Weekend at the Lake

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It was the weekend of the Forth of July and I was alone as usual. I had been invited to a couple of parties, but really wasn’t into the party scene anymore; at least not as much as I had been. I decided to take a cooler full of beer, along with some grilling food and stay at one of the cabins at Irish Lake’s more picturesque locations.

The cabin I had picked was off the road about seventy-five feet and surrounded by tall white pines and yellow locust trees. Mountain laurel was still in bloom and grew profusely from small patches of soil on the rocks nearby the cabin, their flowers bright pink in the sunlight. A narrow pebble beach bordered this part of the lake, composed of river jack in all sizes, shapes and colors.

I unlocked the door of the cabin and to my dismay, discovered that the air conditioner didn’t work. There was no one to call, being a holiday, so I made the decision to just pitch the small tent that I always carry behind the seat in my truck, and enjoy my week end. I pitched my tent and then made a fire ring for later that evening. I dragged a few dead limbs that I found nearby, closer to where I’d need them. It was hot as hell, even in the shade and had removed my shirt. Being an older man, I don’t have six pack abs. I have closer to twelve-pack abs, but because of my size, I carry my weight well.

I backed my truck beside the tent so that I could use the tailgate for a table, if I needed to. I took my cameras out of the truck and was cleaning the lenses when I heard the sound of a car pull off the road and stop.

“Shit!” I heard a female voice exclaim, and then the sound of a car door slamming shut.

She walked into view from around my truck and looked down at me. The sun was filtering through the tree branches above her head causing her long blond hair to have a golden shine around it, almost like a halo. She was dressed in a pair of cutoff jeans that were so tight, that I didn’t see how she could have put them on; and a much too small halter-top, which did little to hide her large breasts from my approving view. She was probably in her early twenties, but it was had to tell from my vantage point.

“Mister?” She asked. “I know that you got here first, but this is the best swimming spot on the lake and I drove a long ways to get here. Would you mind if I went swimming for a while?”

“No, I don’t mind at all.” I replied, “In fact, I’d be glad to have the company.”

“What are you, a photographer?” she asked, seeing my cameras.

“Not really, I’m just a guy that likes to take pictures.” I said.

“What do you take pictures of?” She asked.

“Anything and everything.” I said, smiling up at her.

“Tell you what,” she said, “You’re nice enough to let me swim here, so if you want, you can take some pictures of me while I’m swimming.”

“Yeah, sounds like a deal, thanks.” I said. “Would you like a beer first?”

“No thanks, not right now, but I’ll sure have one later if that’s ok?”

“That will be fine.” I said.

She walked to the edge of the lake and kicked her sandals off, then walked out until the water was up to her knees. She turned around and beckoned me to follow. I walked to the little beach, put my camera to my eye and then started to take pictures of her.

She was completely Balıkesir Escort uninhibited as I shot photo after photo of her cavorting in the lake. At one point, having slipped on a rock, she hollered and then fell completely down in the water. She came up sputtering and spitting and laughing. Her top was wet, hugging her large breasts and her nipples stood out proudly. I took several close-up shots of her and she just smiled and laughed and played to the camera.

Her long hair was hanging down in streams of light gold and I jokingly asked if she would take her top off and pose for a few “mermaid” shots. To my great surprise, she did! Her breasts were magnificent; round and firm, with no sag that I could detect. Her nipples were hard as the pebbles lying at our feet. I just stood there and watched her in amazement.

“Are you going to take those pictures or what?” She joked.

Jolted back to reality, I took a dozen more photos of her as she would dip into the water and then rise quickly, the water cascading off her body. I didn’t have to direct her; she knew exactly what she was doing.

“Do you think you have enough?” She asked.

“Yeah, that was great, thanks.”

“I’ll have that beer now,” she said as she walked from the water and headed back to my truck. “You’re going to join me, aren’t you?”

“Yeah, I’m overdue for one. Do you want a towel?” I asked.

“No, I have one in my car and I need to grab my t-shirt too.”

She stood in front of me, gently patting the water from her body and then combed her wet hair. She reached for and unfastened the top button on her cut offs, then stopped and looked at me.

“Here I am, standing half naked in front of you and it just dawned on me, I don’t even know your name.” She said.

“Damn, I’m sorry,” I said, “I was kind of distracted earlier, with your swimming and all. My name is Don Taylor.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Don, my names Sarah, Sarah Johnson.”

I offered my hand to her and she took it and squeezed lightly.

I tried not to show my disappointment as she slipped a t-shirt over her head and covered her tits. The shirt came down just below the swell of her ass and she turned around and with great effort, pulled her wet shorts down. From my spot, sitting on the cooler, I had one hell of a show as she struggled out of them. Her wet panties were completely transparent and in addition to seeing her ass, I saw the beginnings of her pussy; enough to see that she wasn’t shaved.

Before she turned back around and caught me staring so blatantly at her ass, I stood and grabbed two beers out of the cooler; popped the top on one and handed her the other as she finished smoothing her t-shirt down over her ass.

“Thanks,” she said as she took the beer and sat on a small stump beside the fire ring, “I really appreciate you letting me swim here, Don. I live on the other side of the county and just wanted to get away for a couple of days.”

“No, I’m the one that should thank you,” I replied, “It’s not often that I get to see such a nice, ah… such a sight.”

“Well, I thought you looked safe enough and besides, it was kind of exciting. I’ve always had a thing about showing my tits and sometimes, even my ass to complete strangers. To tell Balıkesir Escort Bayan you the truth, Don, it really turns me on.

