We’re All Friends Here, Right? Ch. 02

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When I awoke in the morning, I felt a friendly sensation on my morning wood. Julie had already awoken, and probably having gotten bored, began to play with me. She wasn’t trying to get me off, just playfully running her fingers over my shaft and balls, smiling at the way they responded to her touch. When she noticed I was awake, she smiled at me, and I smiled back. “Just thinking about Lily last night,” she said. “I don’t know why I felt the need to drag her into it. I guess I felt like I tease her all the time with these stories of our sex life, it seemed only fair to give her an actual glimpse of it!”

I chuckled, “Well she got an eye-full alright!” I paused and looked at Julie as she moved my cock around, examining it from different angles. “I was worried that we’d feel awkward about last night, but I have to say, it was the hottest night of my life!”

Julie beamed at me and said, “Me too! I mean, you know I’ve never done anything like that before, but the whole situation was just made me shiver with excitement. God, that woman jacking off her boyfriend right along with us! And Lily watching me bring you off! The way I felt you pulsating as that cute little waitress teased you with a peek at her ass! It was all rushing through my mind again as you fucked me last night. That’s when it hit me. Even though other women came into the picture while I was getting you off, it still all revolved around just you and me. And every time you looked at me, I realized that I wasn’t teasing you with the prospect of fucking the waitress or Lily, but me. I don’t know—I can’t really explain it—but when I felt you inside me last night, I didn’t regret a thing.”

Clearly Julie had been thinking this over all morning, and I believed every word she said. It was true; I didn’t have any interest in fucking anyone other than her. Sure, other women caught my attention, even turned me on, but I didn’t want to be with them. Every sexual thought led me back to Julie. I told her all of this, and we lounged in bed for an hour just talking. Eventually we got on the subject of Lily and Steve. “I really hope we can get them together,” I said. “Lily could use some excitement of her own! Why is she so nervous with guys? She’s so friendly, and she’s got that hot little body. I’m surprised she’s not going through a different guy each week.”

“Yeah, I know,” Julie replied. “I mean, it’s not like she’s a virgin or anything, but I think she just has a really hard time being comfortable with herself sexually. That’s why I started telling her about us. I was hoping to loosen her up a little, getting her to think a little more freely about sex. I think she’s coming along. She definitely handled last night quite admirably.”

We laughed again. Julie hesitated but continued, “Did you know she’s never given a guy a blow job?”

“No way!” I responded. “Are you kidding? She’s had sex with her old boyfriends, but never went down on them?”

“She says she’s afraid to do it wrong… like she’ll hurt him or something. I even tried to give her pointers using a banana once, but it’s not the same, you know.”

The thought of Julie and Lily sitting around sucking off a banana was pretty sexy, and I started to get hard at the thought of it. Julie noticed and grinned at me. “Well I’m sure any guy would be happy to show her the ropes,” I said. “You should tell her that. I’m sure Steve would be patient with her.”

“Oh, trust me, I’ve encouraged her to do that with her boyfriends before, but I think she’s just too shy to bring up the subject,” Julie replied.

“Well, I’m sure she’ll get over that hurdle soon enough,” I said, thinking that I might just mention it to Steve if they started going out.

“Let’s go take a shower,” Julie said. “We don’t want to keep Lily waiting for us all day.”

We wrapped ourselves in towels to head across the hall to the bathroom, but when we got into the hall we heard that Lily was already in the shower. We walked down to the kitchen to get a glass of water, and shortly Lily came out of the bathroom wrapped in a white towel. She noticed that we were in the kitchen and came in to join us for a glass of water. “Good morning!” she said in her perky voice.

“Morning, Lily,” I said. “Did you sleep well?”

“Well, ahem, something kept me up for a couple hours! But I slept in late today, as you can see,” she said, gesturing like a model at her skimpy attire.

“Sorry about that,” Julie said. “You know us.”

“Oh yes, I know you,” replied Lily smirkingly.

“We’re going to take a shower,” Julie said. “Join us for breakfast afterwards?”

“Brunch is more like it,” said Lily, “but sure, I’ll start some coffee.”

Julie and I walked off to the bathroom, stripped off our towels, and got into the large, walk-in shower together. We lathered each other up with soap, paying special attention to certain parts of each other’s bodies, as usual. When we were done, we dried off, and went out to meet Lily for breakfast. “Oh, I have to go get a barrette for my hair,” said Julie as she headed first for her bedroom.

