Weekend Swap Ch. 02

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Big Boobs

I must have blacked out, or at the very least, dropped off to sleep because the next thing I was conscious of, it was the middle of the night and I was still laying in front of the fire place. There was a feather comforter over us and Jean was pressed up against my back, spoon style. She had her arm draped over me and she was toying with my cock head with the tips of her long delicate fingers.

I rolled over onto my back and stretched out like a lazy tom cat.

Jean was completely naked now and her firm breasts were pressed up against me. She continued to finger my cock and leaned in close. ” Hey stud, are you going to keep your promise and be my slave boy for the rest of the weekend?”

I looked down at my growing cock and said, “What kind of mess have you gotten me into this time?”

Jean giggled and said, “Relax, Tiger, I promised Cindy I would send you back to her in generally the same condition I got you. So I guess it rules out a cat of nine tails or anything else that will mark up that beautiful hard body of yours.”

I breathed a sigh of relief and asked her what she had on her mind.

She said, “Let’s go upstairs to the master bedroom, where I drag all my slave boys and ravage them to my heart’s content.” She showed me an evil smile and slowly licked her lips. It was the look of a hungry beast getting ready to devour its helpless prey.

I stood up and slowly made my way upstairs, not really sure what perversion she had working inside that beautiful head of hers.

I knew Jean well enough to know she would not ever really cause me any real pain. It was going to be all role play and as pleasurable for me as it would be for her. All I would have to do is say “stop” and she would discontinue whatever she was doing.

I have no doubt if she were a Hungarian Countess back in the fourteenth or fifteenth century she would be hell on her servants. She may have a drop or two of “the blood countess” Elizabeth Bathory’s blood flowing through her veins, but she wasn’t totally crazy.

Thinking of her in this role was extremely exciting and my cock was rising to the occasion.

When we reached the bedroom Jean ordered me to lay on my back on the king sized canopy bed. I stretch out facing the ceiling.

Jean walked to the head of the bed and reaching into the night stand drawer and took out four pieces of white silk material. She smiled down at me with the grin of the Cheshire Cat.

Jean sat down on the side of the bed, speaking softly to me about how smooth and cool it would feel on my skin. As she was talking she slipped a silk loop onto my right wrist and tied the ends to the top corner post of the bed. Pulling it just tight enough so it wouldn’t slip off my wrist. Then she reached across my body so her breast was rubbing onto my face. She slipped a silk loop onto my left wrist just tight enough to be snug. She walked around the bed and secured this scarf to the upper left bed post.

I started to protest but Jean hushed me and ran her fingers down my chest. Starting at the neck and ending up massaging my inner thighs only a fraction of an inch from my aroused cock. She lingered there on my thighs, massaging away any protest I might still feel. All the time talking softly about what pleasure she was having touching my hard male body.

Her voice was almost hypnotic. Soft and slow, almost like dripping honey. She worked her hands lower on my leg, leaving my skin tingling as she went.

It almost went unnoticed when she slipped a silk loop over my left ankle and secured it to the bed post a little tighter than she had done with my wrists.

Now Pursaklar Escort she had three limbs bound the fourth was no problem. She secured my right ankle to the last bed post and stepped back the admire her handiwork. Now her smile more resembled a smirk: once again she could claim victory.

She looked down at my helpless form and said, ” Now little slave boy, you are just where Mistress Jean wants you to be. You will have to obey me and satisfy my every whim. Or I will just have to…..”

“Or you will just have to do what?” I repeated.

She hesitated for a minute with her finger on her chin as though she were deep in thought. “Well” she finally said, “I will just have to punish you.”

With this she turned on her heel and walked out of the room, into the dressing room and closed the door behind her. Leaving me alone tied like a pig in a butcher shop. And wondering what exactly she meant by “punish you.”

I had to admit that so far this was turning out to be the most erotic weekend of my life but still how high a price was it going cost me?

