Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 10

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A note to readers: As you’ve probably realized by now, this is not a sex story. Instead, it’s a story about people — three people, maybe four. It just so happens that sex is something that is important to them at this point in their lives.

While you are enjoying reading about their sexual adventures (and perhaps even participating along with them!), I hope you won’t forget about the people who are having the adventures.

We rested for the remainder of the afternoon.

It had been a busy day, starting with all the strawberries-and-whipped cream sex play at breakfast, then bathing in the lake to get all the sticky stuff off, then lunch and relaxing on the front porch.

And then Tanya announcing that “maybe … it was time …,” and that led to her first-ever experience with anal sex. In other words, she got fucked up the ass.

And then, of course, Tim cleaning the remains out of her bum (a given), and me, with Tanya’s help, sucking an incredibly aroused Tim empty and T and I sharing the results.

And then we were hungry and decided it was late enough to think about having dinner. Since we were going home tomorrow, we decided to have the last of the frozen pizzas, along with some fresh corn on the cob we’d picked up at the farmers’ market (along with the strawberries!) for dinner. We still had plenty of beers to wash down the pizza.

It was fun. Before, it had been like Tim and me, plus a guest. That night, it was three people — friends, who know and like each other — and who’ve provided each other with a lot of sexual excitement and pleasure the past two days. There was just that comfortable familiarity that’s shared among people who fuck.

And speaking of fucking,…

We washed up at the sink, like we did the previous two nights, and then Tanya “announced” — shyly, almost politely — but quite definitely — that she thought … maybe … that now might be a good “next time” for her to get fucked in her ass, so she could try to “do it better.” Only this next time, it would be Tim, and it would be his “longer thing” that would be sliding in and out of her all-but-once virgin ass. (I’m still a little sore about that unintended insult.)

And this time it was me who warmed her up on the kitchen chair while Tim prepared her asshole, loosening it up with his generously lubed fingers. And it was Tim who guided her off my cock and over to the bed and had her lay on her side, her top leg pulled up toward her chin, her one hand resting on his hip, while he placed his “longer thing” against her wrinkled, stretched, shiny rosebud, then pushed ’til he gained entrance, and then slowly pushed until he had that entire cock buried to the hilt in our girl’s rectum.

And this time I was the one to lie facing her and holding her hand and kissing her nose and her forehead. And watching the sweat appear on her head, and on her chest, and reassuring her — telling her how good she was doing and how hot and sexy she looked. And she smiled at me and kissed my nose back, and took my reassuring hand and moved it down to her pussy and gave it a squeeze, then let it go so I could give her pleasurable feelings down there.

Tim came first, of course. No surprise there.

You know what it feels like, the indescribable feeling. First, the heat, almost like your cock is inside a furnace, only the heat is perfect. Then that sensation of feeling your cock — the entire length of it — in the velvety grasp of that hot rectum. The way you can kind of tease your cock by sliding it in and out through the tight rubbery ring of your partner’s anus. And while all of this is happening, your mind knows that someone has allowed you — or maybe asked you, or even begged you — to bury your long, hard dick in their tightest, most personal orifice.

Yes, you already know all about this.

So Tim came, all the way in T’s ass. To my surprise, I felt her body relax. But then she said something that explained it.

“Chase — he squirted in my — he squirted in my bum. It feels like a warm bath, but it’s all inside of me.”

Yes, my darling T, that’s exactly what it’s like. It feels wonderful, doesn’t it?

So when Tim came, I tried to time my efforts so that my third finger went into her cunt and my thumb strummed her clit just moments after she experienced that warm bath of Tim’s orgasm in her not-so-virgin ass.

Tanya came, in her own sweet way. It wasn’t the bucking, screaming, orgiastic cum that’s typically portrayed in porn. Instead, I felt her hips jerk, as much as they could, at least, given that she was pinned by Tim’s cock. Then I heard her “Ohhh…!” — soft and lingering — and then she squeezed my hand in hers and leaned so our foreheads were touching, and we stayed like that for a minute or so while she came down from her climax.

Then she looked at me — and smiled! It was a huge, happy smile. A smile of sexual satisfaction. And also a smile of accomplishment — that again she — Tanya! — adıyaman seks hikayeleri had taken a man’s cock all the way in her ass and made him climax, and she knew this because she could feel his hot cum deep inside her ass.

