We Need to Stop This Ch. 02

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Author’s Note: This is Chapter 2 of the “We Need to Stop This” story. The twin sisters in this chapter are characters you haven’t met yet. This chapter turned out to be more of a romance than a sex-fest, so be prepared that there are only two orgasms, and one crying girl in it. And alas, both orgasms come, as it were, by the same hand. You needn’t have read Chapter 1 to follow this, and the idea for this story is that you could read the chapters in any order you wish (except for the last, with the climax).


Veronica stepped out of the bathroom and into the little hotel room. She had a towel wrapped around her and was using another one to dry her blonde hair.

She and her twin sister were traveling together to meet their father’s fiancé. They had stopped for the night just outside Chicago, before making the last long leg of the trip North into Wisconsin.

Veronica looked out at the room, and let out a gasp.

“Oh, good Lord, Jennifer! What are you doing?” Veronica put her hands up, pretending to cover her eyes.

“You can see very well what I’m doing, Ronnie,” Jen answered breathlessly, slowing but not stopping her hands.

“Do you mind, would you stop that? There’s something I wanted to ask you.” Veronica walked over and sat down at the foot of her twin sister’s bed.

“Oh God,” Jennifer breathed hoarsely, “I’m so close, I’m so almost there.”

As Jen’s hands continued their indecent mission, her twin sister stood, turning her back on the sight. Ronnie folded her arms and kept fuming, unable to block out the sounds — sounds so very close to the noises she herself would have made. And she cursed herself when the arrival of her sister’s climax sparked a warm little twinge in her belly. It wasn’t as though she had never watched her twin masturbate before, but it had been many years, and she had long ago assumed that, as grown women, they had put that behind them.

Veronica kept her back turned as she heard Jennifer rustle out of the bed. She presumed it was to get a robe or, at least, to put some underwear on.

She was wrong; instead, she felt Jennifer press up behind her, and wrap her arms around Veronica’s waist.

The warmth and the feel of her twin were familiar in ways she had almost forgotten. She let the hug go on for a moment, and tried to ignore the obvious smell of Jennifer’s sex.

“Come on, you remember, in college?” Jennifer spoke softly Lefkoşa Escort into Veronica’s ear.

Veronica pulled away then, clutching at the towel wrapped around her, to keep it from falling from her. “I really try not to,” she blushed, not wanting to revisit those memories any more.

The bare Jennifer sat back down on the bed, immodestly tucking one foot against her opposite thigh. “I seem to remember enjoying it. I still to this day think it’s hot being watched. And don’t you lie, Ronnie, you loved it, too.” Jennifer brushed some imaginary thing from her thigh as she spoke.

“That was 10 years ago,” Veronica replied, yet with softness now in her voice. “And you,” she went on, with a tone of mock accusation, “you’re a married woman now!”

Jennifer’s response was to draw up one hand to tweak her own nipple teasingly with a finger, and she gazed down at it, watching it react to the touch. She knew this would annoy her sister to no end.

“Oh great, are you going to masturbate again?”

Jen leaned back on one arm, and smiling, she said, “I just might.”

Veronica snapped back, “then please let me get dressed and out of here first.”

Jennifer laughed. “It might do you some good,” she called after her sister as Veronica stalked back over toward the bathroom and reached down in one motion toward the folded clothes she had set out for the day.

When the verbal sparring subsided, Veronica unselfconsciously slipped off her bath towel and hung it on the hook on the door.

Bending down to slip on her fresh cotton panties, she glanced over her shoulder into the room.

“Stop it!” she spat at her sister. “I mean it, you…. Stop looking at me.” She had stopped just short of calling her sister a pervert out loud. She stopped short because the feeling of being admired in the nude by her sister was not at all one of revulsion. In fact, it was flattering in a way she would not readily admit.

And arousing, in a way she would never.

Veronica hurried her way into the panties, but her sister’s next words stopped her on the spot.

“Ronnie, when was the last time someone made you feel as good as you look?”

“Oh Jesus. Now my own sister is using cheesy pick-up lines on me! You can do better than that.” She didn’t want to count again the long months during which no one had touched her that way — long months since her last Girne Escort bitter fight and yet one more painful breakup. “And besides, that’s none of your business.”

