Werewolfie – A Halloween Story

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WARNING! All of my writing is intended for adults over the age of 18 ONLY. This warning is possibly not needed for this particular story, but I am including it because it is needed for most of my stories. If you decide to read other of my stories make sure that you read the disclosures and warnings at the beginning of each story.

Stories may contain strong or even extreme sexual content. All people and events depicted are fictional and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental. Actions, situations, and responses are fictional ONLY and should not be attempted in real life.

All characters involved in sexual activity in this story are over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality or if you reside in any state, province, nation, or tribal territory that prohibits the reading of acts depicted in these stories, please stop reading immediately and move to somewhere that exists in the twenty-first century.

Archiving and reposting of this story is permitted, but only if acknowledgment of copyright and statement of limitation of use is included with the article. This story is copyright (c) 2022 by The Technician.

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Doria looked down at the text on her phone and started to cry. “He doesn’t understand,” she softly sobbed. Nobody understood. The few people she had told about her condition didn’t believe her. How could she possibly convince Mark that there was a real reason that she absolutely couldn’t go to the big Halloween party next week.

She went with him last year. He knew that she was at the party the year before with Jaime, her then current boyfriend. He remembered her at other Halloween parties from when they were growing up. He thought she liked Halloween.

“Has college changed you that much?” he wrote.

That hurt, but his, “Do you still love me?” brought out the tears.

“It’s not Halloween,” she texted back, “and it’s not you. I still love you, but it’s going to be that time of the month.”

“Not a problem,” he texted back. “There are other ways to end an evening. Or, if you want, we can just cuddle.”

Mark was so sweet. He actually meant that. But she wasn’t talking about that time of month.

“No, Mark,” she typed back, “I’m not talking about THAT time of month.”

There was a very long pause before Mark typed back, “What other time of the month is there? Is this some secret girl thing I don’t know about?”

“Sort of,” Doria typed, “but we need to talk in person.” She sighed very deeply and then added, “Can you meet me at our special place in the park in one hour?”

“K” came the reply and Doria set down her phone.

She walked into her bathroom and washed her face. She didn’t want Mark to see that she had been crying. She left off her eye makeup when she repaired things. She was pretty sure she would be crying again and she didn’t want black streaks down her cheeks like she had just washed off.

She had stopped wearing eye makeup on campus for that exact reason. She was also coming home almost every weekend. “Honey,” her mother said, “I know that the campus is just thirty miles away, but I really think you would get a lot out of being fully involved in campus life.”

She knew her mother wouldn’t understand, so she didn’t even try to tell her. But she had to tell Mark. She wanted to be early to their meeting, and was, but Mark was already sitting on the bench at the far end of the park. The bench was situated in a beautiful area with a wide swath of grass in front of it. But because of a hillside and a curve in the woods, it was basically private. You had to walk almost to the end of the clearing to even see it.

Mark didn’t say anything as she approached. He barely made eye contact.

“Did you come to break up with me?” he said softly when she stood in front of him.

“No!” Doria almost yelled. “I love you. I always will.”

“A lot of girls change when they go away to college,” Mark said. “And they break up with their old, hometown boyfriends. I understand.”

“No, you don’t,” Doria said softly as she sat down on the bench next to him. She took a very deep breath and then said, “Yes, I’ve changed, but it’s not in the way you think.” She looked down at the ground and said dejectedly, “It’s not in the way that anybody thinks.”

“Something happened,” Mark said. His voice showed a lot of concern and a little bit of anger.

“Do you remember my roommate Isadora from summer prep?” she asked, and Mark nodded his head.

“Yeah, I met her when I came up to visit you right after you moved in,” he said. “She’s the one that committed suicide, right?”

He still looked and sounded concerned, but the anger was gone. It was replaced with bewilderment.

“She warned me,” Doria said softly. Then she burst into tears and wailed, “But I didn’t believe her!”

“Warned you about what?” Mark said firmly.

“That she was a Werewolfie…” Doria said pulling back her sobs. Then she added, “… or as she called it, a Wereslut.”

