We Deliver all Things – Jenny

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“Do you know,” said Alice, slowly stroking the smooth skin of Alex’s chest, occasionally gliding her palm over the erect nub of a nipple, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen Jenny’s bare legs. Not even in summer, when she wears those short skirts. She’s always got tights on, or dark stockings.”

Jenny was becoming a frequent object of their post coital conversations, when the come leaked from Alice’s pussy down over Alex’s thigh, and she lay with her head on his shoulder.

He’d trigger Alice, when he was deep inside her, by whispering, “Can you imagine Jenny watching? Hear her little moans when she watches us fuck?”

Alice could, and every time, the mention of Jenny’s name and her watching eyes toppled Alice up and over her edge, and she’d come, pulling Alex deeper into herself with both hands on the firm cheeks of his ass, arching her back to get him in deeper.

And with a low fuck grunt, he’d offer up his long jets of come into Alice’s trim, tidy cunt, and later, his seed would leak from her, and they’d play with their come, murmuring to each other, conjuring up fuck filthy fantasies in which Jenny increasingly featured.

“We should ask her. For dinner, I mean. Ask her over for dinner.” Alice ticked off the points on her fingers.

Alex, who had been waiting for Alice to decide this for herself, smiled, and replied, “Will you ask, or shall I?”

“God, I’d be too embarrassed. You ask her. It’ll seem more logical, coming from you.”

“She’ll know it’s the two of us, though, if I ask her over for dinner.”

Alice had told Jenny all about Alex; well, nearly all, and seen the look on the younger woman’s face when she told her. She knew, too, that Jenny loved Alex’s playful teases when he came to the front counter with another parcel for Doc Turner.

“She will know that, yes,” replied Alice. “What should we eat?” As always, she was practical.

“You, I imagine,” replied Alex, hard again from the conversation. “She’ll want to eat you, as I fuck her.”

“Sweet god,” whispered Alice, as she opened her legs wider for his smooth long cock, looking sideways at the chair by the window as he fucked her.

* * * *

“Jen, how are you, lovely girl?”

Alex swept into the lobby, water dripping wet from his hair from the rain outside, coming up to the counter with a grin.

“Don’t you drip water over me, evil man!” Jenny shielded her papers from his cheerful, dripping proximity, laughing at the joy of his playfulness. She could see why Alice adored him, and she knew Alice was curious about her, too, from the not so innocent questions she asked. The way she glanced at her, then quickly looked away.

“Is she in?” Alex asked.

“Through to the atrium, turn left.”

They both laughed, for he definitely knew the way to Alice’s lab by now, but it always gave Jenny an excuse to watch his firm buttocks in those tight jeans as he strode down the corridor and turned right. He always did it, and she always laughed when he did. They were a mutual appreciation society, and they both knew it.

Jenny turned back to her work, twirling a pen in her fingers, and shifting her bum on the seat. She was aching to be asked to join them, and wondered if they’d ever ask.

Alex came back five minutes later and leaned over the front counter.

“You doing anything Friday night?” he asked, coming straight to the point.

“I don’t think so,” Jenny replied. She had nothing planned at all, but decided to play, ever so slightly, hard to get.

Alex called her bluff, straight away.

“Good. You don’t. Alice’s place, seven thirty?” He asked it as a question, but they both knew it was a foregone conclusion, and Jenny the subject of it.

She looked up at him with a delectable smile. “What should I bring?”

“Just yourself. We’ll look after the rest.”

He looked down at her with a frank look of appreciation in his eyes. Jenny looked back at him, equally certain. “I’ll look forward to it.”

Being “looked after” – she thought she’d like that.

Alice left by the side door that afternoon, as if to avoid Jenny; and the next day, when they met for lunch in the canteen as they always did, neither of them mentioned Friday night at all. It was as if there were two completely separate worlds, with Alex the nexus of both of them.

Jenny left work half an hour early on the Friday, after sticking her head through Alice’s door. “I’ll see you later, then.”

“What? Yes. Later, of course. Later tonight, you mean?” Alice was her usual slightly bewildered self.

“Yes, Alice. Alex invited me for dinner tonight, at yours. Surely he told you?”

“Told me? Dinner? Yes, of course I knew you were coming. Over tonight, I mean, not…”

“Alice, honey, dinner tonight, I’ll see you then.”

Jenny blew her a kiss, and made her way to the bus, where she remembered Alex’s tight jeans all the way home.

