Weekend of Surprises Ch. 01

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“Well, hello there!” said my sister-in-law Kim as she greeted me at the front door to her and John’s house. They had asked me over for the weekend to help John build a deck on the back of their house.

Kim wasn’t a classical beauty but there was something about her. She was short, only 4 feet 11 and a half inches tall, but you better not forget that half inch or she would take your head off. She had been a cheerleader so she had a tight athletic body. I really liked watching her walk and wiggle that tight little ass of hers. She wore her dishwater blonde hair at shoulder length but it framed her piercing blue eyes that cut through you like a laser beam when she looked at you. Right below those eyes were a button nose and a wide mouth filled with lots of white teeth. Perky firm B cup tits sat on her chest with large nipples that really poked at the cloth of her blouse when it was cold. I was thankful that they kept the heat turned down low to save money so her chest gave me a show every time I went over there. Finishing off the package was a wasp waist and a flat stomach that didn’t look like she had given birth to two kids. All of this was carried along by a set of shapely legs. Oh and that ass, have I mentioned that great tight ass of hers?

“Hi Kim!” I said, “His highness in the family room?”

“He sure is” said Kim.

As I walked down the hallway to the family room I thought about how my wife, John’s sister, had told me not to talk about the couple’s marriage. Cindy had told me that John had said he and Kim were having problems and were thinking about spending time apart for a while.

“Hey there sport!” John greeted me when I entered the family room, “Want a beer?

“Sure” I said, “Never turn down free beer.”

“Well, you will earn it this weekend.” said John, “That deck is going to be a lot of work.”

I sipped on a cold Corona as I sat on the family room couch and watched the ball game on John’s flat screen. I suddenly noticed that it was only the three of us.

“Where’s the kids?” I asked.

“I thought they would be in the way and slow us down.” said John, “So they are staying over at a friend’s house this weekend.”

“So Kim’s going to help us build the deck?” I questioned.

“No way” laughed Kim, “I am here to supervise!”

It was cold as usual and Kim’s big nipples were poking at her blouse. They really put on a show as she laughed and the hard nipples rubbed up and down against the smooth silk of her blouse. I could feel my cock start to stiffen and hoped neither Kim or John noticed.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my wife. Being John’s sister she has dark brown hair and eyes just like he does. Like her mother, she has a curvy voluptuous body with a large rack and wide hips. The only thing about Cindy is that she is not very adventurous in the bedroom. Suck a little, or sixty-nine a little, some missionary or cowgirl and it’s all over. As a result our sex life if fine but a little predictable.

Maybe that’s why I am drawn to Kim. Besides that petite cute girl appeal, Kim had that wide mouth and tight little ass. Along with that wide mouth came a very big tongue. I dreamed more than once of her licking my prick with that big tongue and then sucking me with that mouth. I also dreamed of putting my hands on and cock into that perfect little ass of hers. Fantasies, just fantasies.

We watched the end of the game and the news. All three of us got up to get ready for bed.

“You’ll be in the guest room.” Kim said in reply to my questioning look.

Just then the phone rang and John answered. John talked for a while and all he seemed to be saying was Yes. He hung up the phone and Kim glared at him with a face like a thundercloud.

“Well!” Kim spat out, “You have to go in, right?”

“It’s my job.” said John, “I am on call. I have to go in for an emergency.”

“It’s good SOMEONE will be here tonight.” said Kim, “At least I will have company during the storm!”

The forecast we had just seen on the evening news had said we had a good chance of severe thunderstorms tonight. Kim marched out of the room and upstairs so hard John and I could hear her all the way up to their bedroom. Then we heard the bedroom door slam shut.

“Kim’s scared of storms.” said John, “I am glad you will be here tonight. This sounds serious so I may not be home until early in the morning.”

John took off to the garage and I heard his car pull out of the driveway. Suddenly I was standing along in the family room and feeling a little sheepish, like I had just seen something I should never have seen. I walked upstairs to the guest room. It was small with only a twin bed, but it was serviceable. I took off my clothes, turned out the light, and went to bed. It had been a long week for me too and in a minute I was asleep.

Suddenly I was awake but it was dark and I couldn’t really see anything. My eyes adjusted to the darkness and I realized that someone was standing beside the bed. Suddenly there was a crash of thunder and a lightening bold lit up the room. I Kıbrıs Escort could see Kim standing next to the bed dressed in only a see through with baby doll nighty top trembling.

