Warm Snowfall

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How I managed to convince the limo driver to give me his keys isn’t important. What is important was that I found myself steering the midnight-black stretch through the teeth of another famous Boston snowstorm. The sunset, though quite breathtaking, wasn’t helping, as it cast a golden glare across both my windshield and the mounds of blinding white on either side of the street.

It was all a formality, though. I was only in town to see one sight, after all, and she didn’t yet know I had arrived.

Traffic abated grudgingly the further I moved from the airport, but eventually I found myself cruising at a brisk 78mph, shielding my eyes from oncoming headlights and ignoring the moronic waves of various passersby. I was a victim of acute tunnel vision, focused on the prize at the end of my journey. It didn’t keep me from flipping the bird to a line of soccer-moms camping the left lane. I let such aggressions out in small increments, not wanting anything to build up that would keep me from being gentle with her.

Night had fallen completely by the time I pulled the limo into her driveway. I hesitated only slightly before adjusting the knot of my tie and stepping gingerly onto the powdered concrete. My mind raced with possibilities – What will I say? What will she say? Will I be able to withstand her presence without losing my mind?

Mere feet away, the door seemed to buckle in spacetime, appearing farther away than the distance that previously lay between us. I reached out, pierced the veil of that illusion and knocked lightly. I closed my eyes and inhaled slowly, allowing the bitter chill to burn in my chest as I held it for several seconds. Footsteps echoed from the entry in measured strides. I felt my pupils contract as adrenaline seeped into my bloodstream.

“Hel –.” The greeting was aborted before the second syllable had passed her lips. To be so close after so long…


I haven’t seen a sunrise in my life that measured anything close to the warmth of the smile that lit up her face. She stepped into the cold and pulled the front door closed behind her, lunging up into my waiting arms and taking the breath from me with a kiss that defied description. The heat of it, the electrical energy that was transferred between us, should have melted a circle in the slush at my feet. The moment of abandon was brief, though, and she quickly took me by the hand and pulled me back through the front door.

“The limo’s here!” she called into the house.

“Limo?” a head poked around the corner. I waved, more of a sarcastic salute than anything warm. He nodded.

“Gratis,” I said loudly as he disappeared from view, winking at the beautiful girl kneading my fingers between her own, “from a secret admirer.”

My right hand snuck unconsciously around her waist, coming to rest above her hip. I felt her body tense as my fingers slid gently across the seamless fabric of her black dress, feathering lightly down the line dividing her abdomen and upper thigh. I watched as her eyes rolled upward under their lids, lips parting in quiet ecstasy.

Unwilling – or not yet ready – to push the envelope any further, I disappeared, returning to the overheated interior of the limousine where I used my thumb to rub away the sinful shimmer of lip gloss. I took the liberty of scribbling a heart on a generic bi-fold card before setting it atop the silver bucket of ice I had yet to put in the passenger quarters. The champagne sweating there looked good. I hoped she would enjoy it with me later. I snickered only a little as I placed it securely on one of the mini-bars, wondering with a wicked sneer how my treasured one’s husband would react.

I had been reclining in the driver’s seat for several minutes before there was a rap on the window. I opened my left eye and peered through the glass, rolling it down just far enough that she could see nothing at all.


“Mike’s finishing an email or something,” she said, pouting at the small orifice through which I was forcing her to communicate. “How on Earth did you get a limo!?”

“Trade secret, m’dear,” I replied with a wink, allowing the window to descend fully. “Plus, I don’t want you to be an accomplice when I’m finally tracked down. Just do me a favor, k? Don’t look in the trunk.”

She shook her head and giggled beautifully, leaning through the window and gifting me with another kiss that transmitted nothing less than her body’s need – for this was more than a simple, human desire – to become one with me in both body and spirit. The way my hands cupped her face and stroked her hair replied in kind, and we broke apart with much hesitation.

“You came here for me?” Her tone was one of disbelief rather than curiosity, but it dissolved into another musical laugh in short order. “Can I tell you something?”

“No,” I said, “but you look like poetry.”

