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Big Dicks

Disclaimer: This is a true account. Any inaccuracies and/or exaggerations are minimal and either serve to enhance the story or can be attributed to my terrible memory. Names and identifying details have been modified to protect privacy. Okay. Here goes.

I was awkward in my junior year of college. I’d been awkward before, but I was really starting to feel it then. My best friend had been dating her boyfriend for half a year and they’d just started having sex for the first time and were generally radiating a coital glow. All the time. How could this have happened? L. and I had been two of a kind, the Virginators, and she’d abandoned me. Not that I really begrudged her; A was and is a great guy and they’re together still, four years later, but at the time I felt left behind.

But fear not, gentle readers, for the solution to my problem was not long in coming. Heh.

I’d noticed E before. He was a residential assistant in my dorm my sophomore year and he would often lounge in his doorway and watch me walk past on my way to my room. At first, I was a little weirded out because he just stood there, motionless, wordless, watching me. And I was shy so I never greeted him, just scurried past. It did occur to me that he might be interested but he had a girlfriend of three years at the time, we had completely different social circles and he was, well, out of my league.

Let me explain. I’m 5’4″, pale, curvy with lovely squishy round tits and and a yummy ass, and with an elfin face with big brown long-lashed eyes that suggest innocence but hide some serious naughtiness within. I recognize and own my attractiveness now (especially when I get dolled up, yay!) but back then I hid my face behind stringy hair and wore loose-fitting jeans and tie-dye t-shirts back then. Oof. Save me.

E, on the other hand. Damn. He was from Jamaica; tall, lean-muscled, chocolate skin, halo of baby dreads, sad eyes, absolutely succulent lips and that accent, man, every time he said my name I felt a delicious tingle. Not only was he physically attractive, but the man was a senior medical student and a talented reggae singer. Me, I was, as I may have mentioned, a late bloomer and a creative writing major and band geek. He was going to be curing cancer and I was going to be sitting in a cardboard box in Times Square, playing the harmonica and writing haikus for a dime a pop.

But he had a crush on me, had maltepe escort had one for a year and broke up with his cheating girlfriend the summer before junior year and started asking his friends about me. We went to a small school so word got around quickly. I couldn’t believe it. Me? Really?

We started talking, having awkward little conversations in the hallway. Turns out Mr. Amazing was shy too. Things were going too slowly for my taste (okay, for my raging hormones) and on his birthday, I decided to make things very clear. His birthday fell on the same weekend as my school’s annual fall musical festival, an event which almost everyone takes as an excuse to get totally trashed and screw each other’s brains out. In other words, perfect for my devious purposes. I wore one of my few sexy outfits, low rise jeans that fit divinely and a blue striped halter top that displayed a lot of cleavage and whose light fabric rubbed deliciously against my nipples, making them stand up. I enjoyed the music with my friends for a while, got a good buzz going on, and went on the prowl. E was alone in his room when I knocked on the door.

“Why aren’t you out celebrating? It’s your birthday? Why are you sitting here by yourself?”

“I don’t know. I guess I’m feeling a little down.”

“Really? What’s wrong?”

And he told me how even though he was glad he’d broken up with his girlfriend because she’d cheated on him and manipulated him for such a long time, he still felt alone. I plucked up my courage.

“But you’re not alone. I’m here,” and I flashed him a winning smile, hoping he couldn’t see the terror underneath. I sat down on the bed and slid my hand over next to his. He stared at for a moment, then covered it with his warm hand.

“Do you want to watch a movie?” he asked.

“Sure,” I said, all the while thinking, yes, yes, this is progress, this is how it works in college, movies lead to all sorts of other things.

He put in an action flick, whose title and plot I will never be able to remember because I was not paying any attention. We sat for a while in the dark. He got up to use the bathroom and I took the opportunity to lie down on the bed as I waited for him to come back. He seemed to be at a loss when he came back in so I patted the spot next to me. He sat on the edge of the bed and I sort of curled myself pendik escort around him and rubbed his lower back in slow circles. I was starting to seriously doubt my mission when he turned and kissed me, those delicious lips devouring mine, his arms wrapped around me. He broke the kiss just as abruptly as it started and looked down at me as if asking a question. I nodded.