“Can you keep me company?” said Kim in a scared little girl voice.

“Sure” I said still only half awake.

“Come to my room.” said Kim, “We both won’t fit in this little bed here in the guest room.”

Still groggy and now aware that there was an almost constant room of thunder and frequent flashes of lightening I followed Kim to her and John’s bedroom. Kim got into the right side of the bed and pulled up the covers. I got into the left and pulled the covers onto my own body. Kim was laying with her back to me when a crash of thunder that sounded very loud and very close made her jump.

“Can you hold me?” Kim said.

I slid over to her and put my arm around her trembling body. I was suddenly aware that as was normal for me when I sleep, I was totally naked. I felt her trembling body against mine since the sheer nighty she wore was the closest thing to having nothing on at all. Her body was cool but she was making me hot. The decision was made, this was my only chance. I slid my arm up so that I could put a hand on one of those cute little tits of hers. I could feel the firm little mound through the sheer nighty and I started to slowly rub the firm little boob. Her nipple started to get hard and so I concentrated on rubbing it making it harder still.

I slid my left arm under Kim’s neck and using a move I had learned with Cindy, right down the front of her nighty. Now my left hand was massaging her naked left tit under the nighty. Kim didn’t protest and in fact moved her arms to give me better access to her nice little jugs. Both nipples were getting hard so leaving my left hand to work her naked boobs, I slid my right hand down to her thighs. I stroked and caressed Kim’s thighs and pulled my body close to hers. My cock was now pressed up against that great ass.

On each stroke of her shapely thighs I lengthened my caress. Each time my hand pushed a little farther down her thighs and a little farther up towards her crotch. The stroking motion pushed the flimsy nighty out of the way and suddenly I was stroking her pubic mound. Kim’s bush was surprisingly soft and downy. I dropped the pretext of massaging her thighs and concentrated on her cunt instead. I rubbed the mound in slow circles and then pushed two of my fingers between the lips.

“Ohhh!” moaned Kim. She suddenly turned her head towards mine and kissed me firmly on the mouth.

I was now stroking and gently twisting her hard large nipples with my left hand while the fingers of my right hand burrowed their way into her very wet quim. I rubbed the hood of her clit in gentle circles causing Kim to push her tongue into my mouth. Her tongue was large and its wet probing of my mouth felt great. I pushed my lips tight onto hers to enjoy as much as I could of her enticing tongue that was wiggling in my mouth.

Suddenly Kim twisted away from me and jumped out of the bed.

“Shit” I thought, “At least it was good while it lasted.”

But to my surprise Kim pulled the sheer nighty up and off her tight little body. She grabbed the bed clothes and threw them back and out of the way. She jumped back into bed but now facing me. Kim wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed her lips to mine hard while snaking that big tongue deep into my mouth.

I put my left hand onto the back of her head and pulled her to me trying to get as much of that tongue as possible. I put my right hand on that great little butt and started to rub and squeeze those tight ass cheeks.

Kim broke off her assault on my mouth to get some air and I pushed her onto her back. My mouth sucked in her entire right tit while my tongue went to work on her hard nipple. Kim started to make cooing noises as I switched from her right breast to the left. Her hands grabbed the back of my head and stroked it in encouragement of the treatment I was giving her ripe boobs. All this time my right hand was now burrowing into her cunt stroking her clit.

Now I worked down her flat stomach with my mouth licking and sucking all the way until I came to her cuntal mound. I realized that Kim was a true blonde as her twat was covered in soft blonde fur. My tongue now burrowed in between her cunt lips and found that hood covered clit. My tongue worked gently but quickly on her hood drawing a moan from Kim and causing her to arch her back with pleasure.

Now was the time. I rotated my body around so that my head was in Kim’s crotch while my feet were by her head. I rolled onto my back while pulling her little body onto all fours above me. I continued to lick her clit and I slid my left hand along her body until it found her left tit and that hard nipple. I added stroking and gently twisting that nipple to my licking of Kim’s clit.

Kim knelt on all fours above me and moaned with pleasure but made no effort to return the favor although my hard erect cock throbbed Magosa Escort only inches from her face. I decided to encourage her and reached forward with my right hand. I grasped her right check and pulled her head down to my aching pecker. To my surprise her lips opened and my dick slid right into that hot mouth of hers. I continued to push her head down and my cock slid deeper into her mouth until the head of my prick came up against her throat. I then pushed her head up until only my cockhead was in her mouth and then pulled her down again. It was like masturbating with her mouth. Over and over again I slid Kim’s sucking mouth up and down on my throbbing manhood.

