Weird Fantasies 03: Catching Me

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Quite often, we play our game. You chase me around the house, and try to catch me, so you can hold me down and fuck me.

One day you ask if someone else can play too.

I look at you for a moment, surprised, then I shrug. “Okay,” I say.

Someone else to help you catch me, maybe. Someone else to join in when you do. I’m into it, either way. I’ve always wanted to try this with more than one person.

You got to the front door, and let someone in. A friend of yours, I assume. Someone you know well enough to talk to about this.

I look at you both. “Does he know what to do?” I say.

You nod.

“Okay,” I say, and kick off my shoes. “Let’s go.”

You reach out and try and bear-hug me. I duck away. You come after me around the couch, and grab at my arm, and catch it. You pull me back towards yourself. You push me over, push me onto the floor, and try and sit on me. I struggle. I push at you, and try and wriggle away.

Your friend doesn’t help much, he seems a bit overwhelmed. He just stands there, watching, as you and I fight.

I’m in a short dress, with bare feet, so that I can run. As I wriggle around the dress slides up. It slides up a long way, so my thighs and hips are bare. Your friend is still just watching. Antalya Escort He isn’t turning out to be much use to you, I think.

You seem to feel the same. “Help me,” you say. “Grab her legs.”

I start kicking, but he does. He just lies on them, smothering my kicks. He’s right beside my hip now, looking at me while he lies there.

He’s looking at my undies as I wriggle, and seems to get distracted. I kick one leg free, then kick at him. I hit something, hit him, and then he grabs my foot and holds me properly and starts taking this seriously, I think.

Now he’s joined in properly, it is easier for you both. I’m held, by my arms and legs, but it’s sort of an impasse. I’m still dressed, and you still need to actually fuck me.

Your friend is looking at my undies. Because the dress is still up, and they’re just there, I assume.

“We need to turn her over,” you say, panting. “It’ll be easier.”

You try. You both try but I don’t go. We’ve been doing this for a while, and I’ve actually got quite good at it. And I’m less worried about hurting you than you are me, that too. I’ve hit your face a couple of times, and given you scratches and grazes.

Now, I kick and push and tug myself free. I get one Antalya Escort Bayan leg free, and one arm enough to scratch at your neck, and I think I might actually be about to manage to get away.

At least enough you can’t hold me down and undress me.

I’m feeling pretty proud of myself, but then your friend bends over and licks my pussy through my undies.

I stop moving.

It feels good.

It feels impossibly good. I like sex, I like being touched, while we do this. I’ve come before just from the rubbing while I struggle and fight under you. Now I’m being licked, and that’s never happened before. It’s never been possible, since you couldn’t really, while holding me down, with just you.

I kind of say, “Oh,” and go all still and limp, and he licks me. He pulls my undies to the side, and licks me a little more.

“Okay, now,” you say, but I barely hear.

You both turn me over. I’ve gone limp and don’t really care. You hold my arms, and sit on my back, and pull up the dress and tug my undies down.

“Go on,” you say to your friend. “Stick it in her.”

“What?” he said.

“Put your cock in her.”

I start wriggling again, hearing that.

“I can’t…” he says.

“Mate, Escort Antalya just do it,” you say. “It’s what you’re here for isn’t it?”

He hesitates.

“Go on,” you say. “It’s fine. And you kind of have to.”

I suppose because he’s at that end of me.

In the end, he does. I struggle, but not very well. He unzips, and takes it out, and I feel it hard on my leg. He pulls my knee, tugs it to the side, but something isn’t quite right. I still feel him at the top of my leg. He bends further, and tugs more, and then it just slides right into me. I struggle for a bit, just because, but I pretty much stop and just fuck him once he’s inside me. I usually do, once you and I start actually fucking. I can’t help myself, really, not once something’s in me.

He fucks me, and I get up on my elbows and knees and fuck him back. You’re still sitting on me, but you feel me start to move, and let me up. You know I’ve forgotten about struggling now.

I fuck, and I come. I always do, very quickly, from this kind of sex. I do, and your friend does too, then I jump up and run off while you’re still busy feeling proud of yourself.

I run into the bathroom and lock the door, as you shout, “Hey.”

I’m sticky and dripping with a man I don’t know, and that turns me on. I get myself off again, quickly, while you complain through the door and listen to me.

Your friend goes. You start to sulk. I laugh at you, saying this was the game. Later I take pity on you and suck you off, but I still think you deserved not to get any.

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