Watch Over Me

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“Grief can manifest itself in so many ways. It can tear through your mind in a way that is hard to fathom. Even through all of that, there is that one sinfully sweet, erotic moment in life when you take the chance of falling over the edge and deciding to LIVE” Lissa

“OH GOD!!!!! PLEAS! NO! GGOD NO!!!!”

Distant screams made her shudder awake. She suddenly felt chill of the night air hitting her bare skin, the cold grass under her feet, complete terror enveloping her consciousness. All of her senses suddenly awake, quietly aware. That ever pleading scream dying away as she realized it was coming from her own lips. She was outside in the trees in the backyard. Wiping the tears from her cheeks and falling to her knees crying like her heart had ripped from her again. Shaking her head to remove that voice calling her to come save him.

At least this time, she had awakened before she had to watch the water engulf him and take him from her. The doctors told her the night terrors would go away. Almost two years now and they seem to be escalating. She turned and walked back to the house trailing mud down the hall making a mental note to wear something to bed from now on.

She turned the shower on as hot as her tired body could stand it and washed the mud from her legs and feet. She stretched as she washed the leaves out her long red hair. She noticed scrapes on her hands and her knees and realized she must have tripped somewhere along the way. Drying her hair and wrapping up in towel she was lost in thought.

During the day she played the part of the most adjusted and completely put together person that she could display. A person with no worries who didn’t need anyone’s pity. Only a handful of people knew she fell apart at night. Her friends knew the trouble she had sleeping and only one or two of them knew the true extent of it.

She smiled when she thought of them in that computer world where she could truly be herself. She didn’t have to be put together or perfect. “Cant beat that”, she thought out loud to herself. She started a fire in the fireplace and turned on her laptop. Curling up on the couch talking with her friends knowing they helped her through the night.

There was one that she had flirted with, emailed and called in the darkness of the night. When she would talk to him her body would hum at his words and she would fall apart at the sound of his voice. He knew how hard the nights were on her and did everything he could to distract her. He would chase her all over the internet and they would laugh and play and talk and have companionship…friends… until he would Mamak Escort call. That low sexy husky voice would make her moan over and over in his ear. The rumble of his laughter would make her blush all over and his cries in her ear would give her chills and send over the edge calling out to him.

They had spoken of seeing each other as soon as possible again after their trip to Cumberland falls. What she didn’t know was that he had already made plans. He had plans to be there when her sleeping body would come flying out the back door of her house. He wanted to watch over her and help her through the night. HE wanted to be the ONE who saved her and the one to bring her out of the darkness into the light. His plan was infallible in his mind, the perfect way to show her how much he cared about her.

Through the next week she had those dreams every night. They seemed to be getting worse as she was letting go of the memories of her last 18 years. He kept mentally telling her to hang on for three days…two days…one day. He prayed to himself that she would sleep this night.

As he climbed in the car to make the trip he had the biggest grin on his face. The drive went without a hitch. He had timed it perfectly. He told her he was working. He called her, texted her at the same times he did everyday throughout the drive there. Nothing was out of the ordinary to her.

From the week before he knew that if a night terror was going to take her, it would happen within the first hour she was sleeping. He watched as the lights in her house went out one by one as he talked to her one the phone. He saw her stop at the window and look out back. He asked how the weather was there.

He watched her smile and heard her laugh in his ear and ask “how is it you always know what I am thinking?” She told him there was a thunderstorm coming and he grinned because the rain was starting to hit the roof of his car. He laughed when she told him how she wanted to make love in a thunderstorm at some time in her life and he told her she had a thing for water in general.

She sounded so tired and they talked for awhile longer until his feigned sleepiness. He wanted to hear her sighing in ear and growling yes at him but he planned on getting to see that in person. He told her goodnight and that he loved her and then he waited. 30 minutes later when he stepped out of the car in the rain. He saw a shadow pass by the one light she had left on. He walked to the edge of the trees and jumped when the back door flew open.

With red hair flying, completely naked and tears Masaj Yapan Escort coursing down her cheeks, she ran down the steps screaming for him to swim. He caught her as she tripped. Her eyes wild, the scream dying on her lips, rain running down her body, terror showing in every move she made. She tried pulling him with her, still trying run to an unseen ocean. She started begging “PLEASE!!!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!! I HAVE TO SAVE……..”