I knew Jean was a woman that loved to role play and we had done just that many times while swinging together in the past. Cindy had always been there swinging with Jean’s husband Jack.

I have always had the impression that Jean was the dominant one in their marriage. Even in their swinging life style, I think Jean called the shots and Jack just went along with it to keep Jean happy. Not that he was getting short changed here. After all he was with Cindy, and my wife could melt the polar ice cap once you got her fire going.

Up until this weekend, though, we have Never swapped mates without the two of us being at least in the same house if not the same room.

Now though I was tied down to a woman’s bed stark naked and wondering just what she meant by her last words ” I will just have to punish you.”

I was just starting to wonder just what was taking Jean so long. When the dressing room door opened and out she came.

This time Jean was wearing an English riding outfit. A white sheer blouse and a red fox hunting jacket : both were wide open down the front .This enhanced her sexual charms but did nothing to hide them. On her head she had an English style riding cap and her hair was done up in a long but perky pony tail. The thing that caught my eye the most though Jean carried a riding crop that she tapped into her other hand as she came around the bed.

Smiling sweetly she looked down at me “You know,” she said, “I’m in the mood to play horsey. Well, I’m all dressed to be the rider .” Tapping her finger on her cheek, thinking. ” Who do you think will play the horse in our game?” Suddenly she exclaimed ,looking strait down at me “SEA BISCUIT!!!!!” She started laughing at her joke. Still laughing she said to me. “Look at the bright side, hot shot, at least I’m not wearing spurs.” More laughter.

Did Cindy ever tell you that the two of us used to go horse back riding almost every weekend. We would get up early Saturday mornings and ride our bikes over to my uncle’s horse breeding farm.

The two of us would clean out all the stalls where he kept the stallions.

Sometimes we would even get to see a breeding. We would get so hot and wet watching a stallion mount a Dame. It was so exciting watching a stallion pushing that huge cock into her, snorting and sometimes even screaming with animal lust. The eyes would get really wild. You would swear he was possessed by a mad devil. His front legs holding her flanks while he pounded and pounded into her in a frenzy. Rus Escort The scene was like a brutal rape except the dame was a willing victim.

If my uncle ever noticed the sexual lust in our eyes he Never let on.

When our barn chores were finished he would let us ride in the afternoon. He would always pick out a couple of geldings or mares for us. Never would he let us ride a stallion.

The two of us usually wore skirts on these rides. If there was no one around to catch us the two of us would take off our panties. We both loved the feel of all that meat between our legs.

If we had witnessed a breeding that morning, the two of us would be horny and wet.

We would ride strait to a wooded area at the very back of the farm. Then follow a path through the forest until we came to a small clearing. There was an old mattress. It was totally filthy, I’m sure, but in those days we didn’t really care.

After securing the horses where they could reach the grass. We would kneel on the mattress and help each other undress. Sometimes we would masturbate each other and some time play with ourselves. We were still just experimenting with oral sex and we would lick each other to climax. We had not discovered how to 69 yet, but we were learning fast.

Cindy and I would hide there for hours talking about boys and school and all the little things that seemed so important to a couple of teen aged girls.

Jean climbed up on the bed and squatted down straddling my torso. “Well now what should I ride? Should I slide down your body and ride that beautiful long spike between your legs? I think this time I want to feel your very talented tongue.” She was panting now in her excitement. “Every time you use that mouth on me you send me strait into heaven. I have to wonder if Cindy really knows how lucky she is to have a man like you to ride when ever she pleases.” The more she talked the more Jean psyched herself out. By the time she positioned her well trimmed pussy over my mouth she was ready to gush.

I knew from past experience that she love oral sex almost as much as down home fucking. With my lips and tongue I could bring her to climax after climax. Hopefully if I could please her enough she wouldn’t be tempted to use that riding crop on me.

