Watching My Loving Parents Ch. 01

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This is my first submission to Literotica. The story is based on true incidents and I have used English throughout, although a lot of the spoken language was local (Tamil and/or Malay). I have used Tamil words when they have a significant meaning, but otherwise English rules. One has to realise that this event took place in the mid-70’s – there were no PC’s, no VCR’s, no DVD’s etc – a really primitive era compared to today. I hope you enjoy it and I will continue the story if I get some feedback.


We were an average family of five, well known and respected in the community. My Dad, Ravi, was a postmaster at the local post-office and my Mum, Rani, was a staff-nurse at the district hospital. Dad was then 53 and Mum had just turned 50. Both had fallen in love with each other many moons ago and brought three of us into this world. My eldest sister, Sheela, was 27, a dentist by qualification, recently married to a lawyer and happily settled down in Kuala Lumpur. My second sister, Leela, was 22 and in her third year of a psychology degree at the Science University in Penang. My name is Mohan and I was the youngest at 18. I had just started my first semester, pursuing a Chemical Engineering degree at the University of Malaya in Kuala Lumpur.

Our home was located in the town of Tampin in the southern part of Malaysia. At that time, we stayed in a government house (provided by the government, since both my parents were working in the civil service) in a “civil-servants” neighbourhood. The house was a typical Malay-style house, built of wood with the front half of the house, built on concrete stilts. We had a large veranda in the front, leading to the living room. There were two bedrooms opening up to the living room – one was occupied by my parents and the other by my sisters. The two rooms shared a common, large attached bathroom (WC plus shower) – you had to walk down a short stairs to the bathroom. Then we had a utility room which we used as our prayer room. This was all on the front half. The back half was on ground level – from the upper front half, you had to walk down a short stairs to the back part, which comprised of two bedrooms, a spacious dining area, kitchen, store, a large bathroom and a drying area. The two bedrooms were at each corner, separated by the kitchen and the store. This was an old house, but still in pretty good shape generally. The outer walls of the house were made of thick, sawn timber, but the inner partitions (between the rooms) were thin.

I occupied one of the bedrooms at the back and the other was used by my Grandpa before he died some years ago. This was now used by our live-in maid, Sundari. Sundari was 50 (like Mum) and a widow, since the past 5 years. She has been our maid since I can remember and she brought us up. We fondly called her Aayahmah (literally translated as maid mother) and being the only boy around, I was her pet. Sundari shared a close relationship with my Mum. Her ex-husband worked as a labourer, but life was difficult for them and they Girne Escort could hardly make ends meet. They had a beautiful daughter, Mala, whose upbringing was financed by my parents’ right from the start. Sundari, together with Mala, had moved into that room after her husband died (alcohol poisoning) more than 5 years ago. They became an integral part of our family and were very happy. Mala, a few weeks younger than me, had finished school and was now at a nurses’ training college in Taiping.

We were third generation Tamils in Malaysia and were Hindus by religion. We observed prayers, fasts and special days, as well as visited the temple regularly. Neither Dad nor Mum smoked or drank alcohol. They were in perfectly good health (neither was overweight nor fat) and actually, looked much younger than their ages. They were careful about their diets but did not prevent us from eating anything that we liked. They were not really conservative but expected a certain discipline from us.

The story to follow happened in late 1976. I had a 2-week semester break and decided to spend all the time at home. Campus was my first time away from home for a long period and I missed my parents and home. For the first week, I was going to be there alone with my parents and Aayahmah. My sister, Leela, who was also having a 2-week semester break, would only come home the following weekend, as she had some assignments to complete.

I arrived home on Friday evening to the warm welcome of my Dad. Mum was away at a week-long refreshers’ course in Kuantan and would be back on Saturday afternoon. I went to greet Aayahmah in the kitchen where she was preparing something for us to eat. She gave me a big hug and asked about my well-being.

Over dinner, Dad was asking me about my course and the campus. He brought me up to date about Sheila, Leela and Mala – how each of them was doing. After dinner, Dad and I went up to watch the news on TV, where he also updated me about the latest news and gossips in town. Aayahmah had her dinner, put away the dishes and cleaned up.

Around 11pm, I wished Dad goodnight and went to my room. I was feeling tired after the journey. As I went down the stairs, I saw Aayahmah sorting out the dirty clothes for washing.

“Good night, Aayahmah. It’s good to be home again,” I wished her.

“Good night, Chellam (translates as sweetheart in Tamil). Sleep well, you must be tired,” she replied.

As I lay on my bed, my thoughts were moving from one thing to another, not really focussing on any one subject. I had everything a boy could ask for – I had a good family, I excelled in my studies and sports and I was liked by everyone. But I was a late developer as far as sex was concerned – I had only discovered masturbation when I was close to 16. That was when I saw my first Penthouse magazine, lent to me by my best friend. I soon started reading more about sex and making love – the Kamasutra fascinated me. And, I saw my first porno film (40 mm) when I was 17.