“Yourself” his voice and that single word snapped her back to reality. He watched it wash over her and then the recognition hit her face. Wonder lit up her eyes and she fell into his arms when the grief hit her again. The thunder rose louder and louder and he pulled back wiping the tears from her face. Moving closer to her and touching his lips to hers. The lightening crashing all around them as he kissed her.

She couldn’t believe he was there as she felt the buttons of his shirt brushing against her breast. She pulled back completely embarrassed as she remembered she was naked. She tried to cover herself up as the lightening lit up the night again. He pulled her back in his arms. He held her there as he pulled his shirt off with one hand and bought her hands to his belt. He whispered in her ear “Can you feel the rain, the thunder and the lightening?” He whispered how much he loved her and how he wanted to be the one who saved her from the night. He was there to protect her, to watch over her.

Her hands trembled as she unbuckled his belt. His voice was good on the phone but the feel of his breath on her ear and his lips brushing her neck as he spoke made any trace of denying him unthinkable. She kissed him, running her tongue over his, feeling the thunder booming in the very depths of her soul. The storm was growing louder as she pulled off his clothes. She pulled him to the deck and pushed him down in one of those “A” shaped wooden oversized chairs.

She came to him full of pent up desire and lust. The loneliness she felt led her mouth up his thighs as she knelt in front of him. Licking her way up his thighs to the head of his cock she could hear his breath quicken. Wrapping her lips around him began sucking his cock like a starved woman. She stroked him with her hands as she licked his balls. The lightening crashed and he saw the flash of a smile on her lips. She sucked him deep in her throat as he groaned above her head.

Wrapping his hands in her hair he held her head as he thrust in and out of her mouth, fucking her throat like he said he would. When he thought he couldn’t take it anymore, Moldovyalı Escort he pulled her to her feet and picked her up. Kissing her lips, having never felt anyone fit so right against him. he laid her in the chair and pulled her legs up over the arms. He kissed her neck and felt her tremble. He licked the rain from her nipples, biting them making her moan louder than the thunder rumbled. He kissed his way down her body while she writhed and begged him to touch her.

Wasting no time, he licked over her wet lips slowly while her body tensed and waited. He shoved his tongue in her hot pussy tasting her soul for the first time. He moved his tongue to her clit raking his teeth over it. Making her body shudder as she groaned above him with long slow teasing licks. Her hands pulled his hair trying to hold him there trying to grind her pussy on his face, pleading with him not to stop. Feeling her body tense, he sucked her clit in his mouth and as she cried out, he shoved his tongue deep in her wet pussy as she came all over it. She pulled him up as shudders coursed through her.

She kissed him hard as he pulled her out of the chair and bent her over. Legs spread wide, he cried out as he rammed his cock deep inside her. She rocked her pussy back moaning with the lightening. Thrusting in and out she met his every move. He never felt anything so hot and tight. He felt her pussy clamping down on him, bucking as she came again. He almost fell apart with her.

Sweat dripped off his forehead mixing in with the raindrops. He could feel her legs shaking as he pulled out and ran the head of his cock over her asshole. Slowly pushing in, letting her stretch for him. He reached around and pinched one nipple as he filled her ass. His hand moved down her belly and flicked her clit as he thrust into her. She began meeting him thrust for thrust. She was yelling his name as she came over and over.

He lifted her up and leaning on the railing took her in arms facing him and brought her pussy down on his cock and fucked her hard feeling her thighs slap against him. She was whispering in his ear that she had never felt anything as wonderful as him; she tensed all around him again. He watched her face as she came again crying out. Her head thrown back, rain washing over her face. He couldn’t take it anymore and he growled her name and came harder than ever before.

Holding her to him he sank in the chair while both tried to catch their breath. He was kissing her face running his hands up and down her back. As she raised her head and kissed him softly, he knew that at least for this night he turned her terror into something good, something wonderful. Hoping he had washed it away with the rain and found a love he had never known existed. She whispered in his ear as she pulled him from the chair and into the house. “Thank you for watching over me. Thank you for helping me …save me”, she said with her captivating green eyes locked with his.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32