“Is that why she killed herself?” Mark said. Then he shook his head slightly and said softly, “I don’t understand. Did you have something to do with her death?”

“Not really,” Doria replied, “but in a way, yes.”

“Tell me about it,” Mark said.

“My prep courses started the middle of June,” Doria began, “Isadora and I were assigned to one of the double rooms in the dorm. Things were sort of normal for the first week, but one afternoon in the second week she pulled all the curtains closed and taped them to the walls. Then she used some large metal clips to hold the centers tightly together.”

Doria was moving her arms as she spoke as if she were sealing the drapes.

“I asked her why she was doing that,” Doria continued, “and she said, ‘It is only for a day… well actually for one night.’”

“I started to undo one of the clips and she screamed at me, ‘No, please! I can’t stand the moonlight. I’m a Werewolfie.’ I looked at her like she was nuts and she started crying. ‘I shouldn’t have said that,’ she blubbered, ‘but it’s true. I’m a Werewolfie.’ She shrugged and added softly, ‘Maybe a better name would be Wereslut.’”

“What in the hell is a Wereslut?” Mark said emphatically.

“Me,” Doria replied in a very soft voice. “I didn’t believe her. That night I was in the main room of our floor studying really late. It must have been almost midnight when I got back to the room. She was sound asleep and I wanted to look out of the window. What harm could there be? She would never know.”

Her hands again matched her de***********ion as she said, “I carefully undid two of the center clips and opened the curtains just enough for me to look outside. The moon was full and bright and the campus was beautiful. I was about to put the clips back when I heard a scream behind me.”

“‘Noooooooo!’ Isadora screamed. Then she stood up in the middle of her bed and started tearing her pajamas off. When she was naked, she jumped over at me and began kissing me.”

Doria started crying, “I’d never done anything with another woman before, but she was suddenly so strong and…” Doria sobbed. “… so beautiful” another sob “… and so desirable. There was this smell about her that was overwhelming me. Before I knew it, we were both naked on my bed. After a few minutes, she flipped me on my back and spread open my legs. I reached for her, but she said ‘No,’ and slid down so that she was mostly off the bed between my legs.”

Doria stood up, looked at Mark, and tried not to cry. She was almost successful but her words were made staccato by her little sobs as she continued. “She was so good. She knew exactly where to lick and where to suck and where to clamp down with her lips. I’d never felt anything like it before.”

She sat back down on the bench and took both of Mark’s hands. “You know that I have pretty explosive orgasms. Well, this was at least double anything I’ve done with you. It hit unexpectedly and I threw my hips upward so hard that I nearly went straight up off the bed.”

Her voice got very soft as she said, “Unfortunately, that also drove my… my… lady parts… very hard into Isadora’s mouth. So hard, in fact, that it was as if she had bitten me. Her teeth cut me and drew blood in a circle over my clit and across my slit. That’s when she jumped up off the bed and started crying out, ‘No, no, no, no, no. I swore I would never pass this on.’ She almost threw her phone at me and said, ‘Take a picture of me. Now! Before I change back.’”

Doria held up her phone to Mark. On the screen was a picture of an extremely beautiful… and desirable… naked woman.

“That’s… that’s… that’s not Isadora,” Mark stuttered.

“That’s the Werewolfie,” Doria said. “I watched it change back into plain little Isadora a few moments later.”

“You’ve lost me again,” Mark said.

“The Werewolfie needs sex…” Doria said flatly, “… or more specifically sexual fluids. It doesn’t matter whether it is from a man or a woman as long as it is the result of sexual excitation. So she becomes extremely beautiful to seduce her victims.”

“But why did she kill herself?” Mark asked.

“Twenty-eight days later,” Doria said flatly, “Isadora had once again sealed the drapes over the window.” After moving her arms as though sealing the window, Doria continued. “And I, again, was studying, but this time it was at the library. The library closed at ten and I walked across the quad bayan escort gaziantep to the dorm.”

She gave Mark a strange look and said, “But I never made it. About half-way there, the clouds opened up and the full moon shone down on me unobstructed.”

