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There was a flash of lightning and then came the clap of thunder. It was in that second, my one-hundred-ten, brunette pack back was attached to me. Tina is terrified of storms, bless her heart.

“Honey, is that you?”

“Frank Robertson, it better not be anyone else, Oh Shit!” another clap of thunder.

As much as I love the feel of her beautiful C-cups against my back, I rolled onto my back. I put my arm around Quincy’s neck and pulled her to me. Those C-cups felt darned good against my side and chest. I kissed Quincy and reached for her with my other arm. She put her arm across my chest. She was in her suit of armor, the mean thunder couldn’t hurt her now.

“Quincy, you know I would never let anything hurt you. You’re safe in your armor.”

She looked up at me and said, “Frank I depend on you so much.”

The protective kissing was becoming passionate kissing. She slid her tongue into my mouth and responded by wrapping mine around hers. She pressed her body against mine and rubbered her breasts against me. I patted her on her butt cheek and then firmly held it. Quincy’s skin is so soft and feminine. I love the feeling of every part of her body.

I pushed back from her so I could firmly hold and suck her breast. She reached for my growing cock and massaged it. We were both breathing harder. As Quincy slowly spread her legs, I slipped between them. From her breast, I followed a trail to her pubic mound. With kissing, licking, and nipping, I made my way slowly to the warm opening.

I positioned myself so I had complete access to her wet lips. I licked between them and around them. Quincy was holding my head to her and moaning. Her response to my advances and touches arouses me. There are times when I just want to push it right into her.

I was enjoying orally arousing my lady when she began pushing her sweetness to match my sucking. I captured her clit in my mouth and rapidly flicked my tongue back and forth on it. A long, low moan came from Quincy and her climax was flowing onto my tongue and into my mouth.

“OK Frank, please,” she was pushing my head away from her. “I can’t cum anymore, please.”

I pushed my arms under her legs to hold her and rested my head on her stomach. I looked up at Quincy. She was smiling and her chest was raising and falling as she was beginning to recover. I could hear her rapid heartbeat.

She was looking down at me with that sexy grin she has. Quincy motioned to me, and when I got closer to her, she guided my cock into her warm wet love sleeve. As I slid into her, the muscles were tightening around my shaft.

“Now, it is your turn. I’m going to make you cum as hard as you made me cum. Oh, that tongue of yours. Then you slid your stiff rod into me and massage my pussy muscles. You haven’t felt the last of them today.”

Quincy wrapped her legs around me as I stroked in and out of her. I sucked and nipped her breast. She was making me crazy as usual. Without any warning, she rolled on top of me. Quincy looked at me with her seductive smile and slowly started riding my cock. At times, she would bend down and let me suck her breasts, but only for as long as she would let me. She was in her teasing mood.

She sat upright and rocked her hips back and forth. She had my cock slapping against her walls. When she would sit down on my pelvis, I could feel her cervix with the tip of my cock. She would ship my cock inside her for a while, then go back to riding me. Quincy knew she had me where she wanted me.

Quincy gradually increased her stroking of my aching cock. I wanted to blast her insides with every ounce of semen I had. But that is not what Quincy had in mind. She stopped, smiled that smile of hers, and got off on me. She wrapped her soft hand around my shaft and gently pumped up and down, nice slow long strokes. Her other hand was massaging and pulling my balls.

She continued stroking my cock and pulling my balls. Quincy knew when I was going to cum. She sucked my cock in her mouth and levent escort continued to pull my balls. She was wrapping her tongue around me while her head bobbed up and down. I was beyond stopping. I exploded with the largest load of sperm I have ever had. Quincy didn’t stop. She moaned and hummed at her success in rendering me helpless.

“Woman, one of these days. You are going to do that to me and even 911 won’t be able to revive me. Quincy, you are an unbelievable lover and wife. I don’t know how I was the lucky one you had chosen as a husband. By the way, the storm is over.”

“Not if you were near a certain part of me. I hope I can walk.”

Quincy and I have always had an active love life. We did enjoy each other while we were dating, but our two-bedroom house is a lot more comfortable than the backseat of my old car. And since I found the job as an architect, Quincy can spend time doing what she loves. She donates her time to an animal rescue shelter and the town’s food pantry. I’m very proud of her.

When we are at the parents, we are always sitting next to each other. She loves helping in the kitchen, and her dad and I get along great. The three of us go hunting and fishing on occasion. The girls are not fond of game meals.

I decided to take an extended lunch and wanted to surprise Quincy with Smitty Burgers, fires, and a soda. When I got to the shelter, Jean Quincy’s best friend used her thumb and pointed to the back room. My girl was sitting on the floor with a puppy wrapped in a blanket. She was bottle-feeding the little guy. Quincy looked up at me with a forlorn look.

