Watching Myself

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Big Tits

Sometimes instead of shaving my pussy in the shower, I throw a towel on top of the comforter on my bed and lie down. I use some body oil, my razor, and a 5 times magnification mirror on a stand from my bathroom.

I lie on my back on the towel. I prop my head up on two or three pillows so I can see well. Then I spread my legs, bent at the knees, which are bowed out to the side. I hold the mirror still with my feet. Seeing my pussy in the mirror, even when it’s closed and bunchy, really turns me on, especially since it’s magnified.

I spray the oil into my hand. It’s mostly carnation oil, and it has this soft, sweet scent, but it’s not overpowering. I rub my hands together, and then I spread the oil from my pubic bone down both sides of the crevice of my pussy, down to my ass. I spread my lips open and rub some inside just because it feels good to me and I love the smell.

I pick up my razor from the bedside table, and I start at the top of my pubic bone. I pull my skin very taut with one hand, and then I glide Manavkuyu Escort the sharp razor along my skin, against the hair growth. I shave where my thighs meet my body, in the middle, next. Then spread my lips and shave as close as I can get to the delicate inner folds of my pussy. Sometimes I accidentally nick myself, which HURTS later when I have to pee.

When I’m done shaving, I use the towel to wipe everything down so there’s no hair on me anywhere down there. I’m all soft and smooth. I can see how smooth I am in the mirror, and if I could lick myself, I definitely would.

I like to run my fingers slowly over the very soft skin at the edges of my labia, right next to my thighs. I can lie down and just watch myself in the mirror doing that for thirty minutes, and I have before. I wish I could describe how it feels. There’s this one little spot halfway between my labia and my leg that sends a tiny tingle, a shiver through my whole pussy, and the feeling ends with a little ripple inside Manavkuyu Escort Bayan near my g-spot. That is not an adequate description, but it’s not something words can really describe.

I could probably never orgasm from touching myself that softly, lightly, slowly… but I’m not trying to cum. Masturbation isn’t always about the orgasm. It’s about the experience, about knowing what _I_ like and giving it to myself in a way no one else could.

Sometimes I spray a little more oil on my fingers and spread it inside my labia, especially around my sensitive clit. I’m usually so aroused after watching myself shave and play like that that my clit is hard and long, standing out from my body and peeking out from under its hood. It’s beautiful and red, engorged.

I love watching as I touch myself. I can almost separate myself from the action and just enjoy the feeling. I spread my pussy open with my one hand, usually my right, and I rub my clit with the fingers of my other hand. Escort Manavkuyu I like to make a V with my first two fingers and slide them alongside my clit slowly. I like to flick my fingers quickly against the place where my clit meets the hood.

When I want to cum, I usually start to move my fingers very fast, rubbing them across the top of my clit until the sensation is more than I can stand. It’s actually such a powerful, sensitive feeling that it’s almost too much for me. There’s a moment when I feel like I want to stop because I can’t TAKE it. Then just beyond that moment, I orgasm, and I’m really glad I didn’t stop. When I cum like that, the orgasm washes over me, and it seems to last forever.

I don’t want it to stop, so I’ll keep rubbing to prolong it as long as I possibly can, and, if I’m lucky, sometimes I’ll cum more than once. If my orgasm is really powerful from stimulating my clit, sometimes I squirt.

Usually I just squirt a small amount, but once I squirted in a hotel bathroom so much that you’d have thought I peed on the floor. When I squirt it’s this clear fluid that’s thinner than my normal lubrication. It tastes different too, but I’m not sure how to describe it. It’s not acrid and only slightly bitter. I like it. I feel like I’ve achieved something grand if I can make myself squirt like that!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32