She buried her face in her hands. “I don’t remember everything. I was vaguely aware that suddenly I was naked. I was also vaguely aware that I was running across campus faster than I had ever run before and that everything seemed to be as bright as daylight. Then I saw the frat house. There weren’t very many of the guys there because it was summer, but when I ran up to the front door naked and pounded on it saying that I needed someone to fuck me, they let me in. I woke up naked the next morning in one of the frat brother’s beds.”

She smiled slightly and said, “He jumped up and yelled, ‘Who the hell are you?’ I asked, ‘Where am I?’ and he started saying, ‘Oh shit. Oh shit. Oh shit. You’re going to claim we drugged you.’ I told him to calm down, that I knew he didn’t drug me. I would even sign a paper or something if he was worried. After everything settled down, one of the brothers gave me a shirt that I could wear back to the dorm. My books were where I had left them at the base of the flagpole. My clothes, however were gone.”

Mark asked, “Did anyone report it?”

“Don’t ask, don’t tell,” she answered flatly as she stood up to face Mark. “My clothes and keys and all that had been turned in at the dorm. The dorm office had instructions to call campus police if I didn’t show up by ten. I was there at nine-thirty, but they called security anyway. When the campus cop arrived, I told him that I had left everything in the bushes by the flagpole while I went off to a party. The security officer looked at me very sternly and asked, ‘Did you have any food in your backpack?’”

“I knew why he was asking, so I said, ‘Yes.’ Then I told him, ‘There were a bunch of candy bars and some trail mix.’ He huffed and said sternly, ‘You have made some raccoons very happy and stirred up a lot of trouble for everyone. I could write you up, but I’m just going to give you a verbal warning. In the future, if you are going to sneak away to a party, leave your stuff with a friend.’ After putting away his notebook, he keyed the radio on his shoulder and said, ‘Missing student case resolved. She was sneaking out for a booty call and was going to change when she got back. The racoons must have gotten to her backpack and spread everything around.’ He nodded to me and to the grad student who was on duty in the office and left.”

Doria sat back down and took Mark’s hand. “When I got up to the room, Isadora was frantic. ‘I infected you, didn’t I?’ she nearly screamed. I told her that it was OK and asked her what I would have to do to keep from changing into a Werewolfie or at least control when I did it. She gave me a really strange smile and said, ‘Being a Wereslut once in a while is kind of fun, but it is very dangerous. You are better off to just totally avoid the full moon.’”

After a deep breath, Doria said, “The next full moon she and I stayed hidden in our room with the window sealed. But then in early September, I woke up and she was gone. There was a tear in the drapes that neither of us had seen. The sun was shining on her bed in a small oval shape.”

Doria looked into Mark’s eyes. “I knew what had happened,” she said. “The full moon had come through the tear and she changed into the Werewolfie. She must not have seen me because I was asleep and all covered up, so she went out looking for sex. I had told her about what my Werewolfie had done, so she headed straight for the frat house.”

“Is that why the police thought someone at the frat was involved in her death?” Mark asked.

“Yeah,” Doria said. “The DNA tests showed that she had semen from at least eight men in her front and in her back. There was also semen in her stomach, but they couldn’t get DNA from it. There was a note scratched into the roof near where she jumped that said, ‘I can’t go on living like this.’ The security cameras from across the quad showed a very blurry, but obviously naked figure climbing up the side of the building just before dawn. The cameras on the roof show the same blurry, naked figure scratching on the roof with a small rock or something. Then right after sunup, when the cameras worked better, the cameras clearly show Isadora walking across to the other side of the roof where she jumped.”

“Can you live like this?” Mark asked.

“I think so,” Doria replied. “Can you live with someone with my condition?”

“I think so,” Mark said. Then after a long silence he said, “And I think I know a way that I can take you to that Halloween party.”

“Are you sure?” she asked and Mark laughed slightly before saying, “No, I’m not sure. It’s not like I can look up Werewolfie or Wereslut on the internet. But it sounds like the moonlight has to strike your skin directly, right?”

Doria nodded her head.

“What if,” Mark said almost excitedly, “we combine a Spiderwoman costume and a StarTrek Geordie Visor?”

“You mean other than getting some of the nerds and purists really upset?” Doria replied.

