Watching TV

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Full Nelson

We are at your place to watch TV. At first, we are seated comfortably apart on the sofa, but during the show, we gradually move closer until we are shoulder-to-shoulder, leaning our heads against one another. You are on my left (my good side) and we begin to hold hands and play with each others’ fingers. (I love this part… the innocent foreplay!) Every now and then I bring your hand to my lips and kiss you lightly on the back of your hand. The fact that we are this close is exciting to me, and I look down to see if my arousal is obvious… so far, it isn’t too bad – just some slight twitching as my cock steadily grows down my pant leg. I try to ignore it and pretend to be interested in the show.

On the last commercial break, you excuse yourself and rise to leave the room. As you stand, you prop yourself up wit my left thigh, high enough on my leg that the tip of your little finger almost reaches where my cock has settled against my leg. You stand slowly and arch your back as you slide your hand off of my leg. As you step away from the couch, you glance down at me and smile, but it is so brief that I can’t tell if you are aware of my excitement or merely happy that I am enjoying the show. You’re still wearing the slip dress that I helped you pick out today and as you leave I watch you tug the skirt out of the crack of your ass – for some reason I love the way women’s clothes do that. Just before turning the corner to leave the room, you give me another quick glance and catch me watching you. You smile and disappear from my view.

In a few moments you are back, but there is something different about you… something in your walk, maybe? As you turn to sit beside me, I can also see that you have removed your bra and are restrained only by the flimsy material of the dress. Wow, now I’m really turned on – I think you have a wonderful chest, even though I am normally not so interested in that part of the female body. Still, something else is different….

For the last part of the show you seem preoccupied, fidgeting while we sit together. You are becoming more and more Balıkesir Escort bold about placing your hand near my cock, and with each potential touch I grow firmer and longer.

The show ends and you turn off the TV with the remote. You seem to hesitate for a second, then, as you lean forward to place the remote on the coffee table, you reach between my legs and grab my stiff cock and balls. Without releasing me, you turn and put one knee on the cushion beside me and lean forward to expose your ample cleavage. You whisper in my ear, I want to show you something.” I let out a quiet moan as you gently squeeze my balls before letting them go to crawl onto all fours on the sofa. Now it’s obvious you haven’t forgotten my primary favorite female body part as you wiggle your ass at me from under your skirt. “Look under my dress, baby. I have something special for you.” I hop up to sit on my knees facing you and reach down to the hem of your skirt, now hanging about halfway down the backs of your thighs. As I lift the silky material over your hips, you arch your back even further….

Wow! No wonder you were squirming during the end of the show. The sight of the butt plug in your asshole really gets me going… I almost cum right away! I push your dress almost up to your shoulder blades as I bend to kiss and lick the cheeks of your ass. I move between them, sliding my tongue along your skin and follow the curves into the crack and over each beautiful round cheek.

“I want you to pull it out and eat my ass, baby.”

“Mmmmmmmm, I’d love to,” I say. I grab the base of the plug and my knuckles brush against your full pussy lips. Jeez, you’re soaking! I begin to pull the object out and I watch as the muscles of your ass hold it tightly, not wanting to loosen for the wider part of the plug. “Relax, baby. Here it comes.” You turn your head to look at my eyes and I can tell you are helping to push it out of your ass. Once the thickest part is out, it slides out easily, but I keep pulling slowly to allow your ass to contract gradually back to normal. I hear Balıkesir Escort Bayan an audible sigh escape your lips as I finally remove the plug from your hole. I bend down again to kiss you, this time placing my lips directly on your asshole. Again a sound passes your lips, but this one is a moan of pleasure that comes from deep in your throat.

I linger on your ass, parting my lips just enough to allow the tip of my tongue to tickle the ring of your anus. “My ass is feeling a little empty without that— Oooohh!” I shove my tongue deep into your ass before you can finish your request, and you are overcome with pleasure. The forcefulness of my penetration pushes you to your belly and I lay between your legs to continue my feast. I hold your cheeks wide apart as I plunge my tongue in and out of your asshole. (My god, what kind of son did my mother raise?!?) My saliva is pouring down to you pussy, and you reach one hand under your body to finger-fuck your cunt while I tongue-fuck your ass.

“I want to have something inside me for the rest of the night, and I don’t mean that piece of latex. I want you to cum in my ass, baby.” I crawl forward to whisper in your ear, “With pleasure, baby.” As I stand to take off my clothes, you turn over onto your back and prop your head up on a pillow. You seem to enjoy watching me disrobe as I pull off my shirt and begin to unbuckle my belt. We look into each others’ eyes as I begin to pull down my pants, and as I look down to pull them off my feet, I notice you are still stroking your pussy. I stand up again, this time grabbing my cock and beginning to stroke it while I watch you play with yourself. I shaved it this afternoon and my cock and balls are so smooth for you. My dick is hard and glistening with precum as I stroke it slowly for you.

Now you pull your knees to either side of your chest, spreading your legs as wide as possible. I grab your hips and swing your ass to the edge of the cushion. You reach down across the backs of your thighs and spread your ass cheeks wide apart for me. I get down Escort Balıkesir on my knees beside the sofa and position the head of my cock against your asshole. When I sense that you are ready, I thrust deep into your ass. Your eyes close tight and you bite your lip as you try to muffle a scream. I hold deep inside you for a few seconds to let you get used to the size of me.

I begin to pump in and out, my juices making sticky noises as your ass grips the shaft of my cock. I don’t know which is better — the sight of my shaved cock fucking your ass or watching you shoving three fingers into your dripping cunt while I do it.

I can’t remember the last time I saw you so excited, so I know that you will be reaching your first orgasm soon. As you begin to shudder, I tell you I want to feel it. You pull your dripping fingers out of your pussy and wipe your juices all over your breasts as I slip a finger into your pussy. I pump your ass a little as I feel your contractions around my finger. You squeeze and fondle your breasts as you climax, and your pussy spills warm cum all over my cock.

You gradually return to this world, and I begin to thrust into your asshole again. Watching you cum has pushed me right to the edge, and I can feel my balls beginning to boil. Just a few strokes and, “Oh, God, I’m gonna cum!” I yell.

“Yes, that’s it! Cum in my ass! Give it to me!!”

I feel the hot juices pumping up from deep within me, and my breathing is short and erratic as I begin to spasm inside you. You reach between your legs to hold the base of my cock as I cum, and you touch my shaved skin just as I begin to shoot my load. Each squirt is long and full, and I know that you must be able to feel it filling your ass. It seems to take forever for the spasms to stop, but I let my cock go limp before pulling out of you. You squeeze my dick with your ass to leave me completely drained, and by the time I slip out of you, I am almost totally flaccid.

We curl up in each others’ arms on the sofa (I like this part, too) and I get to admire the way your hips and waist form an incredible curve as you lay on your side. I run my hand along that curve as we kiss and play with each others’ bodies. You tell me that you can feel some of my cum leaking out of your well-stretched ass, and that you may need a refill before we go to bed for the night. Hmm, I guess I could give it a try…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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