And speaking of ass full of cum …

I hadn’t experienced the pleasures of the taste of Tim’s cum in far too long, and right now, the best place to experience those pleasures was at Tanya’s asshole.

I started to ask, “T, do you think I could …”

… and before I could finish, Tanya broke in, “I know — you want to lick Tim’s stuff from my bum.”

The girl is getting downright precocious! Or maybe psychic.”

“How did you guess? Yes, that’s exactly what I’d like to do.” I waited. “So,…?”

“Sure — that’d be good.”

“You stay right where you are and I’ll sneak in here behind you, OK?”

” ‘Kay.”

Then I thought, “I think I’ve got an even better idea. I’m going to lay here next to you, and then you get on top of me, with your bum right over my face, like you did with Tim, OK?”

She immediately understood what I was suggesting. “Yuh, that was good, that way.”

I turned around in the bed so my head was now next to her ass, and I grasped her hips and rolled her over on top of me so that her cute little wrinkled — and still slightly gaping — butt hole was right over my face — my mouth. And this left her head was right over my cock — a cock which hadn’t received any attention all the time that Tanya was getting buggered by Tim.

I gently guided Tanya down, then a little back, so the entrance to her cute little bottom was right over me, within reach of my mouth and my tongue. I could see the little whitish ring of Tim’s cum circling that cute butthole. A little more, and I was there, my lips pressed again that creamy bum, and I closed my eyes, and I was in heaven. I felt the wet cum and the female aroma of Tanya mixed with that slight, deliciously nasty ass smell. This is something I’ve always loved, ever since the first time I did it with Mr. Greiner — Dave — and his wife Sandy. And I have to tell you — there’s no better was to enjoy cum than from the cute little ass of a sweet, young girl.

I stuck my tongue out, just a little, just enough to touch that mixture of Tim’s creamy cum and Tanya’s juices — and maybe even a little of my own cum from this afternoon. I let my tongue luxuriate in those for a while, but there was still that slightly open stretched bumhole waiting for me. I extended my tongue a little farther, and I felt the little corrugated wrinkles of her anus, and I ran my tongue over them, just to feel the little tickle on the tip of my tongue.

But I couldn’t control myself any longer — I had to get nasty. And you know what that means. Just a little farther, and my tongue was inside the ring of her anus. I had to push a little, but then I was inside, and deep enough that I could start lapping at the contents of T’s sweet bum.

The taste of Tim’s cum, T’s aroma — I was dizzy, lost in the whole filthiness of the thing.

Then, “Chase? Chase?”

I reluctantly pulled my face out from between her cheeks. “Yeah?”

“Chase? Would it be OK if you left some …?”

I didn’t grasp what she was saying, and she had to repeat.

“Chase…,” and it was almost like she was apologizing, “I like the way … Tim’s … stuff feels inside me, so, maybe, you could leave a bunch still inside me so’s I can still feel it …?”

Yes, darling Tanya, I’d be happy to help you keep that feeling, for as long as you want.

“Sure — if you’d like that, sure.”

I guess I’m going to be deprived of the full “Tim’s cum” experience, but on the other hand, I was glad that Tanya likes the feel of a butt-full of cum — that’ll work out well for us in the future.

So instead of sucking on T’s butt, like I normally would, I licked and swallowed what ran down and onto my tongue and into my mouth. (All right — so I pulled her hips backward a little farther so they were more upright, so that more of the contents of her butt would drip down “naturally” onto my tongue. So sue me.)

But there was also the other part of my plan.



“T — y’know — your mouth’s there right next to my cock. And since I’ve been here licking you, it’s gotten kind of hard — can ya’ see?”


“So,… does that give you any ideas?”

She was still for a moment, not immediately realizing that a request was being made of her. Then,

“Oh. Yeah,”

… and with zero additional hesitation she dived down and took my whole cock into her mouth. In fact, I think she might have surprised herself because I felt myself hit the back of her throat, and she made a little choking noise. But then she recovered and backed off just a little and got into a nice back-and-forth, up-and-down rhythm. Then she delighted me by using her thumb and forefinger around the shaft and started accompanying her mouth job with a pretty darned skilled milking action, like she had watched Tim and me do several times.