“Well,” Mark answered, “we will just ignore them. I was going to suggest the Spiderwoman suit anyway because it would look so good on you.”

“I assumed you would like something like that,” Doria said sarcastically. “It would probably cover my skin like it was painted on.”

“But it would cover your skin,” Mark said. “It would cover your whole body like a second skin.”

Doria nodded slightly and Mark continued, “We have to make sure we get a good one to be certain that it doesn’t allow light… moonlight… through it. Then we put that visor on you. That thing actually works for one of the costumes I was looking at. I can rent or buy it separately. It is also a camera so you can take images or videos of anything you see. But the important thing is that what you are looking at are small monitors on the inside of the visor. No real light gets in.”

“It might work,” Doria said, “but we will have to test it.”

“The next full moon is Halloween night,” Mark said, “how can we test it?”

“Well,” she answered, “we use sunlight and, if necessary, some almost full moonlight. If you can see sunlight through the fabric, it means it might allow moonlight through. If we’re not sure, we look at the almost full moon through it.”

“That should do it,” Mark said. “I’ll do a long-term rental on the costumes tomorrow morning. Meet me at my apartment in the afternoon and we will test the costume.”

That afternoon found them outside holding up a silver and black Spiderwoman costume and looking at the sun with it. Doria even pulled the bottoms over her head and stood there trying to see if she could see any light.

“It looks light proof,” Mark said, trying to keep the excitement out of his voice.

“It’s dark in here,” Doria replied from inside the bottom section. “It might work.”

“Are you willing to risk it?” Mark said. “From what you said, things could get really bad if any light gets through.”

“The party will be mainly inside,” Doria said. “So there won’t be any risk as long as I stay away from the windows. So even if the suit lets a little light through, I’ll still be safe. The big problem will be on the way in and on the way out.”

“I’ll pick you up at your parent’s house at six-thirty,” Mark said. “The party starts at seven, but it will take forty-five minutes to get there.”

“I normally don’t like to get to parties early,” Doria said, “but in this case, I think I will make an exception. Besides, my parents are going to a dinner party and will be leaving at five. I will have plenty of time to get ready without mom… or dad… making any comments about the costume.”

Mark rang Doria’s doorbell at exactly six-thirty. She opened the door and he gave a loud, “Wow! I didn’t realize that it would be that tight. It is like it’s painted on.”

Every detail of her body was visible. The pattern on the costume broke up a lot of the detail, but if you looked carefully– which Mark was doing– you could see everything.

“You aren’t wearing any… any… anything under it, are you?” he stammered out.

“Nope,” she replied, “stretched like this, it shows every little line and bump, and the panty line and bra outline looked really weird.”

“There are a couple of bumps that say you’re a little turned on by all this,” Mark said carefully. “Are you sure everything will be OK?”

“Do you mean will I go all Werewolfie just because the thought of showing off my body to all our friends makes me horny?” Doria asked. Then she laughed and said, “No, I think I’m safe as long as no moonlight reaches my skin.”

“Do you think you could get away without using the visor?” Mark asked. “The eyes look pretty black to me.”

“Duh,” said Doria, “think about it.”

“What do you mean?” Mark asked.

“I can see you through the black eye holes,” Doria said with a touch of exasperation in her voice. “That means that light has to be getting through.”

“Oh, yeah, right,” Mark stammered. “I guess I forgot that.”

“Keep using your upper brain and we will get through this night. OK?” Doria said.

“Upper brain?” Mark asked.

Doria patted his obviously awakening package and said, “Lower brain.” Then she tapped him on the head and said, “Upper brain.”

“Oh,” Mark said. Then he said, “Let’s put on the full costumes and take a selfie. We can post it later to show who we were.”

Doria hurried over to the table to get her visor. When she returned, Mark was also wearing one. Hers was silver. His was blue and red to match his Spiderman suit. He obviously was wearing underwear because his package was a smooth bump between his legs.

“This is going to drive everyone nuts,” she said as she slipped the visor over her face. “There’s even an elastic piece in the back to make sure it doesn’t slip off,” she added as she moved it to get it properly in place.

