We Have Ways Of Making You Stay

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Firstly a few words from Miss Anne.

The Kinky Brides Group was formed some twenty eight years ago and we have had hundreds of gorgeous brides and studs pass through Tulle Towers in that time.

My name is Miss Anne and, when my personal stud Yano decided he was leaving us, we had to employ drastic measures to keep him. Yano has been with the KBG for over twenty years as a driver and a stud and you may have read some of his translations of other members’ sexploits in Literotica (Inter-racial)

Today I have instructed him to tell his own story and why he has decided to remain a member of the KBG.

Yano’s story.

I had been a member of the KBG for nearly twenty years, firstly as a driver and then latterly as a stud, especially to the increasing number of shemale and transvestite brides arriving at Tulle Towers, when I decided I would like to leave and lead a normal life with my Brazilian girlfriend, Vicky, a stunning shemale.

This did not go down too well with the Madame and Miss Anne and they offered me more money and the lead role in a number of porno wedding shoots which were to take place over the following few weeks.

I still refused and set a date three months hence for my retiral from the porn business.

I did all my assigned shoots, satisfied Madame Margaret a few times and her assistant Miss Anne too, both at the same time on two occasions, and soon found myself in my last week as a porn stud. It was during the last session with Miss Anne that she announced I was to receive a farewell party in my honour.

“We have a new girl about to start her career with us, eighteen just a few days ago and a virgin. We want you to be her first and for her to be your last, a stunning virgin bride in an equally stunning gown, filled with masses of petticoats to tease your massive dick that I am going to miss so much. She will be accompanied by a bridesmaid and you will be accompanied by Victoria who will be wearing her sheer pink gown so that we can all see her shapely figure and her tasty little clit for the last time.

You and Victoria will enter the gardens first and make your way to the fuck bed where she will sit upon your face and shield your vision of the lovely bride approaching. With her clit filling your mouth, Vicky will watch the bride kneel at one side of the bed and her bridesmaid at the other and together they will suck your dick for a few minutes. Then Vicky will help the bridesmaid with her gown, changing places at the same time, her gown still shielding all of your identities until the right moment. You will now be beneath masses of petticoat licking pussy as Vicky assists the bride and her gown over your solid dick and into her virgin pussy as she sits astride you. As you suck and özbek escort fuck the pretty young girls we will be watching as Vicky unveils the bride to the audience and then has her clit licked by the girls. We will watch the girls kissing as Vicky unfastens their gowns and reveals their breasts for her to lick. She will then loosen off the bridesmaid’s gown before standing onto the bed in front of her whereupon she will have her clit sucked as she eases the bridesmaid’s arms from the gown and eventually undresses her.

Hopefully by now you will have given her numerous orgasms as we watch you licking on her hot and sodden love holes. Vicky will now be getting sucked by the bride who will be bouncing around on your cock as her own gown is removed in the process. Now we will all witness your last fuck as you take the bride to another orgasm and then fill her with your hot spunk.

Vicky wants to lick your cream from the bride and will assist her to the edge of the bed which will leave clear access for the bridesmaid to ease forward and suck the remaining drops of cum from your cock and give you your first view of the virgin bride you have just introduced to the porno world of the KBG. Vicky will then dress as the bride and lead you around our friends as you say goodbye.

That’s the plan but you know as well as anyone how these can change as the show goes on,” Miss Anne confessed as we showered.

Saturday arrived bright, warm and sunny, a perfect day for any wedding.

Vicky and I were collected and driven in ‘Dark Secret 2’ the successor to the limo in which I started my career at Tulle Towers.

Leaving our flat is always fraught with danger as the car is unable to get right up to the door and we have to walk out onto the street. Miss Anne had brought our clothes and I dressed in an expensive Italian suit whilst all Vicky was given was a very short dress in light blue chiffon with an imperative ruffle around the hem to hide her secret. Five-inch heels made it difficult for her to get to the limo in a hurry so the crowd, which had gathered having seen the car with the wedding ribbons attached, got a good view of her lovely body. Once into the car I had to remove the suit as we awaited Miss Anne. There we were, Vicky and I lying on the bed playing with each other as our neighbours surrounded the car and tried to look in on us. Miss Anne slipped into the rear seat and immediately ordered us to suck each other. Without question we did and continued until we turned the corner out of the street.

On arrival at Tulle Towers Vicky was given some additional clothing, white stockings and a suspender belt. We were kept inside as the guests arrived, many more than originally expected.