I pulled my mouth off her clit and said, “Lick my cock with that big beautiful tongue Kim!”

That seemed to be what she needed. Suddenly Kim’s head was bobbing up and down on my fuck rod while that tongue of hers licked my aching prick. Now that she was going on her own I drew my right hand back and put two fingers at the opening of her cunt. I slow pushed them forward into her pussy finding the channel hot, wet, and oily. My fingers slid into her pussy easily. I started sliding them in and out of her silky smooth cunt which encouraged her to bob up and down on my throbbing organ faster too. We both were fast approaching that moment of climax as we started to move faster and faster with our mutual oral stimulations.

I noticed that her little brown puckered anus was pulsing with the movement of my fingers. “I’ve got nothing to lose.” I thought and placed one of my fingers from my right hand that was not shoved in her wet cunt at the edge of her anus. I pushed the finger in contact with the puckered orifice and rubbed her shitter with my finger. Suddenly I found her lips were around the base of my cock! I am not porn star big but I am a good size and no woman had ever put my whole pecker down her throat before. I was so surprised that I pushed my finger into Kim’s asshole up to the second knuckle. She responded by sucking the entire length of my prick with not only her mouth but her throat too! We both started to orgasm and as we did I licked the head of her clit for all I was worth while screwing my finger around in her asshole in a circular motion. Both of our bodies shook with uncontrollable spasms of pleasure jerking and twitching like we were being electrocuted.

Then as suddenly as it started, our mutual bone rattling orgasm was over. Kim pulled her head up and off my man meat and rested there on all fours while panting like a dog. I dropped my head down from sucking on her pussy and pulled my fingers out or her cunt and ass. I was exhausted but also surprised to find that my prick was still as hard as when we started.

I pushed Kim over onto her back. She knew what was coming and spread her little legs showing me that tight blonde cunt. I scooted over to her and placed my still hard fuck rod at the entrance to her pleasure tunnel. I slowly pushed my purple pulsing cockhead into her vagina. It slid in easily and I found that even after two kids Kim had a tight pussy. It was tight, and wet, but lubed like someone had poured it full of K-Y jelly. I found myself gasping with the pleasure of entering her in spite of myself.

“Feels real good, huh?” said Kim.

“Wow babe, you got one great cunt there.” I replied.

I rammed the rest of my dick into her juicy quim until I was balls deep in the best pussy I ever had my cock in. Kim wrapped her legs around my back and grabbed my shoulders with her hands.

“Fuck me hard!” Kim moaned.

Never disagree with a lady. I started to pound my big rod into her cunt. We fucked like rabbits in that position for a while. I pulled her legs off my back and placed her feet up on my shoulders. I pushed forward bending Kim almost in half. The limber little bitch bent without protest and her ass pulled up off the bed giving me a better angle at which to pound her twat. Now we really went to town. I bent over and kissed her on that wide mouth again. Her big tongue snaked into my mouth and as she tongued the shit out of me I pounded the shit out of her. And suddenly we both came hard again, shaking and quaking with lightning bolts of pleasure racking our bodies.

I lay on top of Kim and I enjoyed the feeling of my dick in that sweet tight cunt even though we were no longer fucking.

“Can you let my legs go?” said Kim, “I think they’re starting to cramp.”

I leaned up a bit so she could slide her legs out from between our bodies but my pecker remained in her warm sweet velvety quim.

“Do you like to stay in after a screw” asked Kim.

“You bet!” I answered, “I like the feeling of my cock in a pussy even though it’s not hard anymore. And your pussy is really nice and tight.”

“Do you like putting your penis in other places?” Kim asked, “I mean you have been in my mouth and my vagina.”

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “Are you asking if I would like to fuck your ass?” I said quizzically, “Because I sure I would like to fuck Girne Escort that tight ass of yours. I’d like to fuck it real hard but that takes having lube.”

“Well, I have a whole tube of K-Y jelly in my nightstand.” said Kim.

“OK, I’m in, in more ways than one” I chuckled. I could hardly believe my cute little sister-in-law was asking me to fuck that gorgeous ass of hers. It was a dream come true.