They stood in her living room to take the selfie. Then they walked down to Mark’s car.

“I think you’d better take off the visor to drive,” Doria said.

“But I can see perfectly well through it,” Mark protested.

“I know that,” Doria replied, “and you know that. But does a cop know that?”

“You’re right,” Mark said as he pulled the visor off of his head.

“As usual,” Doria said with a laugh.

They arrived at Ken’s house a little after seven. There were only a couple cars parked out front and they were able to get a parking place right across the street. Several kids were still visible on the sidewalks walking from house to house in their yearly candy extortion racket.

“Sun’s down,” Mark said, “but it is still twilight. The moon has barely risen and is still blocked by the trees.”

As they walked up to the front door, one of the little girls dressed as a princess said, “Neat costumes.” An older boy not in costume, probably her older brother, who was walking with her, said, “Yeah, neat costumes,” but he really emphasized the word ‘Yeah’. It was obvious that the girl was looking at their faces while the teenaged boy was looking a little further down on Doria’s costume.

It was a typical bring-what-you-want-to-share party. Mark had brought a large bottle of rum. Doria had brought a couple of bags of chips. One was orange and black pumpkin flavored potato chips. Mark had told her that they sounded disgusting, but they actually tasted… OK. The hood for the Spiderman suit had a little flap that he could pull down over his chin and open up the mouth area. They would have to make sure that they were away from the windows if Doria was going to try to eat anything. Mark tested his rum and 7up with a straw. If he wiggled it a bit, he could slip it in without truly opening the flap. He showed Doria how he did it and she got it on the first try.

After saying hi to the hosts, Ken and Carol, and to the half-dozen other guests who had arrived early, Doria and Mark sat on the couch watching the other guests arrive and making comments about their costumes. At one point, Mark leaned over, pointed at a young blonde in a naughty nurse outfit, and said, “She’s trying to get laid tonight.”

Doria replied, “Why do you say that?”

“She’s been here ten minutes,” Mark said softly, “and that is her second drink. Plus, she has shortened that costume by about three inches.” He paused for a moment and said, “Also, she is wearing thong panties under those tight bottoms. I’m willing to bet that ten minutes from now the white bloomers with the red cross on the crotch will be gone and she will be standing around in a white satin thong.”

“What do you want to bet?” Doria asked.

“Loser has to play whatever stupid game Ken and Carol come up with,” Mark said. “But the bet is only that within ten minutes Nurse Bimbo has ditched the bloomers and is wearing nothing but a satin thong. It doesn’t have to be white.”

“Backing out already,” Doria chided, and Mark said, “These aren’t real visors. I can’t switch to special vision and tell you what color panties everyone is wearing.”

Doria laughed and said, “You could tell what color mine were. But OK, the timer starts now and the loser has to keep Ken and Carol happy.” She laughed again and said, “They do come up with some ridiculous party games.”

Seven minutes later, Mark elbowed Doria sharply in the side and nodded to where the naughty nurse was standing talking to someone in a blue suit and red tie. His orangish blond hair was combed forward in a terrible imitation of Donald Trump. “They’re red,” he said with a smile, “but they’re satin, and it’s only been seven minutes.”

“I should have made you stick to white,” Doria said, “but I agreed. You won. I’ll play the stupid party games.”

“The shades in the kitchen are all pulled down,” Mark said softly. “And the blinds are down and turned closed.”

“So?” Doria replied.

“So,” Mark said as he pulled her toward the kitchen, “we can go in and test whether or not you can work the mouth flap on your costume and grab a snack. You don’t want to be drinking on a totally empty stomach.”

“I’m sticking with soft drinks tonight,” she said. “There is too much at stake and I can’t make any mistakes.”

She did refill her soft drink and ate some Halloween candy. She was about to see if she could get some chocolate cake in her mouth without smearing it all over her costume when Carol called out, “Hey, everybody, let’s clear the area here by the patio doors. We’re going to play some twister. Do I have any volunteers for the first round?”

Doria leaned in close to Mark and said, “You said they would be white.”

“But you agreed to just satin,” he replied, “and they are red satin.”