“They found him in a garbage can in an alley. Lousy bastards.”

So, I sat on the floor feeding Quincy her burger, fries, and soda while the little guy had a full tummy and was sound asleep. Yep, that’s Quincy. Now a full disclaimer: Hello 9-1-1, bring the coroner if she would ever finds out who did this to the puppy.

When Quincy got home, I was in the kitchen getting things out to start dinner. She walked over to me, put her arms around me, and gave me a big hug and kiss. I looked at her and put her head on my shoulder. This was our most important way to say I love you.

Quincy finished up in the kitchen, I was sitting on the sofa listening to country western on the radio. She came in, handed me two beers, then sat on my lap. She put her arm around my neck, then we clinked our beer cans together and had a sip.

“I wonder what the poor people are doing tonight?” I asked Quincy.

“What makes you ask that?” she looked at me puzzled.

“Well, here I am, with a beautiful, loving woman on my lap. Who has a heart bigger than Alaska and she loves me. I am the richest guy in the world.”

“On Frank.” She said looking at me and a little tear trickled down her cheek.

We had a couple more beers and decided it was time to go to bed. I had a project to turn in the next day and Quincy knew how worried I always got at the end of a project. Accepting or rejecting a project means a bonus or not.

I was in bed when Quincy finished in the bathroom. She crawled onto the bed and pulled the covers from me. Quincy gave me a long loving kiss, then promptly sucked my cock into her mouth.

Quincy positioned herself between my legs without missing a stroke. She never forgets my balls, either. I am laying there with my hardening shaft in her mouth while her tongue slides up and down. Occasionally, she would just have the head in her mouth and use her tongue to lick around it and flick it then lick around it some more.

“Quincy, Baby.”

She released my cock, looked up at me, and said, ‘I can’t talk with all of this in my mouth.” And she returned to my business in her hand. Fearing that she may not be giving me complete attention, she traded her mouth for her hand and applied her sucking and tonguing my balls. I was not going to last much longer.

Quincy lay on one elbow. She watched and cooed as she pumped my cock by hand.

“He is so strong bayan eskort and firm. Just the way I like him.” Quincy cooed in her seductive tone.

That show of strength was not to last long. Just when I was ready to explode, Quincy swallowed my shaft and sucked it until I shot my last stream of cum In her mouth. Moaning and cooing, she continued until she was sure there was nothing left. When she released it, all of the strength and firmness were gone.

Quincy cuddled up next to me with her head on my shoulder. I love the fragrance of her perfume, but the fragrance of just her, and the feel of her body against mine — there is nothing better in this world. We fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Morning arrived with its pot of courage, hot and black, and some ham and eggs. Frank got ready for work, and Quincy was going to stay home and catch up on some house chores. When Frank was walking out of the house, Quincy reassured him. She said the company would more than accept the changes they requested. Frank left for work.

It was less than twenty minutes after Frank left, Quincy’s phone sprang to life.

“Hello? Jean calm down, I don’t understand you. What?”

“Quincy,” Jean was trying to control herself, “Frank. Frank has been in an awful accident. Just three houses down from mine. Right at Eleventh and Clark.”

“Wait, Jean, what. Is he all right?” Quincy’s emotions were in pure shock mode.

“I heard this horrible crash. When I looked out the front door, I saw Frank’s car on its side and an SUV with the front end pushed in. I called 911.”

“I’ll be right there.” Quincy ended the call.

Quincy grabbed a jacket and headed for the front door. She turned to lock it when the first clap of thunder sent a shock wave through her. Quincy cringed in fear against the front door, the key still in her hand. She was paralyzed with fear.

She was frozen in time. She knew her phone was vibrating, but she couldn’t move. She was staring toward the street. A wrapper from one of their burgers from earlier in the week flew by and was caught on a tree in front of their house. Quincy broke into hysterical crying and headed for her car.

Quincy backed out of the drive and sped the mile to the accident scene. There was an ambulance and three cop cars at the scene. Quincy bolted from her car. An officer tried to stop her, but Quincy blasted past him like a lineman with an eye on the quarterback. When she got to the ambulance, she was screaming Frank’s name. Jean was there and tried to calm her. The thunder and lightning pounded through the sky above Quincy.

Quincy stopped. Her face turned into an odd expression. It caught the eye of Jean and the two cops. Jean was holding her trying to calm Quincy down. She shrugged away from Jean and stared at the sky.