I rolled over off of Kim and felt a little regret having to leave that tight cunt. Kim rolled over and opened a drawer in the nightstand next to her side of the bed. She pulled out a large tube of K-Y jelly and a hand towel.

“Just one problem baby doll. Mr. Happy is not quite ready to do this” I told Kim.

Kim leaned close to me and her voice dropped to a low sultry tone as she said, “I know how to make Mr. Happy happy.”

Just hearing her tone made my cock twitch. Kim knelt at my feet and grasped my cock with her left hand. Holding my prick up she then used that big tongue of hers to lick the full length of the underside if my dick from the balls to the head. Once she got to my cockhead she used that tongue to lick around the whole head paying special attention to the flare at the bottom. I was getting aroused and my pecker was starting to inflate once again. Kim then slid the end of my cock deep into her mouth and looked straight up at me. What a sight! Those piercing blue eyes locked onto mine as Kim’s head bobbed up and down on my rod with that great little ass in the background. I was hard in an instant. Kim kept sucking me for a little while to make sure I was hard and then pulled her mouth off my now rock hard prick.

“I told you I could make Mr. Happy happy” she said with a “I’m pleased with myself” tone in her voice. Kim reached over and grabbed the tube of K-Y. She squeezed a fair amount out right on the head of my cock. The cold gel made me twitch a little. Then Kim rubbed the gel all over my prick. The sensation of her hands slathering the cold gel all over my dick felt great. Kim stopped rubbing once my tool was covered with an even thick coat of K-Y. She put the tube on the nightstand and cleaned her hands off with the hand towel. Then Kim lay down on her stomach with her legs spread and her knees pulled up slightly so her tight ass cheeks stuck up in the air.

“I’m ready” she said.

So was I. I knelt behind her and spread those cheeks with my hands. I saw that little asshole of hers waiting for my cock. I put my cockhead against her anus and pushed gently. The flared purple bulb slipped in her shitter so easily I was shocked. Kim had obviously been butt fucked before. I kept pushing and the whole length of my prick disappeared right up her ass! Kim moaned gently with the pleasure of having a hard pecker up her poop chute. I lay there for a while enjoying the long desired pleasure of having my entire dick embedded in my sister-in-law’s tight butt.

“Ohhh!” moaned Kim, “That is one big penis. Be gentle, OK?”

I started to slowing withdraw the length of my prick from her tight ass until just the head remained inside her butt. Then I slowly slid my cock back in until I was balls deep in her shitter. I kept the slow motion going for a few minutes until Kim urged me to speed up. I took my hands off her buttocks and put them on the bed on either side of her body so I could get a stronger push. I started to get a faster motion going, now pistoning my prick in and out of her poop chute.

Kim raised her head and moaned, “Faster and harder. Really give it to me!”

I started to really pound Kim’s tight butt now. My pelvis bouncing off her ass sounded like a machine gun. I took my hands and put them under Kim’s body so I could grab those ripe little boobies. I used my middle fingers to clamp down on her hard nipples. Now when my cock banged into her poop chute her body was pushed forward but her nipples had nowhere to go. The little nubbins stretched as a result causing Kim to moan and groan even harder as I fucked the shit out of her ass. We were both climbing that hill to a real hard climax. I took my right hand and shoved it down further burrowing my fingers into Kim’s dripping wet cunt. I found her now hard clit and was surprised to find that she was more aroused now than when I had fucked her pussy. I used my thumb and forefinger to clamp down on the hood on either side of Kim’s clit. Now her clit was getting the same treatment her nipple was. I lost all control of my hips and was suddenly fucking her butt so fast I almost couldn’t believe it. Kim raised her head off the bed again but this time she literally howled as she came. I could see all of Kim’s muscles contracting so hard it almost looked like she had no skin. Kim’s anus grabbed my prick hard and milked it with a strength I wouldn’t have believed possible. I came shooting load after load of cum up my sister-in-law’s great ass.

I lost track of all time as the two of us shook and howled in pleasure. Suddenly it was all over and I found myself lying above Kim, both of our bodies slick with sweat. Man, I couldn’t remember the last time I worked so hard at sex that I ended up all sweaty. We were both panting trying to get air back into our lungs. It felt like I had just run a 5K. Just like when we had fucked before, I lay there enjoying the sensation of having my prick in Kim’s ass.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32