Once home, she showered, luxuriating in the hot water for many long minutes, her mind wandering and her fingers too. With a smile, she lathered tekirdağ seks hikayeleri soap to wash the dark bush at the base of her belly, and gave her armpits a soapy covering, cupping the soft warm hollows in both hands. She raised her arms above her head to rinse away the soap, admiring the soft, silky hair she kept there.

Jenny ran her palms down her legs, and their fine dark hair was also silky and soft.

She dried herself with a big fluffy towel, and appraised herself in the mirror. Her dark hair, cut in a stylish bob, perfectly framed a pale face, with dark eyes that she knew could smoulder. She smiled at herself, and placed the tip of a finger on the cute little dimple on her cheek.

I think I’ll do, to be done, she thought, feeling a low throb of sexual tension beat through her body. Jenny was forthright with her own sexual wants and desires, and the spice of a three-way, with her the focus of it, would be a perfect ending to a long week. And she wouldn’t have to cook.

She remembered the conversation she’d had with Alice, the first day they’d met Alex, when she told Alice her theory of flirting only when feeling sexy, wearing frilly knickers and a silk and lace bra. She decided to go without knickers completely, and selected a bra that was a close match to the colour of Alex’s eyes. She had an idea he’d appreciate that.

She selected a short black and white chequered skirt that showed off her legs, clinging to the curves of her backside and belly. She laced up her favourite Doc Martens, put on a simple button up blouse and a cardigan. A tiny touch of perfect lipstick, a quick spritz of perfume in her cleavage, and she was done. With a beret on her head, she was the epitome of sexy French punk chic, twenty-first century style.

“Miss,” said the taxi-driver, “you look like one of the film stars in those old French movies from the sixties. I should be driving a Mini, not this big black cab.”

Perfect, thought Jenny, that’s exactly right.

“Thank you,” she replied, crossing her legs and blowing the cabby a kiss in the mirror. She momentarily thought of being O in the back of the big car, pulling up her skirt to sit on the seat with her bare flesh, but she didn’t.

She asked the cab-driver to stop three numbers before Alice’s house, so he could watch her walk down the street. He tooted his horn as he drove away, in appreciation of her generosity.

Jenny felt sexy, aroused, hot. She was very much looking forward to the evening, and would make sure she was the centre of attention.

She was intrigued by the pair of them – so unalike, but so obviously well suited to each other. Jenny suspected Alex would be the carefree, fun loving man he always was, no matter the weather, no matter if it rained or the sun shone. But Alice… Jenny thought the older woman might have some secrets.

She knew the Alice from work, the intelligent woman with her autistic quirks and sometimes odd behaviour. And she’d seen a pure unadulterated sexuality in Alice that the woman didn’t seem to know she possessed. Jenny thought the pair of them would sizzle when they got going, and to be invited… she shivered with anticipation, her nipples hard and her senses heightened, just from the thought of them.

She walked up the steps and rang the doorbell.

“Just a moment,” she heard Alice call out.

God, thought Jenny, as her pussy tingled. I wonder if I’ll get a good fuck tonight. Either Alex or Alice, either would do her just fine. She giggled, both could do her – she hoped both would. She put on her best straight face as Alice opened the door.

“Jenny! So good you came. You look gorgeous.” Alice touched her arm, which for her, so early in the evening, was a huge demonstration of affection.

Alex was more forthcoming with a bear hug embrace. “Jen! Watcha doin’, good lookin’?”

He breathed her in, and as she walked into the front room, she liked his hand on her back, lightly guiding her with his fingers.

“That’s a lovely perfume. What is it?”

Jenny knew the only place she’d misted the perfume was between her breasts – trust Alex to notice. She gave him an appreciative smile.

“Fragonard Frivolé. From Josette’s.”

He breathed her in deeply, and her nipples ached. She thought he might be sensing her hidden scent, since she was on the bright sharp edge of arousal.

She saw his eyes darken, and she glanced down at his crotch. He caught her looking, and smiled. She turned in the hall, to show him her delectable, chequered curves. Mmmm, she loved a silent flirt, like a dance without touching. So delicious.

But she had two hosts.

“Alice, you look divine.” Jenny flattered the older woman, but admitted to herself, that wasn’t hard to do.

Alice wore a pair of crisp linen slacks that clung to her trim bottom and showed off her tiny waist, partnered with a plain shirt, slightly off-white like a shadow on snow, or cream poured into a saucer for a cat. Jenny noted the lines of Alice’s lingerie, a high waisted panty line and a cross-over bra – not that she needed one, with her high, perky tits.

“In fact, you look delicious,” Jenny said, and left her flirting invitation at that.