Even though her figure was largely concealed by the heavy coat, the blush that migrated across her skin made her seem porno izle almost ethereal. Something within me fluttered like a caged bird. Snow whipped red hair across fair skin, but no amount of obscuring white could quench what burned within the cerulean rings of her eyes. Were I a weaker man, my soul would have evaporated as it drank in the image, leaving my body to expire in that cold driveway.

“Are you going to read me later?” Her original, intended question seemed to have been lost along the way. She was unbothered.

“Line by line, little Miss.”

The mood was soured as her husband appeared, forcing our conversation to come to an end and compelling me to get out of the warm car to open the door for my passengers.

I restrained myself from shutting the door on one of his limbs, satisfying myself with a saccharine smile that caused the already sizeable frown on his face to deepen. I fiddled with many of the buttons on the console after returning to the cockpit, delighting myself by pressing a certain purple one over and over again as Mike’s exclamations became less and less amused. The sound of my redhead’s laughter caused me to punch six or seven at once, one of which opened the privacy glass behind me.

“…the fuck is this guy’s deal?”

“I wasn’t supposed to hear that, huh?” I said jokingly through the small aperture. “I apologize, but it’s really hard to work all this shit when you’re blind!”

Heather, the reason for my visit (and a large portion of my madness), lost it, laughing so hard that she slid out of the leather seat. Her husband was less than pleased.

“Can we get to the party now, maybe?” He spoke in a clipped manner, obviously far more annoyed than I imagined he would be after such trivialities.

“Sir!” I replied. “Could you give me the address once more, so I’m sure of our destination?”

He rambled off a string of numbers with a word or two, but I didn’t hear any of it, lost as I was in the rearview mirror’s view of Heather blowing me kisses. I smiled like I had Down’s Syndrome, nodding like an idiot and pretending to punch coordinates into the navigation unit as I blithely ignored everything that came out of his mouth.

“Downtown it is!” I guessed, figuring that most of the decent New Year’s Eve parties would be taking place thereabouts. “Do you have a particular musical preference, or is Swedish Melodic Doom Metal going to work.”

“I’d rather –”

“I’ve never heard that,” Heather interrupted. “Let’s try it for a minute. We’ll change it if it becomes obnoxious or something.”

“Does the same go for the driver?” Mike asked.

“I’ll trade you places if you don’t want to ride with your pretty wife,” I responded, leaving most of the humor out of my voice. “You probably know the area better than I, seeing as I moved here only recently.”

“Just drive,” he sighed, toggling the switch that sent the privacy window back up and locked. I slid a CD into the headunit and waffled between a couple songs, unsure as to whether I wanted to impress Heather or piss off Mike even further. While the Loki within screamed for Fear Factory’s Messiah, the Cupid suggested something more subtle. I landed on Harvest by Opeth, pulling away into the night as the first bars thrummed through the vehicle.

I’m not sure how she managed it, but I received a text message with an appropriate address a short distance down the main thoroughfare. I assumed the winking face at the end to be a powerslide, but I wasn’t sure how the limo would handle such playful guidance and I tucked the suggestion into the back of my head, hoping that I would have opportunity to throw the long wheelbase around in a parking lot or something before the night was over.

As it turns out, I had no such luck. But I digress.

Once, Maitreya’s softest, most beautiful instrumental, was playing at the time of our arrival. I pulled in behind a row of other limousines, tossing the gearshift into park and stepping out onto freshly-iced asphalt with a satisfying crunch.

“What did you think?” I asked, opening the door.

Mike ignored the question and removed himself from the dark interior, taking with him the pall of gloom that had taken up residence there. Even Heather’s sunny disposition seemed a bit dulled by his inability to relax, though she managed a wan smile for me as I helped her across the first of what I hoped to be many thresholds.

“I heard both of the songs you sent me in there,” she whispered as she brushed past me.

“How can we reach you when we’re ready to leave?” Mike called from the valet booth upon which he leaned.

I handed him a business card. He eyeballed it and began to work his mouth around words that I would not have liked.

“Oops,” I said, snatching the thing back. “That’s my other business card! My bad.”

I scanned it again, amused, as I gave him a real one. Rockstar. Sex god. Better than you. It said these things and more, but my name was strategically absent. Instead, there amatör porno was a phone number that cycled directly into my brother’s voicemail. The things people would say to a machine…

I was forced to watch them walk away without any more interaction with Heather, but it made me happy to see how stiffly separate they were, though they moved in the same direction. Her distaste was evident. He must have been quite an asshole in the car.