“Pound and scream all you want. But you can go straight to hell. Leave Frank and me alone.”

With that, Quincy got into the ambulance, and no one was going to stop her. The doors closed and the ambulance headed for the hospital with lights and sirens blasting.

After three long hours, the doctor walked into the surgical waiting room. Quincy and Jean stood up. The doctor had a small smile on his face.

“Mrs. Robertson”, the doctor started, “your husband must be made of granite. From the accident report I read from the police, your husband was in the intersection, the SUV ran a red light. The SUV driver was going at a high rate of speed. He hit your husband right at the driver’s door. Almost as if there was a bullseye on it. You saw the car on its side. Your husband should be in ICU.

Mrs. Robertson, your husband has a broken left leg. By all rights, it should be smashed. He has a concussion on the left side of his head, from hitting the driver’s window, and some bruising. I did have to operate on his leg. I put two pins in it. He may have a limp, but other than that, he should be able to run, walk, or whatever. But it will take some time to heal.”

“I want to see güngören eskort my husband.”

“He’s still under sedation, I don’t recon — “

“I want to see my husband and I want to see him right now, damn it, now.”

“Doctor,” Jean interrupted, “Quincy is a mild-mannered woman until it comes to Frank. Please let her see him, please.”

The doctor finally agreed and let Quincy in to see Frank. The doctor looked at Jean and chuckled slightly.

“In the police report, the lead officer said when he tried to stop Mrs. Robertson before she got to the ambulance, she hit him at the full gate, pushed him out of the way, and made it to the ambulance. I let your friend see her husband so I would not go through the same trauma.”

Jean only returned the doctor’s smile. Then she peeked in, and Quincy was in a chair next to Frank. Her head was as close to his shoulder as possible. I’m sure Frank knew she was saying I’m here and I love you. Quincy spent the night.

The next morning, her phone buzzed. It was Frank’s boss. Frank was still sleeping. Quincy went into the hall to answer.

“Hello, this is Quincy Robertson, Frank’s still sedated.”

“Mrs. Robertson, this is Dennis Christopher, Frank’s manager. First, let me say how sorry I am about the accident. All of us were shocked. Please let Frank know, he has all the time he needs to recover.”

“Thank you, sir. But what about the plans he was to turn in today? My friend got them out of the car to keep them dry. She has them at her home, safe. When Frank finds out he missed a deadline he’s going to –“

“Mrs. Robertson, please. Would you or your friend, be able to bring them to the office tomorrow? We do need them, but I will make sure Frank gets the credit he is due.”

“I’ll ask Jean to have them there tomorrow morning at nine sharp.”

“Excellent, the meeting is scheduled for ten. Thank you so much. And tell Frank, he has nothing to worry about here.”

The following morning, Jean was knocking on the front door at eight forty-five trying to get the guard’s attention. When he finally came over, Mr. Christopher was with him.

“Good morning, Jean. I apologize. I regret not getting your proper full name.”

“Jean is just fine. Here are your plans. I wish Frank could be in the meeting.”

“I am going to as another indulgence from you if I may. Would you take this tablet to Frank? Ask him to turn it on at ten forty-five. He’ll know what to do. And please take this as a small token of my appreciation.”

Jean took the envelope Mr. Christopher handed her and the table in its case. She went straight to the hospital and up to Frank’s room. Quincy was there, the doctor had just left with a very encouraging report on Frank’s healing.

At ten-forty-five, Frank turned on the tablet. It was connected to the meeting room. Mr. Christopher was at the head table with the overhead. It was reflecting the changes Frank had made to the project.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Mr. Christopher started, “You have had a chance to review the changes to the project. In my estimation, these changes will fit in with the code, use less material and shorten the length of time for completion. I would like to call a vote asking to make these changes or any other suggestions.” Everyone agreed.

“The changes have gone through hell getting here. First of all, to the architect for making the changes, the police for keeping them safe and dry, and the ambulance driver who got our man to the hospital. Also, to his wife for her support, and Jean for her going above and beyond to get the plans here on time.

These plans are hereby given the name: Robertson’s and Jean’s revision. Any objections?”

With that, everyone turned to face the camera and gave Frank, Quincy, and Jean a standing ovation.

It’s been seven weeks since the accident. Quincy and Frank are in bed cuddled next to each other. Naked. Quincy’s head is on Frank’s shoulder. Tomorrow, Monday, Frank and Quincy will go back to work. Jean told Quincy how much the little puppy missed her. She loved his arm around her.

There was a flash of lightning and a roll of thunder. Frank looked at Quincy.

“Honey,” Quincy said, “would you want to go to the living room and watch the storm?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32