Doria made sure her mouth flap was totally closed and then called out, “I’m in.”

When she walked over to where Carol was standing, there were already two other girls and one guy standing with her. “Oh, good,” Carol bubbled, “you’ll make four and that’s the maximum for a round of Twister.”

Then, a little more firmly she said, “First, let’s clear out the area for the game.” She pointed to large tape-like colored circles which were stuck on the floor in front of the closed drapes. They created the standard green, yellow, blue, red pattern of a Twister mat but seemed to be a little bigger and slightly further apart.

“There’s room for people to stand in front of the patio doors,” she said firmly and four or five couples moved over and stood in front of the closed drapes. Mark also moved over in front of the drapes.

When everyone was in place, she bubbled, “Now it’s time to introduce the contestants. Not everyone knows everyone, so give us your first names.”

The naughty nurse stepped forward and said, “Hi, I’m Linda.” Peter Pan introduced himself as Fred. Tinkerbell, a rather small girl who was evidently with Fred, said her name was Rose. Then everyone looked at Spiderwoman and Doria said flatly, “I’m Doria. I lost a bet.”

The whole room erupted with laughter.

“I’ve got a bet riding on this,” Linda said, “but I’m not going to tell you what it is.”

Doria whispered to her, “Who gets your panties if you don’t win?” and Linda turned beet red.

“How did you know?” she whispered back.

Doria tapped her visor and said, “They also read minds.”

“Really?” Linda said out loud.

Doria thought, “What a ditzy bimbo,” and was very tempted to say, “Really,” but luckily Carol said, “I will be spinning the color wheel and calling out colors. We will be playing a variation of the double team rules. Two people start out on each side of the mat, but everyone is on their own.”

She pointed to the side of the playing area closest to the patio and said, “Doria and Rose, you start on this side of the mat.” After pointing to the other side, she said, “And Linda and Fred, you start out on this side.”

She directed Fred so that he was across from Doria. Which meant that Linda and Rose were across from each other.

Rose now stood next to Doria with her left foot on green and her right on yellow. Doria had her left foot on blue and her right on red. Across from them, Linda had her right foot on green and her left on yellow. And Fred had his right foot on blue and his left on red.

“Is everyone ready?” Carol asked in a bubbly voice.

The four participants nodded and Carol spun the color wheel. “Right foot on red,” Carol called out.

Doria smiled. Her right foot was already on red. Fred also smiled. All he had to do was turn and face to the side so that both his left and right feet were on red. Little Tinkerbell, however, would have to stretch all the way across the playing area to put her right foot on the second red circle. She made it… for a moment… but she was too small to hold that widely-spread pose and fell forward onto the floor with her legs still widely spread.

“Green satin,” Doria said softly as she looked down at the fallen girl. She heard Mark’s burst of laughter from behind her and turned her head to say softly, “In case you were interested.”

“I’m interested,” Mark said with a laugh.

“I’m sorry,” Rose said as she stood up and faced Fred.

“That’s OK,” he replied as he turned and put his right foot on red.

There was a loud “Ummmf” as Linda also turned and spread her legs wide to get her right foot on the third red spot next to Fred.

She swayed slightly but remained in place. Someone called out, “I’d love to be a blue spot right now.” She looked down and then turned almost as red as her red thong as she realized that it was pulled up tight into both her cracks and they were right over the blue spot.

Carol spun the indicator on the color wheel again and called out, “Left foot, yellow.”

Linda could have just stayed where she was because her left foot was already on yellow, but she wasn’t the brightest bulb in the room. So instead she lifted her left foot and put it on the fourth yellow spot. There was no reason for her not to put her foot on the third spot, but evidently she unconsciously wanted keep her legs spread widely.

Her movement, however, allowed Fred to turn and place his left foot on the first yellow circle. From his face, it was obvious that he realized his mistake, but it was too late.

Doria smiled as she moved her left foot out slightly to the yellow spot.

She had no sooner gotten her foot in place when Carol called out “Left hand, yellow.”

