Wendy Loves a Man in Uniform

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Father Daughter

This is a work of fiction. All characters are over eighteen years of age.

“Probably just kids ma’am.” Officer Stone was standing outside the home of Mrs. Wendy Davis. He’d gotten a call about a disturbance, according to dispatch she was a nervous Nelly, one of those citizens who call the cops all the time. Cole Stone didn’t know about that. He was new in this town, having moved to this smaller town after his divorce, but he’d been a cop for over ten years, he took calls like this seriously.

He was glad he did. He’d looked around the property and there were footprints outside the master bedroom window. It could have been worse, the prints were so small they were either a curious child or a perp with the smallest feet ever.

He was in the process of telling the homeowner as much. Mrs. Davis had reason to worry about window peepers, she couldn’t seem to keep her robe closed. All that was under it was Mrs. Davis, and that was enough.

Wendy was your girl-next-door type. Dusty blonde hair, freckles across her nose, made you think of hot dogs and apple pie. She was top-heavy, Cole could not help but notice, kind of an airhead but very warm and sincere. He gathered she’d had a peeper before, he reassured her that this time it was really just a kid.

“Thank you so much officer! Um, Officer… Stone!” Wendy smiled at the handsome policeman. His name-tag read C. Stone, she wondered what the C stood for. He was tall and broad shouldered, had that blue-chinned look men get when they have to shave twice a day. His hands were wide and strong looking.

“Would you like to come in for a beverage? Is there anything I could do for you? You’ve been so helpful.” Wendy wanted Şerifali Escort to show her appreciation this time. Some of her towns officers could be quite rude.

A gust of wind caught Wendy’s robe and for a moment Cole just froze. Wow. He did not expect the nipple piercings, or the one above her clit hood. The teddy bear tattoo was well done he thought.

“Oh, sorry!” Wendy apologized for flashing the nice policeman, wait, what if he thought that was indecent exposure? Oh dear, she thought, what will he do now?

Cole reached up and keyed his shoulder-mounted radio. “Dispatch, this is Unit 38, I have a Code four and I’m going to go Code seven now, over.” He approached Wendy, got in her space a little and said, “Maybe we should talk inside.”

Of course a code four is officer doesn’t need assistance and a code seven is I’m taking a break now. But to Wendy, it sounded ominous, frightening. “What? Um, why do we need to, oh, okay, yes, inside.” She remembered what she wasn’t wearing at the moment, hurried up the walk with Officer Stone right behind.

Cole was checking out that ass. The wind was now blowing her robe flat against her back, she had one fine caboose. They reached the door and he followed her inside. Stairs to the left, living room straight ahead, kitchen to the right. She led him into the kitchen.

“Can I get you a cup of coffee?” Wendy asked. She seemed a touch more comfortable once in her own home. She absently ran her fingers through her hair; unfortunately this lifted the hem of her robe up, now she was almost showing the officer her shaved pussy!

Cole gave her his serious look, approached her, thumbs in his belt loops, equipment belt İstanbul Escort creaking and jangling. He backed Wendy against the counter, she was looking up at him with a mixture of fear and excitement. Did she know what Cole was thinking?

Because Officer Cole was thinking Mrs. Davis looked like she needed a fuck. She was breathing fast, her eyes were huge and dark. He picked her up by her arms and set her on the counter, then kissed her passionately. She melted into him, pressing those lovely tits into his chest, returning his passion with her own fire.

He grabbed her shoulders, helped her shrug off her robe and she was naked. Cole took a moment to admire those tits before leaning down and sucking one into his mouth. He felt her nipple ring click against his teeth as he sucked. Wendy was moaning, spreading her legs as he assaulted her responsive body.

Wendy was getting so wet from this unexpected but thrilling encounter. Officer Handsome wanted to fuck her! He was the whole tall dark and handsome package, and speaking of packages… Wendy reached out and caressed the cop’s bulge, he was packing serious heat in there.

Wendy’s husband was more into his job than his sexy wife and she’d been feeling neglected lately. Seeing this hunky new cop show up had started her motor running, now he was revving her engine! Right now he didn’t care if she was married, if this cop was married, all she wanted at the moment was his dick.

Cole stopped sucking Wendy’s tits and rose to face her again. He helped her unzip his fly and lower his boxers to expose his nine inches, hard and ready. Wendy cooed with pleasure and wrapped her hand around it as they kissed again, Ümraniye Escort tongues swapping spit, moaning into each other’s mouths.

Without a word Cole spread Wendy’s legs and drove his cock into her waiting quim. She gasped in surprised pleasure as his rod sank into her warm wetness. Wendy gave the officer a look of naked lust and wrapped her legs around his ass. Cole picked her up off the counter and grabbed her by the ass, he was sliding her up and down his nine inches like she was weightless.

Wendy started cumming as soon as the cop sank her all the way onto his cock. She’d never had so much dick before, her cunt was going insane from pleasure. He was bouncing her up and down on his man meat as he stood strong and silent, intent on fucking her and nothing else.

Cole was enjoying the hell out of his impromptu sex session. He’d thought this Mrs. Davis was receptive, you don’t answer the door to the police in just a flimsy robe for nothing. And she was a hottie. She was fucking her hips back at him, head back, eyes closed in bliss. Her pussy was tight, like she never got any from her hubby, maybe that was why she was so eager to fuck.

But he couldn’t do this forever, his break would be over soon. He picked up the pace, bringing Wendy over to the kitchen wall and shoving her back against it then pounding her fast and hard. Wendy was screaming her delight and cumming all over his cock, another few thrusts…

He came inside Mrs. Davis’s hot cunt, spewing his sperm into her quivering box. Throbbing, pulsing, his nine inches buried to the hilt. Wendy was still orgasming, riding him like a bronco buster, screaming wordless cries as he kept thrusting through their mutual climax.

Later, Wendy walked her new lover to the door, gave him a passionate kiss. Officer Stone kissed her back then smiled and slapped her butt before heading back out to his cruiser. He was going to like policing this town.

The End

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