Jen stood and, still naked, crossed the short distance to her sister. Veronica stiffened as Jen touched her arm. “Why can’t we,” Jen started, and then lowered her voice. “Why can’t we have fun like that any more?” Jennifer asked simply. “Don’t you miss it?”

Ronnie turned toward her, running her sister’s hair through her fingers. “Because we never should have done it before. It’s wrong. You’re my sister.”

Jen let her hands move to her sister’s hips, and her look-alike made no move to stop her. “Why is it wrong?” Ronnie looked down in response to Jen’s question, but her sister touched her chin gently and brought her gaze back up. “Why is it wrong, Veronica? There’s no power trip between the two of us, and it’s not like it can get us knocked up. So tell me why it’s wrong to feel good?”

Ronnie put her hands on Jen’s shoulders. “If it’s not wrong, then why don’t you tell Jeremy about it?”

Jen laughed easily at the mention of her husband. “Oh honey, he knows all about what we did.” She ran her hands up her sister’s bare ribs, but Veronica took them into hers and stopped her. She tried to absorb that last statement.

“How long has he known?”

With her sister’s hands in her own, Veronica gave up trying to get dressed, and instead led the two of them over to the nearest bed in the room and sat down. Jennifer sat next to her, stroking her twin sister’s back.

“Since before we were married, hon. Jer and I don’t keep any secrets.”

Jen lifted her sister’s hand and stroked her fingertips. “You still haven’t told me why it’s wrong.”

Ronnie looked up into her sister’s eyes, and very quietly answered. “Because. I’m afraid.” She started shivering, and Jennifer wrapped her arms around her. And rocking gently together, the two women started to kiss.

There was no hiding the longing in Veronica’s kiss as she pressed herself against Jennifer’s lips. And there was a blooming happiness in Jennifer’s — and even a confidence — as she returned the embrace.

“I… I have missed this, Jen. Sometimes, I’ve missed it so much,” Veronica quietly confessed.

Jennifer stroked a hand down from her sister’s face, brushing lightly against a bare breast on its way down Veronica’s Magosa Escort belly. “I’ve thought about it a million times since those days,” Jen replied, playing her finger just inside the waistband of her sister’s panties.

For her part, Veronica let her reserve slip away a bit more, and tentatively reached out to stroke her sister’s silky blonde hair, and her back, and her curves. She noticed that her sister was just a bit rounder than a decade ago; just a little bit softer. As was she. And there were lines of laughter and care on both of their faces. But there was no denying that her sister Jennifer was lovely — and she smiled to herself as she thought, yes, in fact, one of the two most beautiful women I know.

Releasing their kiss, Jennifer sat back and looked in her sister’s eyes. She pressed her hand gently past the waistband and cautiously explored her twin’s tender place. Finding it already slick with moisture, she allowed one finger to softly start stroking there.

Veronica’s passion in kissing and touching her sister grew more urgent as her body responded to Jennifer’s caresses. Jen thought of disentangling herself, of getting down on her knees and teasingly removing those panties before leaning in to give her sister her mouth. But Veronica was responding to just her hand so quickly that she decided to save that special pleasure for later.

Veronica moaned “oh, Jen, yes… no one…, oh my God. Oh, I’m coming!” And she quivered against her sister, then, very hard, and just kept on shaking.

It took Jennifer a moment to realize that Veronica was crying. Clutching desperately to her sister, her tears wetting Jen’s shoulder, holding on tight.

Jen wanted to ask what was wrong, but she knew there would be time for that, too. And she thought she already knew the answer.

When Ronnie’s sobs finally subsided, Jennifer carefully unwound herself from her sister’s arms, and stroking her wet cheek once more she said quietly: “I think I’ll take a shower, too. If you can wait for me, let’s go down and have something to eat.”

After breakfast, the twins loaded the car and drove far into the morning before either one spoke. It was Jen who went first.

“So, what was it you wanted to ask me?”

Veronica searched for the right words. “I don’t know… it’s just… Are you ready for dad to re-marry?”

As they drove on together, this was one answer Jen found easily. Taking a hand from the wheel and placing it on her sister’s thigh, she tried to assure her. “You should see how happy he is. Mom would be glad. You’ll see when we get there.”

Then, the twins were quiet again, and Veronica reached and entwined her fingers with Jennifer’s there on her thigh.

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