I went down to the kitchen to keep Lily company. I had only a towel wrapped around my waist, and Lily was still in her towel as she walked around the kitchen. When she saw me come in, she turned mamak escort to me and sat down on one of the kitchen chairs. “So I’ve been dying to ask you,” she said, “what do you think Steve thought of me?”

I laughed. “I don’t have to guess!” I replied. “He thought you were amazing. I’m telling you, you’re just his type—and come on, what guy could resist you?”

Lily giggled, a little embarrassed and incredulous at the flattery. “So you think he’s not put off by how shy I can be?” she asked, setting her right foot on an adjacent chair. As she bent her knee up, she exposed her leg nearly halfway up her inner thigh. She was clearly a lot more comfortable around me than she used to be, but I tried not to stare. The two ends of the wrapped towel draped around her exposed leg, and although the towel still covered her entire front, she basically was spreading her legs in front of me. This was typical of Lily—always comfortable in her skin, but never realizing how sexual her body was. I tried not to think about what was under that towel.

“No, of course not,” I said as I collected myself. “Steve’s very comfortable with shy girls. Plus, he’s seen what a friendly person you are when you get to know people.”

Lily seemed comforted, but continued to doubt herself. “Yeah, I know. I just never think I can get the guys I really like.”

Just then I felt a tug from behind, and I felt my towel slide right off of my waist. I spun around and saw Julie running across the kitchen with my towel. She was laughing hysterically, and I chased her around trying to restore whatever modesty I had left. I caught up with her and grabbed her by the waist, lifting her off the ground and spinning her around. She twisted and squirmed until I put her down, and she started calling to Lily, “Come on, come on! Lily, don’t you think you can get yourself a beautiful cock like this?”

She grabbed me by the balls and displayed me to Lily. I was still flaccid, but the touch of Julie’s hand sent a jolt through my body. I was still struggling to get the towel, and Lily was trying to avert her eyes. “There you two go again!” she protested.

“Oh come on Lily,” Julie pleaded, “look at it! It’s just a cock—a very nice one that treats me really well—but still, just a cock. You could have one of these every day of the week if you just looked in a guy’s direction!”

Lily’s curiosity got the better of her, and she started to glance at me reluctantly. Julie had started to fondle me, and I had given up my struggle for the most part. I was feeling pretty vulnerable right then, with my balls in Julie’s hand, but her touch was really starting to get me aroused. Lily watched with increasing intent as my shaft grew and lifted upward. Julie started to stroke it as she coddled Lily into watching, still trying to convince her how cock-worthy she was. “Don’t be bashful, Lily,” she said. “Can’t you see that even the sight of you sitting there in your towel, legs spread, is enough to make a guy hard?”

Lily demurred when she realized how sexual her pose was and instinctively started to close her legs. But she hesitated as she glanced over at me, and decided to maintain her pose. She didn’t seem to know what to say. I think she heard the truth in Julie’s words, but she was visibly uncomfortable at this point. She was darting confused looks at Julie and struggling not to gawk at my fully sprung cock, let alone make eye-contact with me. Julie noticed, however, that Lily was intrigued by the instant effect this charade had on my cock. “See Lily,” she pleaded, “every time you even glance at his cock, I can feel it pulse with excitement.”

Lily was turning red, but she finally looked at my face to see if I was in agreement with Julie. I was feeling as conflicted as Lily at this point—half embarrassed and uncomfortable, half exhilarated by Julie’s boldness and Lily’s curiosity. My face betrayed both of these feelings as Lily looked to me. I looked over at Julie, by now having submitted myself as a prop for her demonstration, and she winked at me with a smile. “Look, Lily,” Julie continued, “I’m giving you a chance to get over your insecurities. You’ve had one of these things inside you, and you’d think you’d never actually taken the time to look at one before. If you don’t look now, how are you going to get up the courage to give some attention to Steve’s?”

Lily was probably used to Julie’s openness about sex from their private conversations, but having a man here (let alone a fully exposed man) was really playing on her insecurities. The more Julie talked, however, the more I faded into the background, and Lily finally spoke. “Oh, come on!” she retorted. “Steve and I just met. I don’t even know if he wants me.”

“See, that’s just my point,” Julie shot back. “It’s obvious to everyone but you that Steve is probably sitting home right now fantasizing about you touching his cock like this,” she said as she stroked me playfully. Lily looked at the motion of Julie’s hand, starting to get used to the fact that my cock was going to be at the center of this discussion. She started to say something in reply, but Julie continued, “And you know you’re dying to have Steve’s cock as soon as you can get it. What if something ofise gelen escort happens tonight? What if the two of you end up back into your bedroom—are you just going to freeze up if he starts to unzip his pants?”