Fred tried to reach down between his legs and put his hand on the second yellow spot, but he lost his balance and fell forward. Linda reached down and put her hand on the second yellow spot. That made for a stable position, but caused her to be bent way over with her legs still spread. With Linda on the fourth spot, Doria had no choice but to bend sharply over with her ass high in the air to put her left hand on the yellow spot directly in front of her left foot.

Someone called out, “Looks like we have two full moons still in our contest.” Linda was showing almost everything she had and Doria was showing even more. The back of the Spiderwoman suit was stretched to begin with by her full ass, but when she bent over it was stretched to the point of becoming almost transparent.

Someone near the patio doors called out, “Then let’s open the curtains and get the real full moon in here.”

Mark cried out, “No!” and jumped to stop the man who was opening the drapes, but it was too late. Doria’s full moon was now fully illuminated by the light of the Halloween full moon. Ditzy Linda lifted herself up to look out the window at the moon.

Doria gave a loud moaning cry as she slowly stood up. The Spiderwoman suit was now stretched to maximum and began ripping as her breasts and ass grew larger. Within moments she ripped the remaining parts of the costume off her body and stood there naked except for her hood and visor.

A sudden, intense smell filled the room. It wasn’t a smell you could describe. It didn’t smell like flowers or grass or even something gross. In some ways, it smelled like woman, but in other ways, it wasn’t really a smell. But whatever it was, it was affecting everyone.

The Donald Trump impersonator pulled Linda over to where he was standing and slapped her exposed ass cheeks. Then he said, “You didn’t win, hand it over.”

The blonde reached down and slipped her red thong panties down her legs. He took them and said, “Let’s go find someplace a little darker.”

Then the smell overwhelmed them both and he said, “No, I have a better idea.” He pointed down at the Twister stickers on the floor and said, “Right foot, green. Left foot, red.” That caused Linda to stand with her legs wide apart. Then he said, right hand yellow, left hand blue.”

Looking more like a bimbo than ever with her now-vacant stare, Linda leaned over and fell forward so that her hands were on the yellow and blue stickers in the third row. She then began undulating her body so that her ass was basically twerking in the Donald’s face.

He stood there watching for a moment or two and then unzipped his pants.

Meanwhile, Mark had reached out and grabbed Doria. “Can you at least control it until we can get someplace private?” he asked frantically.

In response, Linda looked at him and growled, or maybe it was a very guttural moan. Then she said in a very husky voice, “No, let’s go into the back yard and fuck under a full moon.”

She didn’t wait for Mark to answer but instead slid the door open and pulled Mark out onto the patio deck. He started for the steps but Doria grabbed him around the waist and jumped over the deck railing. It was about a ten or twelve foot drop to the grass and the sudden stop knocked the wind out of him. Doria seemed unfazed, and dropped to the ground on all fours keening in a low tone of voice, “Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuuuuuuck meeeeeee!

Mark quickly stripped off the Spiderman outfit and positioned himself behind her. He plunged into her pussy doggy-style, or perhaps it should be wolfie-style, and began thrusting. He had never had a hair trigger, but something was keeping him going longer and longer than he had ever gone. Then suddenly Doria looked up at the bright full moon shining in the sky and howled loudly. As she did, her body shook and trembled and her cunt seemed to clamp down on Mark’s prick and milk it. Mark’s groan as he erupted into her was barely audible over her continued howls.

Mark lay over Doria’s back breathing heavily when she suddenly stood up and said, “Now from the front.”

Luckily Mark’s prick had slid from between her legs before she spun and dropped to the ground on her back. She held her legs high in the air and spread them as far as she could. Then she again started her chant of “Fuck me.”

Normally it would take Mark at least a little while to recover for seconds, but the smell wafting up toward him from Doria’s open legs caused his prick to spring to attention. He immediately dropped to his knees and plunged into her inviting honey pot.

He didn’t last as long this time. Perhaps that was because it was almost like riding a bucking bronco in a rodeo. Doria was rising up into the air so high that sometimes all that was on the ground were her heels and shoulders. When she climaxed her howl was loud enough that people a block away opened their doors to look out to see what was roaming the neighborhood.

This time, she rested after her climax… for a minute or two. Then she pushed Mark back over onto his back and said, “Let’s see if you can eat pussy.”