Four words, prick: I thought to myself, unfurling both middle fingers at Mike’s back in a slack-jawed salute to his ego, YOUR LOSS. HER GAIN.

A teenage shiver, a physical premonition of what was to come, tingled down my spine as I pulled the long black Lincoln into one of many specific parking spots. It was only a matter of time. I switched the CD to Swallow the Sun and allowed myself to be carried away by The Giant.

* * *

I pretended to be asleep when the door opened, though it was very hard to keep my hands from moving up to her waist after she swung her leg over my lap, pinning me in a straddle.

“I know you’re not asleep,” she whispered in my ear as she ran her tongue lightly up its edge. I moaned and squirmed, unable to keep the smile from my face. She moved from my ear to my neck, kissing every few seconds as my hands slid slowly up her thighs. Her fingers worked deftly at my tie’s knot, loosening it and tearing it from around my neck without the merest hint of effort. The first few buttons of my shirt followed suit and I quickly found myself succumbing to her desired path.

I ran the fingertips of my right hand from her thigh to her ribs, making small circles as I moved higher. I placed my left on the small of her back, pulling her hips tighter against my lap, feeling the heat from between her legs through the thin fabric of my pants. The way she sighed into my ear as I ran my fingers across her breast and up to the nape of her neck sent a line of goosebumps running down my side.

Heather didn’t resist as I pulled her mouth to mine and drank deeply the kisses she offered there. My hands fell to her hips and I helped her roll them into me in a rhythmic cycle that made my cock uncomfortably hard within the tangle of boxers and dress slacks. She either didn’t notice or didn’t care, and I quickly found my hands to be little more than decoration as she rocked her body into mine again and again without removing her mouth from mine. Were it not for the cooing moans that escaped from between her lips, I wouldn’t have been able to tell if she was breathing or not.

I pulled her gently back, gathering just enough composure to speak without my voice trembling. “Would you like some champagne?”

“I’d like to get you out of these clothes,” she replied, leaning into me and crushing her lips to mine in another lengthy kiss.

“There’s a lot more room in the back,” I mentioned. “Shall we?”


The snow was shockingly cold after the exchange of body heat, but we moved quickly enough into the passenger compartment that we only had to endure it for a breath or two. I looked at the clock. 12:17AM. We’d missed the stroke of midnight, but the New Year could still be christened properly.

“Did you get a kiss at midnight?”

Heather shook her head. “Nope. I managed to disappear before then.”

“Excellent.” I walked over to her on my knees and situated myself between her legs, running my hands up the outsides of her thighs as I kissed her again. I felt the muscles in her legs begin to tremble as my hands slid under the folds of her dress. My fingers traced over soft skin and the tiny straps of a lacy undergarment, upon which I lingered only momentarily. I didn’t stop the kissing or the touching until her dress was bunched up around her midsection, allowing me a full view of her toned belly and thighs.

“Something to drink?” I asked, pulling back away from her attempt to kiss me, teasing as I am wont to do.

“You’re driving me crazy!” she replied, leaning back in mock exasperation. “Let’s open the champagne. I want to make a toast to us.”

“Yes ma’am.” The cork bounced off one of the limo’s windows and missed my face by less than an inch, causing me to throw myself backward like some sort of ninja. The foam geyser that followed poured into my lap, soliciting another burst of laughter from the pretty redhead on the seat. She took advantage of the situation and slid down onto the floor, pinning me with one hand while she kissed my mouth and stole the bottle of bubbly with the other.

“Clever girl.”

The smile on her face had changed. It was no longer a glowing reflection of her happiness to see me. Whatever I had done to her on the seat had elicited quite a different response. What shone from her eyes and gleamed in the gloss of her lips was something predatory and barely restrained. Undaunted by the wicked look I was giving her in return, she put the bottle of champagne up to her lips, drinking lightly from it before anal porno pressing her lips to me and sharing what she had taken from the bottle.

“Cheers,” I mumbled after managing to swallow the alcohol around her lips and tongue. I felt her fingernails tracing the outline of my package through my now-soaked pants and had to check myself before I lost control. It was a difficult few seconds.