“But right now, I just want to kick back, relax and have a good time,” she said, as she turned her beer up and took several swallows.

We sat in companionable silence for a few minutes, drinking our beers; each lost in our own thoughts. The sun had dropped lower in the sky and cast our camp into deepening shade. The temperature dropped a few degrees and I noticed that her nipples were standing at attention once more.

We drank a few more beers, and chatted about this and that. I was feeling comfortable with her presence and I thought she felt the same about me. It had been eighteen months since my wife died and this was the first time I was actually enjoying myself and the company of a woman; a much younger woman at that.

I saw her glance at her watch and then at me. She finished the beer she was drinking and stood up.

“Well, Don, I guess I had better be on my way.” She said. “Thanks again for letting me swim.”

“You don’t have to leave if you don’t want too, Sarah,” I said, “I’ve enjoyed your company.”

“I don’t want to cramp your style or anything.” She said.

“Cramp my style?” I laughed, “Hey, I’m by myself. How the hell can you cramp my style? Come on, Sarah, at least stay for some hotdogs grilled over an open fire.”

“If you’re sure you wouldn’t mind, and I wouldn’t be a bother, I’d love to stay.” She said, smiling at me.

We drank several more beers, ate two hotdogs apiece, and thus sated, we continued.

“We have some light left; would you like to take some more pictures of me?” She said as she stood up and pulled her t-shirt off. Her panties had dried but I could still see her dark bush through them.

“Well, with me being such a dirty ole man, hell, yes!” I shouted and grabbed my camera.

“I told you,” she said, as her tits fell into my view again and for the first time in a very long time, I felt my cock respond as it was supposed too. “This shit really turns me on.”

She walked to the back of my truck and sat on the tailgate, then leaned back and thrust her breasts forward.

“How’s this?” She asked.

“Great, simply spectacular.” I responded.

She kept the same pose but pulled her legs up and rested her heels on the tailgate and then spread her knees wide. Her white panties were pulled tight across her pussy; so tight, that I could see her sex lips pressing against the thin cloth. I also noticed that there was a wet spot starting to appear and with each new pose, grew larger, until her crotch was soaked and once again, transparent

“I guess these panties aren’t doing a very good job of hiding my pussy, are they?” She said, as she touched herself between the legs.

“Well, no, their not, but I’m sure enjoying the view.” I told her as I continued to shoot photos.

“If you liked that view, check this out.” She said as she slowly slipped her panties off and casually tossed them on the tailgate.

“God, I told you I get off doing this, I’m soaking wet.

She stood there a few minutes and watched my reaction to her total nudity, smiling at the stunned look on my face. She turned around and bent over Escort Balıkesir and then pulled her ass cheeks apart.

“You like this view, Don?”

I was staring right into her snatch, her juices glistening on her meaty pussy lips. She shook her ass from side to side and then stood up and placed one leg on the tailgate and told me to move so that I could shoot both her tits and pussy from below.

I moved over to her and squatted, my face just a few inches from her spread pussy. I set the camera for a close up shot and just as I pushed the shutter, a drop of her nectar dripped off her labia and fell.

I shot several more and could see that she was clenching and unclenching her pussy muscles, and each time more of her wetness seeped out. I was so close to her that I could smell her heady aroma. My cock had become so stiff that it was causing me discomfort and I had to stop and stand up to arrange it in my jeans.

“Are you having a little problem there, Don?” She asked, as I had my hand stuffed into my jeans.

“No,… well,… yes, I am, now that you mention it.” I said.

“Let me ask you a question, Don?”

“Ok, what?”

“Do you like looking at me?”

“Of course I do, what man wouldn’t?” I replied.

“You must think I’m a slut for posing like this.”

“I’m not in the habit of judging people, Sarah,” I said, “I think that you’re a very nice looking young woman with a great body and enjoys being an exhibitionist. I sure as hell don’t have a problem with that. In fact, if the truth be known, I’m about as excited as I’ve been in a very long time.”

“Yes, I can see that you are,” she said laughing, and then placed her hand on my leg, rubbing gently. “And I think we better do something about it.”

I’m sure that if awards were ever given for having the most dumbfounded look, I would have been in the running for first or second place. I could not believe that this was actually happening. I had fanaticized about something like this many times, but then, I’m sure that most of the men in the world had too.

She pulled me closer to her and tilted her head back, waiting for my kiss. I leaned forward and placing my hands on either side of her head, kissed her deeply. She moaned, deep in her throat and her hands found the snap on my pants. I felt her unzip them and pull them down my legs. My swollen cock, suddenly freed from the tight constraints of my pants, stuck out straight and proud.

She placed her hand around it and started to slowly jack me off. Never breaking our kiss, I cupped her breast and felt the soft weight of it in my hand. I teased the nipple, lightly pinching it between my fingers. She removed my other hand from her head and guided it to her pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her wet slit, pausing on each stroke to caress her clit and pull gently on it. Her hips thrust forward against my hand and I used that opportunity to slip two fingers into her hot and very wet pussy.

She lay down across the tailgate and took my cock into her mouth, her tongue swirling around the tip and then licking just under the head; God, it felt so good.

“I’m going to cum, Sarah!” I moaned as I arched my hips, driving my cock deeper into her mouth. She jacked my cock faster and sucked harder as my fingers flew in and out of her pussy; her hips bucked twice and she came. I couldn’t hang on any longer and cum spurted in a thick stream from my cock, filling her mouth completely.

When our breathing had returned to normal, she sat up and smiled.

“If you enjoyed that, just wait until tonight!” She said.

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