It seems that our T watches and learns. I’m coming to appreciate her more and more.

In just a few more minutes I had savored and swallowed all the goodness that was going to drip out of T’s bum, and now I was just delighting in the pleasure of tonguing the young girl’s delicious bum.

On the other hand … between the aforementioned pleasures of tonguing and the steadily improving job T was doing on my cock, I was starting to get those familiar tinglings. The feel of Tanya’s thin, soft lips slipping up and down my cock, of course. But it was her fingers — I don’t know how she had gotten so good, but her slim fingers were milking me marvelously.

She’d slide them down and wrap her hand around the base of my cock and do this rolling-squeezing thing with her hand and fingers, kind of like the way you’d squeeze if you were milking an animal. Then, with her lips around the crown of my cock and her tongue licking and penetrating my peehole, she’d use the ring of her thumb and two fingers to slide up my shaft and kind-of milk the ring at the base of the crown. And then she’d do it again. And again.

I don’t know if she’d picked this up from watching Tim and me, or if she just intuited it, figuring that it would be something that would feel good to me, but whatever, she was doing me better than Tim ever did. In fact, she was jacking me as well as I can do myself, except her hand and fingers are so much smoother and softer than mine.

And then there’s the mouth and tongue …

I closed my eyes and lost myself, picturing my cock, sticking up, Tanya’s mouth around the tip, her clever fingers squeezing and sliding and milking, and it was heaven. It felt like I could go on for hours like this — or I could bust in ten seconds. The pulsing in my groin told me it was going to be closer to ten seconds.

Since Tanya is still relatively new to this sort of stuff, I wanted to warn her.

“T, that’s so good, Honey, I think you’re gonna make me cum. Do you wanna make me cum in your mouth … or not?”

Her only attempt at an answer was an “Nnnnphh…” and a tightening of her squeeze — just a little — on my cock, and I hoped that meant that it’s alright for me to cum, now, like that, while I’m still inside her mouth.

And with that go-ahead from Tanya, I pulled her hips back toward me and tried to bury my face and mouth and tongue just as deep as I could between her slim butt cheeks — to just immerse myself in that sweet young ass.

And that way, smothering myself in her ass, I came — hard. As soon as I felt my jizz start to boil up, I felt Tanya’s hand release its grip on me at the same time that she took the entire head of my cock in her mouth and sealed her lips around it so that nothing would escape. And as I squirted all the jizz that had built up in my balls all that time that Tim was fucking her ass, and after, as I was sucking her asshole and she was working on my cock, I was picturing us there, the two of us, like that, her slight body lying the length of me, my cock firmly sealed in her lips, my face pressed between the cheeks of her ass…

And where was Tim during all of this? At first, he was just laying back, watching it all, idly stroking his cock, which was still slimy from its excursion up Tanya’s butt. But after a while he started to enter into the spirit of things and was gently stroking T’s buttocks while I was enjoying the delights that lay between them.

Then, when T started sucking my cock … that got Tim’s interest, and he reversed his position on the bed ’til he was right there, inches from where Tanya was swallowing my cock — and, oh, yeah, did I mention, where she was working two of her slim fingers around inside my butt. And when I finally came and Tanya had enjoyed a few good swallows, Tim touched her shoulder and motioned that he’d like to share a bit, too.

The last thing I was aware of before I dozed off was Tim and Tanya, both licking the length of my cock and occasionally stopping to kiss and swap the remains of my cum.

* * * * *

We lay there, then I got up and got some water for us. Then I set the water aside and turned out most of the lights and put the covers back on the bed pulled them up. And there, in the crowded, not-quite-king bed, we all slept. It might have been the best sleep of my life — I don’t know.

* * * * *

We all slept pretty soundly, and sunlight was pouring into the room by the time I woke up. Sometime during the night we had rearranged ourselves so that I was spooned around T and Tim was spooned around me, or else I was spooned into him — I’m not sure how to describe it. What I was sure of was the cock that was poking me between my bum cheeks. A little hard, maybe, but it also reminded me that this was supposed to be a “boys’ weekend” and that I hadn’t felt Tim’s lovely cock in my ass for — well, for too long.