With that same, animal look in her eyes, Heather slid down my body, pressing her open mouth down on the shaft of my cock and sucking lightly. I writhed as I felt her lips and teeth and tongue along the length of my penis, grinding up into her mouth as she began to unzip me.

I sat up, bringing another short-lived pout to her face as I lifted her from the floor and set her astride of my lap. I pressed her to my chest and kissed her mouth as I lowered her onto her back, leaning myself in between her legs so that the head of my cock pressed right where it should. She gasped and clutched at my back, wrapping her legs around my middle in an involuntary spasm of pleasure.

“Relax, baby,” I whispered, grabbing her arms and moving them above her head, gently pinning them there with one hand while the other slid down her middle, between her breasts, over the fabric of her dress and down between her legs.

“Did you spill champagne on yourself too?” I asked innocently. Heather shook her head in reply, smiling and arching her pelvis up into my fingers. “My my, little miss. You seem to be soaking wet. Better get you out of these…”

I hooked my thumbs through the straps at her hips and pulled downward, allowing my fingers to drag across her skin as I lay bare the softness beneath. Her hips wiggled to help me remove the garment entirely, and I kept her legs apart once the lacy thing had slipped past her heels. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes, allowing the moment to carry her away.

I lowered my face and blew softly on her clit, placing her legs over my shoulders as I did so. The quick intake of breath it caused sounded almost like a gasp of pain, but the look on her face told me otherwise. Taking her body’s cue, I leaned forward further and placed my mouth on her pussy, flicking my tongue in slow circles as I dragged a single finger along the smooth skin of her lips. With my other hand sliding up and down her thigh, it was easy for me to feel her body responding to my kisses and licks. I could feel how close to orgasm she was and decided to prolong the moment a little longer to ensure that it was a huge one.

I rose slowly to my knees, kissing along the insides of Heather’s legs as I did so, articulating them backward to raise her hips off the ground. I pulled her toward me until her pussy was in my lap and then I took her hands and pulled her back into a sitting position, allowing her legs to slide from my arms, back to the ground. She kissed me with such abandon that our teeth clicked together, causing a pair of embarrassed but momentary smiles, and she undid the remaining buttons on my shirt before I could as much as blink.

Again, the predatory hunger had taken hold of her features as she pulled my shirt and suit coat halfway down my arms, entangling them so that I couldn’t keep her from pushing me onto my back. I smiled and began to wriggle loose of the clothing, but she grabbed both of my arms and shook her head. She was going to be in charge, it seemed. I was perfectly fine with that.

“Remember,” I said, “you wanted gentle at first.”

Heather bit her bottom lip and narrowed her eyes. “Are you going to complain?”

“I’ll give you whatever you want,” I replied, lunging suddenly out of her grasp and rolling her onto her back again, “but I plan on being the one doing the first giving, if you don’t mind.”

“Yessir!” she squealed, stroking my face and chest with her soft hands. “Anything you want.”

“What do you want?”

“You. Inside me.”

I painted a confused look across my face. “Me? Right now?”

“Don’t tease me! Please! Mikey!”

I smiled and brought my face down to hers, kissing her mouth and neck as I pulled what remained of my boxers and slacks away from my cock. I rocked forward, allowing the tip to brush against her pussy. She moaned and her face tremored with pleasure, so I did it again, pressing ever so slightly harder.

“Slide out of your dress for me, sweetheart.”

Obligingly, Heather pulled the gauzy black cloth away from her skin, exposing all of her beauty. Her entire body was sheathed in sweat, shimmering under the dancing lights like a human rainbow. She made as if to cover her breasts, but I grabbed the seeking hands and held them over her head. If she wants them covered, I thought, I’ll use my mouth and make it more pleasant for both of us.

With my body bent into such an arc, her legs were easily able to find purchase around my hips, pulling my cock tight against her pussy. She moaned as my teeth and tongue coaxed electric pleasure from her nipples and her fingers clenched and flexed around my own when I finally allowed the head of my penis to slide half an inch into her. The speechless ecstasy that etched itself into her features at that merest joining was something I will keep with me until the end of my days.

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