Wedding Night On Board a Train

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I got on the night tain, and carried my bag through the narrow corridor. Compartment 5… where was compartment 5? In the far side of the wagon. I managed to open the door, and pushed my bag into the tiny compartment. It had a bunk bed and a wash basin, and a coat-rack. That was it. I muttered a few well chosen words, and put the bag on my bed and opened it. I got out my beauty box and my nightgown, then closed the bag and put it on the flor. As I brushed my teeth, I heard a cheering crowd outside, and I looked out the window. A bride and her groom were saying farewell to their relatives, who were throwing confetti at them.

“Honeymooners,” I thought to myself.

I took an instant dislike to the bride, who was a tiny Barbie-doll, with an empty expression over her face. The groom, on the other hand, was tall and handsome, with broad shoulders and a nice face. His ass looked firm, and had this “squeeze me!” – quality to it.

They got onboard the train, and I pulled the curtain down to get some privacy while I got into my nightgown. I heard noise, and a couple of voices outside my door. Apparently, the newly-weds had the compartment next to mine.

“I hope they won’t be too loud,” I mumbled to no-one at all, and got into bed.

The train left at precisely 11.20 pm.

“I’ll go to the bathroom,” I heard the groom say, as he stepped out into the corridor. “You get ready and wait for me!”

“You better hurry up then, before I fall asleep!” said the moron bride.

“Poor guy,” I thought. “What an unromantic woman!”

A long time passed, when all I heard was gaziantep escort the rhythmic “ka-dung, ka-dung” from the train. I dozed off.

A few minutes later, I woke up by the sound of the door to my compartment opening and closing.

“Ticket inspection?” I thought, sleepily. “Now?”

“Are you awake, my lovely bride?”

“Hmmm?” I said.

I heard someone take off his clothes, and I blinked a couple of times to wake up properly. By the time I realized that the groom had walked into my compartment by mistake, he was already naked and crawling into bed with me. I opened my mouth to explain the mistake, but before I had uttered a sound, he kissed me.

And boy, what a kisser he was! I put my hands on his chest, vaguely thinking that I would push him away as soon as his tongue, his soft, warm, wet tongue, would stop dancing with mine; as soon as he would take those soft lips away from mine long enough for me to say something, but then he took one of my hands and led it down to his crotch, and his hand was upon mine, closing my fingers around a long, big, hard, warm, fat cock.

Yowsa! OK, that settled it. There was no way I was going to let this big boy get away from me! Not without paying a ransom fee of… say… 5 – 6 orgasms? I moved my hand up and down his shaft.

“Does my wife like her husband’s dick?” he whispered.

“Mmmm-mmmm!” I said, afraid to give myself away before I had had a chance to have that marvellous giant of a cock inside me.

“What do you like about it?” he mumbled, moving his talented mouth to my breasts.

“So big!” I whispered.

“Don’t worry,” he whispered, and licked my hardening nipple. “I know this is your first time. I’ll be gentle.”

Uh-oh… The Boring Bride was a virgin! Oooo-keeey… I could play a virgin. The Gorgeous Groom put his hand on my knee, let it slide up my thigh, and then did a smooth gliding over to my pussy. I spread my legs willingly, and sighed contently when he started playing with my clit. The bride may be a virgin, but the groom was a fucking expert!

“Do you like that?” he purred, obviously pleased with the response he was getting from my body.

“Yesssss…” I whispered.

He moved his hand further down, and inserted his middle finger into my pussy, and finger-fucked me slowly.

“How’s that?” he said. “It doesn’t hurt?”

“Nah-ah!” I whispered back. “More! Gimme more!”

“More?” he said, and put two fingers inside me. “Like this?”

I tugged at his hard-on.

“This,” I whispered in his ear, hoping that he wouldn’t hear the difference between my voice and that of his wife, with all the warm air I breathed into his ear. “I want you!”

He positioned himself between my legs, and put the head of his big dick against the dripping wet entrance waiting for it. He WAS gentle, and eased the big thing into me. I cried out in pleasure, as he drove it in all the way to the hilt. Fuck, what a MAN!

“Sorry, sweetheart,” he mumbled, and kissed my cheek. “Does it hurt?”

“No!” I squeaked, and put my arms around his back, and tried to press him in even deeper.

“Oh, you’re so lovely!” he groaned, and gently moved his hips, massaging my G-spot with each thrust. “My – wife – is – so – sweet – and – sexy!”

He panted one word between every push, and I suddenly wished that I HAD been his wife, so I could enjoy this hot, young hunk every night.

He lifted my legs up, and drove himself all the way in, nice and deep, but much too slow, and way too gentle.

“OK, that’s it!” I thought. “I don’t care what his boring virgin of a wife would do, he’s fucking ME now, and I’m gonna make sure that I get what I want out of this!”

I moved my hands up to his shoulders, tensed my muscles – and rolled over, so that I got on top of him.

“Marjorie?” he gasped.

MARJORIE? The Boring Bride’s name was “Marjorie”? That poor, poor man… I put a finger over his lips to silence him, and started riding him in the pace that I wanted. At first, he seemed shocked by my behaviour, but as I rode him, up and down, back and forth, his desire took over. He freed his arms, that I had pinned down against the mattress, and grabbed my bouncing ass, held my butt cheeks apart, and thrusted upwards, meeting my movements.

I moaned when I came, and my riding got wilder.

“Oh!” he panted. “Oh, yes! Oh, honey, I… I… ooooh!”

His body tensed up, and he moaned, and I felt a hot fluid fill my pussy, and then trickle down my thighs.

“Oh, honey..!” he sighed, and I dismounted my stallion and lay down next to him.

“That was wonderful!” he said, and put his arm around me. “I had no idea that you could be so passionate! What a nice surprise!”

I kissed his cheek, and wondered how he would like the surprise he’d get tomorrow morning, when he woke up in bed with someone other than his wife…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32