Welcome Home Continued

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I told him that I was not finished yet. The ride home seemed to be a lot shorter than the ride to the airport. Maybe it was the anticipation of finishing what we started in the garage. Or maybe it was just the thought of our bodies touching again. It was very difficult to keep my hands to myself while he was driving but there was a lot of traffic so I did not want to distract him even though there was a part of me that really wanted to.

The vehicle had barely stopped before I opened my door to get out. Like I said, four months had been a long time. I heard him giggle at me as I jumped out and headed for the door. I unlocked the door while he headed to retrieve his luggage. I looked at him and said, “Leave them for now.” He just smiled and said “okay” and headed my way.

Once inside I led him straight to the bedroom. Before I got a chance to do anything, he grabbed my hand and pulled me to him so he could give me a proper hello kiss. He held my face in his hands as he kissed me deeply. I loved the way he kisses me. His kiss would make every inch of my body tingle. As our tongues played with each other I could feel him getting hard again. As I pulled away from our kiss, he bit my bottom lip just enough to let me know that he was not finished making love to my mouth. He slowly ran his tongue across gaziantep escort my top lip and then the bottom. “I have missed your lips” he said as he sucked my bottom lip into his mouth.

He removed his torn shirt from my body as he licked and kissed my neck. His tongue led him to my breast. First the left one, then the right. He sucked each nipple into his mouth as he circled it with his tongue. He bit the tip just a little as he began to unzip my skirt. As it fell to the floor, I could hardly stand still as his mouth left my breast and headed towards my navel. He sat me down on the foot of the bed and stood in front of me as he took off his clothes. I wanted to see his body, His chest and his perfectly cut abs.

As he took off his pants I pulled him to me so I could lick his stomach. His skin always tasted so good. As I ran circles with my tongue around his belly button, I ran my hands up to his chest, around to his back, and down to his ass. His tight ass felt so good in my hands. He said, “Lay back. As I did, he put his hands under my thighs and pulled me to him as he knelt at the bed. He began to kiss my knee and slowly moved down the inside of my thigh. I began to squirm the closer he was to my pussy which was now throbbing and dripping wet.

He slowly ran his tongue from the bottom of my lips to the top and stopped to suck my clit. I could feel his tongue flick my clit and he sucked it. He knew this would make me cum quickly so he pulled away and teased me with his fingers. He started at the bottom of one side all the way to the top and down the other side. As he licked my clit again, I felt one of his fingers go deep inside me. I reached down and pulled his hand away so I could lick my juices from his finger.

I looked at him and said, “This is your welcome home so I want you to lie down on the bed.” I straddled him just long enough so that I could rub my juices on his continuously growing cock. He took a deep breath as I took it in my hand and squeezed just a little as I stroked it. I slid down between his legs so that I could taste him. I wanted to feel his cock in my mouth. I circled the tip with my tongue a couple of times before I took as much of him as I could into my mouth. I felt his legs tense as I sucked back to the top. Each time I would flick the tip with my tongue before sucking my way back down. I ran my tongue down side of his shaft and circled each ball before going back up the other side. After a couple more times of sucking him into my mouth he pulled me away but I was not ready to stop. I wanted to taste him. I pushed his hand away as sucked the tip of his cock as he came.

I continued to massage his still hard cock as I straddled him. I lowered myself onto his cock. It had been four months so I was very tight and I could feel every inch of him go deep inside me. He pulled me to him so he could suck on each of my breast. With each up and down motion I could feel him getting even harder inside me. He grabbed me by the waist and before I knew it, he had flipped me on my back and he was now on top of me. He put one of my legs along his chest and thrust deep inside me. With each thrust, I raised my self to meet him. As we came closer to orgasm, I could feel my pussy contract around his cock.

He pulled out of me and bent down to lick my juices as they ran down my ass. After licking my pussy from tip to bottom, be put his hard cock back inside me. Each thrust became faster and deeper. The sound of him thrusting in and out of me and my moans became shorter and faster as we came. I grabbed his waist with both hands and pulled him deep inside me so I could feel his cum pulse inside.

I wrapped my legs around him to hold him inside me for as long as I could. I knew he would be leaving again in a few days for two months. He pulled me tight to him. His sweat cover chest felt good on my breast. He looked at me and then sucked on my bottom lip. As he moved to lie beside me, I said “Welcome Home Again.” He looked at me and said, “Thank you… again.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32