Alice blushed and hid her eyes, but she couldn’t hide her fresh, summery sexuality from Jenny. Jenny felt warm all over, sensing a buzz already for the evening. She wondered if they’d fucked earlier, after a preparatory shower. They both had that fragrant washed scent of fresh soap, but Jenny swore she could detect deeper, duskier fragrances. Or perhaps she was scenting herself.

They sat between open doors on a balcony, steel chairs drawn up around an old café table, and Alex, with a napkin on his arm, acted as the perfect wine waiter, with a bow and an atrocious French accent. “Madame, a leetle wine pour vous, aveç le fromage?”

They’d thought of everything, and Jenny quickly relaxed into the eager, anticipatory joy of the evening, eyes dancing, fingertips flirting, and even Alice was touching her fingers.

After two glasses of a gorgeous crisp Chablis and only a handful of nibbles on an empty stomach, Jenny felt a little light headed, and thought she should slow down and wait for a more substantial dinner to settle herself. She liked the loosening of inhibition that alcohol gave her, but she didn’t like herself if she relaxed too much. She preferred to keep an edge of control, even when teetering on the brink.

Perhaps Alex was a mind-reader, or perhaps he knew Alice’s cooking. He came to Jenny’s rescue by saying, “Five minutes, and we can serve. Would you like to use the bathroom before dinner?”

He looked straight at Jenny. If she’d been at work she would have twirled a pen and shifted on her seat, but here in their lounge she twisted her hair, and momentarily felt nervous. Or just a little bit too tipsy.

“Yes, please,” she replied, and followed him down the hall. She sneaked a look into their bedroom as she passed the door, to see an immaculately tidy side, Alice’s side; and a messier side that was his. She wondered what it would be like to lie right down the middle of their bed, one of them on each side of her.

In the bathroom she hitched up her skirt and let go a long, luscious pee, leaning back against the cistern. After she wiped herself she sat there, looking around at the intimacy of their bathroom; two towels still damp, so yes, they had both showered before she got here. Their two toothbrushes in a glass by the sink, and a surprising number of body lotions and creams, both his and hers.

Jenny was intrigued. She knew Alice took great care with her appearance, and the woman often wore delicate, lovely perfumes. But to see so many bottles of male lotions and creams – this was a side to Alex that was new to her. His skin must be as soft as a woman’s.

As she sat there musing, Jenny let her fingers drop to her pussy, lightly stroking just inside her lips, pulling her forefinger and middle finger up over her clit. She closed her eyes, listening for sounds out in the apartment. But then she thought, she shouldn’t stay here too long, they might think she wasn’t feeling well. Reluctantly, she put the idea of a quick play to one side, and focussed instead on her stomach. She was hungry, and she realised, not only for food.

She wondered who would be the first to talk about sex.

In the event, it was Jenny.

The meal was delicious, a light chicken curry served with jasmine rice and crisp, crunchy snow peas, followed by a simple fruit salad with either cream or ice-cream. Alex had both, “I’m a pig;” Jenny had ice-cream, “It reminds me of summer;” and Alice helped herself to extra strawberries and a double dollop of cream. “I’m greedy.”

Alice looked gorgeous with a blob of cream on her chin, which Alex silently touched away with his finger, touching it to his lips with an unspoken reverence. Jenny melted to see such gentle intimacy, which seemed out of character for Alex – he was usually all noise and bravado and his sunshine grin. Jenny sensed deep waters, and she thought drowning might be an option. She wondered if she should swim.

She sat back with a belly full of fine food, a fourth glass of wine in her hand, and a wicked grin.

“Well,” she said, “that was truly scrumptious. Wonderful food, wonderful company.” She paused, so her timing was perfect. “Sex for afters?”

Alice gasped, a quick intake of breath.

Alex, who might have had that on his mind already, looked at his guest. “No messing around there, Jen,” he said.

“What’s the point,” she replied, “in dancing around the obvious? We all know why we’re here, this Friday night invitation.” Jenny looked at them both with a very frank look. “You both want me, and I want to be wanted. That works for all of us.”

“It does,” said Alex. “Indeed it does.”

Alice nodded, astonished at Jenny’s confidence; amazed at her own agreement.

Jenny stood up and placed herself before them, equidistant. Without preamble, without embarrassment, she undid the button and zip of her skirt, and let it fall.