But, Kıbrıs Escort at 18 I was still a total virgin. Sure I liked girls and had many girl friends at school and now, campus, but in our society many things at that young age were taboo. And, due to my late development in this area, I was also very, very ignorant. I never associated my family with sex for example. I never considered my Mum, Aayahmah or sisters in a sexual way. And worse, I didn’t even think my parents were having sex – sure they had given birth to us, but I always assumed it was a task, not a pleasure (till I was 15, I still believed that the stork brought the babies from God to earth). Yes at 18, a very ignorant me. I dozed off to a deep slumber.

Woke up late the next day and after a shower, I sat down to have some hot breakfast or rather brunch. Dad had left early for work and would be back at 5pm. Aayahmah sat across me and chatted with me. She asked me about campus, my studies and friends. I gave her all the details. I asked her how Mala was doing and she updated me.

After brunch, I grabbed my bike and cycled to town. No particular purpose, but only to check if any of my former schoolmates were around. Not finding anyone, I cycled around aimlessly and then headed home. I told Aayahmah that I will skip lunch and instead do some homework. She was busy downstairs with the washing and cleaning.

Mum came home at 3pm. She looked as ever elegant in her nurse’s uniform. I greeted her with a big hug.

“Look at you, you have grown darker,” she exclaimed.

“Yeah, too much football under the sun, Mum,” I replied. “How was your training course?” I asked.

“Oh, the usual, boring refreshers’ course,” she answered. “Let me go greet Aayahmah and get changed,” she continued.

After she had greeted Aayahmah and exchanged some small talk, she went to her room to get changed. “I am going to lay down for a nap, tired after the long week” Mum said. “We will go to the temple later for prayers,” she continued.

“Ok, it will be nice to go with Dad and you,” I answered.

Dad came home at around 6pm – he had stopped for a haircut on the way home. Mum had already woken up, had a shower and dressed to go to temple. She greeted Dad with a simple “Hi, Athan, how are you?” (Athan is Tamil word which wives use to dearly call their husbands). Dad replied that he was fine and asked her when she had got back. She told him to go take a shower, as we were going to the temple.

Before leaving for the temple, Mum told Aayahmah to prepare a light thosai (pancake) dinner. Mum looked radiant (even exotic) in her yellow, silk sari – she is about five-ten in height, fair complexion and medium built. Saris always look good on her and with long black hair half way down her back she looked like the Goddess herself. A string of fresh jasmine flowers was fixed to her hair and a red pottu (kumkum powder) adorned her forehead. Dad usually wore a dhoti to temple and with his six foot frame, he looks really aristocratic. Kıbrıs Escort Standing in the temple, I couldn’t help but admire my parents – they made such a beautiful couple. Some folks in the temple came over to talk to us. Some asked me about the university and my course. We left for home after having some prasadham (sweet rice).

Aayahmah had made my favourite meal – thosai with coconut chutney. I had a good helping as I had skipped lunch. Everyone was chatty.

“How was your course, Rani?” Dad asked.

“Generally alright, but at times boring. There were some funny moments too” Mum said.

“What funny moments?” Dad asked.

“I’ll tell you another time,” Mum smiled.

“What funny moments at a nursing course?” I wondered.

Mum turned to me and asked “How is life in campus? Any girlfriends?”

“Knowing him, he would be engrossed in his books and football” said Dad.

“Life is fun, Mum. But I want to establish myself within the campus community first. Girls will have to wait,” I replied.

“Do whatever you think is right” said Mum and Dad simultaneously.

After dinner, Dad and I sat for a while in the veranda while Mum helped Sundari clean up. After Mum was done, we went for a short walk around the block to a small playground. We always did that after meals – helps with digestion. We chatted more there and we got back home about an hour later. Mum suck it. Please Rani ma, please.”

Mum increased her sucking tempo and Dad was going wild. He reached out to stroke her long hair back and looked at her with such love and pleasure. “I’m going to explode soon, darling” he cried. Mum looked at him and continued her oral loving, bobbing her head up and down faster, seeing the pleasure she was giving to the man whom she loved and belonged to.

And then Dad exploded. “Raniii….ma, oh my Darling YESSSSS…..aaaahhhhhh”. Mum didn’t lose a beat and continued, as Dad humped her mouth. “Oh yesss……Raniiiiiii”. After a few more hard strokes, he fell back on the bed and Mum slowly, almost reluctantly, pulled her mouth off his still hard cock. He had shot his load into Mum’s hungry mouth.

What happened next was incredible. Mum kept stroking his cock and squeezed out the last globs of his cum which flowed out over the side of his cock. She then placed her mouth over his cock head and let the cum already in her mouth (she had kept it in her mouth without swallowing) pour out over Dad’s cock. The sight was amazing – thick cum slowly falling down from her mouth over his cock. It was like the abishegam (worship) done on a Shiva lingam, when milk or yoghurt is poured over the lingam. And, then she sat in front of him, She took the string of jasmine flowers which was on the side table (next to the bed) and circled it around Dad’s cock. She kneeled in front of his cock as if in prayer and said “My Lord, My Linga, My Love” before licking of all the cum on his cock and balls and finally, taking his cock once again into her mouth to completely clean it.

At that precise moment, my cock twitched and exploded, without me even touching it. I muffled my cries on the pillow as I had an intense feeling all the way from my head right down to my toes. Never had I expected to see this, especially my parents engaged in such love acts. I was seeing my parents in a new light.

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