On the other hand, Tanya’s soft body felt so nice snuggled up against me, and I realized that contact had gotten me hard so I was poking into her, and I knew that I wanted both things — I wanted Tim’s cock inside me, but I also wanted my cock to be inside T’s wetness.

“T, honey, wouldja like to be fucked?”

What she said surprised me.

“I was wonderin’ when you were gonna ask,” said with just a little hint of aggravation.

I didn’t have to ask Tim what he’d like — his hard cock pressing against my bum pretty well explained that. And I don’t think he cared too much about the exact arrangement, just so long as his hungry cock found its way into the heat of my ass — soon.

“T, would it be OK if you roll onto your back some, and that way you and I’ll be facing each other and it’ll feel real good?”

I scooted back a bit, forcing Tim to scoot back, and that gave T room to roll over onto her back. Without my prompting, she spread her legs and — most beautifully — she opened her arms for me to fall into. Tim managed to control himself while I slid my cock, which had been hard from even before I was awake, into T’s pussy. I was delighted to discover that it was already slick with her own juice.

And as soon as I was firmly in T and we got into a gentle rocking motion I felt Tim’s weight as he got over my back and into position to … to. That dickens had already lubed himself generously — enough for both of us — so he immediately placed the greasy tip of his cock against my sleep-relaxed starfish of an anus and began pressing. Over the years we’ve discovered that this is actually the easiest way — just the slow, constant pressure, giving my ass time to adjust to the heavenly invasion.

And I have to tell you guys — if you haven’t had the sensation of having a long cock buried all the way in your ass, you really need to. The feeling is incredible. Even if you consider yourself one hundred percent straight, have you and your woman get a quality strap-on — and lots of lube — and with a little practice, the two of you will have you experiencing that incredible stretched, full feeling.

Like I am now. So full, as Tim begins to slide his entire length, pressing it all the way in, to the hilt, like I said, and then back out, almost all the way, and then pausing, and then pushing in again, and the feeling as that hard tube with the soft skin slides through your sensitive tissues, making you feel so full, then withdrawing ’til you ache with emptiness, and then mercifully filling you to completeness again.

Tim and I have done this sort of thing — what he and I are doing now, with Tanya — before, and he knows how to time his insertions and withdrawals with my motion in and out of my partner. This time it is Tanya, as I slide my morning hard-on in and out of her hot, soft, young-woman tight pussy — her cunt. And as I get myself into the right frame of mind, I can feel and enjoy both — the sweet feel of a young, soft, wet woman under me combined with the intense feel of the larger, heavier body of a man, using my ass for his pleasure — for the pleasure of his big fat dick.

And Tanya. While I am lost in this whole thing, enjoying the pleasures of Tim’s cock exploring my ass while doing my best to savor the warm, moist cunt of the young woman beneath me — and to ensure her pleasure while I’m doing it — what is Tanya doing? In addition to rocking her hips in rhythm with my thrusts, she has one hand around my shoulders, clinging to me, while with her other hand she has reached up and is running her fingers through Tim’s tousled hair.

And we kiss, and she is saying things like, “So good, Chase,” and “I can’t wait to feel you squirt your cum into my kitty.” And finally, “Please … don’t ever stop fucking me, Chase.”

Words of the moment? Or maybe something else, something I’ll have to deal with later — for both our sakes.

And finally, Tim, who has been denied too long, announces, “Cummmingg!” and I feel the swellings and contractions of his cock in the tightness of my asshole, and then the warm flood of his cum, and that’s my signal to say, “T — are you ready, Hon?” and she has learned that those words mean that now is the time for her to reach her hand down and rub her clit, like she’s had to do so many years alone, by herself, but now with Tim and me.

And I am able to control myself, until I hear her little yip — “Oh!” — and I know that I have met my responsibility to this very plain-looking, beautiful girl and can now yield to my own pleasures, i.e., get my rocks off.

* * * * *

We took turns washing up. Tanya started the Kenyan coffee I’d brought brewing for me, then put on a pot of water for Tim’s tea. She’d learned. She got the bacon frying — cardboard-crisp for Tim, meaty for her and me. Once we were all up and dressed, she started frying up the eggs in the pan with the bacon grease. We tried to help her. She was having none of it. She wasn’t being our cook or our servant. No, she was taking care of us.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32