She got over him in a classic sixty-nine position and lowered herself down to just in front of Mark’s mouth. Then she pulled his prick into her mouth and began bobbing and sucking. For some reason, Mark wasn’t thinking about how Doria had opened the mouth flap on the Spiderwoman hood. Instead he was concentrating solely on her cunt with his own semen dripping out of it. He had never eaten Doria after they had already made love, but the smell coming from her open cunt was so overwhelming that he… or at least his tongue… couldn’t help himself. Soon he was lapping and licking and sucking. He was still doing so when Doria let out another loud howl and slammed her crotch down hard on Mark’s face. He could feel himself ejaculating into Doria’s mouth… or was she just sucking everything out of him?

She sat up and back, nearly suffocating Mark, and said, “One more thing and I think I can control it for the rest of the night.” She waited for Mark to say something but all she heard was a very muffled, “Mmmffffttt.”

“Oh,” she said as she went fully up onto her knees. “I guess I got carried away.” She crawled off of Mark, but remained on her hands and knees. “Fuck me in the ass,” she said in an almost normal tone of voice, “and then we can go home.”

Mark mumbled, “Yeah, whatever,” as he pushed himself up to his knees and knelt behind her. She was already scooping lubricant and cum out of her cunt and smearing it further back between her cheeks. Mark took a deep breath and tried to line himself up with her rosebud. Doria didn’t like anal sex and Mark normally would have been thrilled with this opportunity, but there was nothing normal about this night. He was having trouble getting himself hard enough to do the job, but then Doria released more of that intoxicating smell and his hard as iron prick drove its way into her ass.

Mark tried to thrust into her, but Doria was rocking back and forth so forcefully that all he was able to do was stay in place and let her fuck herself on his prick. He looked down at her body. It was Doria, but it wasn’t. It was her, but a bigger, perfect her. He watched as her firm, round, breasts rocked back and forth as she slammed herself into him. He could feel himself getting closer and closer to exploding. He could also hear her howl get more and more shrill. Then she slammed herself back into him hard enough to almost knock him over backwards and stayed there with her head pointed up at the moon. Her howl became deeper and softer as she seemed to relax against him.

Then she turned her head toward him and gave a long mumured, “Hmmmmm.” Then she said softly, “I think its time to take your wolfie home.”

Mark’s Spiderman suit was basically intact, but there was nothing for Doria to put on. Walking out to the car naked was not something Doria would normally do, but again, there was nothing normal about this night.

Mark walked quickly to his car. With his keycard inside the car in his billfold, it unlocked immediately when he tapped in the code. “I’d better take you to my place,” Mark said. “You’ve got some clothes there.”

Getting up to his apartment was a little more interesting. It was on the third floor and they had to walk up three flights of stairs. Things went OK until they got to the landing of the second floor. Dave and Trisha, who lived above Mark, were coming down the stairs.

Mark and Doria froze as the couple approached. They remained frozen as the neighbors passed. Then they hurried up the steps to Mark’s door. Just as Mark was unlocking the door, they heard a voice from the stairway. “Did you see that, Trish?” Dave was saying. “They were wearing StarTrek visors with Spiderman suits. Unbelievable.”

Both Mark and Doria were laughing as they entered his apartment. “Are you under control now?” Mark asked cautiously.

“Yes, but don’t open the curtains,” Doria replied. “I don’t know what a new blast of moonlight might do to me.”

“What do you remember?” Mark asked.

“Most of it, I think,” she answered. Then she reached up and took off her visor. “But this remembers it all. You told me to set it to video to record the Twister game. You turned yours on, too. Tomorrow, after I am me again, we will watch it. But for now, I want you to take a picture of me before I change back, in case I can’t remember what I look like.”

As she was pulling off the Spiderwoman hood, Mark said, “You look beautiful, my little Wolfie. And in the morning you will be just as beautiful as my little Doria.”

“You know,” Doria said softly, “Isadora was right about one thing.”

“What’s that?” Mark asked.

“Being a Wereslut once in a while is kind of fun.”

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =


= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

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