in my body. My legs were shaking around her head, and I wrapped them around her, shaking with the powerful waves of orgasm rocking my body.

It was then that I realized that I had released my bladder. I don’t know when, exactly, but I was peeing, right into her mouth as she was eating me out. I forced my head to look down, fighting against the orgasm, and I could see streams of clear piss splashing against her face, and she was smiling – SMILING – as she greedily licked me through my orgasm. I gripped the sheets, and I could feel the warm puddle spreading beneath me, reaching my hands as they tightened around the warmly moist sheets. My orgasm lasted longer than any I can remember, as wave upon wave of pleasure washed over me, and wave upon wave of warm pee washed over Haley, and she was loving it.

Finally the pee slowed to a trickle, and I began to come down from my orgasm. It was still coming out, and at this point I had regained control of my senses, but the sheets were already soaked. What would be the point of stopping it now? I allowed it to continue trickling out of me onto the wet sheets, and Haley pulled her mouth away to watch, smiling like an idiot the whole time. Finally, the last few drops came out, and I fell back onto the bed.

I covered my face with my hands in embarrassment, and realized too late that they were covered in warm piss. But I left them there, I couldn’t seem to move. My legs were spread out on the bed in the cooling puddle, the damp sheets sticking to me as I gently squirmed in the afterglow. I could feel that the wetness had spread to my night shirt, and I lifted my back away from the puddle. My shirt stuck to my slender back, and I dropped back down to the bed, accepting my fate in the mess I had made.

Haley, still smiling, dropped back down to me, seeming not to noticed the puddle with her hands and knees as she lowered herself over me.

I groaned. “Look what you made me do.” I said, smiling a little, but feeling embarrassed.

She wiped her mouth on the dry part of my shirt, and kissed me on the lips. “At least you’re well hydrated,” she said, with a laugh. I could taste myself on her lips, and my face flushed.

“Yeah, and now so are you,” I said, and we both laughed. She cuddled up next to me, wrapping me in her arms, seemingly oblivious to the warm puddle that was now soaking her shirt and panties.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32