Soon azeri escort it was time and my heart pounded as Vicky teased my cock to erection with her blue gown. Vicky and I had been in this situation many times, our own porno weddings for instance, but still the adrenalin flowed. With my cock in her hand she led me down the stairs to applause from those still inside. Girls in skimpy dresses with the mandatory tulle petticoat below, trannies and shemales alike. From Germany I saw some of the Dirty Dancers in their expansive ballroom dancing dresses with their new stud and his thirteen inch cock fully erect. There was Tina the schoolgirl bride whom I fucked in the bike shed of her own school. Once outside into the gardens five naked studs were surrounded by numerous T-girls and G-girls and two of the lesbian brides were there also.

Vicky and I reached the fuck bed and began kissing passionately to a rousing cheer as the crowd pressed forward to ropes for a better look.

I was then directed onto the bed and lay back as my gorgeous shemale lover stood astride me and lowered her tasty clit to my mouth. I began sucking her greedily. Not since we performed at a porn club in Holland had we had such a large audience and I loved it.

I knew the bride was on her way when I heard the rousing applause and soon felt a presence at my feet. Then I felt the dainty hand clasp my throbbing knob and then her tongue tentatively licking me. Then another tongue began from the other side, I could hear the Director telling the bridesmaid to lick my shaft as the bride sucked my bulbous head. I had Vicky deep into my throat as I sucked her and this all seemed to go very well for the Director. Apart from him I could see and hear photographers moving around me. Then I could feel the sensation of satin and lace and tulle on my body as the bridesmaid straddled me and I soon disappeared under a mass of royal blue satin and white petticoats as the bridesmaid sat onto my face. The back of her gown was lifted and I was filmed licking her love holes pushing my tongue into both of them as directed. At the other end I got that sensation again as the bride positioned herself above me and, with the back of her gown kept aloft and Vicky holding my shaft, she was filmed lowering herself onto my cock. Her lips eased open, she and the bridesmaid had done a warm up in the house, and she trembled as I began to ease into her. Inch by inch she accepted me into her virgin body. I could hear her moan with each attempt I made to thrust a little further into her. Then I could feel her sitting on me. I was in and her gown was lifted clear of my body to let everyone see. I could here Miss Anne making an announcement.

“Ladies and gentlemen, kazank escort please welcome Kirsten, our latest bride to the KBG.”

There was applause and some swooning noises as the veil was lifted from her face.

“You may now fuck with your first stud Kirsten.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Yano has fucked with many of us here today and he now wishes to leave us. However I am hoping young Kirsten and her bridesmaid Avril will help change his mind. I am sure you will all agree that we don’t want to see him leave us.”

There was more applause and I thrust myself into Kirsten as my tongue went to work on Avril, the back of her gown held aloft again for the cameras to see me “at work”. Kirsten was finding the motion and I allowed her to fuck me rather than me hurt her by fucking too hard on her for the first time. Avril tasted delicious and I drank down her juices as I alternated between her cunt and her ass, my tongue very much at home in there as I often did this to Vicky.

Avril came off on me several times, she was great, her ginger pubic hair soaked in her juices. Then Kirsten began to orgasm, I could hear her amidst the rustling of the dresses as they were removed from the girls. Now in full view of everyone I was determined to give a good show. When I got the message to explode into Kirsten her love cries got louder as I now thrust into my last virgin bride. Soon I was gasping with the pleasure of orgasm as I erupted into Kirsten. She shuddered with each salvo I fired into her as Avril forced her pussy into my face again for even more licking.

A few minutes later I felt Kirsten lifting off my sticky cock only to be replaced immediately by Avril who was directed to lick me clean. Only then did I get to see around me, the huge crowd of onlookers, lots of sucking and fucking going on as they watched the show. I looked at Vicki licking my cum from the bride. I looked at the bride, she was so young, her long blonde hair and her veil tumbling over her back to her waist, her petite breasts and nipples erect with the pleasure she had received and was continuing to receive. I looked at Avril, her ass in the air as her attention to my cock continued, her shock of red hair only visible through her open legs. This was great.

Then the Director cut in and suddenly I got the shock of my life as Avril turned to face me.

“Uncle Yano,” she exclaimed trying to cover herself up. Then Kirsten turned on hearing Avril and I was suddenly faced with another of my nieces and the realisation that I had just taken her virginity. Vicky rushed to my side on seeing my shocked look and was followed by Miss Anne with a big broad smile on her face.

“Still want to leave?” she asked and then answered, “Think what your brother-in-law might do if these photos of you and Kirsten get into the wrong hands. Then, of course Avril’s husband might not be too pleased either. Think hard my sexy one and then come and tell me that you still want me.”

I was in complete shock, speechless and once more under the KBG control.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32