Alice breathed in quickly, deeply. Alex, rendered silent, gazed at Jenny’s bush of dark hair, nearly coal black, at the base of her belly, spreading in a shadow to the tops of her thighs. The curve of her belly was hidden by the blouse and cardigan still done up, neatly buttoned, so her bare flesh was all leg, with the temptation of her pussy just visible. Her thighs slightly hollowed, her calves fine and shapely, disappearing into her incongruous boots, her Doc Martens. They anchored her, kept her from floating away. She was little and dark, like a daemon.

“Fuucckkk.” Alex whispered the word, ending soft and gentle from his mouth, a word of wonder, a word full of intent. “Your body hair, that’s fucking beautiful. Fucking glorious.” He looked across at Alice. “Opposites!”

Jenny looked at him quizzically. “Opposites?”

“You’ll see.”

She looked down at the swell in his crotch. “Do you want to look closer?” she said, knowing full well it wasn’t a question. It was his desire, right there before her, unspoken. She took a step towards him and placed the tip of her boot on the tip of his shoe, looking down.

She saw his fingers twitch, reaching towards her. She looked at the top of his head, and smiled. She had him enthralled completely, and she wasn’t even undressed, not fully.

She glanced across at Alice who was blatantly looking, so unlike her. Jenny saw the press of long nipples against the cloth of Alice’s shirt, two firm nubs pushing out. Her own nipples throbbed hard in response, seeing Alice, seeing Alice’s look.

Jenny looked back at Alex. “You can touch, if you like.” Offer and consent, given freely. She nudged his foot sideways with her boot, to open his legs a little wider. She saw the ridge in his tight jeans, and knew she was in for a treat.

She closed her eyes to feel the wonder of his slow hands as Alex touched her legs, slowly moving his hands up the outside of her thighs, learning her shape, the tautness of her muscles, the glide of her skin. Ahhh, he’s realised, thought Jenny, as his touch lightened to shimmer over the soft sheen of the hair on her legs. On her thighs it was like the finest soft down, just a shadow of darkness on her skin.

The light, perfect touch brought goose bumps to her flesh. Jenny opened her eyes, and saw his wonder as Alex took in her unshaven hair. She reached down to his blond head with both hands and brought him to her, turning his head so his cheek lay against her dark pubic mound.

“Open me,” she whispered, shifting her thighs apart to allow him access to the insides of her legs. She was wanton, Alex was gentle; and the sexual intensity in the room rose, their heat burning the air. She could taste it, her scent rising, an edge on the air they all breathed.

“Fuck,” whispered Alex. “You are sublime.”

His fingers carefully found their way between Jenny’s pussy lips, revealing the coral pink of their inner folds, glistening within the dark coils of hair. He circled a finger tip in a circle around the bud of her clitoris, high and small, and was rewarded by a long sigh of pleasure.

“Mmmmm,” she whispered. “Your fingers are sooo good.”

“Let me see,” said Alice quietly, not wanting to miss out. “Watching you both, that’s so hot.” She looked at Jenny from under her hair. “It’s a dream, seeing you here. With us. God. It’s a…”

She caught herself, stopped herself repeating the thought. “Can I…” She started again.

“Touch me? Of course you can, Alice. Touch me all over. Everywhere.” Still holding Alex’s head in both her hands, Jenny said to Alice, “You can undress the rest of me, see me naked, if you like. Undo my buttons.” She wanted Alice much closer, so much closer.

Alice came to her, her hands shaking; but she got the buttons of Jenny’s blouse undone.

“Should I?” she asked, still unsure.

“Mmmm, yes.” Jenny held her arms out wide, to make it easy to slide the garment off. She stood there in her boots and the blue bra, nearly naked.

“I’m such an exhibitionist,” she remarked. “I love being naked, when someone else is still clothed.”

“God, you’re so assured. I want to, but I’m always so shy.” Alice was still shaking, her fingers caressing her neck, just inside the collar.

“You wear sexy lingerie,” said Jenny, “you’ve told me about that. And about Alex delivering your little cupboard. Show me.” Jenny took control, steering Alice out of her hesitance.

Alice looked down, still hiding behind her hair, but began to undo the buttons on her shirt.

“She wears gorgeous lingerie,” said Alex. “Lovely, lacy stuff.”

His fingers were tracing a thin dark line of hair up Jenny’s belly to her navel, then drifted higher to the trim of her blue bra. “Is this for me, this colour blue?” he asked.

“Maybe,” Jenny replied, taking his finger and sucking it into her mouth. “Just maybe.”

Alex grinned in smug satisfaction, seeing the way Jenny had repaid him for all the attention given her, at the front counter.

“Only maybe,” she said, tapping him on the nose like a naughty puppy. “Alice has got blue eyes, too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32