Welcome Home

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I walk through the door and place my bag on the floor. I pull my hair out of a pony tail and run my fingers through it.

“I’m back baby.”

I smile as I hear you walk up behind me and wrap your arms around my waist. I moan quietly as you begin to kiss my neck.

“Welcome back baby. I missed you.”

“I wasn’t gone that long was I?”

“Way to long for me.”

I laugh quietly as I turn around in your arms to face you. I kiss you as I wrap my arms around your neck.

“I missed you too.”

You kiss me again harder as your hands run from my wais down to my ass. I run my hands over your chest and down to your cock. I break away from the kiss. I look down at you and smile.

“Your naked baby. What would you have done if it wasn’t me who walked through the door?”

“I never thought that far ahead.”

“Well I’m glad I walked through the door.”

I smile and push you back towards the couch. I kiss you as I push you down so your sitting on the edge of the almanbahis couch. I pull my top off and get down on to my knees. I kiss you as I slowly stroke your cock. You reach around and undo my bra. I push your legs apart and stop kissing you. I smile at you as I lick the tip of your cock. I begin to suck your cock as you play with my tits. You place a hand on the back of my head and push me down on to your cock. I moan and begin to deep throat your cock. I hear you moan as I continue to suck your cock.

“Fuck that feels so good baby.”

I moan and unzip my jeans. I place my hand inside of my jeans and begin to finger myself.

“Your not wearing any panties baby?”

I look up at you and continue to suck your cock faster. You moan and hold my head still as you thrust your cock into my mouth. I moan and continue to finger myself. I begin to play with your balls, feeling them tighten.

“Fuck I’m gonna cum baby.”

I moan and begin to finger myself faster. almanbahis adres I continue to suck on your cock as you thrust into my mouth. You thrust deep into my mouth once more as you begin to cum. I moan as I feel your cum hit the back of my throat. I swallow your cum as fast as I can, moaning as I play with my clit. I take my mouth off your cock, feeling your cum hit my throat and tits.

“Fuck. Oh fuck I’m cumming.”

I scream as I begin to cum. I continue to play with my clit and my tits. I sit down on the ground, breathing heavily as I suck on my cum covered fingers.

“Does it taste good?”

“You tell me baby.”

You sit down on the ground next to me and turn my face towards you. You kiss me, tasting our cum. You moan and slowly push me backwards until I’m on the ground with you laying on top of me. You slowly kiss me, making your way down to my jeans. I moan and lift my ass up as you pull off my jeans. You kiss the inside of my legs as you push them almanbahis giriş part. I moan as you slowly kiss your way up to my pussy. You begin to lick up my cum.

“Baby please. Stop teasing me. I need your cock.”

You stand up and walk around to my head. You kneel down next to me and lift my head up slightly so your cock is in front of my face. I reach out and begin to stroke your cock as I lick the tip. You moan as I continue to stroke your cock and lick your cock back to life.

I moan in disappointment as you take your cock out of my mouth and hand. You lay back on top of me and kiss me. I moan as I feel your cock rub against my pussy.

“Baby please.”

You moan as you slowly thrust in to my pussy. I kiss you.

“It feels so good.”

You begin to thrust into me harder and faster. I scream and arch my back. I run my fingers along your back as you begin to lick and play with my tits.

“I’m gonna cum again baby.”

“Me too.”

You begin to thrust deeper into me as I begin to cum. You moan loudly as you thrust deep into me one more time as you cum.

You pull your cock out of my pussy and lay down next to me. I roll over on to my side and kiss you.

“I love you baby.”

“I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32