It was starting to become clear to me why Lily had so much trouble in her past relationships. I gathered from what Julie had told me, and from what I was hearing now, that Lily really did like sex, she just got a sort of stage fright in front of guys. She enjoyed fucking, but when it came to pleasuring a guy, she became embarrassed by the way guys watched her while she touched their cocks. She would probably give up quickly on foreplay and skip straight to the sex.

Lily didn’t have a response to Julie’s questions. She looked frustrated, not wanting to give in to Julie’s prodding, but finding it hard to argue with Julie’s strange logic. “Look,” Julie said in a softer but still insistent tone, “I’m sharing my boyfriend’s cock with you! When else are you going to get a chance to get acquainted with a penis without the pressure of having to perform? All I’m saying is just relax—watch what I do with it, don’t be ashamed to learn something new, and don’t worry about it. Trust me, he’s loving every second of this,” she said as she smirked at me.

Lily finally let down her guard and started to giggle as she saw my face plead guilty as charged. She rolled her eyes at me, sighed, and nodded at Julie, at last relenting to Julie’s encouragements. Julie smiled at Lily, and Lily started laughing to herself, not quite believing that she had just agreed to this. She smiled wryly at Julie and me, and then pointedly fixed her eyes on my crotch, signaling that she was ready to submit to Julie’s instruction.

“Good,” said Julie. She glanced around the room a little bit, and then looking at me said, “Come over here.” She guided me toward the near wall, and pushed my back against it. As she pressed me against the wall, she looked me straight in the eyes and gave me that devilish grin that I had seen at the bar last night. I returned a suspicious, but willing smile. Julie turned to Lily, who was still over in her chair, and said, “Okay, now come here next to me.”

Lily was unsure, but had given herself over to Julie at this point. She stood up, walked over, and stood a few feet behind Julie. “Over here,” Julie said as she knelt down on my right side. Julie directed Lily to kneel next to her, on my left side. Lily knelt carefully, trying to avoid any contact with me. She looked me directly in the eyes as she lowered herself in front of me, searching me for any sign that she shouldn’t continue. I smiled, acknowledging her discomfort, but ensuring her that it was okay. When Lily had knelt, she looked over at Julie for guidance.

Lily’s legs were tucked, and she sat with her hands resting on her knees. Julie let go of my penis, and just let it stand there, fully erect. She touched one of Lily’s hands reassuringly, and said, “Okay, now I just want to you take some time to look at it.” Lily turned her eyes onto my cock. She looked with such curiosity and intensity that I got a shiver of pleasure. The spasm made my cock jump a little, and Lily looked a little startled. Julie smiled at me, and reassured Lily that it was a good thing. Julie started to explain to Lily all about the male anatomy. She would lift my shaft, moving it around to show where the most sensitive areas were. She would roll my balls around between her fingers, showing Lily different ways to arouse a man. Lily simply watched and listened intently, hanging on Julie’s every word. Occasionally, she would look up at my face to see how I reacted to the various ways Julie touched me.

My heart pounded as I listened to Julie discussing the intricacies of my anatomy and watched these two women, wrapped only in towels, kneeling before my cock. Their hair was still wet and unkempt as it rested on their bare shoulders. Their towels clung tightly to their breasts, showing just a bit of cleavage before flowing over their torsos to about mid-thigh. I studied their barely concealed bodies as I stood before them with my cock unfurled.

When Julie had finished her anatomy lesson, she said to Lily, “Now just watch what I do.” She glanced up at me with a smile, grabbed my shaft by the base, and touched her tongue just beneath my head. Lily squirmed a little bit when she saw Julie tilt her head in towards my shaft, but she regained her composure when she looked up and saw the pleasure on my face. She studied Julie’s technique diligently, watching as Julie flattened her soft tongue onto my shaft. Julie would take a few licks, and then explain. “See, just like a popsicle or something. Except the key here is variety. You can keep your tongue limp and soft, licking around the head like this…” She demonstrated. “Or you can use the same technique to take long stroke from the base of the shaft on up.” She placed her tongue at the base and dragged it slowly up to the head, looking up at me as she did it. She turned back to Lily. “Now something that works well with this technique is to simply put your tongue out and let the cock do the moving.” She gripped me by the base of the shaft, puffed out her soft, wet tongue, otele gelen escort and rubbed the tip of my cock over its surface. She would change pace as well. “Slow or fast,” she said to Lily. “Both work well, but again, the key is variety.” She demonstrated again. “The other thing that drives them nuts is if you take away your hands and try licking it as it wiggles freely in front of you.” She released my cock and used only the motion of her head to bring her tongue to it. As she pushed in one direction, my cock would slide over the surface of her tongue, and she would catch up with it from the other direction. This was really hot! I was amazed to hear the intricate knowledge Julie had of the male psyche. Lily giggled as Julie struggled to apply her tongue to my wavering shaft. “See,” Julie said, “drives him nuts.” She winked at me, and Lily threw me a big smile, in awe of the command Julie had over me.