Jean cradled my head in her two hands cooing to me as I started digging through her folds with my tongue, searching for that love button I know was hidden there. When my tongue made contact, I felt her jump just a little and give out a little squeal of pleasure that most women do when they are touched right there. Gently at first I started licking the smooth surface of her clit.

Jean locked her hands on the back of my head and pulled my face practically inside her dripping pussy. She lost control and started humping into my mouth. Fucking my nose like it was a cock against her clit.


I looked up and could see her tongue hanging out the side of her mouth. Her juices were no longer just pouring out of her pussy. Now she was actually squirting her cum. It splashed into my eye, up my nose and some fired beyond that ending up in my hair. She squirted all over my face and onto the bedding. I’m sure she would have drowned me in her cum and would Never be aware of my passing.

I can just see the police report now. “We Sincan Escort are holding this Jean woman for murder.”

” What was the weapon she used Officer?”

The Coroner said his lungs were filled with female cum. She must have fucked his face until he was dead. Not such a bad way to go, wouldn’t you say? “

“I think the DA is going to have a hard time getting this in front of a jury.”

” Yeah and the Judge is going to have a hell of a time keeping a straight face too.”

Jean calmed down a little. She was no longer frantically humping my face. Now her hips took on a circular motion like ocean waves rolling over a lonely beach. Her hands no longer jammed my face into her cunt, but were relaxed. Her finger tips were gently toying with the back of my ears.

She cooed “Oh baby, you don’t know how much I needed that. I have not cum like that in months. If you keep on performing like that I just may not let you go back to Cindy on Sunday night. I may keep you tied to this bed forever”

Her eye were twinkling as she stroked her fingers through my hair.

I nuzzled back into her pussy and started to lick up all the juices I could reach with my tongue.

Jean’s hips kept right on moving like ocean waves. Her cooing let me know that she was contented with my performance so far this weekend.

Maybe the riding crop was simply a prop for her role playing after all. This talk about punishing me was just Jean’s way of teasing. After all if she really did try to whip me I would yell loud enough they would probable hear me in NEW YORK CITY!!!…..Well the next county at least.

After I finished tongue cleaning Jean’s pussy she got up off of my torso, slipped out of bed and went back into the dressing room.

I had to smile when her knees got wobbly and she staggered a bit. Yes she was drunk alright, but no not from alcohol, she was drunk on sexual lust.

This time she did not close the dressing room door but from my position on her bed I couldn’t quite see what she was up to. I could hear the water running and I wished I could some how get loose from my bounds and take a nice warm shower.

Some how Jean must have sensed what I was thinking because a few seconds later she came out of the dressing room stark naked and carrying a wash basin and a clean white towel.

“Time for your sponge bath” she said and sitting on the bed beside me she placed the basin on the night stand. Reaching into the basin she took out a wet wash cloth and soaped it up. Once she was satisfied with the amount of soap plus water on the cloth she reached down and started to wash her cum off of my face and hair.

Later she washed my chest and the rest of my body. Taking special care to wash and rewash my cock and ball sack .

When she finished I asked her “What about my back?”

She smiled and said “we’ll take care of your back tomorrow along with some other things I want to take care of back there.”

“Hmm” I said ” What do you mean by other things back there?” There was just a hint of worry in my voice.

“Don’t worry,” she said, ” you’ll like it, I promise you will.”

After Jean finished drying me with her nice fluffy towel, she turned off the light and crawled into bed beside me. She used my chest for her pillow and was soon fast asleep.

I have always been fascinated by the way Jean sleeps. She almost looks like a small child. So calm and relaxed, sometimes purring her pleasure. There is no sign of worry or tossing and turning. The only movement coming from her at all is her pressing in close to my body for warmth and comfort.

It really makes me feel very masculine having her under my protection. The feeling has nothing to do with lust. It is not sexual at all. It is more like the love a father has for a small child, when he checks on her while she sleeps.

This ends part 02: of WEEKEND SWAP I hope that you enjoyed reading this. Part 03: will follow soon.

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