Quickly he ran his fingers over my covered tits, grazing the nipples and making them stand up again. I peeled off my halter top and he took off his shirt and we ran our hands all over each other’s skin, stroking and rubbing and gently squeezing. His hands felt so warm, the palms and fingerpads rough, rasping over my silky skin. We kissed deeply, our tongues caressing each other in an intimate wet dance.

He slid his hand down to the waistband of my jeans and I stopped him for a moment, trying to catch my breath and think about what I was about to do. Then I released his fingers. He unbuttoned and unfastened me in a second and I lifted my hips and we liberated me from my jeans. I was left in my panties. I parted my legs a little and he ran a experimental finger over the silky crotch, which was of course, soaked through and had been for quite some time. He sucked in a breath of air and smiled at me.

We didn’t speak, I only began to move my hips in slow small circles under his finger. Gradually, I pushed up against him harder, feeling his finger slide up and down the wet fabric groove. It felt amazing, but I was impatient.

“Please. Take off your pants,” I whispered. He obliged and I slipped out of my panties. It was so dark that he was just a dim silhouette by the bed. Then he lay down next to me and we embraced, heated skin touching from head to toe, glorious. After a lingering kiss he began to lick and suck my nipples. I arched my back and practically purred. His hand returned to my now uncovered pussy and resumed the slow strokes, spreading my wetness to cover my pussy lips and inner thighs. I couldn’t resist any longer and I reached down to grasp his hard cock and got a wonderful surprise. His penis was massive.

Now, I hate be a perpetrator of stereotypes but E fit this particular one to a T. I had heard rumors that he was very well-endowed and had dismissed it as the usual gossip but no. He had to be about eight inches long and when I held kaynarca escort his cock in my hand my fingers and thumb didn’t meet so he had considerable girth as well. I’m not gonna lie, underneath the initial thrill I was a little worried. Would this hurt more than I anticipated?

I stopped worrying when he progressed from slow strokes to plunging one, than two fingers into my pussy. Fuuuuck, those long tapered fingers felt good. And he was still sucking on my nipples like crazy. I felt electric, invincible.

“Baby,” I said. “Please.”

He stopped and moved on top of me. Slowly he lowered himself until the tip of his cock was right against my pussy lips. He didn’t move to penetrate me at first, just teased me with his delicious cock, rubbing it all around, grasping it and letting it go, hitting my clitoris with its meaty head. Oh god. I squirmed with pleasure. Finally he held it at the entrance to my pussy, then looked at me.

“Just. Go slow at first, okay? Go reaaaally slow.” He nodded and started to ease himself in, taking his time, gauging my reactions. Honestly, I expected it to be excruciating but whether it was the alcohol or the fact that I had been using dildos and vibrators for a year before or both, it didn’t hurt at all. Just felt very very tight and then, once he was completely inside me and began to thrust in and out, slowly, oh, it felt amazing.

I was completely filled up and he was hard as steel, mmm! It wasn’t long before I was begging him to go as fast as he could, and what do you know, it turns out I am LOUD during sex. I’m sure the whole floor could hear us but I didn’t care. He pistoned into my hot hungry pussy and I wailed for joy, my muscles clinched around him, my fingers digging into his ass, feeling the rock hard muscles flex with each stroke. We trembled together and he came. I could feel his cock flexing and pulsating in my pussy. We collapsed, covered in a sheen of sweat.

After about ten minutes of rest, we pulled on our clothes again and began to talk, really talk. It’s backwards, I know, but that’s how it worked in this instance. I confessed my little secret.

“A virgin? Are you serious?”

I nodded, worried that I might think I had tricked him, that I was trying to trap him. He seemed lost in thought but then he put his arms around me and held me close. We stood like that for a long time.

Epilogue: After that, E and I started dating, much to the surprise of a lot of people, including us. I broke up with him after a few months, before I left on a study abroad program, a decision I still question from time to time. We’re still friends and talk on the phone regularly. He is a good man and lover and who knows what could happen the next time we run into each other?

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32