“Okay,” Julie continued. “Now, that’s just one technique. You can also stiffen your tongue and point it out like this…” She stuck out the tip of her tongue, and licked my shaft several times. “And if you practice flicking your tongue, this technique can be devastating.” She moved her mouth in close my head, and flicked her tongue rapidly against it. Lily giggled as I reacted. “See!” Julie said smugly. Lily stuck out her tongue and emulated Julie’s motion in the air, trying to flick it just as rapidly. Julie demonstrated again, and Lily continued to practice in the air. I watched Lily’s tongue flicker as Julie applied the technique up and down my shaft—doubly hot! “Good!” Julie exclaimed as she saw Lily beginning to master the technique. “Side to side also works nicely.” She waggled the tip of her tongue back and forth along the length of my cock. Lily practiced this in the air as well. “See, you’re a natural!” Julie said as she watched Lily.

“Now, those are the basic licking techniques, but the real talent comes in how you combine them. You want to use a technique long enough to let the guy enjoy it, but not so long that he becomes numb to it. So just mix it up, and have fun with it! Trust me, we’re just talking about tongue here—the teeth aren’t even close to him—so there’s nothing you’re going to do that’s not going to feel good. Just experiment and read off his reactions.” With that remark, Julie launched at my cock, licking it with all the various techniques she just demonstrated. The sensations were incredible! She changed pace and pressure, giving me just a little taste of every move in her repertoire. Lily watched with fascination as Julie showed her expertise. Lily smiled at me as she noticed my reactions, and she positively beamed when she noticed Julie teasing me with some technique that clearly got my goat. Julie ended by giving my shaft a long, deep lick, then smiled at me and turned back to Lily. “See, a little practice, and you could do that, right?” Julie asked her.

“Not as good as you! But yeah, I think I could handle that,” she said as she looked up to see if I had the same confidence in her. I smiled back reassuringly.

“You’d be surprised how quickly you’ll pick it up,” Julie replied. “But that’s just licking. There’s a lot more to a blow job that just licking. Don’t worry, though, the rest is just as easy to learn.” Lily nodded, and prepared herself for her next lesson. “To really get a guy off with your mouth,” Julie continued, “you really need to take him into your mouth.” Lily gulped at the sound of this. Julie noticed this and assured her, “I know you’re worried about the teeth, but it’s easier than you’d think to keep them out of the way. Even though you’re not always licking, most of the work in the blow job is done by your tongue. Look, I just pull my lips around my teeth like this, and let his cock slide over my tongue as it enters.” Julie grasped my shaft, and wrapped her lips around my head, sliding her mouth down around it. I could feel myself rubbing against her tongue as I entered, learning something myself from her lesson. Julie repeated the motion slowly, pushing her mouth around my shaft and retracting again. The slow rhythm felt amazing. I watched Lily as she leaned in closer to see Julie’s mouth as she sucked.

Julie pulled off of my shaft and gave it a little kiss. Lily smiled when she saw this. Julie continued to stroke me slowly with her hand as she explained the technique to Lily. “That’s the basic idea,” she said. “Once you have that down, you should try different speeds and depths. You can get a guy off with a shallow blow job, but if you really want to wow him, you can try to take him deeper. This is harder, of course, because you have to control your gag reflex, but when you hear him gasp as you plunge him deep into the back of your throat, it’ll be worth it.” She smiled as she said this, and both she and Lily glanced up at me. “When you’re taking him deep,” Julie instructed, “you just need to relax and only take him as far as you can. More depth will come with time. I couldn’t do this when we first started dating,” she said as she looked up at me, “but now look at this…” She glanced at Lily, and then wrapped her lips back around my cock. She let go with her hands and simply let my cock slide deeper and deeper into her mouth until she had engulfed me nearly to the base. Lily gasped when she saw this. Julie then waggled her tongue back and forth along the length of my cock as it was lodged in her mouth. I lost control of my breath, and Lily glanced up at me with a look of awe in her eyes. Julie slid off of me slowly, revealing each inch of the cock that she had taken in. She licked off the saliva, and turned back to Lily.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32